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  1. Just wanted to point out on a positive note, pretty impressed with how civil this thread is, speaks volumes about the community that we can speak on topic from differing sides and have a conversation about it, as opposed to have it devolve into throwing dirt at each other. Cheers!
  2. Again, I'm not saying that in the hands of a good painter you can't get good results. What I'm saying is that getting good results from a bad quality figure are harder and far, far more frustrating then if you were working on a good quality figure. And as a company which in early interviews commented about the quality of PP's "restic" miniatures, I find it sad that they seem to be going down a similar path.
  3. I understand that, and should have mentioned that in my original post, but even with less than ideal lighting conditions, you can still clearly see issues with the layering, and overall lack of crispness. True. I can understand SF going down this road if they want these to be "Beginner Packs" so that players new to the hobby don't have to deal with assembly or even painting, but there has to be a better way than alienating some of their established base.
  4. I would hope they would look better painted then they do now. But having dealt with crappy miniatures before, I know that painting a crap miniature is a struggle from beginning to end, often having to paint in detail that a better sculpt would easily show. It is much easier, enjoyable and just an all over better experience in my opinion to paint a good sculpt with detail and crispness than a bad one with little detail and crispness.
  5. Ok, I'm going to get roasted for this, but I have to say something. I come from a background of a painter/collector, and I am so disappointed in the drop in quality of GB minis. When there was just a kickstarter, you could get all the (then current models) in beautiful resin. Then they stopped casting resin and just went with metal. Ok, I get that. Then they produce the plastics for Kick Off, which really lack in detail and crispness. Ok, I can sorta (not really) understand that, as the cost for the set is reasonable, something had to give. But looking at the LOUSY quality of the Blacksmiths, I can’t help but think that steamforge has lost their way completely. I really hope the re-evaluate the quality of their figs and remember their roots. So disappointed that a company that has good painters on staff and come from a background of knowing that painting and quality are important would choose to go this route. Please, please fix this quality issue.
  6. Quick Start cards for ALL guilds

    The purpose of a demo (in my opinion) should be to get the "gist" of the game. ie. this is how an attack works, this is how a kick works, this is how momentum works, etc. The very basics of the game. I think the quick start rules do that admirably. What I'm looking for is a way to help new players who don't have either butchers or fisherman and don't want to invest in another three players before playing. I can try doing demos on a 3 x 2 or 3 x 3, but I'm not sure that will address the unbalanced nature of the starter sets. Thank you for all the suggestions though.
  7. Even though I'm not a pundit, I've done a LOT of demos of this game. And the following scenario happens frequently. - Play demo using quick start rules, player enjoys the game enough to pay money for a starting team. Then wants to play another 3 on 3 game using their new starting team. But the starting teams aren't balanced to the same extent as the quick play demo teams are. And heaven help them if they play someone who has access to a full team to select their three players. It would be nice if "Rookie" cards could be included in the starter sets, and these be more balanced against other starter teams. I think it would help beginners not only get a better grasp of the basic rules, but help with morale after getting hammered into the ground again and again.
  8. New Paint line

    Cautious about this move to enter the paint scene. There is a LOT of competition in paint. For it to carve out a nook, it would likely have to either focus on quality or quantity. Quality is critical if it's going to be used by pro painters, but because so many pro painters have personal preferences, it will be hard to create a quality that finds consensus among pros (if that is the market they are going after). That said, they do have Meg on board, and she has much experience to use, I just hope they take advantage of it, and not just have her pick out paint colours. Quantity is the other way to focus, if they can get more paint in bottles than GW or P3, that might be a way they can compete. Has anyone heard what company is going to be making the paint for Steamforged?
  9. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I was wondering if Steamforged had any plans to create Guild Ball Spin Counters that could be used to track VP and/or momentum points. There are already a number of counters in the game, and I think a spin counter that just shows the current number of VP/Momentum points could be of great use. I'm aware that many people have made their own, I was just curious to know if there were any plans for 'official' ones.
  10. Stick's Painted Butchers Thread

    @Sivad I don't think so. At least their studio model doesn't have it, and judging by the fact that on my model it lines up exactly with a 'dent' in his cap, I think it is just a mis cast. No reason you can't either keep it or fill it in.
  11. Stick's Painted Butchers Thread

    Meathook So this particular fig was difficult to deal with for two reasons. The first was the joint on her right arm. On my figure this was mis-cast and lead to me having to pin the arm and then sculpt a new tricep muscle to conceal the pin. My sculpting skills are not great, so she looks like she has the tricep of a weightlifter. The second problem was the hair. I don't know what possessed me to try doing blonde hair, but I spent a good deal of time on it, but couldn't get it right. I may even go back and do more highlights. I probably spent as much or more time on the hair, than on the rest of the model. Overall this model was rushed a bit, as I was trying to meet my goal of having the starting line up of butcher players done by the end of the year. I finished Meathook on the 31st. Not entirely happy with the paint job, but also, I wasn't entirely enthused by the sculpt (very static) so I found it difficult to be motivated. Nevertheless, she is done, and can take her place in the team! Oh, one other thing, I HATE the sculpted fishnet stockings. I would have much rather had bare legs and then paint a cross hatch pattern on them then have them sculpted on. It becomes very difficult to add volume to the area that has the fishnet sculpt on it. I'm seriously considering scraping them off when I do my fishermen team. And here is the final starting lineup for the butchers. Seeing as I live in Canada, and our dollar is at a 12year low, I don't think that I'll be ordering Tenderizer or any other butcher models until all the season 2 models for butchers and fishermen are out (as well as the rulebook) it is just to expensive to do so. I'm now going to be taking a break from painting guild ball to paint up a Prime Axiom and maybe a couple other convergence models. I'm also looking forward to playing games and trying to get other people trying guild ball. But for that I need to at least paint up the beginning three players for the Fishermen. Can't wait to start working on them. As always, constructive feedback is always welcome. Happy new year!
  12. Stick's Painted Butchers Thread

    @archangelvernon In regards to colours, I use P3 paints, with GW inks, and the occasional VMC. To be honest I can't completely recall specifically what colours I used. But the techniques used revolve around glazing. For example I would start off with a base coat, do one set of highlights almost verging on "too bright" and then use a glaze of the base colour (quite thin, and about two - three coats) to dull the highlight down. Then the next highlight I would do the same thing, but thin the glaze down even more. and just repeat this process with lighter and lighter highlights. be aware of where the light/shadow falls when doing this. Hope that helps some.
  13. Done, voted for you for Best Game, and Best Gaming Accessory (Your fantastic playmats!)
  14. Stick's Painted Butchers Thread

    And here is the starting line up of my Butchers! Finally have a fully painted six figure team! (I don't play games unless the figs are painted, so I've been using paper fold ups) Some overall thoughts to this point: - Really like the use of red as an accent colour. Modified the studio scheme on boar and shank to have more red, and I think as a whole the team is unified more because of it. - I painted them to a 'high gaming standard' but pushed myself to do iris on the eyes to become more comfortable with the technique for when I paint to a higher standard. - The good: Eyes, Lenses, fairly good skin consistency throughout the team, some of the weapons. - The bad: Need to push contrast more in clothing, need to work on convincing blood splatters - The ugly: Not happy with Brisket's abs, way way too defined, need to go back and figure those out even it if means ignoring the sculpted ones. Overall, I'm happy with the way the team turned out. I might go back and do some weathering on their boots/pants,just to dirty them up at bit, but overall, I think they have a coherence and consistency that make them work.
  15. Stick's Painted Butchers Thread

    Shank, I had a bit of trouble with this model. First was trying to figure out how the heck to put his hands on, and second was trying to figure out a way that to make the chains as stable as possible. Not completely convinced that I got the hands done in a convincing way, but at least I was able to super glue to the chain to his knee for added support. I'm also glad that I typically don't play with hills in guildball because this is one of those models like Brisket that just will fall flat on his face on any non flat surface. It's odd, I wasn't sure if the "scar" on his left side was an actual scar or mis-cast. Now that I'm finished it and done some research it clearly is a mis-cast. Might go back and change it, might not.