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  1. MrManson

    My Union

    Sure did! Anything is possible with a pointy brush and a bit of patience
  2. MrManson

    My Union

    Thanks everyone! Here's a close-up of Strongbox.
  3. MrManson

    My Union

    Hi all! This past weekend I finally played in my first Swedish GB-tournament (my previous GB-tournament experiences were from 2016 when I played in two small tournaments at the Daffcon event in Cardiff), and I had such a blast! Prior to the tournament I added a few players to my painted lineup so I could field a full roster of ten. Luckily I managed to snag best painted at the event, and as such I thought I should post my team here. The ones painted this year were vRage, Decimate, Benediction and Strongbox, while the rest were painted in 2016 (you can definitely see some improvements on my NMM, I should really go back and redo Blackhearts sword at some point). Edit: Now with an actual working image, need to figure out how to add the rest. /Martin
  4. MrManson

    Union theme goal marker

    This is my Union-goal. But now I kind of want to make another, ruined version for Cap Rage.