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  1. The Rookie

    Ha, Did wonder if it was you, Bill. I've met you once before, I came over to Outpost for one of MM's Guild Ball gatherings. You were playing Morts I believe. I will keep everyone posted about events. At the moment I'm trying to work out what the best option is and when on earth I have a free weekend to do it. Its starting to look like May might be the earliest and I would need to work around Vengeance of course so might be later. In either regards there will be stuff on various Facebook groups first
  2. The Rookie

    Thank you very much. Working from the angle that I'm not a good or experienced player and how I'm "re" learning the game and getting more involved.. and it is a bit of an odd position to do a podcast from I guess. Hopefully people will like it in the long run
  3. Complete list of all GB podcasts

    Very much appreciated, thank you.
  4. Complete list of all GB podcasts

    You're missing one... at least one anyway
  5. The Rookie

    So I've been somewhat loathed to post a link here for some reason, but I guess I really should I started The Rookie podcast towards the end of last year and have recently released my 3rd episode. At best this is a the ramblings of a "completely new" player trying to get to grips with the game of Guild Ball, around not having a lot of time, and a small child on hand to take up whatever moments I have spare. In either case, its about as open as I can be about what I think of this game, as well as a desperate plea for someone to help me "Get Good". From this I hope great epic stories will unfold and a new world will open before me... or otherwise I can make a few friends and get hopelessly drunk at weekend tournaments. Both potentially being the same thing. Anyway, I hope you listen, and either discard this to the out bin in your office. Or keep it on your app of choice, should you be so kind. http://www.buzzsprout.com/135717 It is on iTunes as well should that help.
  6. Union/Church - I'm confused!

    I think the easiest answer to this is they didn't say and we will have to wait. The longer answer. I think s brisket will be lost to the union. No other guild has 3 captains and it is easier to balance what a Guild can do with captains than 3. Once you have done that cut the Union down to around 12 models. That makes it the same as the other guilds. I honestly don't know how many have to move to the minor guild to get that to happen. Grace and Beni, s brisket, s Spigot, Harry and Pride in the box and I guess Harry stops being Union entirely (even shared) but SFG will confirm that at some point. In either case we can speculate all we want. I would say that the Solethian box will be the 2nd minor guild release, just at a guess
  7. Fallow is up

    I also personally think that Get Stuck In isn't the best option for her, In most cases I can't see a reason for using it. Invariably I was using her at SteamCon as a delayed explosion, either middle or end of turn to kill a model that was already down or surrounded. However, there are some things to consider. 1. At the end of a turn you can potentially throw Fallow into a pack you aren't already engaged with. A charge could counter the initial crowded out and allow her to trigger the result negating future negatives. 2. If you can trigger it against a low def/crowded out model, free yourself up and then walk into a pack to snipe a specific target with impunity (I'm kind of considering if, with 5 inf, she could do this to charge, or jog to, a well protected ball carrier, get the tackle on 4 and score a goal. It is ultra niche, but if you already have momentum it is technically possible).
  8. Ploughman: multiple usage of Fertile Soil

    "When a friendly model places one or more harvest markers within any number of rough-ground AOE that were positioned by this model, this model's Controlling Player may place one additional friendly harvest marker within one of the rough ground AOEs affected." above sounds like how I'll now read it. The use of "one of the rough ground" at the end is deliberate as I feel that is where the idea each rough ground is treated separately is reinforced.
  9. Ploughman: multiple usage of Fertile Soil

    Thanks. I'd suggest the wording on the card should read " within any number of rough ground". I personally think the wording current identifies each separate rough ground as being the entity that is checked rather than anything else. My apologies to have brought this up but as someone whole deals a lot with sequential process flows I'd not evaluate the syntax of the sentence to match what the rule is intended to be As an example of wording "When a friendly model places a harvest marker in a rough-ground aoe" If we use the logic that a rough ground means any number of rough ground aoe as the rule appears intended, than the above also means any number of harvest markers. A deliberate attempt to stop confusion has been made by saying one or more for the harvest markers.. I think the same should be done for the rough ground aoe as well. I know I'm being picky but I think it can be open to interpretation the way it is written currently
  10. Ploughman

    I do get that more than one token into a single rough ground would only give 1 additional token. I'm sorry, I'm just being pedantic about the language on the card. I don't think it's overly clear on what happens if one harvest marker is placed in such a way as to be in two rough ground effects
  11. Ploughman

    Potentially yes. But it also says 'in a rough ground' so do you handle each rough ground separately or Not? If not than Jackstraw can drop a marker in two separate rough ground areas and you'd only get 1 bonus marker from it. I personally would like to have a lawyers guild ruling on just what interactions are possible. I'm quite happy with any option so long as it's not as open for interpretation
  12. Ploughman

    So can we get a small check on one of his rules? I'm 100% happy that if Ploughman places 1 rough ground (1 inf) and then Jack straw drops crop dusting on it (2 inf) then in total there will be 3 harvest markers. However. What if Ploughman drops 2 right ground (2 inf) within 30mm of each other and then Harrow uses his free harvest token drop so that it touches both rough ground... is that 2 harvest markers or 3? I'd personally assume 3.
  13. Tournaments

    So my reading of the Organised play document would imply that Farmer's aren't a legal tournament team until 10 models are available to build a valid roster. Is that right? If so, with 6 models in the 2nd farmers box, and a potential release date into next year.. are farmers not tournament legal until 2018?
  14. Guild Ball in Yorkshire

    Hi Paul, I currently live in Worksop, but with any hope I'm moving to Goldthorpe in the next couple of months. I am definitely looking for someone to game against so if you are still gaming and looking for players let me know
  15. Vassal Contacts

    Name - Matt Skype - daishi.matt81 vassal name - BigGrumpyGamer Twitter (if applicable) - BigGrumpyGamer Location - UK Availability - evenings/weekends til the offspring arrive.. then... who knows?