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  1. BelgianBrewer

    Who Dis.?

    The reason noone ever questioned Compound is that the guilds involved with him are kinda full of themselves. While we are offcourse full of beer and might be seeing things...
  2. BelgianBrewer

    Collected Farmers Spoilers

    I did see the Farmer models at Salute and they looked really good. I will definately buy them.
  3. BelgianBrewer

    Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    The colour of the last few cards is more greyish, not just Ulfr's skin. Maybe ti set them apart as the Winter Hunters? Colours tend to be less intense during wintertime... Just my toughts tough. Cheers
  4. BelgianBrewer

    Heralds of the Winter's Moon

    Yep, Ulfr for sure. What is not clear to me is what we can learn from this picture. The readable cards we already know... What am I missing guys? Cheers
  5. BelgianBrewer


    You sure he can smash face for 1 beer token? My first tought was he would need to pay 2, using the beer tokens at a ratio of one per influence? Cheers!
  6. BelgianBrewer


    This would be a great addition and so thematic :-)
  7. BelgianBrewer

    Veteran Spigot

    As a Pundit, I have seen the render too. He will be released very soon I guess
  8. BelgianBrewer

    Converting Avarisse and Greede

    I don't even own those models as they are two of the few rare sulpts I really don't like. That said, i suppose you could do something about their hats. Make those look more like the one of Chaska? And you could give their coats a fur lining. Apart from that the colours you use to paint them will do a lot to. Good luck!
  9. BelgianBrewer

    How to generate Momentum?

    I was under the impression several fellow hunters had missed this so I tought I'd bring it under their attention :-)
  10. BelgianBrewer

    New to Brewers!

    Yes probably will be Hooper. So what you have on your hands is a rather straightforward beater team. You have some melee characters but with Stave, Friday and Stoker also some ranged plays. Ball handling is not the strong side of this team altough Friday still is a good striker with a respectabel threath on goal and Tapper and Stoker can do a decent pass(or kick on goal) when needed. Don't trust the others to do it unless you really need to. And even then try to boost their kick with "Bonus Time". I hope this is of any help. Cheers!
  11. BelgianBrewer


    Oh man, not another greenstuff job... I always manage to snap back of the glued on bit while greenstuffing it...
  12. BelgianBrewer

    Tater in the Brewers

    I have him assembled. Ready for my wife to paint :-) Our league starts first friday of september and as you need some "favor" to be allowed to field him, it will likely be end september before i can field him... Looks promissing tough! Cheers!
  13. BelgianBrewer

    How to generate Momentum?

    Sunstrike will let you generate momentum whith ranged plays. It costs only 1 influence. Every model can only benefit from it once a turn but you could hand it out to several of your players per turn. If you give Theron enough inf(5) he could give Sunstrike to himself, Egret and Zarola. Costing 3 inf and leaving him with 2 for an Arrow to the knee to be able to benefit from the Sunstrike. With some help from the dice you could end up with 3 MP before Jaecar is taken into account. Or passing for that matter...
  14. BelgianBrewer

    Esters vs Obulus Morts

    And while your at it. Stoker brings another source of ranged harm...
  15. BelgianBrewer

    Alternate colour schemes

    These look brilliant, any chance you could treat us to some more pictures? Cheers!