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  1. Couple of Jackstraw interaction questions: If I only had a brain: Place this model in base contact with a target friendly harvest-marker. At your post: Once per turn...This model may choose a friend harvest-market... _____________________________________________________ Is there a difference between target and choose? Does either/or/both require line of sight? Thanks!
  2. Obstructions can be moved over(dodges or jog only) and barriers cannot. A bunch of barrels vs a tall wall are common examples of each
  3. New player on the fence needs help

    Have an experienced player who either plays your team or is willing to play a game with your team vs another player while you watch. Ask him talk through his decision making and strategy choices during the game. Seeing your models being played well is a great way to improve and learn from someone's experience.
  4. Pack mentality

    Follow up. If a KD is selected would that prevent pack mentality from triggering?
  5. Pack mentality

    A hunter model inside snow's pack mentality aura is charged and the attacker wraps. The attacking model Chooses the following playbook results: 2 damage and 1" dodge 1 damage and 1" push Questions: 1:does the hunter model get 2 1" dodges(one for each damage result?) 2: does the hunter model resolve its dodge(s) after the attacking model completes all their results or each result of a wrap? I want to make sure I have the ordering correct. Thanks!
  6. Flying

    If dirge activates in a forest and then makes an advance does he ignore the -2/-2? He has the penalty on him as he is in the terrain when he activates but flying removes it as soon as he starts the advance? Flying states: when this model moves it ignores other model bases, terrain and ground.
  7. Yes. Im on my phone so I don't have a source but that is correct
  8. Jog towards

    Thanks, thats what I assumed was possible but wanted to confirm before doing it on the table. Thanks
  9. Jog towards

    Midas uses Lure of gold on Vitriol who is 4" away. Vitriol can now jog 6" towards Midas. If Vitriol wanted to move as far as she legally can is it directly towards Midas? Pg 12 definition is model or marker can only move in such a way that the distance between the model or marker and the target is always decreasing.
  10. Guild Ball Tonight - Gencon Contest

    I am shocked by the lack of Fillet at the top tables.
  11. Here is the scenario: score is 10 to 10. Gutter is engaging a friendly and enemy model both at 3 HP. She attacks enemy and selects scything blows. What happens? Is it a 12-12 tie? Can the gutter player resolve the enemy model first and the 2 vp for her team and its a 12-10 win?
  12. Thanks. Thats the way I have been playing it but wanted to confirm and didn't see this specific example in the clarifications.
  13. does that generate momentum when the 1 damage is reduced to 0 by tough hide? Rulebook pg 46 says "if an ability allows a model to ignore the selected result then no MP is generated." Is reducing to 0 considered ignoring? Thanks