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  1. Maurice

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    What about in relation to this: Cinder charges model A, who declares a counter attack. She inflicts taken out on model B with her sweeping charge damage. Does Grim Vengeance take effect before the counter attack?
  2. Maurice

    Above and Beyond and Beyond

    Would guess that it's the same instance of the ability triggering both times. Each time it just goes from being +1 additional inf to being +2, etc. It's not triggering anew each time, just increasing in value.
  3. Maurice

    [spoilers] Season 3 Brewers Fluff

    Run, they're back!
  4. Maurice

    Season 3 is not for Brewers

    Yep, Friday/vSpigs/Pick 2 +TappCat
  5. Maurice

    Season 3 is not for Brewers

    vSpigot shakes his head disapprovingly. The playtester list in the S3 book is literally 26 names deep.
  6. Maurice

    What is Sporting Conduct in Guild Ball?

    Agree w/ Ben that Stoic/Sturdy/Close Control/Tough Hide (those 1 dmg results) should not be in the same situation for playbook results as something where models move/dice have been rolled subsequently. If someone wants to select something besides strip close control, I am always happy to let them. One thing with widgets I will do (the frozen forge type), I will ask that proxy bases be replaced with the actual figure once movement is finished/before dice are rolled. This prevents the 'counter-charge, etc., avoidance take-back' that could be created if you're just using those tokens to mark out your whole activation and only moving at the end of the sequence.
  7. Maurice

    Bear Necessities

    More of this, please.
  8. The last update on shipping was 10 days ago. During the campaign/at the start, the team was able to focus their time on the campaign. Pretty sure they're busy delivering at this point. It's not easy to reply to every (oft repeated) question in 85,000+ comments.
  9. Maurice

    Steamcon USA

    This is not one of those times, though.
  10. Maurice

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    Get me the hell out of Virginia, please (MD) The overlay is doing something weird w/ my browser. Will you be able to click on specific people to see what they've played in? Also it's got me above Botts, so I'm in. It looks nice! I can't comment about the math.
  11. Maurice

    Pint Pot's Six Pack?

    A charge is a separate action that gives you an attack. Beer tokens can't buy you a charge.
  12. Maurice

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    It's not just popularity. It's seeing what Jordan and other top players are doing and pursuing the same track. Alchemists/Fish had early strong showings because good players were able to identify their strengths and execute. People then say, oh, those teams are good, let me try them, and we end up with a ton of those teams. I don't know what mixture of that vs. team quality really fuels results, but it's definitely not just 'oo, Fish are cool.'
  13. Maurice

    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    I think the bandwagon effect is also real, especially in the U.S.
  14. Maurice

    Smashing Face dice

    Too bad for the Brewers' player. Need 'dem lawyers' guild guys on site.