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  1. ratkaster

    Terrain and Scoreboard

    Updated decal sheet now available. Everything on a single sheet, including all numbers from 0-12 for S2 compatibility. (See previous post)
  2. ratkaster

    Terrain and Scoreboard

    Had quite a few requests for files so I've put them in Dropbox. The PDFs and XCFs can be found here...https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9ik8o6pw6t0w9f3/AABEagHkJBchiSsU5V0ZQPl4a?dl=0 The PDFs are A4 size for easy printing. You'll need the 3 PDFs - 'Logo decal sheet.pdf', 'Numbers decal.pdf', 'Numbers2.pdf'. The numbers on the 'Numbers2.pdf' are the actual numbers I ended up using. The original numbers on 'Numbers decal.pdf' were too small for what I wanted, so I had to enlarge them. I was too lazy to rehash the whole sheet and put the HOME and AWAY text on this sheet as well (sorry!). The XCF files are native to GIMP https://www.gimp.org/, if you want to play around with them. EDIT: I've created a single sheet called "Full decal sheet.pdf" which now incorporates everything including odd numbers for Death Clock play and full S2 player compatibility . There's enough of each decal on the sheet to have spares just in case you run into any issues applying them, but now you only need to print a single A4 sheet.
  3. ratkaster

    Terrain and Scoreboard

    Cut out a circle of thick card (I used some old mount board used for framing pictures). PVA and sand to create some raised ground, mostly around the edge to create a shallow basin but also scattered across the circle in patches so thee would be somewhere to attach some grass tufts. Seal it all with a 50:50 PVA/water mix. Might find after this part (once dry) you need to turn it over and PVA the bottom to help straighten out the cardboard if it warps. Paint it desired colour (I painted everything a dark brown, drybrushed the sand with a beige and then added some darker patches randomly where the mud would be). For the mud I mixed a small amount of Deluxe Materials Scenic Water with a little brown and green ink. The Deluxe Materials Scenic Water is a one part gel/resin that you heat until it melts. I just added a small amount (with the ink) to a plastic cup and placed in a bowl of hot water until it melted. Once melted I mixed and then poured. You need to work quickly as it sets as it cools (which doesn't take very long). The good thing though is it can be melted again, so a hot hair dryer can help here. As it was cooling I just 'mushed' it about until it looked sort of right. Finished off with some grass tufts. Would recommend using these rather than loose static grass as the gel nature of the scenic water means the static grass will stick to it and you'll struggle to get it off.
  4. ratkaster

    Hughs Guilds - Models, Mayhem, and More!

    Looking good. Can't wait to see this finished.
  5. Ni there,


    It is still possible to ask you for that file with the game icons you uses for your scoreboard?



  6. ratkaster

    Engineers Guild

    Cheers. First attempt using Scalecolor paints on the skin. They take a bit of getting used to but they mix and blend so well. The colours in the flesh range are amazing. Highly recommend them if you're able to get hold of them (Easier now that they are in the store).
  7. ratkaster

    Engineers Guild

    Painted up and added Hoist and Compound to the roster. Hoist Compound
  8. ratkaster

    Morticians Guild

    Painted up and added Bonesaw to the roster Bonesaw
  9. ratkaster

    Terrain and Scoreboard

    Best way is to just message me, that way I won't miss a request in a post. Looking forward to seeing what other people come up with. EDIT: FILES CAN NOW BE FOUND BY FOLLOWING THE LINK IN THE POST FURTHER DOWN THIS PAGE
  10. ratkaster

    Terrain and Scoreboard

    I just keep them in a little storage box. They're made of plasticard so are pretty tough.
  11. ratkaster

    Terrain and Scoreboard

    The decals are printed out onto clear inkjet decal paper (usually get mine from eBay). You can get opaque decal paper that will be coloured (usually white), anywhere you haven't printed. Which one you use depends on the effect you want and personal tastes. Once printed you need to seal them with 3-4 thin coats of spray varnish. I use gloss for this. The ink is water soluble so if you don't seal them properly...well I'm sure you can guess what happens! Whenever I apply decals I always use Microsol and Microset during the application process. I find it makes application easier and adhesion better than just using water on its own. Most model railway shops carry it, but if you struggle to find it check out eBay. It's easy to use but a quick Google search will throw up plenty of tutorials. Once applied, dried and set you can then paint/varnish over the top. Mine had a quick dry brush of paint, some weathering powders and a blast of Testors Dullcote to take the shine off and help seal everything. The hardest and most time consuming bit for me was creating the jpeg files (edit...jpegs now converted to PDFs for easier printing) with all the logos and numbers at the right size on an A4 sheet. I'm happy to share the files if anyone wants them to try something similar. EDIT: FILES CAN NOW BE FOUND BY FOLLOWING THE LINK IN THE POST FURTHER DOWN THIS PAGE
  12. ratkaster

    Terrain and Scoreboard

    The pieces of slate are mostly flat and tucked away in the static grass, so on the whole the models sit relatively flat. The photo doesn't really show it very well. The trees on the LoS blocker piece are all held in place by magnets so can be removed if necessary if they hamper model placement. The main construction is sheet balsa that I've scored to give the impression of planks. I've added a few tiny resin bolts for a bit of detail. The magnets in the scoreboard are just regular rare earth magnets, available from eBay and most hobby stockists. I get mine from eMagnets.co.uk just because the quality/strength tends to be better and they have pretty much any size you could ever need. The score and guild tiles are made from thin plasticard with magnetic tape stuck to the back. I printed all the numbers, guild logos, etc onto waterslide decal paper. After the decals had been applied and set I just weathered them up a bit with paint and powder.
  13. ratkaster

    Terrain and Scoreboard

    Took some time out from painting minis to make a set of tournament equivalent terrain...and something to help keep track of scores. Fast Ground Obstacles Rough Ground LOS Blocker Tourney Terrain Magnetic Scoreboard
  14. ratkaster

    Engineers Guild

    Engineers Guild... Ballista Colossus Mainspring Ratchet Salvo Velocity The Team
  15. ratkaster

    Masons Guild

    Been a bit slack posting stuff on here lately. Anyway here's my (speed painted) Masons. Honour - Retail and KS excl Harmony Flint Brick Tower Marbles Mallet Chisel The Team