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  1. Wynter

    Order Openings

    Choose to Kick Kick with Mist and leave within 6 inches of Brisket Mist can then threaten the ball and score OR Brisket can switch up and score leaving Mist to threaten the kick out
  2. Wynter

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Re: Traits, I think we can assume that Cinnamon has Charmed [Everything]
  3. Wynter

    Erskirii Wolves: release date?

    Yes, the made to order and not knowing when it will arrive thing is a little off putting. Would be good to hear whether someone has received one yet
  4. Wynter

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Style is of course subjective, so not going to get into whether these are better than the current official paint jobs (they are 😉) ...but purely from a marketing point of view, your stuff is way more visually striking and fun to look at. SFG should go ahead and pay you money for this
  5. Wynter

    Tokens after S4?

    Chortle. Safe to say that some characters will receive fundamental changes, some will have a few tweaks and some will be left well alone. I don't think we'll see wholesale changes to whole Guilds as we did in Season 3, but the changes will probably be enough to warrant new tokens.
  6. Wynter

    Pin Vice "Upgrades"

    Those dreads look metallic as well
  7. My first GB game was in a tournament, as were the second, third and fourth games. Epic fun was had
  8. Wynter

    Broken Toad - Brisket model

    Interest perked... Veteran or Seasoned Brisket though?
  9. Wynter

    Navigators Guild on FB

    Lol, I quite liked it
  10. Wynter

    Navigators Guild on FB

    Like a Spirit Bear
  11. Wynter

    Maverick and Butchery

    Lol, after 3 years of playing this game, I still haven't got Maverick right
  12. Sure this must have come up a gazillion times before but have searched and can't find it. In short, I put Butchery on Seenah this evening and then charged him with oRage. I used the damage buff from Butchery and managed to take the bear out, but after the game, I remembered Maverick. As Butchery is on Seenah and not Rage, does Rage get the damage bonus from Butchery?
  13. Wynter

    In my day...!

    In my day, we made our own games. Coincidentally, I invented Guild Ball in 1992. Unfortunately I was too busy painting a thousand Skaven so I shelved the idea.
  14. Wynter

    Navigators Guild on FB

    I like the idea that it is oSiren... I don't see Veteran Siren as a progression of her story arc. She should be able to switch between Sea Witch and Seductress modes.
  15. Wynter

    S4 arrives october 12th

    ...so long as it's a level playing field, it's all good. If one of the World Champs contenders is involved in playtesting S4 rules, then not so good.