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  1. Hello from the New Forest

    Hi there I normally go to either Southampton Sluggaz (who meet on Fridays, which I know you can't do) or Dark Worlds who meet in Fareham on Sundays, I know the guys are playing this Sunday at Fareham, but I'm off to watch Star Wars. They meet from 18:00 at a Community Centre on Henry Cort Drive. If you're not free this Sunday, I'll be heading over that way in the New Year if you fancy coming along.
  2. Another vote for 6 man boxes. Now as a veteran GB player, I'd actually prefer the buy all in 12 man option, but I strongly believe that 6 man boxes would be better for growing the community/player base. Plus as someone else mentioned, impulse buys is a thing
  3. So if I'm reading this correctly... if someone from Southampton were to win the British Champs, you'd pay for flights to Manchester? Asking for a friend
  4. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    Not sure anyone takes these tournament restrictions seriously anymore. I remember when Seenah and Chaska were only available at Salute and in the Locker Room - everyone who wanted them had bought them, but then couldn't use them. Everyone grumbled and I believe things have relaxed a bit since.
  5. Winter Painting Contest

    This seems like my bag
  6. Hello from the New Forest

    Hi there I'm in Totton - As @TwoBands says, we meet regularly for games in the immediate vicinity. Look forward to playing you
  7. Regarding the new plot cards (from Keynote)

    I'd hope that they do a community test of the plot cards in the same way they did for Pitch Formations and GIC. Wider play testing definitely benefited the GIC project.
  8. What do you guys use Salvo for?

    I like Salvo... He is a proper striker now i.e. 8" move and 3/8" kick. If the opponent is playing silly buggers with the ball (i.e. caging it, rather taking possession), he can get it back. His heroic enables him to do his CPs for free, so can do stuff without influence (this often surprises people, because no one plays him) He makes Mechanical Heart worth thinking about. I have won games with Mechanical Heart and Controller on Salvo because people didn't see it coming Ultimately, he is a little tool box that does useful things when your opponent isn't really expecting it
  9. Cartwright's Guild

    Wheely good
  10. Release Schedule - what we know

    If you have GB friends who want the other 3, this could turn out to be a much cheaper option.
  11. Skulk is a new Spook

    No, he makes it hard to shoot and when the shot on goal misses, takes possession of the ball... ...in theory
  12. Skulk is a new Spook

    Lucky hasn't gone on general sale but is tournament legal. Let's face it, they could call it either way.
  13. Skulk is a new Spook

    Scroll to the bottom section of this blog post... http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/sfg-holiday-sale The swag box is going on general release in the holiday sale, so everyone will have a chance to pick him up
  14. Which Guilds would you like to see next?

    I wouldn't mind a Seamstresses Guild if it actually was a Seamstresses Guild, rather than a euphemism for something else. There are some potentially cool thematic abilities around sewing. The puppet faction in Malifaux is a good example of this.
  15. A gentle warm up game for a tournament on Sunday against @Monolith-Swats. His standard Hammer line up... ...against my preferred Cogs selection I made an early mistake after Decimate retrieved the ball and kicked into space leaving it (just) within reach of Flint (sigh). I replied with the Spider and Hammer reduced the eight legged bot to match wood. I got the ball back with Velocity and kicked it off the pitch hoping for a lucky scatter. Didn't quite do the business and the Masons retrieved it again. Pin Vice dived and used well oiled machine to get it out of the Masons hands, but the remaining Cogs couldn't do anything with it. Velocity was pushed off the pitch by Hammer, while Pin Vice got a little too well acquainted with opposition. At this point I clocked out and conceded. T'was only a friendly anyway