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  1. Congrats to Germany 1 winning WTC!

    These teams all featured players who play a lot at tournaments (and win a lot), while the other countries may not have a diverse player base yet.
  2. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    Clockwork Perfection... now everyone has Volley Threat. I guess it makes snap shots more doable, but I don't tend to do snap shots that much.
  3. Where is EpicChris??

    WTC I think...
  4. To each their own, but if my game is clicking (which is a big if ), then Pin Vice scores most of my goals. The advantage over oVelocity is the additional 2 influence which is often needed if you're wading through other players to get to the ball. I use both however.
  5. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Can't think of any circumstances where I'd want to play 6 competitive games of GB in one day My poor brain...
  6. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I'd echo @EpicChrisin that I'm not really finding game length an issue so why the need to speed things up? On Club nights, I can get a couple of unclocked games in no problem and in tournaments the clock works fine to speed up your play. None of my games at a tournament yesterday came close to clocking out. So yeah, what's driving this urge for faster play?
  7. The Day of the Spider

    My last two tournaments with Cogs have been unmitigated disasters. I've won 1 game out of 9 (and thus collected the wooden spoon in one of them). I was all set to move to a different Guild, but decided to persevere with them at a friendly local event, the Harvest Cup, run by @TwoBands. I say friendly, but there were still some top ranked players in attendance, including @orange, @FearLord and @kestershero(fortunately, I only had to play one of those three). I decided that my recent issues have been due to changing the team around a little too much, so with the exception of 1 game, I stuck largely with a core of Pin Vice, Mother, Hoist, Velocity, Salvo, Compound and Decimate (yes, that's seven players, but they are the ones I chose from). Game 1 - Pin Vice vs Theron Full disclosure, my first opponent was playing his 3rd game. Did my best not to be over competitive and let him take things back etc, but it was a relatively straightforward win. I received and passed the ball around, before sending the Spider off on it's first goal run of the day (i.e. Pass and Move / Sprint / Burrow / Tap In). I had a bit of a panic at first as it seemed it would be out of range (I'd started from a wing back position), but with a bit of tweaking of the positioning, I just made it. He counter scored straight away with Hearne and I took the ball off to the left flank with Pin Vice. I then used the Captain and Decimate to take Minx apart before Pin Vice scored the second. In the meantime, Hoist was surrounded by Hunters, but was doing a sterling job of not succumbing to the flurry of daggers, spears, knives and arrows. Hearne received the ball and scored his 2nd and the kick out went to Theron (sigh). Enter Compound in outfield mode. Being the original target of the kick out, he was next to Theron and was able to tackle the ball, push Theron away, sprint off in the direction of Pin Vice before passing the ball (bonus timed obviously) which enabled the captain to slot home a snap shot. Cogs 12 - 8 Hunters Game 2 - Pin Vice vs Ox I was now up against one of my regular opponents @kestershero who was playing one of his favoured teams. He won the kick off roll, but preferred to kick, so I duly prepped the 1st turn Mother goal run again. Annoyingly I missed the pass to the spider, so I switched to a second turn early activation, Hoist Burrow goal run. Unfortunately, this involved sprinting through Boars melee zone. I could of course ignore the KD from the parting blow, but he managed to roll 6 x 4+ and duly took the ball. I used the rest of my movement to return and take the ball back again. I can't remember the order of events, but he scored with Shank, I lost the Spider and then replied with a Velocity goal. I lost 2 more players before I was able to score again with either Pin Vice or Velocity. He then closed proceedings with a Shank goal. At least I made him win by playing football as he much prefers take outs even when playing Fish. Cogs 8 - 12 Butchers Game 3 - Pin Vice vs Shark So I was now concerned that the day was going to turn into "beat the noob and lose the remaining 3 games" and I wasn't particularly thrilled to have to play against a team that does football better than Cogs do. I therefore switched to my Kill Bot line up, consisting of Pin Vice, Mother, Ratchet, vVelocity, Colossus and Decimate. The idea is that you can turn vVelocity into a killing machine using Deletion / Tooled Up / Aggressive Defence and Singled Out. However, as I received the ball (and he didn't kick with Shark), I did the spider goal run again and the match subsequently descended into ping pong. Shark scored, Pin Vice scored, Shark scored again and I had the option of going for a Colossus pass to Mother for a snap shot victory. However, that seemed a little risky and with Fish players ready to snatch a missed goal attempt, I killed the ball instead. Mother (who had no influence) then grabbed it with webbing and scuttled behind the goal to wait for the next turn. Greyscales charged in with the hope of tackling the ball and kicking it into space, but the charge failed and the remaining two attacks only managed to tackle the ball. I waited until I had momentum, before the spider burrowed next to Greyscales and stole the ball away before a bonus timed tap got me the victory. Cogs 12 - 8 Fish Game 4 - Pin Vice vs Rage So I'd fulfilled my objective of not disgracing myself albeit against two players less experienced than me. Engage chill out mode. My final game was against another regular opponent @Lumpysevenwho despite being relatively new to the game, has done really well with Vet. Rage Union and got quite a few high placed tournament finishes. He confess that he doesn't like playing against football teams, so I figured that was my one advantage. I then got another advantage by receiving the ball yet again. This was a bit of a god send as I knew that he wouldn't let me have it easily. So at the end of turn 1, the spider had scored (4th goal of the day) but had been reduced to kindling by Rage. The kick out went to Snakeskin, but before she could raise her defences, Pin Vice struck. Fortune had smiled on me once again as he had left a hole just big enough to slide a 30mm base through. Pin Vice charged in, bounced off the turtle, tackled the ball and slotted home a tap in. She was duly murderised as a reward for her endeavours. Snakeskin again took the kick out and quickly activated Clone. No 3rd goal this turn. Gutter then pounced on Salvo who was too close to the edge of the pitch (silly mistake #1) and pushed him off. In an act more born out of petty vengeance than tactical acumen, I replied with Hoist who utilised wing back to push Gutter off the pitch with momentous push dodges. I realised that I had created myself what is known in chess as a fork in that as I now had two win conditions, he had to protect both the ball and any weak players. I therefore set up what I thought was a Hoist burrow attack run on Snakeskin to snatch the ball while a returning Pin Vice eyed up Greede. He chose to protect Greede by placing Avarisse in the way, so I went for the Hoist option instead. I was about to move the model when my opponent plumped down a 4" measuring stick between Hoist and the nest marker. There was clear daylight. I grumbled for a bit that it must have been knocked as I could have sworn I measured it accurately, but being honest, I must have measured to the spider and not to Hoist (silly mistake #2). Apologies to @Lumpysevenfor the subsequent mild hissy fit Anyway, I therefore had to switch tactics and instead used Hoist, Compound and Mother to frustrate Rage (which lost me the Spider again) while Pin Vice tried to get at Greede without being taken out again. My opponent came close to murderising Pin Vice with Avarisse and Greede but realised that he would only trigger reanimate and couldn't trust that he would get 3 damage to finish her off. He therefore elected for Greede to hop on board instead. However, this had left Snakeskin without Clone and after jogging to the limit of Avarisse's and Gutters melee zone, Pin Vice was exactly 3" away from the Chameleon. With 5 dice, I just got the 2 results I needed to double dodge into melee. Then, as Snakeskin is only defence 4+ against fellow members of the fairer sex, it was an easy task to steal the ball, do a few momentous dodges and slot home a bonus timed tap in. Cogs 12 - 6 Union I finished in 4th place and took home a Limited Edition Mist as the prize for scoring the most amount of goals (11 in total). I think I was fortunate to receive in every single game which meant that the spider goal run was always available to me. I'm finding that this is a bit point and click and reminiscent of the last iteration of Avarisse and Greede, so I suspect burrow or something will get amended at some stage. Overall, I was pleased to get back into the Cogs groove, especially with my favoured goal scorer, Pin Vice, who I think was responsible for 6 of the goals (the spider got 4 and Velocity got 1). Congratulations to @FearLordfor the Farmers win on the day. Glad I didn't have to play you
  8. Lol, I respectfully disagree. Ballista's Legendary gets you a singular goal, but Pin Vice can dodge her way through the opposing team, snatch the ball away and slot home a shot. Did this twice against Vet. Rage Union at a tournament yesterday, the second time for the winning goal. I often compare Pin Vice to Shark... their playbooks are practically identical. Both have a low and a reachable . You can get a lot of (non parting blow triggering) movement off PV's playbook if their team is packed together around the ball.
  9. I'd concur that the Ballista box is probably the strongest, but only cos Vet. Velocity isn't as good as the original version and Locus isn't quite the player you'd want him to be. However, my current preferred 6 (Pin Vice, Mother, Salvo, Velocity, Hoist and Compound) is largely comprised of Box 2. Pin Vice is the must have captain if you're going to focus on goal scoring Mother is basically a 6th player and can get goals from a stupid distance (there is also a new dirty Mother trick* which is sickeningly good) Salvo doesn't get a lot of love, but there are times when his CPs are gold dust and he has good board coverage for threatening the ball Velocity is an effective goal scorer and with acrobatic is more flexible than the Veteran version Hoist, basically undroppable Compound is a surprisingly good outfield player especially with PV buffs *Mother drops a nest marker near its own goal and then disappears up the pitch to the opposing goal. If your opponent scores, scatter the ball near the nest marker. Mother can then retrieve it from the other end of the pitch with webbing (only the nest marker needs to be near the ball, Mother doesn't!)
  10. Indeed Anything they want to talk about on their clock... be it threat ranges, character traits, the weather, their kids, Donald Trump... is totally ok with me.
  11. Weird one this... in my first few tournaments, you'd move your model to attack Brisket and it would be a total Gotcha moment. You'd go, "Oh feck balls!" and get on with the game. Now it seems that Gotchas are just not cricket.
  12. Robo Ratchet

    Ignore me. Ratchet can't overclock himself. Bugger
  13. Robo Ratchet

    I'm always on the look out for ways to put the hurt on opposing teams as more often than not, you need a take out or two to get Cogs over the line. Trouble is, most Cogs damage combos need a bit of set up and a canny opponent will see them coming a mile off. And so I give you... [dramatic tones] ... Robo Ratchet. It's a bit desperate, but may swing it for you in the right circumstances. Win the initiative roll, but make your opponent go first (1 momentum, thank you very much). A 6 Influence Pin Vice activates Mechanical Heart (the Robo Ratchet play loves Heroic Landing btw) and then drops Controller and Deletion on Ratchet. She then uses her remaining influence to charge the target model taking a momentous result (ideally the momentous 1 damage push dodge or something) Ratchet's activation immediately follows because of Controller which is the main selling point here i.e. your opponent can't react. He Overclocks himself (using the momentum just attained from Pin Vice) and Tools Up. He then free charges the target model, taking his Free Bonus time from Deletion and the Pin Vice assist. This should equal 5 damage against a 4+ DEF, 1 ARM target (8 if you're lucky and get a wrap). The remaining 3 attacks should get you another 12 damage for a total of 17 (plus anything you got from Pin Vice). The main downsides to Robo Ratchet is that you have just burnt 10 Influence to take out a single model and done 8 damage to Ratchet in the process. Therefore I see it very much as a last gasp victory point grab.
  14. I was at an event recently and in every game I played, there was a tree perched on a 2" base located somewhere on the pitch. I don't know if this was an effort to include a forest on the table, but all of my opponents favoured it being a barrier as you couldn't place a model in it (the issue of trees blocking model placement is another topic, but as an aside, it's interesting that the presence of trees in a forest, is entirely abstract in Guild Ball). I wasn't playing Hunters and none of my opponents were, but I did wonder how this conversation would have gone if oHearne had been in our rosters. oHearne is the only model that specifically benefits from forests, although "shadow" models (Mist, Sakana, Vitriol to some extent) some buffs from the cover, while Chaska arguably hunkerking down in the trees too. Now, should T/Os be accommodating oHearne in some way or is the magic wood provided by Theron sufficient? These musings have been prompted by the GIC card, Nature's Bounty which allows the Hunters player to decree that a piece of rough ground be a forest. This makes me think that the question is on the mind of the game designers too. oHearne is not the only model that needs terrain to function to his full potential. The aforementioned "shadow" models need it too, in the form of cover (although they can create their own or have it created for them). The OPD forces the hand of T/Os in this respect as 50% of terrain need to be obstacles. So should there be a rule for inclusion of forests (and what would it be?). Or does the forced placement of forests (or indeed other terrain) make some models a bit too good?
  15. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    Guess it comes down to how easy it is to Engineer a Snap Shot. Best I can come up with is for Pin Vice to put Controller on Velocity, use the Legendary to get herself into Tap In range and then have Velocity come forward to pass her the ball. Alternatively, Second Wind is placed on Fly Keeper vVelocity (via Decimate or Ballista). She passes to Ratchet, enabling her dodge 4" and then sprint/jog 16" into Tap In range. Unpredicatable Movement keeps her safe (possibly) for an activation and then Ratchet uses Long Bomb to make the pass for the Snap Shot.