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  1. Zombiepops

    Pure Guild

    This. If 3-0 is available, go for it. But your opponent knows this because you dropped shark, and is going to try and stop you. Being able to switch to 2-2 and hunt squishier targets is an important option to have.
  2. Zombiepops

    Pure Guild

    I'm much more going to miss gutter with shark than Corsair. Corsair does 1-4 and 2-2 just fine without gutter. It's shark who needs help getting 2-2 reliably.
  3. Decoy grants +2 def Against the next enemy attack or character play. A character play triggered from the play book hits automatically. Would a model loose the benefit of decoy if it was first hit by a character play triggered off the playbook from attacking a different model?
  4. Zombiepops

    Organized Play Update

    But having access tech choices of kind of my point. If you know what the metas your going into in a tournament looks like you can capitalize on those tech choices with your roster choices. Rat catchers can't do that.
  5. Zombiepops

    Organized Play Update

    I'll point out 12-14 choose 8 is a very different thing than 8 choose 8.
  6. Zombiepops

    Mulligans during play.

    This book is quite interesting. I read it after MilitaryCoo recommended in a previous thread that ventured into discussion of gamesmanship.
  7. Zombiepops

    Save a swift strike?

    Except you can't bank more than one berserk attack.
  8. Zombiepops

    Why aren't we talking about Kraken?

    Probably was playing him wrong. I'd shelved him before the first errata. I had much better success after swapping him out for Jac. I never had any problem getting people to scrum up on Jac, though that was likely because it was early on and my meta hadn't really started to figure out footballing yet and all fell back on warmahordes tactics of charging too the middle and engaging in combat. I won much than I probably should have by just running shark around playing football and bating the scrum in the middle. I agree that Jac's playbook is weird, and kinda crappy. I think Kraken's isn't a whole lot better now either (as I said his best rule isn't on his card), but he has a place and is useful in it. I mean, I'm not comparing him to Sakana.
  9. Zombiepops

    Why aren't we talking about Kraken?

    In season one, kraken couldn't do much with his playbook. He had no dodges or pushes, with drag on three and release all the way on 5. His counter attack would knock people down, but you often had very little momentum ( no going second momentum, and shark's team never generates a ton to begin with), and they're often generate one just by hitting him (or more by charging kraken). Jac had better stats defensively, so didn't print momentum, and his pushes or his heroic could disrupt a scrum to reduce the gang ups. He had less hp but still had tough hide , two inch melee, and a kick stat that wasn't garbage. My primary opponent at the time played butchers and I'm sure that had a some effect on my opinion of kraken.
  10. Zombiepops

    Why aren't we talking about Kraken?

    Vet siren was never about the damage for me, that was just an extra bonus. I've always taken her for dread gaze. It skews a ton of math and really can frustrate your opponent. Also note kraken went from zero pushes in his playbook to having a double push on two. That's a big improvement. Especially in a list that wants to control the scrum.
  11. Zombiepops

    Why aren't we talking about Kraken?

    I've gone back and forth on kraken over time. In season one and two he was bad. Jac did everything I wanted kraken to do better than kraken did, ie hold down the middle of the pitch and not die. His 2-1 defensive stat line was awful. Worse tough hide seemed to just kept him alive to increase momentum generation for my opponent. But in season 3, his change to 3 def and reworked play book made him much better. I'll add his best rule is on vet siren's card. She becoming def 5 with escaping fate, and the scrum Corsair wants to set up brought him back into the pitch for me.
  12. Zombiepops

    Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    I just realized, I think this would have been better as a plot card. Then at least you can set up an unexpected snap shot or something. As is, I'd probably take nothing over reducing heals and an extra inch of kick.
  13. Zombiepops

    Is Shark Worth the 10th Spot in my Team?

    All angel does is roll lots of dice on the kick. If you're bonus timing to 4 die kick on goal (everyone except kraken and the mascots is a 3/6 or better) you miss 6.25 percent of the time, 5 dice is 3.125 percent. Your giving up 2 inch melee for 3%, plus anything else any other player brings. Heck I think kraken would be a better threat piece for list chicken situations. 20 hp with though hide, an early momentous knockdown, and momentus 3 with release the kraken, and buffs vetSiren in the scrum. His biggest downfall is he only generates one influence.