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  1. Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    I just realized, I think this would have been better as a plot card. Then at least you can set up an unexpected snap shot or something. As is, I'd probably take nothing over reducing heals and an extra inch of kick.
  2. Is Shark Worth the 10th Spot in my Team?

    All angel does is roll lots of dice on the kick. If you're bonus timing to 4 die kick on goal (everyone except kraken and the mascots is a 3/6 or better) you miss 6.25 percent of the time, 5 dice is 3.125 percent. Your giving up 2 inch melee for 3%, plus anything else any other player brings. Heck I think kraken would be a better threat piece for list chicken situations. 20 hp with though hide, an early momentous knockdown, and momentus 3 with release the kraken, and buffs vetSiren in the scrum. His biggest downfall is he only generates one influence.
  3. Is Shark Worth the 10th Spot in my Team?

    Clutch blind is super clutch. And no one sees it coming a lot of the time.
  4. Momentous Inspiration and AOE damage

    Momentous inspiration says it triggers on one or more successful hits. So multiple hits only triggers once, and therefore only generates one momentum.
  5. Hello from Oregon!

    Hello, I know there's a group in Portland, and we've got a nice group going over the border in Seattle/Tacoma area. You should come visit!
  6. Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    I've now played two tournament games and a practice tournament game with Shark post errata, against Blackheart, Ox, and vet Rage. All three were won with three goals, and only vet Rage was close. Siren's seduced is still a threat to take the ball, just not take it and immediately score without some jank. It still forces your opponent to consider it forcing them to lose the ball.
  7. Scout Report

    That's why they'll never expect it!
  8. Scout Report

    Vet Greyscales confirmed!
  9. The folks over at Arcane Assist, known for their battle report videos from other games, have decided to start putting out videos for guild ball over this summer. They upload their first video today, of Alchemist vs Butchers. Check it out.
  10. My current nine is: Shark Corsair Tentacles Sakana Vet Siren Siren Kraken Hag Avarice and Greede. Since previously I had Greyscales in place of Hag, he gets to go back in now with the expanded roster.
  11. Union option with skatha?

    I played in a tournament yesterday with skatha for three rounds. I'd been practicing with minx, but was unhappy with my lists and generally ended up not drafting her, so as a last minute audible I swapped her for A and G. I found they make footballing hunters much more viable. They're definitely staying in my nine for skatha.
  12. Season 3 new player summaries

    You mention in the article using red fury to remove fear on hag. I don't think red fury will remove fear from Hag. It'll bypass it, but since it's not spending influence on an attack on hag fear won't be removed.
  13. Hasty opinions on Hag

    Things I learned this weekend playing hag: close control from Corsair's legendary, and fear makes vitriol really sad.
  14. What is Corsair's weaknesses?

    Chocolate chip cookies.
  15. Hello from Western Washington!

    Hey tamwulf, if you haven't found it yet, the is a Pacific North West guild ball group on Facebook, and while we're mostly filled with Seattle area players, there are players from through out the region.