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  1. Gauntlet

    Miners guild made of resin

    [citation needed]
  2. Gauntlet

    March Errata

    I meant they should both have it.
  3. Gauntlet

    March errata - what to expect?

    Quick Time is awful and pretty much only gets used when something has gone badly wrong / you have influence to burn. It's not a good bar for a 'useful character play'.
  4. Gauntlet

    March Errata

    Clearly the answer is to give Times Called to vSpigot.
  5. Gauntlet

    Yours 12s and 6s

    Usual 12: Blackheart, vRage, Coin, Harry the Hat, Hemlocke, Fangtooth, Decimate, Gutter, oRage, Snakeskin, Mist, Minx 6 player usual lineup: (whichever captain) Coin Harry the Hat Hemlocke Gutter (if vRage) // oRage (if Blackheart) Fangtooth or Minx (if receiving) // Mist or Decimate or Snakeskin (if kicking)
  6. Gauntlet

    Sun strike vs resilience

    The ruling here states that effects which trigger when a play 'hits' are prevented by Resilience.
  7. Gauntlet

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    Yeah, Hot Shot got renamed to Far Strike now. Yeah, you could scale them up a little bit, I just wanted to have basic options that wouldn't have to 'lose' anything to join any guild. Changing the playbook is definitely a place you could add some more options if you wanted to though. Butchers - Fish - Masons - first two columns Brewers - Engineers - Alchemists - Morticians - Hunters - Farmers - Blacksmiths - choose either or
  8. Gauntlet

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    Eh, Smiths already ruin footballing teams anyway, if Cutlass is just a ball of stats with Goal Defense nobody will play her anyway.
  9. Gauntlet

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    If you're gonna do a skeleton rookie, you make them a base framework which will get guild specific additions to it. I put these together as ideas for how I'd make each model as a 'baseline' before adding guild stuff to it. All of them have only one result on each PB column and zero momentous results. Like first level rookies they'd suck, but they're not intended to be fully established players yet so I don't think that's a problem - it's enough that you could run them if you wanted to. Amber 4/0/12 Mv6/8 Inf2/3 K2/6 Tac5 , , , Unpredictable Movement Kami 5/0/10 Mv6/8 Inf2/3 K2/6 TAC4 , , , Kill The Ball Hot Shot Layne 4/0/12 Mv6/8 Inf2/3 K2/8 Tac4 , , , Where'd They Go? Scores For Fun Edge 5/0/10 Mv6/8 Inf2/3 K2/6 Tac5 , , , , Acrobatic Support From The Wing Gaffer 3/1/15 Mv5/7 Inf2/3 K2/6 Tac4 , , , Marked Target Match Experience Champ 4/1/12 Mv5/7 Inf2/3 K2/6 Tac5 , , , , I'm Open! Poised Nomad 3/1/15 Mv5/7 Inf2/3 K2/4 Tac4 , , , On My Mark Potbellied Pass Cutlass 3/1/15 Mv5/7 Inf2/3 K2/6 Tac5 , , , , Goal Defence
  10. Gauntlet

    Union Captain Choice

    If you disregard Red Fury, Blackheart is definitely more versatile, yes. However, Red Fury is really versatile.
  11. Gauntlet

    Union Captain Choice

    Butchers: Blackheart (both are okay, BH has a better counterattack. Keep him away from Boiler though) Fishermen: Blackheart (Rage's threat range is too short) Masons: Rage (they want to group up and scrum, and Rage is happy to beat them at that game) Brewers: Blackheart (both work again, but BH puts footballing pressure on a team that doesn't hold it well, and can win even if you lose the scrum) Alchemists: Rage (Rising Anger helps a lot against all the ranged plays, he's harder for Smoke to oneround) Engineers: Rage (Rising Anger is still great against ranged damage, as above) Morticians: Blackheart (Can't afford to risk playing Rage into Scalpel which is horrible for him) Union: Whichever you're most comfortable with Hunters: Rage (Rising Anger helps against the snare effects, he can use Gutter/FT to abuse the bear and kill people) Farmers: Rage (he's harder for Thresher to oneround, they have awful defenses which makes Gutter really dangerous for them) Blacksmiths: Rage (Less likely to get one shot by an apprentice, has pushes to get them out of Sentinel, Gutter is good here again) Minor Guilds: whoever you like, leaning towards Blackheart. I've posted a couple threads in this forum talking about vRage and Union in general. Is there something in particular you find you have trouble with on vRage?
  12. Gauntlet

    Bolt Vs Cast

    True, but it also changes the odds for every other apprentice, so that's not a good reason to take her over someone like vCinder.
  13. Gauntlet

    Morticians in Season 4

    I don't think models are ever going to get native DEF6 again.
  14. Gauntlet

    Bolt Vs Cast

    She's not a player I'd rely on to get the ball back unless I had no other options. A Column 3 nonmomentous tackle is pretty awful and Shield Throw is unreliable. That leaves her scoring if you already have the ball (which pretty much anyone can do anyway) or taking people out (which the other damage apprentices - Iron, Sledge, vCinder) do better. She can theoretically play football and score goals, but she isn't good enough at either side to be worth a slot imo.
  15. Gauntlet

    Bolt Vs Cast

    Cast is the player I've been dropping from my 12. I don't think the two are really comparable to be honest. - Bolt is influence efficient, since he doesn't need more than 1-2 influence to be useful and gets stuff for free from Tutelage - Bolt has good and nonlinear threat ranges, going 8" without inf / 10" with a sprint, with I'm Open for extra threat / ball handling, and scales super well with Quick Foot - Shoemerang is better than Shield Throw at getting the ball off a target, since the KD means they can't just re-snap the ball after the scatter, and it works much more reliably on high-def models if there's a low-def one nearby - Cast really wants 4 inf to do anything useful, and while fast she isn't particularly impactful without setup / influence spent setting her up is better spent on a more impactful output apprentice like Iron, Sledge or vCinder - She really needs Burning before she does reasonable amounts of damage, which locks in Master choices quite a bit, and even if you have Burnish / Furnace / vCinder none of them trivially apply burning - Burnish doesn't want to activate early in a turn often, Furnace and Cinder need to be in melee, and if Furnace/Cinder are hitting someone literally any apprentice could follow up for the takeout anyway, it doesn't have to be Cast at that point.