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  1. Organized Play Update

    Outscore them, I guess? I'm not saying it would be correct to drop them. I'm saying that it's doable.
  2. Organized Play Update

    You could reasonably argue that the following captains could be dropped from a roster: Ox Esters Midas (?) Scalpel Brisk3t (but there's still Rage and BH) Skatha Not saying they should be, but it's something that could be discussed.
  3. Game Plan deck discussion

    I think my point is that no matter what your momentum is / how you are auto winning initiative, there is no scenario where you have the ability to go first guaranteed, without also giving your opponent the ability to play the most powerful card they have in terms of text. Sometimes (if you have +7) you can also play your best card while going first, but in that situation you should be getting a major benefit with no real downside, because you just finished a turn 7 momentum up! Assuming that, on average, the cards in each player's hand are at approximately equal power level, there is no scenario where you are going second and aren't better off than you were under the old rules, unless you took a weak card for its high initiative to gamble on the opponent picking a low initiative card, in which case you took a calculated risk and it didn't pay off, which is also fine. I don't think the fact you get a random subset of the cards - rather than all of them - is much of an issue. It adds an element of the unknown like the old plot cards, by giving you some info on what the opponent has (i.e. what you know they don't have) but not all of it. It lets you take information into account and make an informed decision, without being guaranteed to be 'correct'. I don't think a fully strategic option is a good way of doing things - it would result in the deck being 'solved' in short order with a standard 5 that you take for your team given the enemy, anyway. You should already be playing under the assumption that you will be going first if you are a couple of momentum or more up. Basically, I don't really want to win games of Guild Ball because I won an initiative roll when my opponent had +2. If this change eliminates those scenarios, or at least makes it an informed decision rather than the 'whims of the fates', then I am very happy about that. I'd rather win a game where I actually got an advantage through making correct decisions or outthinking my opponent, than because I hit the 30% odds on two initiative rolls in a row and got handed the game on a platter by my dice.
  4. Game Plan deck discussion

    You don't just draw a random card. There is strategy in playing your cards at the correct time. You can use strategy to mitigate a poor draw, to save an important high number for when necessary, or to use a powerful effect at the right time. There is still chance, yes, but now you can mitigate the effect of poor luck by making correct decisions, which previously wasn't possible. If you are up 4 momentum, you get to play a +4 card and still go first. Your opponent gets to play a +2 card, let's say. You get an effect (say, rated 3/10 in power) and they get a better effect (say, 6/10). I don't understand how going first + 3/10 vs second + 6/10 is more advantageous than the old system of going first + nothing vs. second + nothing. You've overvaluing the 3% odds of a roll upset by a lot. It's something that should pretty much never be considered unless it's someone's only out. I was talking about the team who was ahead spending momentum. Heal 4 and probably win vs don't heal and definitely win, and with the GPCs get benefit and probably win vs. suffer downside but definitely win. With regards to your Ox scenario: 1. Ox could do with some benefits 2. You get a dodge. Move the model that's best at dealing with Ox 4" backwards to give him only one target, and don't put influence on the target. 3. If you are 'losing inf' when Ox oneshots your model, you screwed up / allocated influence poorly. Being punished for doing so is just fine. 4. Turns out Unpredictable Movement and good counterattacks are useful things to have. Literally every team has some form of defensive tech they can use to make sure Ox isn't just going to be oneshotting them. If dodge to outside of 10" of him (still not a long threat range), you force him to charge, then KD to avoid the counter attack, so unless you are a super flimsy player he still isn't killing you immediately. If you played the Poised card you can also CA + Def Stance. If you put two players within 10" (so he can jog up to someone after the dodge) and neither of them have any way of staying safe when he walker up to them, you probably screwed up enough that I'm ok with that. 5. The 'whims of fate' didn't keep people honest, it just sometimes rewarded bad play when it shouldn't have. 6. Immediate Response is one of the best plot cards they've made, and Dig Deep is the same thing against any footballing team. 7. This is literally the 'best case scenario' use for this card. I don't think it's particularly better than using a Strongbox charge to say Sic 'Em is OP, or A&G to say that Shove The Boot In is too good, or Pin Vice's legendary turn to say the Showboating card is too good.
  5. Game Plan deck discussion

    Dig Deep gives 2 MOM. If you're behind on momentum against a team that is likely to want to score goals (which a lot of them are) it's probably one of the best 5 cards in the deck to have in your hand. I don't think you get my point about the die roll. The cards your opponent gets are random, and they can't play the same one every turn. There is a chance your opponent was dealt the 7, and then they have to decide to play it, where before there was a chance they would roll a 6, and that was it. I'd rather have an event be 40% luck and 60% strategy than 100% luck, thanks all the same. The low initiative cards aren't better than going first because having more momentum should be useful. Obviously going first is good. Playing a +4 card when you are up two momentum is effectively the same as choosing to spend two momentum to heal on the last activation when you are up 5 momentum. You get a benefit, and your odds of winning initiative go from 100% to 80%. You're taking a calculated risk. Having the option of doing this is a good thing. Losing the roll when you had +4 mom was an awful part of the game since neither player could control it, the person who lost got screwed, and the person who won didn't earn it. I don't understand how turning the 'whims of fate' into a strategic choice is a downside?? If your opponent had +3 mom or higher you didn't get a choice in the old system either, you were 90% likely to lose the roll. In the new system you get compensation for when this happens. If anything it makes snowballing a lead harder, because if you want to turn your momentum lead into more advantages your opponent gets additional upsides (unless they picked a load of the bad cards in the hope of using them to win initiative, that is...) Choosing not to contest initiative and instead go for the best card seems like a very important decision. If you have a hand of 23457 and your opponent is at +1, pretty much every card could be a legitimate choice depending on game state. 7 if you need to go first this turn to win immediately (but you could use it to guarantee next turn instead posibbly..), 2-3 if you want the benefit and expect your opponent to need to go first, 4-5 if the benefit is useful and you want the chance of sneaking a first if you think your opponent wants one of the low-card benefits, or wants to save their high numbers for the final / crucial turns. Being up momentum puts you at an advantage, surprise surprise.
  6. Finding Single Figures

    The store could just bundle up the three player box + each of the three blisters into a 'build your own' package of six players, or otherwise be careful to inform new players that if they are picking up a team, they probably want to get [these six players] as a group because they are usually bundled together.
  7. I'm of the opinion that casual Guild Ball where you're just messing around isn't a particularly good game, and that style is done better by other games. If you're not trying to actually win, the game tends to stall out for a long time - either in repeated tackling of the ball off the enemy, then them doing the same back again, or in damaging an opponent and healing yourself, then they hit you back and heal themselves, and so on. If neither player has an actual plan for ending the game it tends to stall out into a grind. 'Sillier lists' aren't really a thing in guild ball because there are not many list building decisions to be made. Sure, you can play all-goals Butchers or try to go 6-0 in takeouts with Shark fishermen or something, but there aren't that many options for that sort of thing and normally it's just trying to make a team do something it's naturally bad at, rather than something that is actually any more amusing or interesting than the meta teams. I guess you could play for ringouts if that's what you want? The clock helps games not stall out so much. A lot of teams do have a split between takeouts and goals - many top teams get both goals and take outs. I wouldn't call casual GB particularly relaxed or fun - there are still a lot of decisions to be made at every point in the game, and it tends to take a long time. Most other games have a natural end (since your models die and don't heal much / come back) and are less prone to getting into loops where players end up repeating the same actions. For casual gaming these are important things to consider. In a game like 40k, you can take whatever army you like, move towards the enemy and shoot whatever's in range and 1) you'll probably get something done and 2) what you 'should' be doing with your models is relatively obvious. That isn't really the case in GB.
  8. Game Plan deck discussion

    Wow I'm impressed. 1. "does he have a 7+ card?" is functionally the same as "is he going to roll a 6?". 2. If you always go for the autowin you're playing cards with poor effects or downsides while the opponent gets to take anything they want. This is a major downside. 3. The trick is that if you're going to lose init anyway, you get a nice benefit out of it now where before you got stone cold nothing. This is definitely not a downgrade. There's also the mindgame - if you're 2 up, your opponent is likely gonna pick a +2 or something this turn, so you can afford to do the same, but then they might take the 7 on the offchance.. etc. It adds strategy. 4. Dig Deep is really good if you are behind on initiative. Being behind on initiative is not uncommon. If your opponent has a +3 to their roll, what would you prefer - a 1 in 12 chance of going first, or +1 influence and +~2 momentum? Because I know which of the two options I would pick. 5. Sure. Then if your opponent has a high number (or just more momentum) suddenly they get the benefit instead of you. Remember that you have to play all five cards. If it gets to turn four and you're in a situation where giving your opponent a free 4" dodge is a problem, tough, you're playing that card anyway. 6. And there are games in the previous ruleset where you never got to contest initiative, too. The difference si that this way round, you at least get to choose when you get your highest number on the turn where it's most important to you. And when you lose initiative, you still get a solid benefit out of it rather than just being screwed. 7. I don't get how having all of these decisions and possibilities is a bad thing. This looks like an upside to me? 8. Like I said earlier, just put player B on the clock from the point player A has chosen their card. ---- I feel like you are overvaluing the 'but I might win!' factor of the old die roll. The old momentum odds were: +4: 1 in 34 +3: 1 in 11 +2: 1 in 5 (ish, it's 3 in 16) +1: 1 in 3 (ish, it's 10 in 31) The idea that in the old system there was a chance of winning even if you were some momentum down is true, but it was also never something you could plan around. You would never make a play assuming you were going to win initiative, without more momentum, unless it was your only chance of winning the game. Now, if you're down momentum, you can still try and play your 7 and hope for the best if you need to. That is an additional option you never had before, or rather it had way too low odds for you to ever attempt it. Alternatively you can get an actual benefit when you end up going second. Choosing which of the above you want (or somewhere in between, if you think your opponent is going to play a +2 for the more powerful benefit) is an additional strategic decision, where previously you just had to roll the dice and hope for the best. It's also way less grim when you lose initiative you 'should' have won. Previously if you had +4 initiative and you lost that 1 in 34 roll, you just got wrecked. You got no benefit whatsoever. Now, you have a choice. Take a calculated risk and play that +2 or +3 for a strong benefit Play it safe and drop your +4 or higher If you lost initiative when you played a +2, you took a risk and got punished for it - but that is fine if you did so deliberately. If you lose initiative you can think 'well, at least I turned my momentum advantage into a powerful card and my opponent is down inf / doesn't get much benefit' or 'I made the wrong decision'. That is way better than the old 'Oh, I'm screwed, and there are no decisions I could have made that would have been correct'. That just sucks because the advantage you built last turn doesn't reward you in the slightest, and it also sucks for the person who won initiative because you aren't winning it off your own correct decisions, you're winning entirely through luck rather than strategy. That's an awful point of the game for both players.
  9. Game Plan deck discussion

    As far as the clock goes, I'd have the clock remain paused until one player has picked a gameplan. Then the other player's clock starts until they also pick a plan. That way you don't have silliness with both clocks running at once. If one player takes 1 minute and the other takes 5, they lose 4 minutes of clock time which seems fine to me.
  10. Mortician Player Summaries

    Obulus has issues into teams with ranged character plays or other ways of getting at his low health pool without dealing with Unpredictable Movement. Casket is good into teams which want to do damage and can be pinned down and beaten up, like Butchers and Union. He is poor into teams which are good at disengaging and don't want to group up and brawl, like Fishermen. Ghast has a cheap momentous knockdown, 2" reach, and reasonable damage while costing the enemy additional resources to attack. He also has a great counter attack with a double push on his second column. He is somewhat vulnerable to focused fire (since all his 'don't hit me' tech only works once per turn and he has poor defensive stats). Good into teams which are vulnerable to counter attacks (Butchers) or who have damage attached to their control effects (Hunters, Engineers). Silence is a powerful control piece with momentous damage as a backup option. Fire Blast lets him damage people at range, which prevents standoffs and forces melee teams (masons, butchers, brewers) to come into you to engage. Tucked and Shutout are very powerful plays, especially against teams which want to set up their activations in a specific order. Good into teams which want to set up buffs on a few players (Farmers, Smiths) and against low def melee teams (Butchers, Brewers, Masons)
  11. How does the farmers errata affect union?

    Usually I'd go for this lineup: VRage Strongbox (they're a slow grindy brawling team, Box is great here) Gutter (the team has low defensive stats and groups up to get Scything Blow-ed well) A&G (see above, wait for the brawl to start and then beat whoever you can reach to death) Benediction (he is difficult for farmers to kill, and his pushes are great for getting the scrum into your favour. He's also influence efficient) Hemlocke (Blind is great on Farmers who are often quite telegraphed in their plays. Noxious Blast is a useful way of forcing the Farmers to engage on you, or mitigating their healing, and you can occasionally make use of Smelling Salts to stand everyone up after Grange KDs you all). I try not to take more than two of Gutter / Decimate / A&G / Mist because they are all very influence hungry and often want to be fully stacked, and you only have 12 to go around. Hemlocke / Minx / Benediction are a lot more influence efficient and can be given 0-2 influence and still be relevant.
  12. Game plan deck revealed

    Harry The Hat already does this, just saying.
  13. Nowhere on the Game Plan cards is the point at which effects expire mentioned. Does this happen when the new game plan is revealed? For Get Back In There, does the +2/+2 MOV apply to both the Maintenance Phase jog and the rest of the turn?
  14. How does the farmers errata affect union?

    The main advantage we have gained is that Harvest Markers have to be positioned a lot more aggressively to set up for Don't Fear. That means they are more vulnerable to a well timed spring from Gutter, Minx or Decimate to clear them out. If he doesn't have a Harvest Marker, Thresher still has a good threat range but won't one round Rage unless he wins initiative (which he shouldn't, if he's hitting Rage and giving you two extra momentum while only generating ~4 for himself). I expect the Farmers' Union drop to primarily be Grange now. If that ends up being the case, then there are two options - stick with a footballing captain and score goals against their poor ball killing / limited threat ranges, or swap that slot for Avarisse and Greede and try to overpower them with sheer raw damage instead. Either probably works, but needs some testing.
  15. Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    GW removed Allies as an option from a lot of armies relatively recently. Warmachine made a lot of options (especially mercenary ones) much less playable recently with their rules changes. WotC remove tons of cards from Standard every year, and valuable cards get banhammered on occasion.