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  1. Gauntlet

    Minerva in Hunters.

    Incidentally I've been very happy with Mataagi in hunters also. Mainly because he can fill a similar niche to oMinx, of being a model that can be given 1 influence and get good work done with it.
  2. Gauntlet

    Minerva in Hunters.

    I feel like Rundaas and Devana are unique and powerful enough that Falconers feel unique and interesting. The hunters and falconers share the setup pieces but have different payoff which I'm fine with.
  3. Gauntlet

    Minerva in Hunters.

    I feel like Nocturnal Hunting is a big sign saying 'Kill Minerva First' - which is probably correct anyway. It feels like beating up Minerva is intended to be one of the primary ways of dealing with her - she needs to be within 2" of enemies to be very impactful, she doesn't have fantastic defensive stats (not that they're awful or anything) and she wants to commit to a fight early on. Nocturnal Hunting, to me, feels like a more focused version of the Shelling Out mp bonus - you get twice as much, but you have to use it on Come On Mate specifically rather than getting a universal benefit. Hunters and Falconers are also in general pretty flimsy, so Nocturnal Hunting is less powerful than it would be in, say, Engineers, since most of the time if a Hunter starts taking a noticeable amount of damage they are probably dead.
  4. Gauntlet

    Minerva in Hunters.

    She's great. I like that SFG is making models now that have a lot of power in exchange for being telegraphed set up. There's few situations where your opponent doesn't get to react to Minerva's setup - either they get activations where they can see her inf stack ready to prep a kill, or she puts it up and passes the turn back giving you an opportunity to react. In exchange, she setup she does bring is hugely impactful. Smiths release feels like the point in the game where SFG realised that making setup heavy models, and big payoff models that require setup to do work, results in a game where nobody gets deleted without warning but everyone gets to do powerful things anyway, which imo is a good place for the game to be in. I'd like to see more models like Minerva / Meathook / Hearth in other guilds. Powerful pieces but not in such a way that there's no opportunity for the opponent to deal with it.
  5. Gauntlet

    Minor guild speculation

    My money's on Clockworkers. Where the engineers build large devices, machines and mechanica, the Clockworkers build watches and other small devices. Play downs would probably be Ratchet and Harriet?
  6. Gauntlet

    Making a 10 post vChisel

    If you're gonna turn 1 superior strategy someone, I'd rather it be Flint. He gets you 4VPs rather than 0-2 and he is more likely to be able to get back out again afterwards / is faster coming back on after he dies. If you want someone who just turns inf into damage, you can always run Decimate.
  7. Gauntlet

    Making a 10 post vChisel

    I'd drop Mallet. You've got another 2" reach utility piece now, and IMO mallet was always an underwhelming piece anyway.
  8. The new OPD specificed allocating influence for the maintenance phase, but doesn't specify whether or not the rest of the phase is resolved. Does this mean that models like Scourge, Miasma and oKatalyst no longer suffer damage at the start of the game?
  9. Gauntlet

    The Navigator's Guild

    They have the major downside, however, of not getting to play Shark.
  10. Gauntlet

    Kicking in to Smoke

    The damage buff on Bloody Coin is only lost if you get exactly five hits - if you get less it helps make up for a poor roll, and if you get six or more it applies on the wrap. Also, the extra TAC is extremely relevant on gutter. If you're wrapping to chain grab, or your current target is going to die soon, it's often worth it to pull in targets even if they're 2" melee.
  11. Gauntlet

    Kicking in to Smoke

    Using Gutter well is the key to getting good work out of a vRage team. If Gutter is already engaging the target, then a charge from Rage for KD, and Bloody Coin puts you at 7 dice (8 with bonus time) and if your target is 4/1, puts them at 3/0. That's 57% odds of Scything Blow, or 74 with Bonus Time. It's usually worth Bonus Timing if it improves your odds much. Note that getting the sixth hit is also much more likely with BT, and gives you a total of 5 damage on the primary target and two momentum. If bonus timing is what gets you a wrap it isn't actually costing you any momentum. Minx and Decimate also set up Scything Blow well with their Def debuffs. If people are not quite within Gutter's melee zone, pushing them in is a good plan. Usually your best option is to use Rage's pushes - because they come with damage attached, so you're getting more out of your influence. Second option would be Gutter's Chain Grab, since it gets you a long distance at the cost of only one influence. Plan C would be Benediction, since he at least gets you momentum as he moves people around. Quick Time is the last option, and usually you want to avoid using it because it's expensive in influence, but sometimes you have to. So your primary plan as vRage should be something along there lines: 1. Get a melee zone onto an enemy model. The default way of doing this would be to move up the pitch with Benediction, Fangtooth or someone else the opponent can't immediately kill. Your best options for targeting are people who can't easily disengage themselves or be disengaged by their team, but usually you just end up taking whoever you can get. Another option for putting a melee one onto someone is to - if you received, or your opponent scored turn one - score a goal at the start of turn 2 with Decimate and Run the Length to where you engage a target. 2. Go in with Rage. Rage can pretty reliably kill a lot of targets without even using Bloody Coin. If you can - or you can put a model that's already activated on 1, or similar - then putting Bloody Coin on Gutter for the follow up is great. Putting it on Rage himself is also a good plan, though. Rage should pretty reliably generate 5+ momentum from his 4 influence. 3. Follow up with Gutter. Usually your opponent is going to close on Rage and hit back, which means you will have targets for Gutter even if the person Rage went for is dead. If you can, use Gutter's Chain Grab or pushes to set up a target somewhere that Bloody Coin can buff her. She doesn't necessarily need to take someone out - if you can get 4 momentum and some damage out of here that's just fine. Prioritise using Chain Grab on anyone who threatens the ball or wants to Charge, or is otherwise a good person to have engaged. 2" melee zone models should be pulled in last, since that means they don't crowd you out and cost you dice on as many future attacks. 4. Win Initiative while someone is inside Gutter's melee zone. This is where things get really scary for your opponent. If you can get enough momentum to go first - particularly through ways of getting momentum without spending influence, like rising anger and furious, or wrapping (gutter, decimate, rage all have a momentous result one 1) that helps a lot. Minx is particularly good at getting you ahead in momentum because her free charge sets up well, and Snared means you wrap more often for more momentum again. 5. Go first with Rage. KD Gutter's target and BC + Red Fury her. Usually you want to take a Chain Grab on your next target before your first target dies. Against a KDed, Bloody Coined target, you only need a little bit more help for Gutter to wrap to column 3 for a Chain Grab and a Scything Blow in one. A 3/0 or 3/1 (down to 2/0 for KD and Anatomical) with bonus time and one other +tac benefit (Snared, Go For the Knees, crowdout, etc) gets you to the magical 8 hits 54% of the time. 6. Gutter still has Bloody Coin for her own activation. Take four more swings, possibly with a jog included somewhere to set up more Chain Grab targets if everyone within 6" of her is already dead. Note that Tough Hide models are particularly good Scything Blow options because they tend to have lower DEF, and they also take less damage from Scything Blow which means you get to use them to kill everyone else for longer.
  12. Gauntlet

    Kicking in to Smoke

    Scything Blow it to death off a Katalyst or someone. Chain Grab can disengage Rage too if you need to. Remember that while the inf requirement sucks, they paid 1 inf (and probably a mom to bonus time) in order to cost you 1 inf, which isn't a particularly unfair trade.
  13. Gauntlet

    Kicking in to Smoke

    Run Rage and Gutter at them. Have Grace remove the Fire AOE if she gets the opportunity, and either heal (if rage and gutter already went), or speed up one of them if not. When gutter reaches engagement with someone, use Chain Grab to pull in anyone else you can reach. Remember that Life Drinker will heal back up some of the condition chip damage. Either stay outside of vKat's threat range, or Chain Grab him so he can't charge you. He's also a good target for Rage - it's relatively easy to tag him with Concussion, and if his inf is gone and he's engaged Smoke doesn't really have any way of out-damaging your momentum generation. Don't play Strongbox, he's too slow and just gives up VPs. Benny is also too slow. Gutter and Rage are by far your most important models and if you can possibly get them into engagement that should be your plan A. Mist is reasonable at putting ball pressure on if you have to kick. Since they have UM models, there's no way to really replicate his threat with Decimate.
  14. Gauntlet

    3 player blacksmith team?

    If you've got access to all the models, I'd say the most rounded 3 would be something like.. Furnace (captain) Hearth Alloy Anvil/Sledge are too heavy on the beatdown side for a footbally guild. Burnish is a bit static and the ranged damage is a bit NPE for intro games if they don't know how to deal with it. Farris/Bolt are complicated and Shoemerang is weird enough that I wouldn't want to intro with it. I think Hearth exemplifies the blacksmiths' 'buff the apprentices and go to town' playstyle. After that IMO you could either take Ferrite and Iron, or Furnace and Alloy. IMO a model with Sentinel would be appropriate, so Furnace/Alloy. Also getting Iron killed would be punishing since he is slow coming back on, where Alloy can get right back into the fray again which is nice for an intro game when he's your only real payoff.
  15. Gauntlet

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    Yeah influence efficiency would be nice. We have a lot of models that are great at turning influence into damage - vMinx, Hearne, Theron, Jaecar, Seenah (at least that's the intention with her). The only model in the guild that really does much without influence is Zarola (+ Fahad), and even there to do anything other than be an UM ball-holder she needs a Blessing.