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  1. Gauntlet

    Seasoned Spigot

    I don't think he can fit into a Rage lineup often. You're taking Gutter. When kicking you need a good kicking model, so Mist/Decimate. You have two inf greedy models already, so it's hard to justify Spigot at this point. He is a Solthecian, though, which means he works with Mist. If you're doing that, maybe you can fill the last slot with either Hemlocke or Minx, since you don't need Benediction/Grace to enable Mist. Losing the ability to put Stand Firm and/or Quick Foot on Mist doesn't help, though. When receiving he's easier to justify, since you don't need to take a good kickoff model, and he's much stronger when he has the ball. I could see maybe running Gutter/Decimate/Spigot even, if you're able to get a first turn goal to help with your influence issues - maybe also take lots of the +1 Inf cards.
  2. Gauntlet

    Seasoned Spigot

    He's relatively flimsy (3/2/14 isn't durable). While he has goal threat, he's not great at getting the ball back - he's good once he gets there, but 9" threat with 1" melee isn't impressive for actually reaching a target. If he doesn't have the ball or access to it, he's pretty underwhelming unless he has set up. If he has a KD and some buffs applied first, he goes off - but without it he's probably getting a couple momentous dodges and that's about it. To me, he's reverse Decimate. Both are good football models who can tackle the ball and get out to shoot. Decimate can go a long distance, but needs enemy models to attack for dodges to go super far. Spigot can go a long distance, but needs allied models to pass for dodges to to go super far. Decimate is good in a fight because she does consistent damage, but doesn't have a huge amount of payoff if she is set up by the rest of the team. Spigot is good in a fight because there's a huge amount of payoff if he is set up by the rest of the team, but he doesn't do consistent damage.
  3. Gauntlet

    Being taken for Granite...

    The counter charge bubbles also are pretty solid at defending against people who want to walk up to you and hit you.
  4. Gauntlet

    Being taken for Granite...

    I think Decimate's plan is probably to just walk up and hit her four times without bothering with the KD. She'll pretty reliably reach her , so that's 20 damage flat if she's on +2 and swings four times. On each TAC7 swing with two damage buffs: 4 damage: 10% 5 damage: 62% 8 damage: 28% If you Bonus Time to TAC8: 4 damage: 3% 5 damage: 37% 8 damage: 37% 9 damage: 23% Now the best counterplay option you have is probably 'don't let Decimate jog into engagement with you' - but I don't think Granite improves things much.
  5. Gauntlet

    Need a better team list, Model question,

    This is what I normally take: Tapper, Esters Quaff Default team: Decimate, oSpigot, Lucky, Hemlocke Subs: Mash, Friday, Pintpot The default team I'm reasonably happy with into basically anything. Tapper leads it when receiving, Esters when kicking. Decimate / Lucky / Spigot is enough brawlers to reasonably fight most opponents, and everyone also solidly contributes to the football game also - while nobody has huge goal threats, everybody threatens at least 14" (except Tapper at 13", unless he gets to use Marked Target) so any spare bit of influence can result in a goal. Lucky and Decimate are both reasonable goalscorers who can switch gears to the beatdown plan quite easily. Friday replaces either Lucky or Hemlocke if playing against a footballing heavy team, especially with Esters. Putting the ball on a 6/1 Friday is a reasonable plan for buying time to get kills, and eats up a lot of the enemy team's influence. Pintpot usually comes in against brawlers or teams without any ranged control. Sit him near Hemlocke / your captain, and Noxious Blast them to death - if they don't commit, they get whittled down by the poison until you Decimate missile them at end of turn. If they do commit, you have Pintpot as an additional damage dealer who doesn't need much influence which makes for a very efficient team. Mash could be swapped for Scum. He's there to help with ball killing in a Tapper list which can't as reliably depend on Friday to hold the ball. Particularly good into teams with a lot of 1" melee, like Brisk3t and Pin Vice.
  6. Gauntlet

    How to deal with brewers

    Not if she's on fire and Blinded she won't.
  7. Gauntlet

    Season 4

    He doesn't in his current state, but I'm assuming most of the rest of the guild is going to get buffed to level out the power (which right now is pretty much entirely concentrated on vDecimate and oSpigot).
  8. Gauntlet

    Season 4

    I'd just move one or two of the buffs Spigot1 brings (either Tooled Up, Times Called, or Football Legend) onto other models. Personally, I'd give vSpigot a 3/8 kick, but add Football Legend (so 4/9" total). Move Tooled Up onto Hooper. Done. Still need Spigot1 if you want Times Called, but in other situations you can take Hooper + vSpigot and have a beater / footballer split of models that actually do things rather than all your useful stuff concentrated on one model.
  9. Gauntlet

    Rage into Smoke - Do you take Grace?

    Into Smoke I'd probably take: Rage Coin Grace Minx Mist Gutter
  10. Gauntlet


    If you want to compare Pride to any other model in terms of defensive stats, it's probably Chisel. I think that says more about Chisel's power level than it does about Pride's, though.
  11. Gauntlet


    Pride is very good. However, Rush Keeper on a 1" melee 50mm model will be extremely hard to actually apply a lot of the time.
  12. Gauntlet

    Wild Season 4 Speculation

    I'm not saying it would have no effect, I'm saying that it would have an effect very rarely, and whenever it does I don't think the fact that results combine is intuitive or useful. Stoic etc are mainly useful for Pushing plays and counterattack resistance anyway. Reanimate wouldn't be affected because the taken-out check happens after the attack is fully resolved either way.
  13. Gauntlet

    Wild Season 4 Speculation

    Predictions for Season 4: - Game Plans in the core book. Possibly minor change to gameplan functionality, but nothing larger. If anything, buff the +1 cards and Sell It. - Kicking team starts with 1 momentum, same as on any other turn. - Playbook dodges / pushes / damage don't combine any more - this rule isn't really needed for anything - Merge teamwork passing dodges into a single action to improve readability I feel like some rules could also be merged together, since there's a lot of different effects for different models which all do basically the same thing.
  14. Gauntlet

    Faction or other specific line up choices

    To be honest, in my opinion Bonesaw (and the other player with the same issues, Angel) could do with a full rework. A striker that isn't good at getting the ball back is just pretty much never worth a slot in a team. The only models whose primary purpose seems to be to score goals, that don't have a buyable dodge or 2" melee, are: - Bonesaw - Angel - Brisket1 (who has a damage dealing backup plan if the ball isn't available) - Brisket3 (who has Route One to help her reach a ball carrier) - Friday (who has a damage dealing backup plan if the ball isn't available) - Piper (who has a ringout or takeout setup backup plan if the ball isn't available, and has Haunting Melody to help him reach a ball carrier) - Pin Vice (who has a damage backup plan) - Snakeskin (who is instead good at killing a ball, and has a damage dealing backup plan) Angel and Bonesaw have the unique issues of being bad at getting the ball back, and at the same time do stone cold nothing if they don't have it. I don't think there is any easy fix for these two models beyond giving them one of the two solutions above - either a use when they don't have the ball, or a better way of retrieving it.
  15. Gauntlet

    Faction or other specific line up choices

    The problem Bonesaw has is that he does exactly one thing (put the ball in the goal) and on a team with Piper as the captain, pretty much anyone can do that. It's not like you need a second goal threat to work, and Pelage / Skulk aren't awful at it if they get the chance. More damage on a team is never a downside. There's never really a point where more damage becomes useless, because if you have inf you can usually convert it into damage if you want to. More strikers on a team often just doesn't do anything - especially if the team isn't amazing at getting the ball back (like Obulus is) or already has another goal threat which you have to take (like Piper). Allocating influence to Bonesaw has reasonable odds of just doing nothing at all, since he's TAC4 and only really relevant in any way if the ball is within 9" of him. He's occasionally useful if you can reliably score on turn one (i.e. your'e receiving) and against a team that's awful at hiding the ball (Farmers). The problem is that those teams are also those where you're somewhat short on damage due to not having a damage-dealing captain, so taking Bonesaw means you're putting the team in an awkward place where you have two dedicated footballers who don't help damage in the slightest, but also don't have enough strikers to reliably execute a mono-goals plan. Dedicating your captain and one other player to solely goals is enough that it makes the beatdown plan underwhelming, while also not enough that you can reliably threaten the entire pitch and get the ball back (especially if they just put it on Mash on whichever side Bonesaw is on..)