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  1. Gauntlet

    Gutter help

    Minx is another option for a low-investment influence efficient model. She also sets up for other butchers nicely.
  2. Gauntlet

    Minerva in Hunters.

    I think Minerva will see play mainly with Theron, in two scenarios : 1. Anti condition tech against Alchemists 2. Helps you one round more durable models, like Hammer, Tapper, Corsair and Grange. Mataagi is nice mainly because he's one of the only Hunter options that doesn't need much influence, and also doesn't need a Blessing. All the other inf-efficient options are ones that want a Blessing which skews team construction somewhat.
  3. Gauntlet

    Hunters Turn 1 Practice

    When kicking, this is my usual setup: Theron - 5 inf vMinx (kicker) - 4 inf oHearne - 3 inf Zarola - 0 inf (other model) - 0 inf Theron activates early. Put forest 4" in front of Hearne. Theron has a 13" range if he jogs. If you can, jog - Sun Strike - Snipe - Pinned. Heroic for either another Snipe, or on Zarola. If you're outside 13", Sun Strike Hearne + Theron, Sprint, Pinned, Heroic for Snipe. If there's a target you can kill before it activates, or a goal as an option, go with Hearne - otherwise save him till last. He should teleport into the forest, which puts his threat at ~10". If he can't reach someone with that threat, only go in if you're likely to get a takeout or at least win initiative - otherwise throw a Skewered and stay back to avoid overcomitting with Hearne's poor defensive stats. vMinx pressures the ball with her high speed. If you have momentum, Heroic Zarola before you go in, since using it on herself is unlikely to do much. If you can't threaten the ball, build momentum and stay on a flank where the enemy can't blow you up with their last activations. Zarola can either MO Minx to give her more threat range if you got the blessing up early, pull Theron back out of the way to guarantee the Pinned player can't reach anyone, or throw a Chain Bola to keep the Snared up on someone who cleared or came forward late.
  4. Gauntlet

    S4 cards revealed

    Blackheart: Unchanged. I'm cool with that. vRage: Lost Usurper, Tackle moved to column 4. Still does what he always did, perfectly happy with where he is. Coin: Gained a kick die and 2" melee. Actually really nice, because it means he can BoC himself for a three die kick for no influence, which is nice. Still a great model, and crowd outs well. Strongbox: Unchanged. Not sure I'll play him much because Coin is fine everywhere anyway, but the model is solid. A&G: Lost the +2 TAC while greede is attached. Gained 1" jog. Otherwise unchanged. Still not making the 12 I think. Decimate: Unchanged, except Second Wind change which doesn't matter much in Union. Still great. oFangtooth: Foul Odor and Heroic no longer mess with allied models, lost Blood, gained a DEF and an INF, slightly changed playbook. Looks very good now - not getting in the way of your own team is a huge deal and makes him very playable. Gutter: Unchanged. Still great. Hemlocke: Blind lost 2" range, Noxious Blast triggers off playbook, nonmom 2 moved up a column, gained 2 HP. The extra durability is very very nice, but at the same time Smelling Salts is less important when kicker gets momentum. Niche pick but playable. Minx: Unchanged. Still great. oRage: Lost Maverick. Awesome buff - now benefits from Singled Out, BH legendary, On My Mark, Marked Target, Hat aura, etc. Very very solid now. Snakeskin: already spoiled - solid anti control kickoff model, somewhat niche. Mist: Momentous tackle, lost Shadow Like. Still probably the best kickoff option into a lot of teams. Harry the Hat: lost Goad, gained Singled Out. Means he can reliably hit his own KD which is huge. Really good into loads of teams. Also gained a kick die, which is very important on a model with the Hat aura. Grace: Lost Purity which was way too binary, gained an ARM and a momentous 2, and her heal does more. Several nice tools, but nothing super impactful. Benediction: Gained a momentous 2, lost momentous KD. Still a big wall of hitpoints who pushes people around a lot. Biggest / most important changes are Harry, oRage and oFangtooth. I think those three, plus Blackheart, vRage, Mist, Coin, Gutter, Decimate and Minx, would be the core of Union who I'd be happy playing some mix of into most matchups. Hemlocke and Snakeskin would be the tech pieces to round out the 12, with Benny, Grace, A&G and Strongbox as the 4 models I wouldn't take.
  5. Does this mean Life Drinker would still proc in the example above?
  6. Gauntlet

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    I think Flea would be a cool addition to Butchers. He's small, mobile and reasonable at football, which would be useful to have. Having ways of messing with opposing mascots would be a handy thing to be able to do, since it would mean there are six viable / relevant takeout targets on the field rather than just five. Also, I think the fluff / background for the guy would be great - Butchers run the slaughterhouses, and having a Judas Goat style animal keeper in them would be an interesting character.
  7. I think Champ should go to Morts. Gameplay reason: A footballing focused, relatively aggressive all rounder is what the team really wants. The team at the moment has footballers, and it has damage dealers, but no real options for squaddies that can switch gears into doing either. This seems like the sort of thing that Champ would be good at doing, being adaptable but always working towards getting VPs. Morts have a ton of setup models but not much in the way of good payoff that isn't really clunky. Fluff reason: She'd be a great contrast for the rest of the morts. I'd love to have her turn up at the Morticians' training day and be like 'Right, let's win some tournaments? Wait a second...' when faced with a ragtag bunch of people Obulus found in gutters, who have much more interest in dealing with bribes / manipulating the other teams than in actually winning at or even playing Guild Ball.
  8. Gauntlet

    My Union Conundrum

    VRage and Butchers have a few differences: - Butchers generally have slightly higher damage output and are faster. - Union generally have a more durability and can play football slightly more. They are also better at setting up a scrum to favour them, since they have access to models with good momentous pushes and 2" reach which Butchers don't have much of. - Butchers have more options on the kick off, where a vRage can't really get anything done if it's kicking on turn one. - vRage is harder to control - his influence can be spent even if he is blinded / not able to reach anyone, and Rising Anger makes him resistant to controlling character plays.
  9. Gauntlet

    Season Four Blog

    Put it this way. If it costs you 2 less inf to use barrel lob, you have 2 additional inf spare. That could easily be 2 extra damage (via an additional swing in melee), 2" more threat (for 1.5" more than S3) via a sprint, and the momentum to actually use his Heroic from. It could also be anything else you need your team to do.
  10. Gauntlet

    Season Four Blog

    The 'change' is a major upgrade. It's probably enough to put stave into the 'pretty good, but not in every matchup' stable of players.
  11. Gauntlet

    Season Four Blog

    Better now?
  12. Gauntlet

    Season Four Blog

    Why on earth are you saying you expect the Brewers to lose stuff / not have their current heroics? It just seems like a bizarre conclusion to be drawing to me. The Esters blog literally says that Decimate was above the power curve because the rest of the Brewers were below it, and they're looking at evening things out this time around. This is literal confirmation that the rest of the Brewers should expect buffs.
  13. Gauntlet

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    I'm leaning towards Knuckles. Hunters have no models in guild that can really go up to the enemy and start an engagement without being very worried about dying on the backswing. Somebody who can actually take a hit would be a great addition to the guild - hit and run is all well and good, but someone with some midfield presence who can hold the enemy down while the others kite around would be really nice to have. If we want a ball control player, it looks like our best options are Cutlass and Edge. Cutlass is a goalkeeper, so clearly helps there, and Edge is mentioned as 'keeping the ball close' in her description which is promising.
  14. Gauntlet

    S4 Skatha

    She is very good. IMO she competes with Shark for the title of 'most ball pressure on the kickoff in the game' which is a pretty good place to be. She can switch to takeouts (or just get 1vp per activation) if she wants/needs to, and she enables the team pretty well with Cold Snap and the fast ground still. I wouldn't want to play her into teams that can kill the ball well or outscore her hard, but she'll punish those that are bad at both - she seems great into teams like Farmers and Butchers, which is nice, while the matchups I expect her to have issues with - Masons, Fish, Morticians - are the ones Theron is very happy to handle by himself.