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  1. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    I think counter attacks probably should be the primary answer to Butchers killing your team. I don't think punishing them is a good way to go - instead I would rather give butchers more reward for picking targets that can't counter them effectively. Maybe give some benefit when hitting models that don't counterattack, or that can't?
  2. Butcher GIC Theory Thread 

    Crushing Force - Heal Rate 2 When declaring a counter attack, enemy models must spend an additional [1] MP OR an additional [1] INF. Alternatively Whenever an enemy model declares a counter attack, the enemy model suffers the Bleed condition. If they are already suffering the Bleed condition, they instead suffer [2] Condition-damage. To be honest I find myself counterattacking Butchers relatively rarely, just because they don't usually go in and attack models which have good counters, instead picking their fights and aiming for the more vulnerable models. Crushing Force might make things worse in the sense that it increases the number of viable targets for the Butchers by a lot. At the same time I'm not sure if punishing counter attacks is a good thing for the butchers to be doing - IMO they mostly want to be hunting down those models that can't counter effectively, or setting up those than can with a KD or something similar. Either way counters only come up if they are 1) in a poor position and their best bet is to hope the opponent fluffs their counter or 2) I'm just trying to force them to choose a KD rather than damage. Neither scenario comes up particularly often, and I;d say that punishing counters is either relatively underwhelming for a GIC effect (if it doesn't increase target selection options) or very very strong (if it does increase target selection options). If it punishes a counter heavily in some way (but it's still an option), it just promotes poor / unreliable play with high risk (if the counter is successful, you're still probably worse off) and high reward (if they flub their counter, they are in even more trouble than before). Maybe something like these? Culling the Weak - Heal 3 - while the enemy team has [0] MP, friendly Guild models gain [+1] DMG to playbook damage results. Strike to Maim - Heal 3 - enemy models returning to the pitch after being taken out suffer the Bleed condition. Relentless Assault - Heal 2 - The enemy team must spend an additional [1] MP to use Take a Breather! or Come On Mate! to heal.
  3. Friendly Model Pushed onto Trap

    Models and Markers can't overlap bases, so you could not push Jaecar onto his trap (though you could push him all the way over it, if you have enough distance to put him all the way on the other side). He won't trigger his own trap no matter where he is pushed to.
  4. Union GIC Theory Thread

    I actually really like Honour Among Thieves. Two main uses I'm looking at: - Throw Mist up the pitch for a goal turn one, and run up after him. The usual plan was to let Mist die, but if the opponent leaves him on low health and kills him at the start of next turn, he can't be given any influence or he dies, but give him zero and he gets ignored. With this card, instead they have to deal with a 3 inf Mist or he goes for the ball again, but if they do I still get to spend 13inf on attacks with the rest of the team. - Gutter and Fangtooth can get your own players killed. With Rage (via Red Fury) or Gutter, you can potentially set up 8 influence activations by killing another of your own players with Scything Blow. You're giving up VPs to do it, but if it gets you a major takeout at the right point in the turn it's probably worth it.
  5. Drag vs Harpoon

    I think they changed the name because they were considering giving it to Gutter instead of Chain Grab in Season 3 testing, but it was too good so they changed it back to Chain Grab there, and didn't revert the Harpoon -> Drag name change for whatever reason.
  6. GIC General Theory Thread 

    The first update / iteration / change to the cards is going out today, right?
  7. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I imagine making the game faster without making it onesided is one of Jamie's priorities. Personally I don't particularly like the awkward positioning around on turn one before someone commits, or the dumb tacklefests as both teams try to get the final goal - both of these are somewhat mitigated by the recent deployment and GIC changes, so it looks promising to me at least.
  8. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Well, if they are over quicker, maybe it would be less frazzling. Then again I played 8 rounds of Magic in one day last Saturday, so I'm probably not a good judge.
  9. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I'm guessing that part of the issue is that any event with more than 32 players needs to be two days in most situations. If the game is a bit quicker, the clocks (and so the round timer) can be shorter and that means there are a lot less logistical issues with running large events. Also frankly, it makes the game easier to pick up and less fatiguing to play if games don't take quite as long, and also potentially more interesting to watch.
  10. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Healing 4 on Fillet is pretty solid. It's a larger % of her HP than it is on Tapper, and her high DEF means she generally doesn't take much damage per attack (naturally tough hide does a similar thing, though) and she is in a faction with access to Swift Stance. If I had to pick an example of a player that doesn't benefit much from healing I'd go for someone with bad defensive stats but a large HP pool, like the Katalysts, Fangtooth, or most of the Farmers.
  11. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Heal 3. Draw two additional plot cards from those which have not been picked, choose one to keep. Heal 4. Your opponents play with their plot cards revealed. Heal 2. When one of your models with influence on it is taken out, you can immediately allocate that much influence elsewhere. Heal 3. When the enemy returns a non-mascot model to the pitch which was taken out, it suffers 3 DMG. Heal 3. Friendly Guild models gain Usurper[Captain].
  12. I will mention if they are obviously going to get wrecked by it and they have not yet moved their model. Proxy bases are fine. If you moved your model, we don't know where it used to be, so backing up is an issue at that point. If I have to point the same thing out multiple times in a game, I consider that fair game to go for it and take the UM/ Countercharge. I don't think not letting people take things back is particularly unsporting. Proxy basing everything for both sides helps though.
  13. GIC General Theory Thread 

    The point is that the GICs are intended to help resolve guild wide issues, not model specific ones, and you were implying it was intended to resolve something which is completely unrelated.
  14. GIC General Theory Thread 

    rebalancing Guilds != rebalancing players.