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  1. Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    I would pick: Theron, Fahad, Hearne1, Jaecar, Minx2, Minerva, Zarola. At that point I would probably take Egret (Corsair, striker), Mataagi (Bleed, extra Harrier, speed, Hot shot), Chaska (Blacksmiths, Masons, Morticians as synergy with Harrier - because 5 DMG shots are worth it - works against unpredictable and also bring traps). Seenah is a trap. She will get KD'd, and then farmed or destroyed while your INF pool is crippled. With Harrier you don't need her to do DMG and she's not that tanky either. Minerva does everything else better. Current General Line Up: Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Minerva, Hearne1, Minx2 Kicking Pressure: Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Hearne1, Minx2, Zarola
  2. When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    Mataagi gives out Bleed and can potentially do this even at range - he is a spoiler model and a footballer. Have him activate last and give Bleed to several models. If Snared is also in the mix his chances increase and he will quickly become a problem. I don' think Mataagi activates early in the turn unless he has to.
  3. Bonesaw

    I'm sorry but every time I play with Bonesaw, I cannot help but think this. EVERY TIME. This might be Bonesaw's best ability.
  4. Bonesaw

    Does anyone remember why Bonesaw was given a 50mm base for a 'little guy' striker? Was there ever a design statement on why this was done - or was it 'hey - this'll be hilarious' moment from the design team? The only 'synergy' I see is greater exposure to Unexpected Arrival. Other than that it seems a massive hindrance. I think I'd like to see better synergy with his base size - maybe the Long Legs trait at least. I mean Swift Wind is actively hindered by the base size!
  5. Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    I think on balance Minerva will see plenty of Hunter time. I’m finding it hard to choose Mataagi. Minerva does what he does but seemingly better. I like him as a striker model but those 4 squaddie choices are hard and it’s going to be tough fitting him in along with Minx2 and Minerva.
  6. Bonesaw

    3) Luck. Football Dervish is luck trap.
  7. Teach Me To Paint

    Can't recommend Warhammer TV (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwdh3MTrFq3sXlB4ct8B-Fg) enough - their painting guides are very good and you can often find something similar to what you want to paint. These might not be expert painter guides - they are pitched at beginners or those that want to improve their painting. Obviously they use GW paints but the principles are still sound. Oh and buy Windsor & Newton 0 Sable brush - changed my painting life.
  8. Bonesaw

    His inability to deal with unpredictable movement is a nightmare. Most strikers can deal with it through buyable dodges or 2”. Friday and Angel are in same boat but at least they have better defence and other options for use. Bonesaw without the ball is never getting it beyond some lucky dice and your opponent not killing it properly. And without it he’s bobbins. I hope s4 fixes him. But I fear SFG are happy with him. I mean he was already retooled in S3.
  9. Bonesaw

    I’m afraid this just doesn’t work in real life. An opponent that Def stances and counter attacks Bonesaw leaves him with a 50/50 chance to Tackle and then have it tackled back because he is 4+/0. Worse his giant base means crowd outs are likely. And finally that giant base means he’s hard to manoeuvre. I love the concept of Bonesaw. But on a 50mm base and receiving no benefit from it, combined with crap TAC and rubbish playbook (all the things a Striker wants to do are not momentous) means he is awful. SFG can’t fix the base issue but they could give him some sort of benefit for it and maybe give him close control or acrobatic or you know anything that resembles striker tech.
  10. The Captain: Devana

    So you get the benefit of Harrier during the attack and then it is removed. If you want to maintain it - stack 3 AOEs on the target and remove them one by one.
  11. The Captain: Devana

    She represents a fascinating tempo conversation with your opponent. If they hold off (e.g. Fillet going last/Smoke going last etc) Devana can severely punish them. If they go early, Devana and co are unprepared and likely to suffer, but not as much as your opponent would like. The fact that she warps the meta game of the turn is intriguing. She is a ticking clock/bomb - how long do you wait before the bomb goes off in your face. Of course if we learn Fresli is MOV 2/4 it falls apart!
  12. The Captain: Devana

    I mean vs 1 target. And Fillet can't really take out captain's that easily. Devana can take out ANY MODEL if she wants to. It just require her WHOLE TEAM to setup. It's a weird ALL or Nothing trade.
  13. The Captain: Devana

    Devana can quite easily kill any model in the game from 6" away and on Legendary turn. She can move 2 templates, make 3 attacks with TAC 11, +2 DMG and even against a 4/1 model, you're looking at 5-8 DMG a hit, plus the 3 DMG from Legendary. She can literally remove an enemy captain if she wants to and they can't stop it. And of course you can add in ranged Singled Out for MAXIMUM OVERKILL if you want to. Devana might have the highest DMG potential in the game at the moment.
  14. The Captain: Devana

    +2 TAC, +2 DMG (Harrier AOE isnt removed until afterwards). She is legit a DMG machine.
  15. Who to Drop?

    I agree I think Bonesaw is a terrible option - Smoke and Naja both have Unpredictable Movement which Bonesaw can't deal with (HINT HINT SFG...) so I would probably take the 2" melee team into this. I played one game with Pelage and kept her on a wing with not much on her she lived and caused annoyance late game (and is an excellent Reverie target). I agree her 10 boxes is probably a dream to Alchemists. But she is also a serious threat if not taken out as she can put out a lot of hurt and conditions if she can get to vKat or Mercury. Definitely have to go Full Throttle though - get into them asap and start the pain or else Smoke plays football and wrecks through conditions. The +1 to kick/receive will help - if you get the ball (and stop Vitriol scoring with it) then Smoke has to come forward and that's to the Rat's advantage.
  16. Season 4

    Spigot1 benefits: Tooled Up, Time's Called, Football Legend, Floored, Best Combat Piece in Brewers vs KD models. Spigot2 benefits: Goad, Best Kick stat in Brewers, Fast Striker, Close Control, lame-Poised, Kick for free Heroic, Dodges The problem is Spigot1 not only has all the setup pieces Brewers want, he also is a damn fine player as well. Spigot2 is just a good player. I suspect if I were SFG I would: make Spigot1 setup only, make Spigot2 a better player. So: Spigot1 loses Floored, Goes to 2/3. Spigot2 gains Super Shot (or a Heroic version), Proper Poised, Change his Heroic [Back to His Best] To: Lightening Reflexes, +1 DEF. Lightening Reflexes fixes my main problem with Spigot2 - Unpredictable Movement and 2" melee models with tech.
  17. Season 4

    I think either the Brewer buffs or Decimate needs to change as you say.
  18. Season 4

    I can't see how Decimate2 stays as she is - I've played several games with her and she is utterly ridiculous under Tapper or Esters (and Tooled Up if you even need it) - she deletes models trivially and with 2" they can't do a damn thing about it. Decimate1 was limited by her 1" and her lack of accuracy buff and buffs not working. Decimate2 has a SUPER accuracy buff, 3 DMG low down, TAC 6 with 5 columns AND Anatomical, while also have Tough Hide and a super counter attack. She is totally off the charts bonkers. Even if you didn't have Commanding Aura, Tooled Up, Time's Called or Empowering Voice in faction. Ooh and she has SUPER KNOCKBACK - because REASONS. Something has to give.
  19. Possibly tweeks in S4

    WHHHAAAATATTTTATATATT?!??! *mind blown* I totally 100% agree. And fix Snow so bloody 'Oooh Ball' actually FRICKIN WORKS (hint: lose DIRECTLY, make it work at kick off). Yes the Winter people need buffs. Skatha just needs her blessing to self-target I think and 6" range. Hearne2 needs a re-work - he looks like the intern copy pasted Hearne1 and changed a few bits - job done. Re-work his playbook, move him to TAC 6, Give him 2/4 INF. Lose stupid Lunar Eclipse (OMG what was the design team smoking that day) and replace with some actually WORKABLE teleport tech (easy fix - make the teleport work on any successful attack). Egret - GIVE. HER. LIGHT. FOOTED. She is the only human that doesn't have it in the team and is irritates me sooooo much. Seenah - Harrier helps her a lot but still I would like her to gain KNOCKBACK. I mean she's a goddamn bear - you get hit by a 500 kg bear, you're going to move. Zarola - I don't want to hear it people - she has the worst playbook in the game. I could't care less that Midnight Offering is amazing - Hemlock2 has shown that you can have that AND 2" AND a great playbook. She needs a re-work.
  20. Season 4

    Vengeance will be chaos - too much new stuff at the same time. I think we'll only see after a few weeks. Frankly I think she shouldn't have Tough Hide - I have no idea why she has it and Spigot1 does not and it makes her too survivable as well as being a super solo - I mean TH and close to the best counter attack in the game? It feels a little like she has her current card just to help Brewers out for 6 months and then in November her real card will be revealed. If she stays like this in S4 with Brewer buffs remaining as they are (or getting better?!?) she is ridiculous. My prediction is Spigot1 is losing Tooled Up (maybe put it on Spigot2 or Stoker?), Stave gets Gluttonous Mass, Mash gets a MOV increase, maybe Friday loses Defence Support and moves to 5+/0 - that would unlink her from Spigot and make the two of them independent choices.
  21. Kickers or Receivers

    Hey team - with the +1 to kick receive how do people like to roll? Kick or Receive? Matchup dependent? Thoughts? Currently if given the choice I receive but our KO game is pretty good so now I’m flip flopping.
  22. Hi folks, I've played a few games with Rats and I keep finding Squeak to absolutely useless. I see Dreadful Shriek as amazing but it's 1" and Squeak is SOOOO SLLLOOOWW. Also I don't want to spend 2 INF for the charge or pay for it (1 dice play) and Tac 3 to hit column 2 is...bad? His crap defence stats just see him getting taken out and generating momentum (and character plays in one painful experience). How are people using this rat...cos' I'm definitely using him WRONG! (I wish he was DEF 5...then at least he could run around crowding people out). Help meeeeee...
  23. Minerva, The bird is the word.

    I don't think she involves a lot of setup honestly. Wait until a model activates, give her 3, walk to a model 7" away, whack it, KD. Whack it again, Put Eye Spy on them, whack again, put Harrier AOE down. Ok she's sitting in the wind - but the tagged model is dead meat.
  24. Minerva, The bird is the word.

    I am taking Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Hearne1, Mataagi & Minerva and I'm going to STAB ALL THE PLAYERS. I don't even think that line up is good but TAC 10 for Theron and Jaecar has to be some sort of win condition. Hunters went from mid-tier to top tier with these two guys. I'd say that these two push Hunters up more than Pelage and Skulk push Morts but I'm no expert on Morts. No. Named conditions don't stack - so you take both and put a MASSIVE AOE blanket over the enemy. Move out of that mutha.