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  1. EpicChris

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    I think she's an excellent model. Not crazy good but a great workhorse. Millstone is a staple in Farmers and I can see vChisel being a regular pick for Masons now. She does a lot and really ramps the football.
  2. EpicChris

    Season 4 wish listing

    Anvil is too slow. And his 1" melee is annoying. If he was slightly faster and had 2" I would definitely consider him. If anvil gets patched then I would definitely take Sledge. The boy can do a lot of football.
  3. EpicChris

    Do you take Disease damage turn one

    This is correct. There is a maintenance phase prior to turn 1. There is a lawyer ruling on this.
  4. EpicChris

    Season 4 wish listing

    I can't see BS changing much. They would have had a play in S4 I would have thought. I mean nerfing BS seems like kicking a puppy at this point given how they are doing generally.
  5. EpicChris

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    I think there's more flex in lists than people give credit for (and the US meta don't score goals so are a bit weird) but a line-up including honour and ploughman is bad. Sure you get millions of INF - who are you spending that on to win? The reason Harrow is usually superior is Tooled Up directly contributes to a win condition. Having lots of INF and nothing to spend it on doesn't. I would happily take Bushel for example over Harrow because Bushel contributes to a win condition. Sadly the design of Honour2 is just weak - i'd rather bring Jack straw who brings the INF and the harvest markers. And can score. I don't expect to see Honour in any winning 10s let alone 6s.
  6. EpicChris

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Ah ta! I had missed that ruling (thought they ruled the other way). Well that's about it for vHonour. Total bobbins.
  7. EpicChris

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Let's be clear - she's total bobbins. EXCEPT INTO FARMERS where silly loose language means she wrecks the enemy Farmer Harvest tokens (I hate this and hope it gets erratad out - it's just annoying play). She brings INF - in a team that generates extra INF anyway. She brings the ability to move HMs - except you have to activate her to do it and not take another player and moving HMs doesn't contribute to win condition. She has awful stats. Her Heroic and Legendary are lame. She is a poor model - you can totally take her for Ploughman good times - but your actual lineup is then total crap. Ploughman is in my 10 for niche rough terrain issues (Engineers, Hunters, bad board), but taking both? In the 10? Insane. If she buffed the team in some other way I would be all over her - or if she was an actual goalie (which is not) then that too. But she is as someone pointed out 'Farmer Training Wheels'.
  8. EpicChris

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    I think the Fish player is praying to the gods on this one - 54% to dodge out if they CA, 65% if the Def stance. Not great odds... It's a coin flip victory either way. Now of course if they can play a Game Plan card, the Fish player absolutely plays Grudge Match or Go For the Knees...
  9. EpicChris

    Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    My phone problem with Squeak is he is a massive liability if you use Tag Along to pull him forward (and TA is crap because directly towards is so awkward). At 3/1 he can be used to dodge away from engaging models, generate lots of mom or trigger character plays. He’s definitely the worst mascot in the game. Dreadful Shriek is annoying because they had to design a chassis that was crap to house it and so we get a crappy mascot with a super play it’s rarely worth the 2 inf to trigger (because you will need to charge with TAC 3). So annoying. If he had some sort of better interaction with the disease condition (+1 hit against infected models or he is immune to the effects or like katalyst while diseased he gains spd bonuses - literally anything). Squeak is a let down.
  10. Love the reps. I find it fascinating that neither of you attempted to move the ball and score and just went into a scrum. Sure both parties are scrumming teams but ball play = faster points. Very interesting compared to EU style play.
  11. EpicChris

    Falconers Vs Blacksmiths match report

    Good stuff chief! Couple of incorrect rules though (Jamie should know better!): 1. Towards - must always be closing the distance between models - cannot just measure start and end. You can spiral in front of a model though - if your base size allows (this is hard with Iron because he's a big boy). 2. It has been ruled you can pick the order of Take Flight (although in your case because of Rough terrain it doesn't matter) - you can jog on the ground benefitting from fast terrain (or Harrier AOEs) before you take Flight attribute. So basically the Flight attribute is 'optional' (it isn't actually optional but can be used later). Of course if you TF first you are indeed boned. Lastly - tell me how you have Falconers and Muse on Mini tokens!?!
  12. EpicChris

    Let's start taking tactics

    Anyway, let's not dwell on this - it means Ikaros is EVEN better than I thought. 24" goal runs ago-ago. So I'm definitely keeping him in - first turn goals are hilariously easy with this faction. So that +1 to kick/receive will be really useful. FTG Fresli or Ikaros, then setup momentum beatdown with Devana, go first top of 2 and gain TO and possibly score again. Fast and ouchy.
  13. EpicChris

    Let's start taking tactics

    Because it's using the simultaneous rule to avoid a penalty on movement. I get it's 'the law' I'm saying it looks stupid on the pitch and pretty 'gamey'. "I have flight...but not yet". The theme of rule implies he is getting movement through flying (Take...Flight...) but this rule allows you to crawl along the ground to go faster. Is dumb is what I'm saying.
  14. EpicChris

    Let's start taking tactics

    Wow...that is some er, 'interesting' ruling. Lawyers clearly had a liquid lunch. I get the ruling is RAW but feel it's a little against RAI.
  15. EpicChris

    Let's start taking tactics

    I think I'm going to take the box 6 for many games. Hearne2 is a KD bot. That's...ok but not always super helpful. Egret is actually really good (4 point last activation damage makes her nasty as a last T1 activation to soften models) but cack at scoring goals (she is not a striker whatever her card says) and I like a team that can do it all - Ikaros looks pure money for goal scoring. So I'll start with the base 6 and see where tactics take me. I can see Egret and Hearne2 popping in occasionally but the base 6 look solid for Falconer play - put out all the Harriers, kill things with Devana, get the ball and score. I mean one of the things I like about the team is they are setup to be an all-rounder team - 2-2 is definitely feasible over 4-1. Harriers AOE placement is going to annoy the hell out of me though...
  16. EpicChris

    Butchers minor confirmed as next after navvies

    You know if I were SFG I would simplify a lot of the Guilds using Guild Rules. These would express the flavour of the Guild without unnecessary additional rules. E.g. Butchers - all models get Crucial Artery Fish - all models get Shadow Like Brewers - all models get Tough Hide etc Now I recognise there's some balance stuff here, but the point is you can take away a lot of the extra rules Guilds have by just giving the whole Guild a flavour. You still have have levers like Heroics or actual card stats. But the use of a global rule ties the models together. It doesn't stop that rule being used on other Guilds but it just makes them work together as a team. Or you could pick non-rules such as the GICs and put those on every card - but that might not help with simplicity.
  17. EpicChris

    S4 arrives october 12th

    S4 to introduce substitutions rather than icy sponges - that way you use all your toys. You heard it here first!
  18. EpicChris

    Farmers @ Vengeance 2018

    Highest ranked player is a meaningless metric. Longshanks still thinks Farmers are doing very well and Blacksmiths terribly. I suspect a lot of players have jumped over to Brewers as the new OP. Farmers still have plenty of tech and Grange & Fallow weren’t touched by the errata. Farmers pre-errata were stupid. Now you have to work for wins - like all Guilds. I think the reality is that before, Farmers players didn’t have to learn their guild as it was so OP you could steamroller wins with bad play. Now they are balanced, we’re seeing the same natural learning curve we should have seen at the start (one that Blackdmiths are following). Farmers will be back when people have put the time in to learn matchups and not rely on crutches.
  19. EpicChris

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    I would pick: Theron, Fahad, Hearne1, Jaecar, Minx2, Minerva, Zarola. At that point I would probably take Egret (Corsair, striker), Mataagi (Bleed, extra Harrier, speed, Hot shot), Chaska (Blacksmiths, Masons, Morticians as synergy with Harrier - because 5 DMG shots are worth it - works against unpredictable and also bring traps). Seenah is a trap. She will get KD'd, and then farmed or destroyed while your INF pool is crippled. With Harrier you don't need her to do DMG and she's not that tanky either. Minerva does everything else better. Current General Line Up: Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Minerva, Hearne1, Minx2 Kicking Pressure: Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Hearne1, Minx2, Zarola
  20. EpicChris

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    Mataagi gives out Bleed and can potentially do this even at range - he is a spoiler model and a footballer. Have him activate last and give Bleed to several models. If Snared is also in the mix his chances increase and he will quickly become a problem. I don' think Mataagi activates early in the turn unless he has to.
  21. EpicChris


    I'm sorry but every time I play with Bonesaw, I cannot help but think this. EVERY TIME. This might be Bonesaw's best ability.
  22. EpicChris


    Does anyone remember why Bonesaw was given a 50mm base for a 'little guy' striker? Was there ever a design statement on why this was done - or was it 'hey - this'll be hilarious' moment from the design team? The only 'synergy' I see is greater exposure to Unexpected Arrival. Other than that it seems a massive hindrance. I think I'd like to see better synergy with his base size - maybe the Long Legs trait at least. I mean Swift Wind is actively hindered by the base size!
  23. EpicChris

    Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    I think on balance Minerva will see plenty of Hunter time. I’m finding it hard to choose Mataagi. Minerva does what he does but seemingly better. I like him as a striker model but those 4 squaddie choices are hard and it’s going to be tough fitting him in along with Minx2 and Minerva.
  24. EpicChris


    3) Luck. Football Dervish is luck trap.
  25. EpicChris

    Teach Me To Paint

    Can't recommend Warhammer TV (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwdh3MTrFq3sXlB4ct8B-Fg) enough - their painting guides are very good and you can often find something similar to what you want to paint. These might not be expert painter guides - they are pitched at beginners or those that want to improve their painting. Obviously they use GW paints but the principles are still sound. Oh and buy Windsor & Newton 0 Sable brush - changed my painting life.