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  1. EpicChris

    Indirect S4 Egret spoiler

    If she still has it then it's a nice upgrade. Combined with Venomous strike you can do some funky things with her - punch, poison <<, punch poison <<, punch poison <<, 4" retreat. Could make her a very annoying wasp. Also helps her goal threat. I hope she gets a little more love than this but even this makes her interesting (and I already like Egret).
  2. EpicChris

    Kicking with Falcons

    Rundaas is my pick. Ikaros wants to be on a wing and most players will kill the ball where even Ikaros can't get it. Rundaas will give you value for 4 INF spent.
  3. EpicChris

    Minerva in Hunters.

    You can Come on Mate as many times as you like BUT only once per TARGET model (i.e. each model can benefit once). Any model can Take a Breather & Come on Mate (multiple times). Yep Harrier in Hunters is a bonkers as Tooled Up always seemed!
  4. EpicChris

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    I don't think we'll get Cook spoilers until mid-late October. They are a November release so it would make sense to keep them for that, after the hubbub of S4 has died down. I think we're probably in the S4 channel until release in 6 weeks.
  5. EpicChris

    I love Falconers

    I disagree. Jaecar is 4/0 to Rundass's 3/1 but more importantly, Jaecar has access to an easy << and his trap. This means the classic anti-counter attack tech of << into another model, stab it and << back works reliably (or they trigger bleed/snared). Rundaas doesn't have that. He has other options but he's harder to use and his 3/1 means any KD is super bad for him (Jaecar going to a 3/0 is substantially better). I find Rundaas's KD is a white whale - you'll almost never get it and if you do it's probably in gang-up town so the counter is irrelevant. Rundaas isn't bad though - he just has to be used with finesse. Send him into Shark and be prepared to be super sad. Send him into Sakana and reap the whirlwind of pain as rip Sakana a new one. You have to pick his targets carefully. He doesn't really neutralise a model (Jaecar getting off G&S is catastrophic even if they do << away) - he neutralises it with his fists. If that's not available, the thing I talk about here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ0G6MKIrJ4&amp;t=661s is that try to go into 2 models with Rundaas and push the first model away and attack the second. This wastes opponent momentum.
  6. EpicChris

    I love Falconers

    Rundaas is great - when he works. He has much greater weakness to counter attacks than Jaecar. There are ways to mitigate it - I've waffled on about it in podcast but basically anyone with a reliable 2" reposition is a nightmare for him. Otherwise, his ability to auto buff his own damage is phenomenal. I've got 12+ damage out of him if he has some Eye Spy setup. He's a vulnerable beast.
  7. EpicChris

    Stratagy against fish?

    I adopted the strategy of: Put Harriers onto Shark to force early activation and if close enough, put Rundaas into Shark (11" threat) to block. Or collect with Frelsi, kick wide to wing. Shark won't get a T1 goal. Keep putting Harriers into him and either force his activation or Devanna him - don't wait for all Harriers. Lock Shark down with Minerva (base to base). Shark is a super-bad match up for Falconers. I'm not entirely sure how Falcs are supposed to deal with it - the biggest problem we have is that 2" repositions on 2" melee models are a nightmare for Falconers. Rundaas is almost invalidated by most models owing to easy counter, and Devana and Mataagi aren't much better. It's a hard match. Not sure it's going to get any easier in S4 when Shark gets momentum. Don't kick to Fish - if they are good Fish players they will go for 2 goals Turn 1 with Angel and Shark (which Hag makes super easy). Falconers have terrible KO pressure - Ikaros is not really a threat to Fish and if they are worried they'll just put it on Tentacles, Blind Ikaros (with either free Bonus Time or Momentum) and then pass the ball to Angel.
  8. EpicChris

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    Obulus is a control piece not a 'I can do everything MWAHAHAHA' piece. Puppet Master is still excellent at neutralising threats like Decimate and controlling the board. Devana can destroy most models in the game - if you let her. With Hemlocke and Obi - it should be easy to muck up Falconer's plans. Don't count the old guy out yet. His lower hit boxes are a product of his excellent defence tech. And S4 is just 2 months away - I'm sure Obi will be back to being deeply frustrating soon! Who knows how Morts will change.
  9. OMG I cannot wait for Falconers to land. While Hunters are probably benefiting more, I want to play Falconers and just get that silly Devana overkill! Not looking forward to placing those AOEs though!
  10. EpicChris

    Testing the navigators

    Yes, through a S3 lens, Navigators are very very good. The re-rolls with gangups starts to cause crazy things to happen. Ebb is particularly bananas into models that can't disengage him.
  11. EpicChris

    Falconers tournament outing

    Yes it's true you have to expose Minerva, but the 3 mom, amazing setup is worth it. She can handle herself for a bit. Use mom to heal her and try to takeout models threatening her.
  12. EpicChris

    Daughter of Falcons - First Impressions

    I thought Farmers, Blacksmiths and Rats were fine - Rats were some of my most favourite models to paint. Falconers have suffered because of something - we don't know what. But they are not unusable by any means. And if you have a serious problem with any miniature, contact support@steamforged and they will sort you out. I have never had something wrong not resolved by SFG. I don't know what they'll do for Minerva, but I am sure they will do something. So yes we've seen an issue - but I suggest contacting SFG and they will sort it out. I know SFG are aware of this and they (unlike some competitors) care about this. It will get sorted. I expect it was just a rushed/bad batch.
  13. EpicChris

    Minerva in Hunters.

    Yeah, Falconers and Hunters play differently. Falconers don't really control - they are all out damage, where as Hunters want to control with Snared and Theron shenanigans. Sure, Hunters are getting a sweet deal - no doubt. But Falconers still have her and all her chums and Harriers do more for Falconers.
  14. EpicChris

    Minerva in Hunters.

    Minerva is amazing in Facloners. In Hunters she is 0_0 insanely good. Setup machine, tooled up, KD bot, Nocturnal Healing...mad.
  15. EpicChris

    Falconers tournament outing

    Hammer with vChisel is...a bit busted right now. I think the issue here is that a lot of these matchups are S3. I'm not really caring too much now about S3 specifics as I play as I expect Brewers and Masons to change in S4. We all know vDecimate was a patch, and once S4 rolls around, that patch won't exist. S4 will redefine a lot of these guilds - let's see what falls out. I will be sad about 4" harriers though. Man, 6" Harriers in S4 would be da Bomb.
  16. EpicChris

    Falconers tournament outing

    Brewers I've had limited issues - their low DEF means that we both get smashed in a rumble but Nocturnal Hunting is just ridiculous in this scrum setup. Also their counters (outside of vDecimate) are pretty bad (usually KD) so Rundaas just smashes them up. With 3 Harriers out, and covering so much of the team, Devana can then nuke pretty much anyone. vDecimate skulks around and kills a Falconer a turn, but if she's rolling with the ball I'm happy - so many Falconers are fast enough to snap-back. Be wary of bloody Second Wind though...that sucks the big one. I've seen people say Devana has to go last - this is very wrong. If you set Frelsi up the previous turn, Devana can Last/First like a boss and threaten your opponent's key piece, especially with the Legendary. I think people might wait too long for the 'perfect' legendary but for me, any tempo advantage (such as taking out a captain or INF stacked model) is worth it. Devana rolling 7 dice at a DEF 3/2 model [Snared] can do serious damage - if she DoA the previous turn, her target should be vulnerable (or Mataagi gave them the Numasi Kiss for 4/5 damage - 2 + Bleed) and boom - tempo. Mataagi is a motherflippin' boss. Sure he'll rarely hit Rundaas's core damage, but if Minerva or other Falconer's have set him up, he can wreck some face. But I just love giving him 1 INF and sitting him in cover and snipping 6" away for the 5 DMG at turn end, or dropping a momentous Harrier. Love this guy, just wish he had 12 HP not 10. Protect Minerva - if she falls, I find the Falconers are F'd in the B. She delivers SO much that once it's gone you really notice it. I try to skulk her around and throw all healing at her possible. I find her Nocturnal Hunting pays it back. But she is definitely a weak spot for Falconers - if I mirror, I'd DoA Minerva into next week as the top priority. Never be afraid to counter attack - Falconers are like Blacksmiths - their counters are kooky. They don't disengage but they do further 'free' setup - pop out a harrier if you forgot, Eye Spy, Dirty Knives, Bleed, Snared etc. 1" will limit these but getting them off is great.
  17. EpicChris

    Falconers tournament outing

    Various designers have said they want to move to 2-2 by making the ball easier to play and by introducing more football teams to the mix (Rats, Order, Navs). I think we can expect 2-2 to be the standard with 3-0 much more common and 4-1 rare.
  18. EpicChris

    Falconers tournament outing

    You often think you will get goals, but actually the board state moves into a scrum and you start a punchup. I keep going to 4-1 victories - which is bad. I don't think 4-1 will be a viable win condition in S4.
  19. EpicChris

    The Navigator's Guild

    Well - this is the internet. Nah, I want to see them on the pitch. But they do LOOK really, really good.
  20. EpicChris

    The Navigator's Guild

    Ironically, the one model that screws Navigators big time is Pride. That Predatory Gaze ganks their 3 INF players (charge...oh NO!). So Order into Navs might be quite tricky. Otherwise Engineer and Alchemists with Compound are probably fine too. Everyone else? Screwed.
  21. EpicChris

    The Navigator's Guild

    I don't even think they need to charge as much as people think - Ebb removing armour makes those Tac 4 re-rolls pretty good. But even if they do, Windfinder gives super-Furious, so they can do so quite easily. I can't see what this team's weakness is supposed to be. They aren't squishy (or have tech that makes it irrelevant), they are super fast, they have condition removal, they are reasonably efficient because they Tackle AND Dodge on charges, they have plenty of 2", they have Siren...Um? And S4 makes them even better! I'm finding it hard to compare these guys to Falconers or Rats. I'm hoping to proxy them later this week to see if the hype is true.
  22. EpicChris

    The Navigator's Guild

    I think Navigators are easily a top tier team. Every player has such good plays, abilities or playbook. Combined with re-rolls...they are very powerful. Killing the ball will be hard but possibly your only option. People say they lack momentum - not sure this is entirely true but even if they go second who cares. My gut is they are top tier and maybe...a bit too good. Azimuth...jeesus christ. The base team without Siren is very good, add Siren (the best game disrupting Squaddie) and you have a silly good team. This team loves to kick - especially in S4 with a momentum. Their captain gives Furious...bananas.
  23. EpicChris

    GenCon Sneak Peeks

    I'm hopeless at keeping up - what was sneaked peeked other than Horizon thingy?
  24. Hi Ben, after test driving the 2-player function, I actually do quite like it to replace cards. There are some things I'd like to see though: 1. A 'Icy Sponge' button to return a taken out model to it's icy sponge recovery level. Because the app is supposed to replace cards, it would be nice not to have to refer to them to work out the HP level to reset it to (and also not have to press the button several times). 2. Models which are damaged are highlighted in Red. This makes it quicker to work out who to heal. 3. Conditions and applying condition damage. It would really useful to be able to apply the conditions that do damage (Poison, Burning, Bleed, Disease) to individual models and then have a APPLY ALL CONDITIONS END OF TURN button - that way end of turn turn around is MUCH faster as you dont have players working out the damage each model should take and applying it individually. This could be done by having greyed out condition buttons next to each player and you tapping to turn then on/off. 4. Is there a way to overrride the phones display settings and keep the app open - it appears unstable if the phone goes dark. The ability to recover state from opponent is great though btw. Great work.
  25. EpicChris

    The Navigator's Guild

    Actually the opposite will be true. Navigators literally make playing the ball pointless. So you're better off killing it hard and going for TOs and maybe an opportunistic snap back. I don't like where Navigators are going really.