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  1. EpicChris

    Momentum for a missed goal

    Simple risk/reward. The reward for scoring a goal is huge (4 VPs, 1 mom, 1 inf) so the commensurate risk must be high. Shouldn't soften that. Or as Dr Evil might say - 'we don't reward failure'.
  2. EpicChris

    Crazy 4 Reaper team idea for Season 4

    I think that's their design now.
  3. EpicChris

    Crazy 4 Reaper team idea for Season 4

    Definitely viable. I think though that Thresher works best with Buckwheat and 1 Reaper. The Planters are no slouches in combat now. Grange + Buckwheat + 3 Reapers is probably better though. The INF stat is largely irrelevant from T2 for Farmers - just look at INF + HMs to get the real deal. I've found HMs are basically INF now with some benefits.
  4. EpicChris

    S4 Team Changes

    Great spot! Fixed.
  5. EpicChris

    S4 Team Changes

    I made a thing! If you would like to see a pictorial representation of card changes in S4, see the linky below: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjquPbd9gzsjhGoUzme8CHAo_SGe
  6. They have stopped selling pending Steamcons (Where they will be available). After SCUK, they will stock take and put back on sale. In meantime Pundits might be able to help you.
  7. It's the end of S3 and after 4 years I really should know this, but I realised the other day I am unsure. And searching brought up 10+ pages so clearly my search-fu is weak. Anyway two questions on same topic: Scenario 1: Rundaas is engaging Decimate1 and manages to hit column 6 and picks 2 DMG & GB. The GB he chooses is Dirty Knives and he targets Fangtooth (who has Glutt Mass up). What happens? Does Decimate still take 2 dmg and Glutt Mass pops and I generate 1 momentum? Or does targetting Fangtooth negate the whole attack so Decimate takes no damage, Glutt Mass pops and I generate no momentum? Scenario 2: Minerva is engaging Decimate1 and manages to wrap to column 1. She picks momentous 3 from column 5 and momentous Eye Spy from column 1 and targets Fangtooth (Glutt Mass was up). What happens? Does Decimate take 3 damage, Glutt Mass pops, and I gain 1-2 momentum. Or nothing happens to Decimate, Glutt Mass pops and I generate nothing. Ta muchly.
  8. Ben, agree conditions must be on table but it would be SUPER useful to be able to auto apply ALL condition damage at the end of the turn.
  9. EpicChris

    Trying my best not to break the NDA

    Yeah NDAs suck don't they Ben! 🙂
  10. EpicChris

    Traps mechanics changing.

    It's a SUPER buff - Chaska gets +1 DMG? Yeah baby. Jaecar's trap is now not legal, you'll need vMinx and Chaska to have enough, but Chaska and vMinx are definitely buffed, and Jaecar is a side-grade/buff. Great news! The Rule is the Trap rule by the way - they say so in the text.
  11. EpicChris

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    Well the whole thing is predicated on not getting a crappy model. But hey, they can update him easily now after 6 months if he's rubbish! ?! The only criteria for the whole thing is position. You won't know until later if the model is crazy good. There are plenty of weak attacking midfielders.
  12. EpicChris

    Hunters Guild Ball Draft Prep

    Goalkeeper - in fact I'd be amazed if every team that doesn't have one doesn't go for one. Think how powerful Hunters would be if Compound played for them...
  13. EpicChris

    Let's start taking tactics

    Heroic and Legendary are Plays but not Character Plays. As such Tough Hide works against them but they do not benefit from Harriers. They can also be used when Knocked Down.
  14. EpicChris

    Let's start taking tactics

    Ah sorry - you're right - a brief description can come off as trite. Not what I was aiming for. What I meant to say was that I focus on Corsair first if possible, then move focus to Sakana, then to Kraken. The idea being these are the actual goal threats. Few Falconers can 1-round models without setup - but if you can Minerva setup a model, Rundaas has a shot. This is also why I like Egret - she softens models up. Models softened up are much easier for Falconers to pick off. The other thing I didn't mention is always look for opportunities to score - while I have won 0/6, it's not common.
  15. EpicChris

    Let's start taking tactics

    I faced Kraken - Tough Hide doesn't matter as long as you can setup Frelsi and 3xDfrAs. Which on slow models like Kraken isn't that hard. When facing Corsair, I try to focus on him, because once he's gone, his game plan usually starts to fall apart. Take out Sakana with Rundaas - he can't escape him and Rundaas can wreck him up, and just put 1 on Mataagi for the snipe - choose the DMG+Bleed if near end of turn if you don't need the 3rd Harrier. I would drop Ikaros - Egret is also a Striker(ish) so it's almost like for like. Ignore Hag - she's a PITA and not worth it (she doesn't win herself).