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  1. Veteran Cinder

    Like the Exiles they will be metal as far as I can see.
  2. The Faithful - New Beginnings

    “So from a certain point of view what I told you was correct”. 🙂
  3. Imbalance, Power Creep and Design Concepts

    I do hope you read my guide (TOOT! TOOT! Why yes officer I did bring my own horn). Seriously yeah, BS are a team that winds up to some insanely silly stuff - and the penalty is the squishyness of Apprentices, the 12 INF cap and the order of activation issues. But when a plan comes together you feel like the motherflippin' A-Team. DA-DAAH-DA! DUM-DUM-DUUUUM!!
  4. Imbalance, Power Creep and Design Concepts

    I think Smiths are <waves finger in air> just right. They have some insane powers - abilities that in other guillds would be imba, but they are cleverly tied together in BS such that there are some obvious weaknesses that other guilds don't have to compensate. I don't know who was lead on BS but whomever it was is a genius. They did a fantastic job on BS. Farmers...was a car crash. If they were led by the same person...mind blown.
  5. Veteran Cinder

    I agree BS are a little weird for development - they sort of want to release 2 not 1. But she might just be advanced apprentice Cinder - or maybe to create some friction in the background (have we seen any yet?) she has indeed switched masters - perhaps to Burnish.
  6. Any ideas about the minor guild

    I would prefer the Watch or Ferriers I think. Watch because more men in armour and Ferriers for a chance to have another mounted model and BLOW THE INTERNETZ MIND!
  7. Veteran Cinder

    I am very excited - she might be Master Cinder now...
  8. Veteran Decimate

    Good advice, this is. Tried it, I did. Super awesome, it was.
  9. I love game design and really like the Extra Credits channel on YouTube. They are talking about Video game design specifically but they generalise the concepts. There are plenty of topics on there and it's worth a look if you find dissection of how things work interesting. With the design of GodTear ongoing and new models coming out for GB, I thought it time to re-post and add on some more of these helpful discussions so that we don't fall into he trap of always calling 'Power Creep'. Anyway, I find this stuff fascinating, you might too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e31OSVZF77w - Perfect Imbalance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxszx60ZwGw - Power Creep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3b3hDvRjJA - Power Creep Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZnjwdStzUc - Future Proofing your game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRHdIScOMWQ - First Move Advantage
  10. Veteran Decimate

    I've been trying out <captain>, <appropriate mascot>, Spigot1, Friday, Decimate2, <flex> I like both captains for different matchups, and I feel their respective mascots usually go well with them. I've been looking at the flex slot and usually it's Mash or Hooper or Pintpot at the moment. Hooper for 2" KD Beatdown, Mash for annoying ball holder, Pintpot for INF efficiency and beatdown and Heroic Mass. I'm sure there are other combos, but man dropping Spigot and Friday is hard - my comfort zone.
  11. Veteran Decimate

    I've played with her a few times now - she is bae for sure. Stabby stabby at long range, with any sort of buffs she goes bananas and because she is a fast 2" (Something Brewers lacked) she can hunt down Obulus and such. She is amazeballs.
  12. Non-Ferrite Captain and when to drop them

    You guys have convinced me to try the Burnish Captain thing again. I have to say I wrote him off too early as I was still playing Anvil Sledge and those two were suboptimal. I will try him and see.
  13. Any ideas about the minor guild

    I think someone mentioned DC HATES the concept of Miners - I am unsure why! Might be in the context of Masons though.
  14. The Navigator's Guild

    I look forward to the Navigator's Guild - it will be interesting to see what direction (ha!) they take the Fishermen in once Union options are gone. Also the Guild sounds like fun from the background.
  15. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    That's not the Internet Way! I agree - I just am worried about it.