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  1. Post errata Theron match reports?

    *Mortal Kombat Announcer* HUMILIATION!! Yeah, that was not my finest hour - I am better than this (sometimes) - honest!
  2. Post errata Theron match reports?

    DO NOT WATCH THIS! I was a total IDIOT! I won through luck not skill. Sherwin was the better player by miles
  3. First Theron list

    Zarola is great for the KO - allows you to push Jaecar up to gank someone for back to back activation takeout. Or for the Fahad goal, or for just being annoying. I don't hate on Zarola for her abilities I just hate her terribad playbook. But she can sit back near the goal and act as a great kick out target.
  4. First Theron list

    Zarola. Then you can pass to Fahad and score. This assume Vitriol is not a threat - you can try a Nimble Fahad for 6+ but she tackles on a 1...so nullify Vitriol - she only has 10 wounds! Zarola should hang near Theron but not up field - and she should stay near(ish) Fahad. Another tactic - you'll find Fahad gets shut down as everyone remembers his Furious, but if Theron puts Blessing on Zarola, she can force him to walk out of melee - even if KD'd he still drops OUTSIDE their melee zone. Then spend a MOM and charge Fahad into target via Linked. Double bonus if target got Snared.
  5. First Theron list

    Great all round list. Dont forget the forest (every Hunters player does, dont worry!) at the start of Theron's activation and don't forget it can't go within 2" of terrain (note Ground is NOT terrain, so you can ignore slow/fast ground). Shoot Vitriol to nerf her goal threat (use Pinned and Snipe to mess her up). A nice tactic I use is to charge models like Vitriol (if they spend 2 MOM to escape, doesnt matter) and then after hitting them for DMG to put Snared on, fire a point blank Pinned arrow (boosted if you fancy) and presto - Vitriol can't go anywhere. Shooting the model you engage doesn't suffer -1 Dice. Beware Kat, but use Hearne to Single Out then wreck face with Theron. Watch for his counters - you want him KD'd. You may find scoring much harder - try the Zarola/Fahad goal - it really is amusingly effective.
  6. Power creep

    I don't think there's a weak Blacksmiths player - which is saying something. When they have 12 models, picking a 6man team will be hard. I look forward to seeing what people do with them.
  7. Power creep

    Oh man, it's the internet - this debate has been around as long as the game. Blacksmiths are just good/vgood and so people think creep. Are they creepy? Don't know, too small a sample size and I haven't played experienced players in tournament conditions.
  8. Power creep

    I actually think the problem people are finding in Blacksmiths is they have Super Synergy. Every single piece makes the whole insane. Free play from Anvil on to Sledge sets him up nicely, coupled with Anvil's easy KD/SO. Iron and Ferrite work so well together. Cinder I think is actually brilliant - a ranged attack that deals MOM and has super accuracy? When the machine works, it looks bananas. I think they are more extreme in that they have really good matchups and really bad matchups. I think, in my gut, Disarm in faction is possibly too good. Maybe if it was -1 TAC. But -2 TAC and 2 ARM is...painful (given average TAC of 5). And we'll have to see what Alloy and Hearth do (they do look really good). They certainly pose a lot of list building questions. I do think they are much better than Hunters were when released - I think Hunters showed extreme caution that we are now unclogging (*cough Seenah *cough), whereas Blacksmiths and Farmers were much more relaxed.But they haven't even been released yet so time will tell once the public have seen them for a couple of months.
  9. Alas no photos taken - I forgot. Maybe it'll help a bit.
  10. SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    Nevermind I think it was Pundit account stuff. I have 'found a way'.
  11. SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    I'm trying to register and getting a mysterious password box? What's the password??
  12. Hunters vs Fishermen Hunters Skatha, Fahad, Seenah, Jaecar, Ulfr, A+G Fishermen Shark, Tentacles, Jac, Siren1, Sakana, Greyscales Fish win roll and choose to receive, Skatha kicks off T1: Shark scores, knees sliders back 11" (*sigh*). Gets Vengeance. Ball goes out to Fahad but after forgetting it snaps when he moves, Siren is able to Lure him in and Sakana gets the ball back to Shark. Meanwhile all Hunters are out of range even with Skatha fun to push forward. 0-4 T2: Shark scores again and hits all bar Seenah and Jaecar with Legendary. Ball goes out to Jaecar. Seenah goes in to Jac and hurts him. Rest of the team moves around, Skatha tries to move A+G into Shark, misses. A+G move as close as fast ground and run allow with legendary up. Jaecar goes into Jac and scores vital Momentum. 0-8 T3: A+G take Shark Out (+6 INF!). Jac tries to evade bear but gets Bear hugged. Fahad is taken out by Greyscales. Tentacles misses blind on Jaecar. Jaecar goes into Tentacles, takes him to 1 Health and dodges near goal. 5-9 T4: Jaecar takes out Tentacles and scores. Ball goes out wide on scatter into wood. Sakana is within Bear range. Sakana dodges away from bear. Skatha activates and runs around Siren, gets ball, runs back and dodges off her with legendary to score. 12-9
  13. Farmers vs Blacksmiths Farmers (GIC: Crack of Dawn) Grange, Peck, Tater, Windle, Jack Straw, Harrow Blacksmiths (GIC: Tough as Nails) Ferrite (Cp), Iron, Furnace, Anvil, Sledge, Cinder Blacksmiths win roll and receive Farmers deploy centrally with Grange kicking. Smiths deploy in a line. I kick to Cinder forgetting Kill the Ball (so good). T1: Cinder kills the ball and it lands back on her feet. She passes along the line and eventually it gets to Ferrite who dodges forward. Meanwhile Windle inches forward and the Farmers taken on their usual diamond formation, with Tater setup to provide counter charge. Ferrite makes a goal run, forgets counter charge and gets tackled. She disarms Tater and gets the ball back, kicking to Iron. Grange messes Ferrite up by KDing and Honest Labouring up. Iron moves around and smashes up Tater. Kicks ball back to Anvil. Windle takes Ferrite out (Snack Break). T2: Windle activates, Breakfasts and takes Iron out. Cinder gets the ball and scores. Gets Vengeanced. Smiths move in and start pounding on Windle and Jack. Jack proves hilariously useless vs Anvil but is able to teleport out and wail on Furnace with Grange's help. Tater charges into Cinder and knocks her and Harrow down! T3: Tater takes Cinder out. Anvil scores. Windle takes Ferrite out again (SB). Ball gets tossed around but secured onto Harrow at the back. T4: Grange wins a janky even roll off and takes Furnace out. Farmers win 12-8 Photos:
  14. Power creep

    I've played against them a few times. They are good at what they do and Ferrite is stupid good - but, they have weaknesses. They are weak to KDs or condition AOEs. Their apprentices are quite easy to take down. They have a lot of 1" (yes Hearth is a bit silly in this regard - will have to see how that works out). Their counters are annoying but usually don't disengage except for Iron and Ferrite. Ferrite is the NUMBER 1 model that has to be taken out - she's a bit like Shark in that if you leave her on the pitch she will wreck your face (not damage, just cripple the team and score). I focus on her. Iron is number 2. Once these are taken out, the BS start to lose momentum I find. No doubt, BS are good. And the new arrivals...make them better. But we'll have to see how the whole team shakes out before Power Creep comes out. So far I've beaten them with Farmers and Hunters.
  15. Get those numbers up!

    I'm going to do my best! It will encourage me to play more.