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  1. Ratcatchers Guild

    That Guild of Archaeologists....brilliant. "My career is in ruins!". I laughed so hard.
  2. GB Scrum has the rookies out, thoughs on Zarola

    The rookies were a SteamCon prototype. They are not ‘legal’ and this may not be their final form. They are purely for Rookie Leagues.
  3. Ratcatchers Guild

    I doubt they'll be a straight football team as we already know from Steamcon what Skulk is like so we know sort of what RC's will be like. They seem to take existing abilities and invert them. And didn't I see at the Keynote some sort of Zombie Katalyst dude (can't remember his name) - I bet he's not very good at football! I'm purely guessing they will subvert your expectations.
  4. Rough match ups and how to deal

    Smoke - we are scary fast now so I think this one is interesting. Not sure if I’d take Bolt/Farris or Furnace/Cast/Cinder. Ironically I’m not sure Burnish is great here. He auto puts conditions on us so Kat2 loves that and he’s not going to hit many of the Alchemists. I prefer Burnish into Brewers maybe Morts and Mirror. Engineers - There are a couple of options here. One is the Hearth tank. Can’t be KD at range and doesn’t care about ranged DMG output. She can then get bugged by Ferrite and Farris and smash into the opponent to generate momentum. Another option is Alloy. Risky as he dies after 4 engineer activations if they’ve taken a 4th shooter. Another option is Cinder KO threat. Kick the ball somewhere where Mother can’t easily get it. Then threaten a choice of KDing your kick off model OR getting the ball before Cinder kills it.
  5. But Iron does all those things better. And arguably Vitriol. And Brisket. What Ulfr does is not unique and he doesn't do it very well. I like his jack of all trades thing sure, I just wish he was good at one of the things.
  6. I think Hunters are in a unusual place because they waited a long time to get the needed buffs to Theron and Hearne1 and I think I worry that we will wait even longer for the Heralds to be fixed to current design aims. Skatha is fine. She does a unique cool thing. I just hate that the Signature Move - the Blessing of the Moon Goddess - her WHOLE REASON TO EXIST IN THE BACKGROUND, is rubbish. And based off the changes to Blessing of the Sun Father, the fix is obvious, so it not being made is annoying. Even if self-targetting would be too good (don't believe this) at least increase the range to 6" so she can actually cast it. Ulfr is...well I don't think Ulfr would be made today. His design indicates a sort of desire to do everything, with an equal design to prevent him from doing so. I think he could be good if either his columns went to 4 or he got crazy rather than Lone Hunter. He's still a 1" melee striker with 6" kick and 7" move. He can do work and I have won because he can WTG. But he's very dependent on what your opponent is doing (if he moves a ball handler near one of you players, suddenly Ulfr can't work properly). I look at Ulfr and then I look at Iron and....yeah. Iron is an all round Striker - got the speed, low Tackle, high TAC, close control and 2 DMG on 2. Ulfr...is slow, MOM T on 3 (non MOM on 2), 2 DMG on 3 and low TAC. They fit a similar design category but what Hunter player wouldn't swap Ulfr for Iron in a second. The main problem with Ulfr is - what makes him special? What is his unique Ulfry thing? And his thing seems to be a bit rubbish - Lone Hunter, Ambush and Blood Scent aren't very good on top of his base stats. And I don't think it matches either the background or the model. I mean look at that nutter!
  7. Rough match ups and how to deal

    Smoke Alchemists are still a problem but now with Box2 we have the speed to engage. Will get mauled by Kat2 though. Hunters are good into us. But with the speed crew (Farris/Bolt) I’ve not had too much problem - Hunters are almost as flimsy as BS and a tooled up Iron will smash face. With access to 2” we can avoid Theton’s counter and wreck him. BS are also much better at football. Masons ive found are troublesome. Arm2 is annoying yo! It means we miss our powerful end of playbooks. Counter charge is irritating and Hammer can easily take out any apprentice. I think Engineers are our main threat because they can play that keep away nonsense while casually killing apprentices at range. Best defence: leg it at top speed towards them. Farmers will probably be the main threat (for everyone) because they are just a little too good right now. Avoid scrum. Try to play football (because that is their one weakness). Always have a Sentinel model on pitch. Abusing Sentinel can make or break those flimsy apprentices. Always Hearth. 2” onna stick turns Alloy and Iron to 11. Iron’s counter becomes bonkers. Try to play football not mashball. BS can certainly wreck models but this can lead to piece trades. Our football skills when buffed are near Fishermen levels. We have so many 8” (or pseudo 8” with Give it a whack) that scoring is quite easy. And in my opinion drop Anvil & Sledge because they’re too slow and dependent on Anvil. A canny opponent will slow Anvil, limiting Sledge or exposing him for an easy takeout. Sledge is a disappointment to me. Too low INF, weak health, awful counter. He’s too dependent on Anvil (other apprentices happily roll without their master). He’s not awful and I’m sure I’ll be proved wrong, but every time I field A&S I wish I’d picked any two others, including Burnish & Cinder.
  8. Yes. I can see why playtesters thought auto dodge might be too good. But she only has 1” melee, and shouldn’t the scoring captain be good at scoring? There are plenty of better models at scoring in the game (hello 3” Thresher) so I think it was just cautious design work. I don’t think an auto dodge would bust her. And making it be 6” just makes it actually viable to cast on a team mate.
  9. Hearnes on a part-time leave

    What irritates me about Egret is she is now the only human Hunter without Light Footed. Which seems dumb.
  10. Hearnes on a part-time leave

    I'm still occaisonally running the 10 INF Hearne1/Seenah combo. Yeah it's stretched SUPER thin, but it incorporates my favourite models and I would say the change Blessing has made it a little easier to push out Snared for Seenah. Given that we are losing A+G (who are still demonstrably better than Seenah) I think we might have to learn this team as we need need punch as much as scoring. I would say that the GIC make Seenah MUCH better and I really hope they get put into proper play. Because Seenah is...sub-optimal (I mean maybe it's me but I roll 7 dice expecting 4-5 successes...)
  11. Let me be clear - I just want Blessing of the Moon Goddess fixed on Skatha. Not Skatha herself. I mean I don't like her speed crippling but hey-ho. But BotMG is awful. In an age where Blacksmith and Farmers hand out super buffs at 6", having a 4" buff that has to target other models is terrible.
  12. I really feel that Fallow is Granite 2.0. If Granite had protective instinct (you have to attack Granite if engaging her) she would actually work as intended. Thoughts? Would PI make Granite more popular?
  13. Anvil and Sledge...a disappointment? Any Tips?

    I like A/Sfor that. But I also think Furnace/Cast achieves the same effect. Combined with Iron’s mom 7 and Instruction, I don’t really see the point in A/S. I mean prepping someone with Dirty Knives and or Shield Glare is better than Anvils setup and easier to do. I just think A/S Don’t fit my playstyle. But I’m also not convinced they aren’t replaced by other team members. If Anvil was 2” and the SO was on 1-2 and Sledge was 1/4 then I’d be more enthused. But 1/3 on Sledge is so annoying compared with 1/4 on Iron and Cast.
  14. I didn't say anything else on Skatha was bad. I actually said she was good. I said Blessing of the Moon Goddess is bobbins. And it is. Ulfr is awful - sure WTG is great, but his card fights with itself and I wonder how often you get Blood Scent off...he simply does not work as advertised. And he should not be designed to only work with Skatha. Top players winning things means little. Design is based on curve not end points. And I wonder what the balance between Theron and Skatha players was... To be clear I don't think Hunters are bad - I think they are actually quite good into the new Farmer/Blacksmith meta. I am saying that the Heralds are a product of Season 2 thinking on Hunters which has seen already a re-write to make Theron work (and now he's a champ) and that these 4 models need the same update.
  15. In what is an ongoing 'what grinds my gears' sort of post I wanted to highlight to the designers that whilst the current nerf/buff arguments are focussed on Farmers, the poor old Hunters released in wave 2 still need some serious love as they are sub-standard. Skatha - lovely model, great abilities but Blessing of the Moon Goddess is too short ranged and having to target other models (when Sun Father now self-targets) is awful. I have never used this play seriously as Skatha just cannot be close enough to another player to use it and really would benefit from self-casting. I don't think Skatha is bad but this ability is junk and needs fixing. Snow - Oooh..BALL! needs to be made towards rather than DIRECTLY towards as currently it's too easy to block it making the play pointless and her Jog should be 6". Also it should work on kick-offs - seems the one time you might want it and it makes no sense it doesn't work. Ulfr - yeah, he's a bit of a car crash with conflicting abilities that don't work but the 2 issues I have is 1. His Speed (why is a striker with a 6" kick reduced to 5/7"?) which needs to go to 6/8 minimum and maybe 7/9 like Jaecar 2. He needs to lose Lone Hunter (which penalises players for playing GB properly) and instead get Crazy - which would be more thematic for a 'werewolf' and match the model. Crazy's controllable +3 TAC fixes his wrapping abilities (which mathematically are currently so unlikely as to be useless) so that he can try to unlock his conflicting abilities. Hearne 2 - Hearne1's upgrade is making me wonder why I take this guy. Hearne1 has a KD on 3 and access to SO on 1, so can KD if he wants to, or T. Hearne 2 has TAC 5 and T/KD on 2...which is okayish but Last Light is now junk compared to Blessing of Sun Father and Lunar Eclipse is pointless. I suggest to improve Hearne2 he go to 2/4 INF characteristic and Lunar Eclipse be re-written to be any successful attack OR placed within 2", so at least it has some benefit for mobility or allow him to T/score like designed. Anyway, I don't know if the design team will see this but these 4 models really need help because Theron's changes are starting to make Hunters a legit threat (and yes blah blah someone got to Worlds - that's 1 person, not the average) but Skatha's crew are just poor in comparison.