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  1. ghostwalker

    Hunter's Guild Goals

    I havent painted mine yet. But here it is in all it's wip glory
  2. ghostwalker

    I need to be exiled

    So today I had my first game of guildball in about 8 months. it was my first time using the hunters and fielded the starter set vs butchers. turn one he received the ball collected it with rage, a little too and fro and egret got splatted along with herne. 0-4 turn 2. Butchers got initiative based on momentum advantage alone. Fahad went down followed by theron 0-8 egret -!: herne returned and moved to try and protect the ball. Zamola went down making it 0-10 then the butchers toyed with the ball and scored. Game over. learning curve. Uh huh...need to look into that one
  3. ghostwalker

    The Goal Post Thread

    Finished making these 2 today. One for my own hunters and one for a friends. I plan on adding foliage once mines painted up. Initially I had wanted to use the tree alone, but discovered it was between 5-10mm too wide. So figured I would raise it up to give a 'cut away' of the earth and rock beneath.
  4. ghostwalker

    Just brewing

    May well give it a try Take all of the brewers currently available and see what happens. Thats if i ever get spigot,scum,stoker and stave
  5. ghostwalker

    Just brewing

    Thats all i am thinking. Would 'not' having hemlock be more of a hinderance than having her available...
  6. ghostwalker

    Just brewing

    I am thinking of attending a tournament in a couple of weeks. Now in my mind..and probably my wallet. I am contemplating just taking the Brewers team members. No union players at all. Is this a case of sheer stupidity? or can the brewers do well without any outside union assistance.
  7. ghostwalker

    Vassal Contacts

    Name - Mark Skype/vassal- Mark Peel Twitter (if applicable) - ghostwalker0299 Location - UK Availability - Varies
  8. ghostwalker


    She's a little more Viking than i was expecting. But thats probably because i see the Brewers as more of a scottish 'braveheart' theme than viking.
  9. ghostwalker

    Ghostwalkers home brew

    Bad pun intended. So after getting a little extra in the bank than expected...and then summarily blowing it all on guildball-- read as. Pitch, tokens, plot cards,gadgets,gizmos,doo-dahs...oh and also stave,spigot,scum and stoker. Well after that little order...i thought i better get started on the models i DO have. Flesh isn't one of my strong points, so this will be a fair challenge. The progress thus far. Alas during clean up 'fridays' pony tail sheered off
  10. Hail one and all. My name is ghostwalker or more commonly mark. Some of you may have seen a few of myposts on the guild ball pages on fb or via twitter. I reside in the darkest part of Norfolk, also known as North Walsham. I have recently decided to venture into guildball. Having been a long time bloodbowl and dreadball player, i felt my sports game needed a new direction. So here i am. I am starting off with Brewers...i mean who wouldn't. Violent drunken scotsmen with a psychotic ginger moggy. I am hoping to hook my partner on the game as she enjoyed the other sports games out there. Once she is converted i am hoping to bring the light to a few friends too. A bit about me though.eh I have been a wargamer for pushing on 30 years now. Been there played it, painted it (badly) and moved on and gone back. I have worked for GW in the past and also acted as one of the first few Malifaux Henchman way back in the distant past. My other main game at the moment is Bolt Action but that scratches the ww2/historical side of me . So thats me...and here is a few pics of some previous projects to brace you for the horror my brushes will unleash on the beautiful guild ball sculpts. what happens when i get the dreaded terrain itch And about the best flesh i really ever painted. Which will make guild ball a challenge on that aspect. And when you take me out of my hooby den which looks like this and away from work....i usually turn into this... See you on the pitch