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  1. jase

    Character Idea - Pummel

    Instead of ignoring Crowded Out give him a Heroic akin to "Flurry Of Blows - In a whirr of cogs and mechanical activity this mechanica can apply its attack roll to each and every enemy model in its melee zone/reach"?
  2. jase


    Maybe Im misreading how Nest Markers and Burrowing work but can someone please explain how you get close enough to a goal on Turn 1 to do that? Assuming you want to end your activation within Kick range Hoist can Sprint 7" and Kick 6", thats 13" from a goal token. The Nest therefore needs to be 14" away from the goal at most. Assuming Mother starts at the back edge of the deployment area she can Sprint 7" and deploy a nest token 4" making a range of 11" which puts her 9" from goal so whilst possible I dont understand the order in which things need to occur for that to work. 1) Hoist needs the ball 2) Hoist needs to TR Burrow from Mother 3) Hoist needs to be Overclocked from Ratchet 4) Mother needs to have advanced her full Move and placed a Nest 4 prohibits Hoist from doing 2 Can you explain this interaction or order of Actions for a n00b?
  3. jase

    New Engineer

    Can Avarisse and Greede be the targets of PV's Heroic or is it just Engineers?
  4. Speaking of Union....does anybody run A&G in their Engineers? The auto-tackle on any successful attack by Avarisse makes them a great pairing for ball distribution
  5. jase

    New Engineer

    So what fiendish combos do we have in guild that should never be tinkered with in a line-up? What works and is practically an auto-include? I bemoan our lack of 2" melee so would you ever run Colossus, Harry/Gutter and Compound?
  6. jase

    New Engineer

    So some could argue that I joined the bandwagon, some could argue I made the sensible choice....either way I just picked up the Black Friday Engineers Deal from Steamforged. I traded out my second copy of the s2 rules for PinVice and have bought Mother and Compound leaving only Veteran Velocity to pick-up. My local area is very short on the Engineers front and Id always been a fan of the styling but felt they needed a buff. I currently play Morticians, Fishermen and Butchers but i also own full Hunter, Mason and Unions teams. As my team are short on numbers right now I intend on playing Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Velocity, Hoist and Ratchet until I get upto speed but I really want to give Collusus (my favourite Engineer model) a try. Who would you guys recommend I drop for Colossus? Any advice greatly welcome
  7. jase

    Brainpan and Memory

    I wonder whether Memory with be a Mechanica or a new archetype that Brainpan can control easier?
  8. Not ashamed to say that Engineers became my S3 project. The Black Friday Bundle arrived yesterday....traded the second copy of my Rules for PinVice and bought Compound and Mother today leaving me short Veteran Velocity only. Great few days shopping!
  9. jase

    W: S3 Card Box from SteamCon

    Sure. I'll be going. What level of postage would you like?
  10. jase

    Kicking the ball

    What is this "castling" people are talking about?
  11. Theres a decent to middling sized community about an hour from you in Coventry/Nuneaton/Bedworth of about 10-12 players. Games are usually at Black Dragon in Hinckley but Andy Thomas has just become a pundit at Youngs Hobbies in Coventry town centre so there should be regular events there now too. I think hes running a Demo night on Monday 16th May. You could also try Vassal if you want to get some game time? Jase
  12. jase

    Hello from Liverpool UK

    Im working up in Liverpool for a few days and have my evenings to kill if you fancy a game?
  13. jase

    Ramming Speed Token?

    Its not a sustaining effect is it? So there is no need for a token. The model simply moves and thats it, no need to record it for later in the turn.
  14. Angel makes the step up to almost Shark like status based on the words of the ol' Salty Sea Dog Greyscales. Im my mind Angel is a novice player unaware of her ability or potential so once she realises how good she could be she'll massively improve and with that comes the confidence. She'll get the boost to Veteran.
  15. jase

    Worst Game ever...

    Im going to try Corsair, Salt, Sakana, Angel, Greyscales and Jac/Kraken* *this depends on who I feel will offer the most versatility to the team...Salt or Angel. Both can be taken out in 1 turn versus butchers