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  1. doob

    Match Reports

    Meanwhile, down in Division 3.... Mallet lunged towards the nearest Engineer and swung his hammer in a short but powerful arc. It connected solidly, tossing his opponent back into a sticky pool of mud at the side of the pitch. Mallet grinned, taunting “That’ll slow you down for a bit,” before straightening and adjusting his googles. However, the grin quickly slid from his face. He realised it was Colossus squatting in the middle of the pool, dirty water hardly lapping against his monstrous spider legs. Should have gone to Specsavers. Apologies to non-UK readers who probably won't know the reference.
  2. doob

    Match Results

    Division 3 Players: doob vs grotznif Score: 12-4 Winner: doob Goals Scored: 2 - 0 Taken Outs Caused: 2 - 2
  3. doob

    Guild Ball Vassal League

    Hi, I should have a couple of hours free this evening and it would be good to get a bit more of a grip of Vassal before the league starts. PM me if you are still looking for a game.