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  1. Alternate colour schemes

    My fishies are allready pretty blue, so i wanted to avoid that
  2. Syndrom's Guild Ball teams

    playable line-up
  3. Syndrom's Guild Ball teams

    Started work on my hunters!
  4. Syndrom's Guild Ball teams

    i tend to skip eyes as well, only if the sculpt really needs it like certain female models sometimes really need a painted eye
  5. Syndrom's Guild Ball teams

    I started a black metal butcher team for my self!
  6. I'm holding a 16 player tournament in gent on the 18th of june. Fun wil be had! More info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/359101780926674 https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/summer-slam
  7. Syndrom's Guild Ball teams

    last two models for the butcher team:
  8. Syndrom's Guild Ball teams

    been a while but i'm painting again. Butchers are on the table (for a comission), two figs to go still, but he has a playable team atm.
  9. Syndrom's Guild Ball teams

    Alchemists starter set, Mercury, Midas and Calculus. Individual pictures of Midas and Calculus later.
  10. So I'm terrible at painting... Pointers?

    Don't do eyes if you're not confident you can nail them. Bad eyes can really fuck up a mini