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  1. Hi For sale one complete set of Engineers tokens. The set comes from early miss print of tokens that was given out at Britcon 2015. I don't believe there are many copies of this set around. If interested please PM with offer. Regards
  2. Hi Darren

    Just wandering, have the results been sent through to Steamforged yet? I have not seen any credits come through.

    Thanks for a great event

    Ben Allen

  3. darkstar

    Bend It Like Bonesaw - Woking - 26th June

    Ticket bought
  4. darkstar

    Plays anyone still the union?

    The Union are a great team, I really enjoy them and they have managed to get me up 5 I think in the rankings so I cannot complain. Season 2 has unfortunately given them nothing as all the new team members are just not as good as their season 1 counter parts. Strong box is fun but is no Coin.
  5. darkstar

    Learning Alchemists - youtube match report

    Thanks for another great video. I have really enjoyed the last series so look forward to this one.
  6. darkstar

    Norwich Summer Open

    I will be there
  7. darkstar

    Cambridge Autumn Showdown 24th September

    Happy to give you a lift Ed.
  8. darkstar

    Boudica Memorial Cup @ Wyldstorm Games

    Will be there as well
  9. darkstar

    Cambridge Autumn Showdown 24th September

    I will be there, there's a good 20 or so players in Norwich & Yarmouth so I expect there will be interest from the community around here.
  10. darkstar

    "Frozen Balls" 10th Jan 2016 Doncaster Sanctioned Event

    Cool, and I thought I was coming far! Yes that would work well for me as I am traveling up in the afternoon. I don't know Doncaster but looking at the map the venue looks to be within walking distance of the station.
  11. darkstar

    "Frozen Balls" 10th Jan 2016 Doncaster Sanctioned Event

    Would anyone be interested in a warm up game on the Saturday? I am traveling up from Norwich and staying over. It would be very early start otherwise. Ben
  12. darkstar

    Wyldstorm Open @ Wyldstorm Games, Great Yarmouth

    The venue was great, we are lucky to have such a good place in Norfolk. Ed- great game, those tricky plot cards saved me in the end.