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  1. New Engineer

    In s3 I think Salvo and Hoist should always be played with Ballista. I think I'll often probably also have Ratchet (though I'm not sure), and either Rage/Decimate or Velocity to swap between counter punch and goal threat. Not sure about the other team members or mascot really. Not sure really how Ratchet and Mainspring interact as much.
  2. I really enjoyed the podcast, very enlightening. Surprised Jamie hasn't gotten more abuse for saying "Don't worry we won't leave the hunters behind in S3" given how unhappy lots of players seemed with the S3 changes (barring Seenah). Great little insight on Egret and specifically how to make use of a player who is happy with two a turn, and important part of any team. Not everyone can or should be loaded up and have a huge turn like Jaecar.
  3. I can get it playing in the browser, but when I try to download I'm told that the file can't load because it is corrupt.
  4. I downloaded iTunes so that I could get it, but still no dice. I'm not sure how to access this episode now.... :'(
  5. I can't get this to work in podbean.
  6. Guild Ball Manager a new Android App

    Our hero! Looking forward to it!
  7. Damage charts

    Cool! I'll have a play with it later!
  8. Guild Ball Collection

    They look great Sarah! Looking forward to seeing more!
  9. TanE's Morticians, Union and Brewers

    They look great, I love your use of colour.
  10. Tater

    I think it's a reasonable guess the scarecrow guy is more reap than sow! Maybe farmers will release with two captains, one reaper, one sower, so if the Hunters get a new one the lowest a team will have is 2 captains.
  11. Zero Cost Character Plays vs Traits

    Usually timing. 0 cost plays still have to be activated, thinking specifically of Venin, so they having a timing/opportunity cost. Always-on traits do not. For Tater's one though, I dunno.
  12. 8 Roster line up advice.

    What have you got?
  13. Tater

    I think he's sweet! Definitely hyped to see the rest of the Farmer's Guild.
  14. Allb's Alchemists

    They look great!
  15. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Your Zarola is one of the nicest miniatures I've ever seen, and I'm not normally a fan of muted colour schemes, but wow.