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  1. Enazel

    Tournament Trays

    I am at Steamcon UK as a player, and will have some stock with me as I usually do for events I am at.
  2. Enazel

    Tournament Trays

    Thanks for the comments about my trays (I am the guy behind The Wolves Glade) , I glad you like them. I am in the process of sorting out toppers for the ones i can to fit S4 OPD numbers on them, In between other bits.
  3. Enazel

    Future of the (UK) Masters

    Ben my suggestion would be to look at something like the Uk and Irish Super Series style event for warmachine & hordes rather than a single event. basically split the country down into regions and run events (obviously this would require help from organisers in each area), and the top x from events come to finals somewhere. This would allow people to attend the smaller events and know if they qualifer for the finals beforehand. W&H is done in club / store then regional finals then finals. Could do something similar for guild ball.
  4. Enazel

    New, Shiny Rookie Cards!

    Why not, this is a fun format, and they decided to do a Fangtooth based off the Easter Version :).
  5. So Blacksmiths gave the Hunters a training match Line ups Ferrite (C), Iron, Anvil, Sledge, Furnace, Cinder Theron, Fahad, Herne, Zarola, Jaecar, Ulfr Setup Ferrite kicked the ball over to one side, and Zarola ran over to grab it and kick it back to Theron, but the ball bounced off something and ended up in front of the Hunters line, which ferrite saw as a chance to score a quick goal, which she proceeded to do and then ran back towards her own lines. The teams then moved around trying to reposition themselves and the hunters were careful to keep the ball safe, but in the end Cinder managed to grab the ball of Ulfr with a rope tied to a bolt that she hit the ball with. and passed the ball over to Furnace to get it back into the middle of the pitch. Anvil, Sledge and Iron ganged up on Herne and knocked him out cold, while Theron started putting arrows into half the team, but he managed to miss the Anvil with one of his shots, which I think confused him a little Theron missing Anvil Furance passes the ball over to Iron who ran up the pitch to stay away from the Hunters, and waited. Theron responded by taking Furance off the pitch. Ferrite then called Iron back a little and the Blacksmiths surrounded Theron and introduced him to why getting close to Blacksmiths not a good plan, Iron proceed to hit him a few times and then decided kicking the ball into the goal was probably a good plan. Hunters at this point decided they were going to lose, so kicked in a quick goal with Ulfr and then Sledge finished of Theron to finish the game on 12-6 Sledge finishing off Theron Game finished 12-6 the blacksmiths are helping Fish with a suggested from the Ferryman.
  6. Enazel

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Right so this weekend we had a 18 player event Charity Event (standard rules just added GIC to it) So my feedback on the cards from the games i played (4 games with Union) First Game against Shark Fish, relatively new player who took Slippery Fishes while I took Blackheart with Pirate Ransom Over all found Slippery Fishes powerful but not over the top, may me think about going into greyscales due to unpredictable move dodge, and allow shark to get though my defenses with Tidal surge. The Momentum from Pirate Ransom was very nice for the few times I lost initiative as it gave me ability to defensive stance and counter, or just set up for a goal with little to no issues. I like both cards and seem reasonable balanced Game 2 against Farmers (original 6) with Eat Hearty and i took Rage with Honour among Thieves Eat Hearty combined the 5 health with what already a pretty survivable team meant if I didn't take a player out with one or two activations it was back up to difficult levels to kill, Jack Straw round 1 got into him got him down to 1 health before reminate would trigger (knocked down and snared) decided not to put my last attack into him as it would just clear conditions and had nothing else left to finish him off, but the next turn he got a heal activation 1, healed from Harrows Aura and then healed 5 bringing him back up to 8 making him almost as difficult to kill again. Maybe a little high on the healing but not sure. Honour Among Thieves, was nice as it meant I could give influence to a player that I thought probably was going to die, but if I didn't give any could have been left for a later activation, without losing the majority of the influence, but the Heal 2 on it was critical in a couple of points for me struggling to stay in the game, this may have been the wrong choice of card or as I actually think not sure Heal 2 on this makes it worth taking as you going to want it into the killy teams (those that will kill players) but the heal 2 almost means you lose more players so not convinced the benefit outways the massive heal hit. Lost this game could kill enough quicker enough to keep in the game. Game 3 - Hunters Theron with Bate the Trap me with Rage with Pirates Ransom Bait the trap is potentially very powerful, but the with the way the game ended up going which was a scrum in the middle (my sort of game into hunters with rage) it meant I wasn't clear snared as I knew it would end up going back on and I just proceed to murder players close by slowly grinding my way though the Hunters team. Pirate Ransom again was useful to allow me the momentum to do stuff earlier in a turn than I would normally, allowing me to bonus time critical attacks or just to allow counters whenever I wanted them. Won due to basically rage murdering everyone as he does. Game 4 - Shark Fish with Slippery Fishes into Blackheart with Pirates Ransom So I got the pair up in this round, into a good friend and long time opponent, we pretty much could predict each others teams and the game became what we both knew it was. either very fast for shark getting 3 goals or me playing a long long keep the ball away from the fish as much as I could and slowly grind my way though his team. Again Slippery Fishes is a great card made Greyscales dam near impossible to get, and allowing longer dodges to make it more difficult for me to stop fish going where they want. Over all I like both of these GIC cards and both felt impactful without being broken. (Game ended 12 - 8 to me, with less than 5 minutes total on clock as I said a grind) Union GIC's I used 2 out of the 3, I think the 3rd is good just not into the matchs I played at this event, Will try and get a game into a team I would use it in to consider it. but of the two I did used Pirates Ransom going to be default if no changes are made, Heal 3 plus a good benefit thats going to be useful. Honor among Thieves I like the idea but i think with Heal 2 and wanting the ability into beat down teams not sure I would take it again.
  7. Enazel

    Missed kickstarter

    All the stretch goals are coming to be retail expansions over the next year or two. So you will be able to buy everything at somepoint in the future.
  8. Was well worth the 21 hour day. But next year B&B and coming down the night before me thinks Great store and great games either that Battlehammer game on round 2 :).
  9. Enazel

    Which bag do you use for transport?

    KR Half Size Aluminum case here with mixture of foam. Fit 4 teams + goals etcs. Plenty of space and nice and solid.
  10. Enazel

    what do you use for a bag?

    I use a KR Mulitcase ALHW-S https://www.krmulticase.com/product/cases/ALHW-S which fits 4 teams in with big guys and goal posts with no issues, and then a small KR accessory case for dice and tokens.
  11. Enazel

    Cloud Jumper and Nature's Growth

    She can't use Cloud Jumper on Nature Growth, because as you say its not an on-going-effect its a forest. Under Nature's Growth states "This AOE is forest Terrain"
  12. Butchers - Fillet Alchemists - Smoke Alchemists - Midas Brewers - Esters Morticians - Obulus
  13. Enazel

    Potential Spoilers - Season 3 !

    Who knows Drillboss, as I said 1 or 2 models, obviously we know Rookies are coming but we don't know what they are, or if all teams getting them (i be suprised if they don't, but maybe it be one of the new teams play style, as it sounds like farmers are pretty new to the professional game.
  14. Enazel

    Potential Spoilers - Season 3 !

    Season 3 includes 2 new teams. I not sure we see a huge number of new models for the other teams. Probably more for Hunters than the others. But we may only see 1 or 2 new models for the Season 1 teams.