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  1. We got a situation where a goal kick landed on a barrier and we are not sure about the interpretation of the rules. So the question is: which position should be the ball placed in the attached picture? The one that is closest to the correct location (A), or the one that is "along the ball path" is the closest legal spot (B)? Or maybe a third place?
  2. Hungarian National Championship 2019 Did you know? In 2018 the Hungarian National Championship had the most diverse audience regarding nationalities with 10 different countries represented. Let’s try to beat that number this year! Date: 25th - 26th May 2019 Maximum number of players: 64 Place: Africafe Club Address: Hungary, 1092 Budapest, Kinizsi u. 2. (Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/rx4r7L5HgMq) Longshanks link: https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1800 Entry Fee: 5000 Hungarian Forints (HUF) Prizes: Swag bag for all participants and various prizes for the best players and painters. The winner of the tournament earns a place in the 2019 World Championship final. Registration: You need to pay the entry fee through PayPal to csontpet@gmail.com. Please, make sure that we receive the exact amount in HUF (ie. pick Family&Friends transaction and chose HUF as target currency). Important: write your Longshanks name in the notes section so we can add you to the list. We can accept multiple registrations in one go but don't forget to give us the necessary info about all players. If we reach 64 players, we will form a waiting list and will reach the first person there if a dropout happens. The entry fee will be refunded as soon as we get a paying replacement. According to the plan, we will play 4 games on Saturday and only 2 on Sunday. In this way, we will finish before 3 pm on Sunday so foreign participants would have an easier time to catch returning planes, trains etc. Questions: you can comment below this post, send me a PM or an email to csontpet@gmail.com
  3. Is this thread still under consideration by the ruling team? It would be nice to get a ruling about the above, more complicated situations. From the answers of the community, it looks like the rule is not that straightforward to implement. Thanks!
  4. Ok, let's spice this up a little more with Crucible and Naja getting in the way. Where will the ball land? There is no point where you could place it on the ball path and in base contact with the terrain. I'm pressing this because I would like to see the intent behind this "along the ball path" part which I find very vague.
  5. Csonti

    Poor showing on YouTube. Are Brewers that bad?

    I think this would lead us to off-topic fields but you can dig the whole database on Longshanks for answers to this kind of questions.
  6. Csonti

    Poor showing on YouTube. Are Brewers that bad?

    Statistics of tournament GB games played from 18th May. So no, they are not bottom tier and yes, they can be played and expected to win. You arrived just at the right moment, during Magical Christmas time.
  7. So this won't be a rules question per se rather my surprising revelation but I still think the topic belongs to the rules forum. I started to think about the status of the crossplayers in the Major-Minor Guild pairs. Reading the cards and the rules I came up with my own answer that they function like the Union players in other Guilds and not as Dual Guild players (like Compound or Lucky). Then I found this topic which clearly stated that I was wrong. I'm all good with this intent but I would like to note that the current rules, cards are not really backing this. Firstly the card that comes with the Ratcatchers references Bonesaw and vGraves as Mortician players - pretty much the same way as other Guilds get their Union picks which are obviously not Dual Guild players. (Btw Morticians need an updated version in the resource section since they could still hire Union according to that pdf.) Secondly Compound and Lucky both have strong visual signs on their cards that they belong to two Guilds. Split logo at the top left corner and also split background. These things are completely missing from the player cards of Pelage and Skulk or the updated once of Bonesaw and vGraves. The only clue is on the back of their cards in the form of two Guild signs at the bottom right corner. I think these things could lead to confusion among casual players who are not hunting for info in blog posts or surfing the forums regularly and probably the coming of S4 is a good opportunity to make things clearer. Bonus note: while I was trying to track down the issue I stumbled upon a very strange/funny thing in the rulebook. If you strictly follow the rules as written you can't decide what Guild a certain player is playing for. Of course, it is clear that the icon and the background should guide you to the correct direction (or not in case of Minor crossovers) but the part that talks about the details of a profile card (p4-6) doesn't contain anything about Guild affiliation or how that is marked on the cards.
  8. Well done, Edek! I can just agree with you in every aspect.
  9. Csonti

    Game plan deck revealed

    Hitting an event that has 0,0031423% of probability is usually followed by strong reactions.
  10. Thankfully, in our community the numbers are still growing but we do see and want to address the possible NPEs. Thresher/Farmers: experienced players voluntarily avoid taking the guild before that bunch of supermen finally get a well deserved nerf. Event stress/frustration: in a bi-monthly base we split our players into two groups (according to ranking points) and hold two separate tournaments parallel. In that way, the not so good or less experienced players can swim in a nicer, more welcoming pond and even snatch a medal with their performance.
  11. Csonti

    Hungarian Nationals 2018

    Attention, please! The event is 100% booked now. Do NOT send money. We can only accept applications to the waiting list and see whether someone from the 32 would drop or not. Thanks for your understanding!
  12. Our local community would be more than delighted to welcome fellow international players. So come and join us at: Freeze the Ball (Budapest) 27th January 2018 Location: Gép-Ház Ruleset: Season 3, latest OPD and errata Registration: there is no Entry Fee for international players, just send me a PM here or mail me (csontpet@gmail.com) Details: One day tournament with 3 or 4 rounds depending on player numbers and results. Schedule: 10:00 gates open, registration 10:30 first round 12:20 lunch break 13:00 second round 14:50 coffee break 15:10 third round (17:00 coffee break) (17:20 fourth round) 19:10 award ceremony Models, proxies: Fully painted teams are not enforced but strongly recommended. The use of proxy models is not allowed. Prizes: A prize pool will be constructed from the registration fees and from other sources.
  13. Csonti

    Freeze the Ball (Budapest)

    Our local community would be more than delighted to welcome fellow international players. So come and join us at: Freeze the Ball (Budapest) 27th January 2018 Location: Gép-Ház Ruleset: Season 3, latest OPD and errata Registration: there is no Entry Fee for international players, just send me a PM here or mail me (csontpet@gmail.com) Details: One day tournament with 3 or 4 rounds depending on player numbers and results. Schedule: 10:00 gates open, registration 10:30 first round 12:20 lunch break 13:00 second round 14:50 coffee break 15:10 third round (17:00 coffee break) (17:20 fourth round) 19:10 award ceremony Models, proxies: Fully painted teams are not enforced but strongly recommended. The use of proxy models is not allowed. Prizes: A prize pool will be constructed from the registration fees and from other sources.
  14. Csonti

    Hungarian Nationals 2018

    I'm really sorry to hear that but I hope you can still send a pack of winged hussars to raid our lands!
  15. Csonti

    Idea for Thresher Change

    So we had a tournament today. For the first time we split the participants in two according to Longshanks ranking points. (The idea behind this was to be able to finish with 3 rounds. The Major/Minor league split also helped to arrange more equal games regarding player skills and last but not least we had two winners in this way.) Before today I polled the meta in advance whether or not I should bring Thresher. They said bring it on and so I did. I won by 12-4, 12-0, 12-0 even with a missed 4 dice goal, a missed 3 dice tap-in and I could even get away with a huge mistake in one of the games by letting UM trigger on Greyscales. To be fair, I'm the highest ranked player around and I won a few events before with Masons. However I consider one player roughly equal to my skills and another 4-5 who could give me hard games, all of them played in this higher bracket. The ease I could destroy my opponents was frightening and not fun for anyone. In order not to dishearten the guys even more I decided not to bring him to domestic tournaments until a patch comes.
  16. Csonti

    Idea for Thresher Change

    I think we derailed the thread too much already. Will send you a PM when I get the time to answer in detail.
  17. Csonti

    Idea for Thresher Change

    Longshanks bookie feature is well... an interesting feature. I'd not rely on it too much. As for the concrete matchup. It was streamed and I watched that game. Chris' setup was really bad, he had to gather the ball with Millstone who is probably the worst pick for this task. As far as I remember he also had incredibly bad luck missing several passes on the crucial first turn. To his credit, he still managed to gather 6 VPs after that catastrophic first turn but all in all the man who played a better game won that match. Maybe the gap between the two is not that much but I think it is not a coincidence that Henry has almost 100 more points in regards to rankings. That is a massive difference.
  18. Csonti

    Idea for Thresher Change

    Except there where - according to the rankings - there was not one Thresher player with a comparable skill level to the 600+ top dogs gathered there. A better player is still a better player. Thankfully Thresher is NOT that OP to override this. He just helps to decide roughly even coach skill matchups.
  19. Csonti

    Idea for Thresher Change

    Ooooh, Longshanks now sports captain statistics.
  20. Csonti

    Idea for Thresher Change

    We will get to there but first some personal things before the main course. - I played 20+ games with or against Thresher (I won all of my games with him) - I consider myself a wargame veteran with a decade of experience in three systems, I usually play competitively and with good success rates both in national and international events - I'm a Farmer player and would like to play with Thresher - I like Guild Ball a lot, I'm a Pundit and my goal is to bring the game to the highest possible levels and the widest possible audience The previous points are here because I want to make clear that my below opinion is a) based on actual play experience, b ) not a knee-jerk haters gonna hate reaction, c) is not about "witch hunting" Thresher so that I can finally get some wins without the need to "git gud". So here are the aggregated statistics of the 10 most played captains in the 3 main events of the recent Steamcon US (mirrors not included): As you can see, Thresher was oppressive. All the rest makes a pretty good spread around 50% with the exception of Shark who had a really bad weekend. (Maybe that nerf was a bit too much?) It's worth to mention that the 71% win rate was reached with a lot of not so experienced or overly competitive players. They usually switched between Thresher and Grange during the tournament which I consider a clear sign of not being supercompetitive. Lets check the most common arguments of the camp who think Thresher doesn't need some "looking into it": 1. It is too early to decide about this yet Thresher and his Co. are out from about early May or so. The most eager (competitive) players could and did test him extensively for a long time. He is definitely not a fresh toy that popped out of nowhere last weekend. 2. It is stupid to nerf him just because he won an event or two. Actually he won 4 out of 5 major events in the last two weeks. This in itself should flag him but the way he achieved these wins, the extent of his domination on the top tables is what makes this a valid concern. 3. He hasn't even released yet to the general masses, give some time and the meta will come up with the necessary solutions, adjustments. Last weekend was probably the strongest show in view of accumulated player strength. In Chicago the best of the best faced each other. Make no mistake, most of these guys made their homework and tried to come up with something against Thresher. They tried and failed. Most of the time they were washed over the board without any chance. It was depressive to watch. So what is the chance that in a few months Average Joe will solve the problem what happened to be unsolvable by the best players of the world? Finally my fears and concerns about Thresher: - He is too good with Millstone and Tater. That triangle of doom gives too much upper hand for a player who knows what he or she is doing. The Thresher team is OP in that way. (A good player still could and most of the time will beat a Thresher player if the later is not on the same level of experience, skill.) - Without some tone down, he will dominate and terrorize big events and local metas where he is in the hands of a good player. - The sooner SFG realizes the need for change the better will be for the community as a whole. I think we could not afford a year and wait for S4 to solve this because that will damage the player base a lot. (Fun fact: I was a KS backer but did not play the game until S3 when a sudden interest arose locally. At that time I was on the verge of not committing to it because I saw the results of the 2016 World Championship aka the World Obulus Ball final.) AND A BIG DISCLAIMER AT THE END: With all that said I'd be the last person to deny or even minimalize the fact that @Slothrop played a stellar weekend. He is one of the best players out there and no one should make any connection between this topic and the value of his win. Congrats to him. Well played, mate!
  21. Csonti

    Not About Guild Ball

    Good luck with your endeavour! PS: It is actually pretty easy. At least it was a piece of cake for me when I did that the second time.
  22. Csonti

    Idea for Thresher Change

    Probably we should define terms. When I said Thresher and his gang is OP I did not mean that he is unbeatable. Thanks God GB is a very finely balanced game and the games are mostly decided by the difference of the players' skill level (and occasionally by horrible/extraordinary dice rolls). A Class A player will most probably take down a Class B opponent no matter what guilds are put on the table. So under OP I mean that in a game between similarly good players I would bet on the one that brings Thresher and I'm sure I'd not lose money the long run. I really liked your previous Midas comparison because I think we are in the exact same spot here. You could definitely win against Midas but they were so good that you had to fight an uphill battle. SFG saw that and took appropriate measures. I'm quite positive about this will also happen here eventually. And about the counterplay tips: spreading out is indeed a viable plan but I have a hard time imagine that on the board where you need to place 6 models in a roughly 2"x2" territory since there is rarely a benefit to move behind the goallines and if you wander too close to the sidelines you make yourself vulnerable to push out TOs (Hello, Donkey!). According to my actual play experience Thresher has a HUGE threat range so he can quite easily hop from one target to another without losing any tempo. The opponent simply can't stretch itself wide enough without giving up any kind of counterplay. Also this plan sharply contradicts with other frequently mentioned solutions like trample through the markers or take out a certain key model. Not to mention the task to get the ball back from Threshers' gang in case you would like to score some actual VPs and not just playing for outclocking your opponent.
  23. Csonti

    Idea for Thresher Change

    What this guy said. Exactly. Thresher is OP. Maybe not in his glorious selfishness but as the crown jewel of a superhero team. (Or maybe he is the flagship and the crown jewel is Millstone.) You can try to give some tactics but the truth is that nothing I heard hear or elsewhere will work against a competent player. The farmers are just too good for that. (I feel the best chance against them is a heavy control team like Obulus but unfortunately not many guilds have so strong options in that field.) Looking forward to the next errata. PS: I have Farmers and played 20+ games with or against Thresher. Would like to field them more but currently they (=the Thresher super 6) feel like cheating.
  24. Csonti

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Thanks for this awesome work, @ZiggyQubert! I would like to lobby for a useful feature: when you open a player's card on mobile you can swipe left and right to change from the front to the back of the card and vice-versa, can you enhance that with the option to swipe up and down to reach the previous/next player on the list? In that way you can check a lot of info fast without constantly going back to the list and picking the next player you want to see etc.
  25. After their previous game, it came as no surprise that the usually neglected Stave played an excellent game which led to another fine, ultraviolent win for the Brewers. The Ox led opponent team looked like they were from paper. One Butcher went out after the other without any serious response. The young Boiler was the only one who could put some points on the table after he managed to delete a battered Stave. However the later came back with a vengeance and rocketed Boar out of the pitch just seconds before Tapper made short work on the Butchers' leader to reach the final score of 10-2. In a post-match interview the blood covered captain confirmed again that he supports the Masons' campaign and dedicated the victory to them.