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  1. WTC Friday Night GRUDGE MATCHES

    Our Friday Night Grudge match went 2-1 for Team Hungary and interestingly we were also paired in the tournament's second round. All in all we had a blast with Team Paint. Those guys are awesome! I'd especially like to thank @Russ for lending me his Lucky (I couldn't get my hand on mine in time) and for our highly entertaining game where he fielded Stave. (The sculpt we both love the most from the current range and the player who can never prove that he has a place in the starting 6. ) Apart from the above mentioned lovely artists, I have to say that it turned out that every single SF guy we could meet there was friendly, communicative and respectful of the community. Well played, SF!
  2. WTC Friday Night GRUDGE MATCHES

    Team Hungary would like to brawl with SFG Paint! Captain @Russ, you surely field better-looking models but can you beat the Magical Magyars? Can you do better than in 1953?
  3. Echoing the previous post. Any chance to get the new cards up and running in my favourite app?
  4. Theresher. Fix before he hits please.

    4+/0 but that is not really the core problem. Dead players don't kill other players. And you have to play around Tater and Millstone too. Kill it looks a pretty good, straightforward advice but it is a much more complicated endeavor in real life. PS: I played 10+ games with Farmers and the power level of Thresher and Co. looks really frightening to me. Especially after the errata train that hit Alchs and Fish.
  5. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    We tried to arrange our game with RandomScrub but almost 8 hours difference made it hard. On top of that my family holiday starts two days earlier than was planned before so I could not offer a weekend time slot. Therefore the win goes to RandomScrub. I'm sorry we couldn't duke it out on the field.
  6. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    If I would have to guess he not only played with Thresher all the way but with the following lineup in all games: Thresher, Buckwheat, Tater, Harrow, Millstone and Jackstraw. These six can work together like no other group. And obviously: Thresher is the new Midas. Disclaimer: the Farmers could be OP but this doesn't deduct anything from the merits of the cup's champion, who deserve a congratulation!
  7. When your opponent threatens to Seduce or PM the ball from you, it is also a viable tactic to not only engage your own ball carrier (who preferably has abysmal kick stats) but move with your other model(s) between the carrier and the expected place of the opponent. In that way you can pretty easily intercept a missed pass and probably autograb it in case the opponent is too far away for an aimed pass and just tries to kick it to a spot to get the ball somewhere near him. And staying behind an obstruction also pays off here since the ball would be blocked instantly in case of missed pass or a shot on the ground.
  8. I think this is a perfect guideline you just presented and should be enough to handle this delicate situation in a pleasant and fair way. Thanks!
  9. So the OPD document is quite clear on the subject: the Controlling Player must have their clock running. But during a game the opponent gets a lot of "option windows" when he or she can decide about Defensive Stance, making a Counter Attack, launching a Counter Charge, moving or not with Unpredictable Movement etc. Making a decision about these issues is sometimes super important and not always easy to make in a blink of an eye (probably you need to check the opponent's playbook, calculating the odds roughly in your head etc.). But thinking about 20-30 secs on your opponent's clock (probably several times during a match) seems not ok. How should we officially handle this? For example, is it ok to declare a charge, announce the target and then pass the clock to the not active player to decide about possible reactions? Or wait a few secs and if no answer comes then push the clock? Or the active player must wait patiently (and as a last resort call the TO if thinking time looks excessive)?
  10. Thoughts on new Ox

    There is certainly a way to do a first activation alpha strike but not with choosing KD for the charge. You need to hit damage on all results. Shoot Legendary and Charge into B2B with Rage Charge attack: 11 dice vs 5/0 -> 76,6% to get a Mom 4 (2+1+1) damage (that is the riskiest part) 2nd-4th attacks all with Bonus Time yield Mom 4 with 85,5% and Mom 5 with 36,3% chance. You need the spike result at least once from 3 attacks which is not extraordinary but you also need the other two to hit the 3rd column. Not unreachable but obviously not a rock solid plan. And because of Rising Anger, Rage can even Counter Attack once and he has a good chance to KD Ox which will eat up a precious MP. On the other hand, you could also be lucky and hit the 6th column during the first strikes to trigger Butchery which makes your life much easier.
  11. Thoughts on new Ox

    In my book 52% is certainly a hard stuff to pull off and in itself makes the plan a coin flip. But the more interesting thing is: apart from using a Plot Card, how on earth could Ox get 4 attacks after a charge? He is a 4/5 model.
  12. Thoughts on new Ox

    It is certainly possible but probably not more likely than a coin flip (assuming you use Def Stance on Rage). So it is a high risk, high reward play but indeed new Ox can at least threaten to delete Rage from 100 to 0.
  13. Counters for Thresher

    Thresher can be dealt with easily if you just look at the stats but the problem is that he has some good friends around. Tater's CC is one thing, Millstone eating conditions for the old boy is another. He has an immense threat range and during a legendary turn not many players can live through a fully loaded, tooled up captain activation. He can pick his fights and usually can even elect to commit late in case there is some real danger in face of a serious counterplay. I have a hard time to imagine any combination that could ruin Thresher's day consistently but will eagerly follow this thread to learn some anti-Thresher tech from more qualified coaches.
  14. Grange Surprise

    Butbutbut... why tinker with Grange and passes when you have Thresher? /ducks in cover Joking aside: good ideas all over
  15. Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Oh, I was playing like a dumb anyway. Could have saved the first turn disaster in a million (or at least 3) ways but instead went on to commit seppuku. And dice wasn't even that bad. I had a game where I rolled 20 dice in a row to get a 5+ and the program managed to present none.