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  1. Ugh I have to say it’s a bit annoying that the season 4 card set is sold out before the pre-order period is even over. I would much rather pay for the higher quality cards as well. Here’s to hoping that the print on demand quality is solid.
  2. Looking to buy Siren and Angel from the Navigator’s launch pack if anyone might be interested in selling. Thanks!
  3. thomasff

    WTB: LE Skulk H: PayPal

    Hoping to locate a limited edition pewter Skulk, most likely just looking to pay cash but I have a number of miniature lines if you’d rather go that route. I’m US based if that matters. Cheers
  4. thomasff

    The Rookies are here!

    Do we know if these are going to be metal or plastic yet? I’m assuming metal. Also, curious if they will be multi-part or single cast, they kinda look like they are going to single cast
  5. thomasff

    Getting to the Fluff

    Personally I like the italics and all, gives the guild ball books character. The first malifaux books had a similar look which I really enjoyed, the streamlined graphics and text that Wyrd has used the last few years seems so drab to me
  6. thomasff

    Season 3 Muse on Minis tokens UK supplier

    I'm really liking the new token sets from muse on minis, they look almost identical to the steamforged tokens but with a few improvements to go on top! Unfortunately, I just got an email back from muse on mini stating that they will not be offering season 2/3 update packs for those of us that have the original steamforged season one tokens. I'm a bit confused, as steamforged stated on their bloq during the black friday sale: Both companies (muse on minis and Frozen Forge) will continue the same style and look of our existing range of tokens - so there will be no need for customers to 're-purchase' existing tokens sets, etc. For those of us that have the original steamforged token sets, I have a total of six, it seems like our option is only to get the entire sets from either company to get our token sets up to date.
  7. thomasff

    Locker room during Steamcon

    Really excited for the upcoming locker room releases, but listening to the last guild ball tonight podcast, if I heard them right, they mentioned that steamforged might put up the special releases on different days during steamcon, not a big deal but hope that's not the case, as it just adds to the shipping costs of multiple purchases for many of us.
  8. Awesome, much appreciated!
  9. thomasff

    Campaign Plot Cards retail release

    Yeah exactly, I just picked up the season 2 guild plot cards and I guess I had just assumed the campaign plot cards would be in the package as well. Again, not complaining that they weren't as I can just download and print out a set, but just hoping steamforged puts out a retail card set soon.
  10. No complaints as I noticed the campaign plots cards are available as a free download but do we know yet when they are going to be released retail?