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  1. King Jareth

    Have cards been reprinted?

    I got the quickstart cards with my Angel and Siren I got from the Steamforged store along with some Black Friday goodies. Cant wait for them to reprint them as the ones from my printer look rubbish compared to the ones that came with my minis (colours and readability-wise) and it does seem odd that they're selling the minis with completely outdated cards.
  2. King Jareth

    "Frozen Balls" 10th Jan 2016 Doncaster Sanctioned Event

    Ticket bought now to get permission from the wife. and paint the minis. I supposed I should buy them all too.
  3. King Jareth

    Collected Guild Ball Resources

    No Battlehammer....straight onto the naughty list for you Sir. Also some Hot Gates Gaming
  4. King Jareth

    Vassal cup/tournament

    Not the most resounding success of a thread. This might be better left until the forums more active.
  5. King Jareth

    Terrain Tales

    Bit late but if you go to a 'proper' timber place to buy it (like Arnold Lavers) they can cut your massive mdf sheet up for you and darn precisely too. I got a full 2400x1200 (metric!) sheet cut into 300x300 squares to make modular terrain for Ambush Alley a few years back and it cos a quid or so more but they are all exactly the same size and square (which is harder to do yourself than it sounds) with the added bonus it was easier to get in the car.
  6. King Jareth

    Vassal cup/tournament

    Now the Vassal modules been out for a little bit why not have a bit of friendly competition? Random ideas:- 6 player teams or 3 player teams instead for speedyness? Cup or League? Use the same team all the way through? Prizes include congratulations from the Wights of Bragging Bay and extra Props for your aging goal post. Inherent problems (not to be all down about it) - Those pesky timezones. Yay? Nay? Hip hip horray? Yays Gary SaBo me I guess Maybe Cats Laughing
  7. King Jareth

    Unofficial QSR Module

    Thanks guys.
  8. King Jareth

    Guild Ball Vassal Module

    You can currently do that with wsad FPS style.
  9. King Jareth

    Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    A quickie on first look, the measuring tapes are out by a factor of 10 (the pitch is 360 wide for example). Edit-Just saw the tooltip, Also the player roster windows seem to have an extra Scrollable List, Im guessing its for some future purpose (to have multiple counters to differential playing the same team on both sides?) but you could rework it to "team panel(Panel)-player list (Scrollable List) - then multiple player single pieces" and it'd get rid of the middle scroll list which doesnt do much. Looks cool so far and looking forward to trying it out on a proper game.
  10. King Jareth

    Unofficial QSR Module

    This is redundant now so it might as well be deleted.
  11. King Jareth

    Guild Ball Vassal Module

    Hey I'm right here! It aint as pretty but it was meant to be a stopgap solution. Keep up the work Gary, looking forward to trying your module out.
  12. King Jareth

    Substantial paper dolls

    I glued both sizes of the image of the players to a piece of regular corrugated cardboard from a box, cut them out and then pushed them into spare Warmachine slotter bases, a bit sturdier and interchangeable to boot. Another option could be using foamcore.
  13. King Jareth

    Guild Ball Vassal Module

    I like your pitch a lot more than mine, looking forward to taking it for a spin.
  14. King Jareth

    Unofficial QSR Module

    Updated with Masons and Morticians plus a few bits. Details in OP.
  15. King Jareth

    Unofficial QSR Module

    Done some updates, info's in the OP.