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  1. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Scoring without Momentum

    I second bathoz' suggestion. There is a "Last man standing" rule in Infinity that works quite well and I believe it could work here too. 1 automatically generated MP would make sense fluff-wise (as the crowd cheers the last remaining player on) and could work out well game-balance wise. It sure would add some drama and action to the game and give the remaining player a fighting chance. As for mascots and scoring - I do not see why they shouldn't. I would find it utterly cool if my opponent managed to score a decisive goal with their mascot. They are one of the coolest aspects of the game, will have cute miniatures and see no reason why they should not be able to become starplayers in a pinch
  2. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Terrain Rules....released to everyone!

    Can a ball be intentionally kicked at soft/hard terrain ? So far the soft terrain rules only refers to the ball scattering into it. However in some situations it may be helpful to aim at a wall etc. If so, how much would it scatter in that case since there is no "remaining scatter"
  3. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Hello from the vacuum of humanity

    Once more welcome to the forums! I am sure You will find a group of nice gamers eventually. And in the meantime you an use the Vassal module to play virtually with the rest of us
  4. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Substantial paper dolls

    So say we all! Really looking foiwrad to getting those!
  5. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Substantial paper dolls

    Good point. However the varnish I use to airbrush is rather cheap and my paperdolls are laser-printed so they should not run. I like the thin coat I can achieve by airbrush
  6. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Substantial paper dolls

    Hmm I believe I am going to airbrush my finished paper/platic dolls with clear varnish once they are done so the paper is waterproof as well. That should make them even more durable.
  7. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Spitballin': The Seamstresses' Guild

    Sorry to hear people are narrow-minded enough to make it difficult to find gaming groups, Shamanat. I don't know where you live, but should you ever look for gaming groups in Vienna, You'd be most welcome.
  8. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Learning to Paint

    Glad to hear I am not alone Mako! M< friends tend to mock me for my lack of painting speed even though they like the results
  9. Old_Man_and_Sea

    A pinch of Salt...

    Thanks for the input chaosvt - I hadn't seen teh reply until Gary pushed it back up. (I'll blame that on my phone...). The crowd out bonus does make sense and with his speed should be easy to achieve, but that aside i'm still rather unsure as to how to use him. I agree with you Gry! Seeing Mat and Rich use them might really help get a better idea. Though with Princess I do at least see the damage potential with Momentum/buffs/crowds (poison is quite annoying imo)
  10. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Team-Building ?

    Indeed. I hope the max 10-12 minis/team will come true.
  11. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Mastering the Morticians

  12. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Fluff on goal kicks

    Fair enough James It can be done... If i'm lucky I'm gonna go to Edinburgh in summer, and we're probably going to fly via London, but I am afraid that is as close as I am going to get to Ipswitch this year. We try to go to England at least once a year though, so maybe we can manage to shedule a game at some point @F2K MAybe i'll give it a try once I have some more time on my hands.
  13. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Fluff on goal kicks

    Allright James, since you put so much effort in it so will I. Alas I have little time due to the final exam on Friday, so apologies for the bad quality but I could not be bothered to get out my tablet. I really need to get to bed Anyway.. without much further ado - my take on the truth on GB goals:
  14. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Guild Ball Vassal Module

    My apologies! I had totally overlooked this! That is great to know. I will check it out on the weekend. Thanks for the work and pointing me there
  15. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Guild Ball Vassal Module

    Thanks Gary! and Thanks Mrs. Gary! You'Re doing a great job and I am very much looking forward to seeing your work in action, enabling GB players from all over the world (and the Forum!!! ) to play together