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  1. 24" threat Avarisse moves 7", Greede deploys in base contact giving a extra 1" (and a little bit) for his base size. Sprint 6", WtG 4" and kick 6" I wouldn't rule Snakeskin out. She is a nightmare to take the ball from and can help the footballing side of a Midas list. I am not saying she is a better choice than the others but she isn't as bad as she looks at first glance.
  2. Alarum

    The Sanchex Cup Sign up!!

    Edit: I have to scratch due to family visiting and possibly complicating my availability...
  3. Alarum

    Prospective Alchemist

    Yes. You don't need to push them if you don't want to.
  4. Alarum

    New to Guild Ball & Alchemists. HELP! :)

    Vitriol has been seen as the all star, auto include, only mode worth taking from Alchemists for so long that other models couldn't possibly hold a candle to her brilliance. Most notably displayed in the AlcheUnion list where Midas, Flask and Vitriol were joined with Decimate, Hemlocke and Mist. (This list can't be anymore used due to the new union restrictions) Vitriol is superb and you will rarely regret taking her, however in a Smoke list I find I get more use out of Venin. I have subbed out Vet Kat for Vitriol on the occasions I play on the table top instead of vassal because I have not received my Vet Kat yet. She is still great in the team but intensify from Vet Kat is extremely useful.
  5. Alarum

    New to Guild Ball & Alchemists. HELP! :)

    @Ratty why do you prefer Flask? I can see the cloud being useful to jump Smoke to safety. Vet Kat is going to be all the intensify you need (well... you can never have too much intensify). Is there something I am missing? I don't want to be missing out. Haha Mercury is a great baller for a Midas team. T on one hit and 4 dice kick allow him to get stuck in and kick out while still being engaged. While he is in there he might even lay down some burning to models in his aura. The extra fire AoE would be gravy!
  6. Swap out Compound for Venin and Flask for Naja. My 9 would be Midas, Smoke, Naja, Venin, Mercury, Calculus, Vitriol, Vet Kat and Harry. Midas, Naja, Venin, Vitriol, Mercury and Harry make a decent ball team Smoke, Naja, Venin, Mercury, Calculus and Vet Kat are brutal with conditions. (My favourite line up in season 2. Got an extra inf in season 3!) Naja is pain to remove especially twice in a game so should be able to help out with Gang ups and Crowd outs. Venin has good range on his kick and can tank the middle of the field and still provide the 2 inf Compound was.
  7. Alarum

    New to Guild Ball & Alchemists. HELP! :)

    I use Smoke, Naja, Mercury, Calculus, Venin and Vet Katalyst. Vitriol is great but Venin can tank the midfield and possibly double your condition damage. At the very least he will eat your opponents momentum. I have gone anywhere from 2 goals and 1 take out (vet Kat) to 4-5 take outs (also vet Kat) to win. This is all before the season 2 changes so I have now gained an Influence to Mercury. Harry might have a place in the team if you want to do more scoring but then I would replace Mercury and Venin with Harry and Vitriol. Hemlocke is roughly the same as Calculus with more utility and less health She is also more of a footballer with easier access to tackle results (something I miss on Calculus). If you intend to use Harry, Hemlocke won't be able to be on the same team due to union restrictions. You can set up a pretty neat castle with Compound. He stays near the goal and Mercury and Calculus stay in range so he can charge anyone who tries to attack them in melee. That leaves Smoke and Vitriol to track the ball down and score while leaving your goal protected. Whatever models you end up choosing will still make fun team. Enjoy playing them!
  8. I will be using the same list I have been trying on vassal. Smoke, Naja, Calculus, Mercury, Venin and Vet Katalyst. It got slightly more influence efficient with Mercurys changes. Capable of scoring goals and take outs. Last match had Vet Katalyst score 10 points in take outs on his own with intensify and one use of his heroic. Smoke had picked off One of Katalysts first victims and Kat started the last turn with a 6 point activation to win. I was looking to score but my opponent did a great job of keeping the ball away from me all game.
  9. Alarum

    New Captain Season 3

    That is the first thing that I thought as well. Can't wait to get my hands on some more background.
  10. Alarum

    So ummmm who won?

    Blackheart and Corsair were shown in the stream. I can't remember the Butchers captain used.
  11. You now always have the Momentum for blessing of the sun father if you go second as well. No longer relying on Theron to generate it.
  12. Alarum

    I feel like you folks will be interested in this...

    He still feels like Blackheart but with a sharper blade. No longer a blunt instrument. He is going to be a hell of a lot of fun to play.
  13. Alarum

    I feel like you folks will be interested in this...

    I really like these changes. Looks very flavourful and fun to play. He will be a nightmare to defend against.
  14. Alarum

    Calculus over Hemlocke?

    Venin will get success from any source of poison. With Calculus, Smoke, Naja and himself all handing out or spreading it with ease he can usually tag a couple of players with his heroic. If I have to use Venin early in the turn I will still use his Heroic if able. If I hit two or more players I am already either doing 5 damage in the maintenance phase or removing 2 or more momentum from them later in the turn.
  15. Alarum

    How about some more Spoilers for S3?

    Don't Touch The Hair...you mean something like Clone? oh wait....