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    I am a self employed artist. I design, create and build fictional museum artefacts based on Mythology, Folklore and mythological creatures

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  1. james ewing

    Substantial paper dolls

    I made these way back when the kickstarter was still going on. I am going to make some of all the teams at some point, just so that I can play test the different teams and figure out which team works best for me.
  2. james ewing

    Terrain Rules....released to everyone!

    Also, if play strays too close to the animals they could get spooked and stampede causing further chaos in the game. Imagine trying to win/keep control of the ball with half a ton of angry beef wanting to run through/over you
  3. james ewing

    Game Mat

    Very cool. Do you mind if I ask how much it set you back?
  4. james ewing

    May Day is coming soon

    That sounds like a whole lot of fun and an extreme amount of chaos I will look forward to hearing how this one works out
  5. james ewing

    MORE Substantial Paper Dolls!!

    I look forward to seeing your work Stormshine
  6. I've been waiting to get my hands on these guys for a while now. Can't wait to get a game going with them If you want to do the same with yours you will need:- A print out of the Paper Dolls An A4 sheet of 3mm Styrene plastic. Or which ever thickness you wish to use. A word of caution though, using plastic over 2mm makes it easier to cut and gives the miniatures a little heft. You can find Styrene sheet in your local model shop or with a quick look on Ebay. Fine sand paper Paper glue Super glue A piercing saw and blades A sharp knife (I recommend something like a Stanley knife. Something hardy that you can put a lot of pressure on) A ruler start by cutting each of the paper dolls out as neatly as possible. Fold them completely in half (as you would if you were making normal paper standees) and cut along the fold (above their head.) Cut off the semicircle of base paper that is attached to the bottom of each half and set them asside for now. Take your sheet of ABS plastic and cut a strip 30mm wide. This can be done quickly and easily by using your sharp knife. Using your ruler to guide you, score a deep line (starting with a light scoring line to stop the blade from wondering when you start apply pressure) then snap it off by bending it over the edge of the table, applying pressure to both halves. Lay the first paper doll on the strip of plastic to measure how big a piece of plastic you need. Using the knife method above, cut of a piece big enough for the first figure. Give the plastic a light sanding with your sand paper to give the glue something to anchor to. Glue the paper doll to either side of the plastic, taking care to get them as symmetrical as possible. Cut another square of plastic big enough to clue both sides of the paper base to and follow the same guidelines above. When you are happy that glue has set use your piercing saw to cut out the pieces. As you can see, I have left a small border around the figures. This of course, is down to personal preference. A word of advice for those who have little to no experience with a piercing saw:- As you can no doubt see, the piercing saw blade is extremely thin. Around the same thickness as 3-5 human hairs. If you move the saw too quickly the plastic will melt around it. This can cause problems as, when you slow down or stop, the plastic can grab the blade and it will probably snap as you try to free it. If you use steady strokes this may not be a problem. Take the time to get to know the saw and how it behaves with the job in hand. Also, remember that it not you that is cutting the plastic, but the saw. DO NOT but too much pressure on the blade as it will snap and you will not get a clean cut. This is where your insurmountable patience comes into play. Just move the saw and let it do its job. When you have cut out your pieces you will notice that the paper on the reverse side is a little ragged around the cut edge. Take your sharp knife and carefully trim off the bits that are too ragged. Neaten the edges as you see fit. Stand you newly cut out figure on its base in the position you intend the finished piece to be. Draw around the bottom of the figure onto the paper base then cut away the paper of the base where the figure will be standing. This will give you two clear plastic edges (the feet of the plastic figure and a strip of plastic in the base) to be glued together with the super glue. Scrape away any paper glue and paper residue left on the base and glue the figure to the plastic base. You may find a few rough edges that need a little further cleaning but that is pretty much it. Enjoy
  7. james ewing

    Terrain Tales

    Hmmm, a nine piece (or possibly more for even more variety) modular Guild Ball pitch. I like that idea
  8. james ewing

    Terrain Tales

    Loving your work mate
  9. james ewing

    Terrain Tales

    Excellent work dude, I'm looking forward to future updates. For me, building the terrain and setting the scene is just as much fun as playing the game. I'm going to go for a 4'x4' board myself so that I have a clear 6" all the way round to build more scenery. Can't wait to see more of your work. I have the 2003 GW scenery building book and another one by two guys called Timothy Hall and Jonathan Sutherland. I can't wait to get cracking
  10. Thanks Matt. I thought they might have been
  11. As the time draws nearer for us to choose which teams we are sent as Kickstarter backers, a thought occurred. The 3D renders and finished miniatures of the four team Captains that we have all been drooling over are absolutely amazing, but are they the Kickstarter exclusive poses? or are they the retail poses? I think I know which two teams I will be requesting and I have already made up my mind that I will be taking advantage of the Kickstarter exclusive pose option. I only ask because I'm curious
  12. james ewing

    Kickstarter T-Shirt

    That's a cool idea! I have to admit that I share your sentiments about the official T-shirt Black T's with a small GB logo on the right breast and a full figure picture of the Guild captain, of your choice, on the back
  13. james ewing

    Real World Vassal

    This is a really nice idea mate. Maybe one day we'll be able to face off across the field of glory and see how they play
  14. james ewing

    Terrain Rules....released to everyone!

    If your intention is to use the wall to get the ball to another member of your team, then you wouldn't be kicking the ball to the wall, you would be kicking the ball to a team member VIA the wall. So you would still generate MP for a successful pass
  15. james ewing

    Guild Ball LARP

    Toddlers in mascot costumes running around the same field as ten fully grown men and women wielding foam rubber latex weapons while trying to play football and beating the living snot out of each other? Sounds perfectly feasible to me. A plan with no drawbacks