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    Rulebook, pg 19: Playbook Damage (DMG) – A playbook damage result reduces the current HP on the target enemy model by the number shown. Damage caused as an effect of a character play is not a playbook damage result. Empathy prevents momentum generation from a playbook result with multiple effects if one of them is a playbook damage result. (i.e., you are correct)
  2. If a receiving model makes a Snapshot, the kicking model may not make a Pass&Move.
  3. For purposes of Line of Sight, an intervening model is any model between the origin and target that the line is drawn over. It is not related to an intervening model as defined on Pg 16. We will take it under consideration if this wording needs changing.
  4. Henry

    Smashing face (Pintpot)

    For Smashing face: Models are not targeted by this play - there is no TN test. Models are not "hit" by this play - models suffer the effects of this play without being "hit".
  5. Henry

    Minerva Nocturnal Hunting

    Correctly answered.
  6. Henry

    Auras with on-going effects

    Rule book page 9: A model enters when an advance, reposition, or placement of that model causes it to become within an aura, an ongoing effect AOE, terrain, or another effect. A model would enter Mercury's aura when it moves, not when Mercury moves.
  7. Correctly answered by Spinsane and Silversmith, and good natured all around. Thank you all.
  8. Henry

    Veteran Fangtooth Trait

    Inspiring Hat only makes Pass and Move and Snap Shot cost 1 less MP. It does not make Potbellied Pass cost 1 less MP.
  9. The placement of the bleed effect onto the models are simultaneous. The controlling player (Fillet player) decides the order they are resolved. The Millstone player may take the effect from one friendly model that suffers the condition as it is once per turn.
  10. Henry

    S4 terrain question

    Pg 10: Bonuses and penalties from the same named sources aren’t cumulative. You would not get the benefit twice in this scenario.
  11. Pg 19: Models may not be repositioned or placed during a parting blow. Vodoo Strings may not be used during a parting blow.
  12. Henry

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    Correctly answered - the ball scatter is part of the Taken Out sequence, it would not be simultaneous with the free action.
  13. Correctly answered - Voodoo Strings may not be used twice on a model with Stoic.
  14. Henry

    S4 Clone

    Will update when the guys get back from SCUS. Checking...
  15. We're checking a number of interactions with Remote Control, hopefully update when the guys return from SCUS. Checking...
  16. Henry

    Spending MP

    Pass and Move/Run the Length may be used ONCE after a successful Pass to another model/Shot
  17. Henry

    Spending MP

    Bonuses and penalties from the same named sources aren’t cumulative.
  18. Correctly answered.
  19. From the collected clarifications: Character Play Playbook Result:- The result is to trigger a character play. If the result is a momentous result and the effects of the character play are invalid or can be ignored by the target model, the attacking model still gains a momentum as the effect of the result (the play being triggered) has not been ignored. Scenario 1: Decimate takes 2 DMG, you gain 1 MOM, Gluttonous mass triggers which ignores the Character Play. Scenario 2: Decimate takes 3 DMG, you gain 2 MOM, Gluttonous Mass triggers which ignores the Character Play.
  20. Sorry, please wait for the season 4 release before asking season 4 rules questions.
  21. Henry

    S4 Rataclysim range

    Please do not use the rules clarification forum for speculation.
  22. Blessings of Old clarification: Blessings of Old:- Damage caused by a Character Play attack result is "from" the attack action. Damage effects triggered by movement of a model is "from" the action that caused the movement. Damage effects triggered by causing damage or by a take out are "from" the action that caused the damage or take out. A Parting Blow is a separate action from the advance that triggers it. Blessings of Old has no effect on damage that is not from an action. (I.e. condition damage in the maintenance phase, damage from Grim Caress)
  23. Question was asked about S3 Salvo. Question answered.