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    The Navigator's Guild

    I know little about Fish having only played with them a couple of times and not liking it. But one thing I've seen from them is that a missed shot can destroy their game. Horizon moves 9" and shoots with 1 inf. If you miss that shot and he's hanging around the backfield he can punish any team that doesn't go out of its way to recover a ball from a missed shot. As I say, complete Fish rookie, but that's what it seems to me.
  2. Henry

    Vharmony vs hunters prey

    VHarmony would be snared.
  3. Veteran Fangtooth cannot be picked for a Fisherman or Brewers team.
  4. Henry

    Football Legend

    Question has been answered.
  5. You do not need MP to use Nocturnal Hunting. An action does not need to be currently taking place to use Nocturnal Hunting. (This wording was added during review to prevent Nocturnal Hunting from interrupting an action)
  6. Henry

    Football Legend

    Page 8 of the online rulebook has all the rules for what a team is and how one is chosen. There are two separate teams. It is in the rules.
  7. Henry

    Football Legend

    "They then select models from an extensive roster to make up their team for the game" A team is the models selected by a player from a roster. The roster is defined by the chosen guild. A team is not any model on the roster or from the guild. A team does not include models selected by the opposite player. A team does not include models that a player doesn't select to make up the team.
  8. Henry


    You may counter charge in the maintenance phase. If unable to engage the target model, the charging model may charge in any direction (Furious models often do this to get a free sprint). Counter charge may only target the model that finished the advance. The charging model cannot charge any other model.
  9. Henry

    Keep Your Chin Up!

    The first time a model on the friendly team uses Come On Mate!, not the first time for every model.
  10. Henry

    Knockback Character Trait

    From the rulebook: Push – The target model suffers [1”] of Push movement for each arrow shown on the Playbook result. Combine all Push results from an Attack into a single Push movement. Knockback is not a Playbook Result, so it isn't combined with the other Pushes. From the collected clarifications: Knockback:- The Push and Dodge occur after Playbook results have been resolved.
  11. Henry

    Football Legend

    From the rulebook: Pre-Game Guild Ball is a game played between two teams of equal sizes. Players agree to a game size before picking a Guild to represent. They then select models from an extensive roster to make up their team for the game. Also if a model is not on the pitch it's aura cannot be measured. I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, so does this answer your question?
  12. Henry

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    As well as the Honour missile, she makes the Mallet missile better too. By handing influence to him after his first activation you can make Mallet sprint once, jog for the second advance and still get four attacks. Chisel enables you to soak up a KD effect, making it harder for the opponent to stop the missile. And finally if Chisel kicks off she can be in position to lend an assist to the missile. She all around makes the missile better.
  13. Henry

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    I used to use oChisel for ball retrieval. Quick, 2" melee and easy tackle and if I want damage I'm aiming for momentous 2. vChisel does this and more and easier. She's replacing oChisel in every game for me.
  14. Henry

    Shooting behind the goal

    Kick distance is measured "within" range (i.e. closest point of the model's base to closest point of the target's base). Kick Path is drawn directly towards the target (i.e. from the centre of the kicking model's base to the centre of the target's base). The goal-post and models do not have a "behind" or "front".
  15. Henry

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    That's the effect of losing the Union in Chains event - getting a vet model of an existing player.
  16. A model may only benefit from Come On, Mate once per turn. This remains true when using Keep Your Chin Up! and Nocturnal Hunting.
  17. So, here's my efforts. I'm much more proud of the Mason's, I don't think the Union turned out quite so well.
  18. Henry

    Two fish in a tank...

    Two fish in a tank. One says to the other "How the hell do you drive this thing?" Thank you, thank you. Yes, the slowest painter in NATO returns with the fish that have been on my table for three months. I quite like them, however this was the first time I've used spray varnish and I'm not terribly convinced. Think I'm going to go back to brush varnishing in future. This is going to be my last painting effort for a while. In fact the last physical hobby thing I'll be doing for a while. (bloody job!) Off to finally learn how vassal works.
  19. Henry

    Veteran Chisel

    Honour's hammer? The Chisel models are, I think, some of the best in the catalogue. I can only hope the veteran one is as good.
  20. Henry

    Burnish flame belch

    Correctly answered.
  21. Henry

    Another Ferris Question

    All is good. If you have any more rules related questions be sure to post them in the rules sub-forum, where your friendly, approachable and easily bribable rules lawyers will endeavour to help you out.
  22. Henry

    Game balancing the butchers

    And of course Casket Time. Although Casket Time has the dubious honour of being the only play that lasts beyond a turn and still has an effect upon a model, even after the accompanying token has been removed.
  23. Henry

    Faithful of Solthesius in May

    Thanks, that was a peculiar game. I know Dom's one of the top farmer players in the country but I couldn't see where he planned to get the rest of his VP from. Played them three times last night against Hunters. First game Mist scores immediately, dies, then it's impossible to get the ball back and I get wiped out. Second game doesn't get past the first couple of activations. Mist whiffs, gets taken out and it was going to be a rinse and repeat of the first so I called it. Third is a little better. First turn I get the whole team to move forward so that the strikers aren't isolated. Mist scores a lucky goal (that really should have been a repeat of the first two games), Brisket pops the legendary, using the dodge to get a ganging up bonus on the model I'm tackling, and scores. Amazingly Grace gets a take out on Hearne (five inf, getting two damage each roll thanks to lots of ganging up and knocked down). Harry pushes a model close to the edge of the pitch and Mist gets the final push to win the game. Moment of the game was Benediction spotting a model in close range with the ball and barging his way through the team to make an attempt on goal. Would have been spectacular if it worked. So my initial thoughts in no particular order: Momentum generation is an issue. Mist needs his inf to ensure the goal, so can't waste attacks trying to get momentum for the goal. Harry and Benediction are the guaranteed momentum generators, so they can't afford to sit back. Your opponent does well to not trigger Rising Anger until after the Church have committed. Take outs are tough. I had to spend ten influence in one turn to take out an already wounded Hearne (his team was in one half of the field completely surrounding Benediction while the entirety of my team was in the other half fully surrounding Hearne). I also got lucky that my opponent foolishly let a model get close to the edge of the pitch for a push off. Take outs are possible, no doubt, but that is almost a game in itself. The team is vulnerable to take outs. Your strikers naturally want to go after the ball, but that leaves them isolated and vulnerable to gang ups. Benediction is key here. He stands in the centre of the pitch and comes to the rescue of stranded strikers. Committing the strikers without this support can be fatal. Tac 4 sucks. In a normal Union team Mist can gain Tac bonuses in many ways. In Church his only bonus comes from gang ups. As he's off on his own so often this makes his playbook very hit and miss, especially when you are right on influence. Goals that need a tackle on route are not reliable at all. You can find yourself sacrificing your striker for no VP in return. The dodge from Brisket's legendary is essential for getting a gang up bonus, helping you hit something good in the playbook. With Aplomb is worthless. In a normal Union team an extra VP opens up different paths to winning the game. One VP makes almost no difference to the Church game. Brisket also has an OK chance of getting it on the playbook thanks to Tac and Def modifiers in a Union team. Church has none of this, so you're entirely reliant on Brisket's natural Tac to get it. Against a 4+/1 you're wasting your time. Playbook is everything. This team does no damage from its plays. Only two models have plays that affect the enemy, and one of those is Pride, who is limited to affecting goal shots. So really only Harry affects the enemy. Aside from him you can't reposition the enemy, you can't slow them down or make them weaker or more vulnerable. This team has to make attacks to achieve anything. That means you have to be close to the enemy if they are in your way. There's no Lure or Puppet Master here. No Deadbolt, Unexpected Arrival or Tidal Surge. You're whole game relies upon what you can do with your models, not what you can do to your opponent. (I dread the thought of a Church on Church match up. One of the Benedictions gets the ball and it will be the slowest, most boring grind of a game). So those are just my first thoughts and I'm open to suggestions on how to work around the problems I've encountered.
  24. From the collected clarifications: Reinforced Plating:- works on the immediate effects of the Character Play that directly affect Burnish himself (damage, conditions, plus anything that has a SUSTAIN effect). If Burnish spends 1MP to use Reinforced Plating when hit by Crop Dusting, he would ignore the 2 DMG to himself. All other effects of the play would work as normal.
  25. Henry

    Season 4 Playtesting Event

    That's mighty tempting. Would even give me an excuse to visit the old folks for the weekend. The only downside is that I'm only really experienced playing with one of those teams.