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    S4 Rataclysim range

    Please do not use the rules clarification forum for speculation.
  2. Blessings of Old clarification: Blessings of Old:- Damage caused by a Character Play attack result is "from" the attack action. Damage effects triggered by movement of a model is "from" the action that caused the movement. Damage effects triggered by causing damage or by a take out are "from" the action that caused the damage or take out. A Parting Blow is a separate action from the advance that triggers it. Blessings of Old has no effect on damage that is not from an action. (I.e. condition damage in the maintenance phase, damage from Grim Caress)
  3. Question was asked about S3 Salvo. Question answered.
  4. From the collected clarifications: Reposition:- a model may not reposition or place during the resolution of a parting blow. and: Swift Strikes:- Cannot be used to Dodge after causing damage due to a Parting Blow. No, you may not dodge from a parting blow.
  5. Henry

    S4 Snakeskin Revealed

    I just wrote something lengthy eulogising the old Snakeskin, but realised it's probably not appropriate. She was not perfect and was probably rightly regarded as being below average, but she had a bag of tricks that were at times rather effective. While the differences look minor, this new Snakeskin doesn't work at all like the old one for me so I'm going to have to work out what I'm supposed to do with her. The differences don't look a lot but are actually very big. The reposition costs now, so when you allocate influence you got to be sure you know what you want the reposition to achieve. Shadowlike enabled you to disengage for free and pick your target. Where'd they Go allows you to engage Unpredictable models at a cost. The two are almost uncompareable. The Tackle Dodge, which was one of the best results in the game, is more effective at 2", but it was never easy to get before and is now even harder on the 4th column, and it is no longer momentous (so what do you do once you've got the ball?). When you wanted to cause damage with her you were after 2 net hits. It was cheap and easy damage with a poison kick. Now it's on column 3 and, unless Gutter changes, she's competing with an Anatomical model with a 2" reach. That's not a good sell for a model that's supposed to have changed to contribute more to Take Outs than her previous version. When the rest of Union are released we may see where she fits in, but it's not a straightforward improvement on the old model. She's got a 4 influence 20" goal threat range (charge, easily achieveable double dodge, Where'd they Go, shoot). Beautiful suggests she wants to hang on the wing (and so probably benefits a fair amount from the gameplan cards). She requires a very different way of playing that I don't quite understand yet.
  6. From the collected clarifications: Action:- Heroic and Legendary Plays are actions, they must be declared to be used and cannot interrupt another action
  7. Taken Out occurs after the model is removed from the pitch, so Noxious Death and Overheat have no effect.
  8. Smashing Face is a Character Play. Apply all the effects of the Character Play (step 2.5 of the sequence of a Character Play), then check for the model being at 0HP (step 3.0 of the sequence of a Character Play).
  9. Answers to questions so far. We are working on a clarification, so please keep asking questions: Suppose Mainspring ends an activation within 3" of Ebb and suffers damage from Deletion, reducing it to 0 hp and triggering Overheat. No action is taking place. Does Ebb take 2 or 3 damage from Overheat? 3 damage as it is not an action. Same for resolving conditions. Suppose Squeak charges Ebb and wraps, dealing 1 playbook damage and triggering Dreadful Squeak. The advance from that character play causes Ebb to take parting blows from several other Navigators who take playbook damage results. How much damage does Ebb take from each attack? Maximum of 2 damage from each parting blow. Each parting blow is a separate action. If Ebb sprints face first into Minx's three traps does he still suffer only two damage as the sprint is only one action? 2 damage from the three traps as it is one advance action.
  10. At step 2.5 of the attack sequence: 1) Select playbook results based on number of successful hits. 2) Apply playbook results.
  11. As quoted from the rulebook: "While a Player is in control of another Player’s model, that model may not move over obstructions." You may not reposition or advance an opponent's model over an obstruction - so no Lure, Tidal Surge, Push, etc. Under S3 rules you may place an opponents model on an obstruction - but this will not be allowed under S4 rules. From the recently updated Collected Clarifications: Over:- means two or more game pieces sharing the same space, not including touching.
  12. Henry

    Stamina and conditions

    No, Stamina is used at the beginning of a model's activation, which is step one of the sequence of an activation. Take a Breather is an action and is used at step two of the sequence of an activation.
  13. The collected clarifications thread has been updated (20/08/18). I hadn't realised how far behind it had got. This will likely be the last update for season 3. As well as updating new traits and plays, things to note for this update include; Game Plan deck clarifications, Some clarification on 0" movement, Clarification on the friendliness of game effects when a player temporarily becomes friendly to the opposing team. Cheers everyone.
  14. There are frequent rulings, but most of them are reiterations or explanations of existing rules that someone needs help with. Actual clarifications are few and get updated as needed. We have been focusing recently on clarity for S4, but I'll have a look later to see if the S3 clarifications are missing anything essential. Thanks.
  15. Henry

    Skulk's Pest Control

    Correctly answered.
  16. Henry

    Apply sturdy after KD

    Correctly answered by @Sonny: Sturdy, as with close control, only counts events that occur after the ability has been gained.
  17. We often do little bits of tinkering in the background and only say it was "updated" when there's been a substantial overhaul. Was there anything specific that you think is missing from the clarifications?
  18. Lightning Reflexes: Once per turn when an enemy model ends a Dodge within the aura, this model may immediately make a Jog directly towards that model. The Jog occurs immediately the dodge finishes. You do not wait for the end of the attack.
  19. An important note is that the place istelf would not trigger counter charge or rush keeper. It would be triggered at the end of an advance.
  20. Henry

    The Navigator's Guild

    I know little about Fish having only played with them a couple of times and not liking it. But one thing I've seen from them is that a missed shot can destroy their game. Horizon moves 9" and shoots with 1 inf. If you miss that shot and he's hanging around the backfield he can punish any team that doesn't go out of its way to recover a ball from a missed shot. As I say, complete Fish rookie, but that's what it seems to me.
  21. Henry

    Vharmony vs hunters prey

    VHarmony would be snared.
  22. Veteran Fangtooth cannot be picked for a Fisherman or Brewers team.
  23. Henry

    Football Legend

    Question has been answered.
  24. You do not need MP to use Nocturnal Hunting. An action does not need to be currently taking place to use Nocturnal Hunting. (This wording was added during review to prevent Nocturnal Hunting from interrupting an action)