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  1. I agree with what's been said about the melee zones. They aren't necessary and you can play just fine without them. But there are circumstances where they can speed up your decision making or give you the exact information you need. They're top of the list for "luxury'" tokens - ones that you don't need, but you're really happy you got them. They're certainly far more useful than the ball paths.
  2. I'm of the same school as many - ask a specific question, get a specific answer. Much of the fun of the game is combining effects and attack results to achieve something that isn't immediately obvious (can you tell I'm a Blackheart player?). In play effects should be marked. If you ask your opponent what their current base/max MOV is the answer should include effects and auras. To not do that is not in keeping with the rules of revealing all information. But that doesn't mean the answer should include what a player could possibly do with plays or by directing an advance over fast ground or using Gliding. Ask your opponent if they have plays that could give a bonus to MOV, ask if they have traits that give them a reposition. Or just look at the card. But it shouldn't fall on the opponent to tell you what they have planned. I consider it unsporting to expect that level of reveal. Asking for a threat range is an unfair question, and getting caught by a gotcha because you didn't ask the right question or take traits and effects into consideration is your fault and equally unfair to blame on your opponent.
  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback so far, this will be an ongoing effort. As stated before, this is NOT a rules clarification, it may have some errors. Always assume rules clarifications overrule this tool. Regarding the timing sequence, while a player cannot choose to use an action in the Start and End of Activation steps (i.e. they can't use traits in the "Active traits a player may choose to use during a model's activation" list), an effect or ability may resolve that allows a player to use an action (i.e. from the "Active traits a player may choose to use when the defined requirements are satisfied" list). This is in accordance with the timing sequence on Pg 51.
  4. Sadly I got called away again, no idea for how long. I'll be in touch when I'm back.
  5. As Siberys rightly points out, the key word here is friendly. You get the bonus if you are Friendly Guild, you do not get the bonus if you are not Friendly Guild. A model friendly to a Mortician player would not be friendly to a Fisherman player.
  6. Most Wanted Puppet

    Correctly Answered.
  7. Correctly answered. Pg 35: Push – The target model suffers [1”] of Push movement for each arrow shown on the Playbook result. Combine all Push results from an Attack into a single Push movement.
  8. A model in base to base with an obstruction may be moved away by the opposing player. The relevant rules are: Pg 48: While a Player is in control of another Player’s model, that model may not move over obstructions. Collected Rules Clarifications: A model in base contact with but not on top of an obstacle may move away from the terrain piece without counting as moving over it.
  9. Parting blows do happen in the Maintenance Phase. The model carrying out an action is the Active model. It is not a models activation in the maintenance phase. To answer the original question, at present any damage caused to a model suffering conditions during the maintenance phase causes the model to suffer +1 DMG. Please add any feedback you may have on this to the Alchemists GLC thread.
  10. Perfectly answered by @Siberys.
  11. A model that Advances, Dodges or is Pushed 0" has not moved. Note the identical use of "moves" in Pitfall and Big Game Traps that has this ruling: A model may choose to Dodge 0”. This does not count as movement and doesn’t trigger any effects that trigger from movement (e.g. traps).
  12. Correctly answered. From page 28: 1. After paying applicable costs, the active model declares a target-spot, target friendly model, or target enemy goal-post within their kick-distance. 4. • If the target is a target-spot, place the ball-marker centred on the target-spot and immediately scatter using the kick-scatter rules. So pick a target-spot within the kickers range then centre the ball on that spot.
  13. Only played Hunters twice. Once with a Theron/Hearne line up. Hated it. Never, ever want to play that again. Second time was a Skatha, Seenah, Ulfr line up. Scored a goal first activation with Ulfr then fast used fast ground and snowball to propel the bear into the enemies face. Loved it. I think Hunters have a very difficult line up to strike a balance with. Only team I can compare it to is Morticians - I just don't get them. Never had a problem against them and don't understand how to win with them. I do wonder how much of a person's success at the game comes from finding the team they click with. Of all the teams I've dabbled with, none give me the glee I get from controling the field with the first team I ever tried - Blackheart Union.
  14. @Kogan Style How do, I'm back in the country. Do you still fancy a game?