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  1. Honour2 - Fields of Wheat

    No checking required. Friendly and enemy markers are removed by Fields of Wheat. The Harvest Markers that are placed are friendly to the model that places them, and remain so.
  2. Fertile Soil + Field of Wheat

    If the Harvest Markers are placed in a rough ground AOE positioned by a friendly Ploughman then this is correct. Correct.
  3. Honour2 - Fields of Wheat

    Fields of Wheat affects friendly and enemy Harvest Markers. Any markers placed by Fields of Wheat are friendly to the model placing them.
  4. Vet Honour?

    Unless I get told otherwise (which is possible) there's no restriction on friendly only.
  5. Vet Honour?

    How useful is she into mirror games given that Fields of Wheat works on all harvest markers?
  6. No. Using the trait Crazy is an action. It cannot interrupt another action. We are checking on Soul Seer.
  7. Correct, resolve all effects that are triggered at the same point before checking for taken out.
  8. As with all triggers, determine what triggers at the same point before resolving effects. Once an effect is triggered it cannot be un-triggered. In this case all three jawbone traps would trigger at the same time, then the effects are resolved.
  9. vet minx traps and tough hide

    No, Tough Hide only affects Plays and Playbook Results. Jawbone traps is a trait. Similarly, Jawbone Traps does not benefit from Tooled Up or any other ability that grants bonus damage to Plays and Playbook Results.
  10. Character Play

    Mako, not content with being an amazing painter and running a fabulous forum, has correctly answered the question.
  11. Correctly answered. The model under Seduced is only friendly for the duration of the pass. After the pass they are no longer friendly when the Snap Shot is made.
  12. There is no contradiction. Nothing on page 20 tells the player to remove the taken out condition from models. The only time that removing the taken out condition is mentioned is as a result of returning a model to the pitch, which is detailed on page 21.
  13. Reverie and Counter Charge

    You are correct, the counter charge happens at the end of the advance and before the shot part of the action. This is exactly the same way a counter charge interrupts a charge after the advance and before the attack.
  14. You can not do this as nowhere in the rulebook does it say you can do this. Page 21 details how to bring a model back onto the pitch that is suffering the taken out condition. The removal of the taken out condition is predicated on the model returning to the pitch. If the model does not return to the pitch then it does not remove the taken out condition.
  15. Shooting On The Goal

    After costs the only restriction to taking a shot is that the goal post must be within the model's kick distance. The goal post itself has no front, side or rear, so the shot can come from any direction. If you have any further rules questions please come and post in the Rules Clarifications forum. We have a thread there called Collected Clarifications that contains lots of answers to frequently asked questions that is also worth a look.