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  1. Henry

    Football Legend

    Question has been answered.
  2. You do not need MP to use Nocturnal Hunting. An action does not need to be currently taking place to use Nocturnal Hunting. (This wording was added during review to prevent Nocturnal Hunting from interrupting an action)
  3. Henry

    Football Legend

    Page 8 of the online rulebook has all the rules for what a team is and how one is chosen. There are two separate teams. It is in the rules.
  4. Henry

    Football Legend

    "They then select models from an extensive roster to make up their team for the game" A team is the models selected by a player from a roster. The roster is defined by the chosen guild. A team is not any model on the roster or from the guild. A team does not include models selected by the opposite player. A team does not include models that a player doesn't select to make up the team.
  5. Henry


    You may counter charge in the maintenance phase. If unable to engage the target model, the charging model may charge in any direction (Furious models often do this to get a free sprint). Counter charge may only target the model that finished the advance. The charging model cannot charge any other model.
  6. Henry

    Keep Your Chin Up!

    The first time a model on the friendly team uses Come On Mate!, not the first time for every model.
  7. Henry

    Knockback Character Trait

    From the rulebook: Push – The target model suffers [1”] of Push movement for each arrow shown on the Playbook result. Combine all Push results from an Attack into a single Push movement. Knockback is not a Playbook Result, so it isn't combined with the other Pushes. From the collected clarifications: Knockback:- The Push and Dodge occur after Playbook results have been resolved.
  8. Henry

    Football Legend

    From the rulebook: Pre-Game Guild Ball is a game played between two teams of equal sizes. Players agree to a game size before picking a Guild to represent. They then select models from an extensive roster to make up their team for the game. Also if a model is not on the pitch it's aura cannot be measured. I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, so does this answer your question?
  9. Henry

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    As well as the Honour missile, she makes the Mallet missile better too. By handing influence to him after his first activation you can make Mallet sprint once, jog for the second advance and still get four attacks. Chisel enables you to soak up a KD effect, making it harder for the opponent to stop the missile. And finally if Chisel kicks off she can be in position to lend an assist to the missile. She all around makes the missile better.
  10. Henry

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    I used to use oChisel for ball retrieval. Quick, 2" melee and easy tackle and if I want damage I'm aiming for momentous 2. vChisel does this and more and easier. She's replacing oChisel in every game for me.
  11. Henry

    Shooting behind the goal

    Kick distance is measured "within" range (i.e. closest point of the model's base to closest point of the target's base). Kick Path is drawn directly towards the target (i.e. from the centre of the kicking model's base to the centre of the target's base). The goal-post and models do not have a "behind" or "front".
  12. Henry

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    That's the effect of losing the Union in Chains event - getting a vet model of an existing player.
  13. A model may only benefit from Come On, Mate once per turn. This remains true when using Keep Your Chin Up! and Nocturnal Hunting.
  14. Henry

    Two fish in a tank...

    Two fish in a tank. One says to the other "How the hell do you drive this thing?" Thank you, thank you. Yes, the slowest painter in NATO returns with the fish that have been on my table for three months. I quite like them, however this was the first time I've used spray varnish and I'm not terribly convinced. Think I'm going to go back to brush varnishing in future. This is going to be my last painting effort for a while. In fact the last physical hobby thing I'll be doing for a while. (bloody job!) Off to finally learn how vassal works.
  15. Henry

    Veteran Chisel

    Honour's hammer? The Chisel models are, I think, some of the best in the catalogue. I can only hope the veteran one is as good.