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  1. I apologise for not properly cleaning up that previous thread. Hog Wild and Oooh... Ball! should both be considered to have the "except during an advance" clause. This has no effect upon any other play or trait causing repositions and movement. Regarding Minefield: it is only the model making an advance that would trigger Minefield. Other models repositioned as a result of the advance would not trigger it (this applies to models moved by Ramming Speed too).
  2. Stave Can't Take Life Anymore

    While the push isn't a voluntary movement, the distance being pushed is voluntary. Stave can not push himself or other friendly models off the pitch. A controlling player may not voluntarily move or place a friendly model off the pitch.
  3. Skulk Goal Rats

    Correctly answered by Coach Z. A ball is placed before the scatter when the target is a spot (steps 4 and 5 of the kicking sequence). Other traits that have an effect upon a free ball (most notably Oooh.. Ball!) have had to have rules clarifications that the trait can not be used until after any scatter has resolved. That's what the wording in this rule overcomes.
  4. Skulk is a new Spook

    A failed shot on goal scatters in a direction determined by centering the kick scatter template over the goal post and measuring from the edge of the goal post to the centre of the ball. This gives you the final landing spot. The ball path is then drawn from the kicker to the final landing spot. Any terrain on the ball path causes the ball to react as described in the terrain rules. As the goal post is a barrier this means that quite often the ball is placed touching the goal post.
  5. Skulk is a new Spook

    The wording says "resolving" and not "resolved", so it can't be used until the kick is resolved (it can't be used before the scatter). Once the kick has been resolved the trait can be used.
  6. Wake up and smell the chains!

    I wouldn't worry about waiting til season 4 - even if the Union get wiped out in the fluff they'll still be playable as a Guild. The Union were getting big though, so maybe this is the way of saying they're done with that guild, no more models needed. sBrisket, Benediction, Grace and Mist can become dual guild with the church. TheUnion is dead, long live Blackheart!
  7. Least errata impacted players

    I think Loved Creature did get an errata to make it friendly guild as it affected quite a few mascots. Boiler also got a minor errata to make Assist friendly only.
  8. Both Pitfall and Big Game Traps only trigger when an enemy model moves within 1" of the trap-marker. Friendly models do not trigger the trap-markers.
  9. Measuring For A Free Ball

    From the collected clarifications: Ball ScatterScatter Rolls (pg 30)Scatter distance:- All measurements involving the ball being scattered to land as a free-ball are edge to centre. This does not apply to unsnapping the ball, as it simply has to be placed within an inch in that case. Cheers.
  10. Old Father's Harvest - New Farmers box

    Anybody want an alternate Millstone? She's got some beef on those arms!
  11. Cast Preview

    I love how much her sculpt looks like Riley Freeman. I may have found a paint scheme for my Blacksmiths.
  12. Rage cannot be the target of a friendly Puppet Master play, but can be the target of an enemy Puppet Master/Lure. From the collected clarifications: Maverick has no effect on an enemy Siren's Seduced or Lure, or an enemy Obulus' Puppet Master and Rage would perform the action just as any other model.
  13. 1 year playing feedback

    I'm not a Hunters player, only used them a couple of times when we randomly draw teams. I'm Blackheart Union at heart, so any time I can dodge around the field and not have to have a set target of take outs to goals I'm happy, which is why Skatha works for me. Like I say, Jaecar is close to auto-include, there are times where there are better options. His trap can be brutal at shutting down an opponents movement and Gut and String is a power house of a character play (and so easy for him to reliably get). If you can pin him down he gets taken out easy, but catching him is the hard part. Can't find the Aussie, but the Canada Nationals was won with Zarola in every game by @CrazyBlaine.
  14. 1 year playing feedback

    Another one of the things I love about this game is that there are no internet lists of "you must take this combination of models to win". While most teams have only a selection of 12 or so models, with Union support, the different way they are used on the field makes no two games the same. And that often means that players rate different models at different levels. Whenever I see Egret on the other side of the field it makes me happy, because to me it feels like the opponent is only playing with five models. Jaecar on the other hand - when he came out the closest model I could relate him to was Decimate. Except he's Decimate on steroids! I still have a fear of the guy, he can single handedly disrupt a whole turn's worth of planning. He's the closest thing, that I can think of, to an auto-include in the game. I've tried Theron - absolutely hate his play style, but I've played with a Skatha/Ulfr/Seenah build and I love it. Being able to threaten goals and takeouts with a highly mobile team - yes please. I add Jaecar and Minx or Zarola to this and I can play this team in a similar fashion to playing "dodgy" Union. I think there's an Aussie who's won some titles playing as Hunters and uses Zarola in every game.
  15. Hi, we're currently checking something related to Reinforced Plating. Will update when we can answer more questions.