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  1. Correctly answered by @Jecko Online rulebook, page 43; "Playbook When a model selects a momentous result during an Attack, the friendly team gains [1] MP." Momentum is generated when results are selected, before any results are applied. The check for Hale and Hearty is done at this point.
  2. Bolt + Good Marker

    Correctly answered. There is a difference in meaning between advance, standard-advance and additional-advance. An advance can mean any jog, sprint or charge. A standard-advance is the one free advance that a model gets when it is its activation. An additional-advance is any advance which is not the standard advance. Additional-advances are usually gained from traits and plays. Hope this helps.
  3. Bags and Storage

    There's a fair bit of room to put extra stuff around the foam pads. Sorry for the low quality pic, here's what fits in mine. That's four full teams, dice, tokens, measuring sticks, templates, collapsible dice tray, 2D terrain, markers and character cards. However, this is now full. I can squeeze in a couple of extra models if SFG release any more for these teams, but that's it full.
  4. @Mootazis correct, he can only give up possession during Skulk's activation.
  5. No, if Skulk has the ball and is at 0 HP then the scatter occurs when he is taken out at step 3. So long as he is not engaged, Skulk could give up possession of the ball whilst carrying out the jog from Lightning Reflexes, but this is a place and the ball will not scatter.
  6. From the Collected Clarifications: Re-roll:- Unless specified, a re-roll may not be further re-rolled. Normally you can't re-roll a re-roll, but the Initiative phase does tell you to re-roll tied results. Keep rolling until someone has a higher net-initiative roll. (we anticipated this one, which is why the "unless specified" wording is there)
  7. Gravity Well

    From the collected clarifications: Movement (pg 22-24)There are two types of movement - Advances and Repositions. Placement is not a Movement. Advances:- All Jog, Sprint and Charges are Advances. ...Repositions:- Dodges and Pushes are Repositions Gravity well takes effect at the end of an Advance. A dodge is a Reposition, not an Advance.
  8. GB resolution for –18?

    To stay in the country long enough to actually play some games.
  9. Bags and Storage

    https://www.krmulticase.com/product/cases/AQ6-B This holds 4 of my teams perfectly (though it's getting kind of tight!). I used trays F4H, F3H, D3H and a Pad-H to sit on top of the D3H. Don't worry about the deeper trays saying they are only 32mm deep, they hold vet Katalyst for me just fine and the Pad-H gives you some flex to work with.
  10. From the Collected Clarifications: First Time/Next Time: This means the first or next time after an effect was applied (remember that this does not overrule any Once Per Turn limits a play or trait may have).
  11. Weird Forum error?

    For me it's not happening on mobile chrome, is happening on desktop.
  12. Correctly answered by both @Megaladonand @ningu. The counter attack occurs at the end of the attack, before the original model gets the chance to declare it's next action. You may not use Take a Breather before the counter-attack. Page 43: Counter-Attack After the active model resolves their Attack, the target model may then make an Attack against the origin model, if able. Page 53: Attack sequence 4. After the Attack is Resolved Effects and abilities that trigger when an Attack ends. Think of it this way - Take a Breather is an action. So is making an advance. If you declare an attack and your opponent declares a counter-attack, you can't make an attack and then make an advance before your opponent gets to counter-attack. Same applies for a momentous action.
  13. Save a swift strike?

    ? Swift Strikes is not passive. It is definitely in the "active traits a player may choose to use when the defined requirements are satisfied" list. Berserk uses the words "During its activation" to show that the trait may be used at any point in the model's activation (provided you've already done damage). Swift Strikes doesn't use these words, it may be performed at the point when the defined requirements are satisfied. If it isn't used when the requirements are satisfied then the option is forfeited.
  14. Character Play Cost

    To add to what has already been said, I think this may be your point of confusion. A "P" means that a play can only be triggered by play-icons from the playbook. But that doesn't mean that only a "P" can be triggered from the playbook. Nor does it prevent an "n" or "S" from only being triggered from the playbook (i.e. you can't pay influence to trigger them). "n", "S" and "P" can all be triggered from the playbook but they have different targetting restrictions which ningu has layed out.