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  1. Jay Finnegan

    Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    Hey guys!! Sorry this thread has gone unused im prolifically bad when it comes to forums but its not acceptable to neglect those of you who use Facebook so i will make a conscious effort going forward to keep this updated!! Few things you have missed...Every vengeance attendee gets a shiny goal token for free!! check out below!! Also on the Saturday evening there are a few fun things going on! Firstly Mat Hart and Rich Loxam are both in attendance so will be doing a short Q&A on the Saturday evening, as well as Steamforged Games attending and live streaming the top table throughout the weekend! The Element Games North West Gaming Centre are offering a large Domino's pizza and a drink for £10! whats better than pizza and a beer and us all hanging out and having a laugh right? The options are as follows: Original - Cheese & Tomato Pepperoni - Double Pepperoni BBQ - BBQ sauce, Chicken, Ground Beef Spicy - Jalapeno peppers & Tandoori Chicken Hawaiian - Ham & Pineapple Veggie - Peppers & Onions I would ensure you do this quick by sending via friends and family paypal £10 to guildballinformer@gmail.com stating your name or all names you are paying for and pizza choices! Need these ASAP guys! - Again apologies for the lack of updates guys i will ensure this is regularly checked and updated going forward along with an updated player list! Thanks GBI Jay
  2. Jay Finnegan

    Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    OK! First of all thank you each and every one of you for purchasing tickets you all rock my world!! If you are not already please join the Vengeance 2017 facebook event which you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/events/685454734947957/ I've been working late to get the accurate player list organised through and ready for you guys. PayPal had some dips in uploading your payments in real time so the event actually oversold by 6 tickets so those people I will contact privately and offer a refund immediately or keep the money for when spots open up if they choose (for reference around the top 20 in reserves made it in last year!). Remember access to the reserves list is gained by emailing guildballinformer@gmail.com and they will be logged in order of date you emailed so get a mail fired across to get on the list fast! Player list will go up in the Vengeance 2017 group tonight or early tomorrow AM in the details section if you need to check it for any reason and any issues please PM me directly that's the easiest way to sort and I will see it quickest. If you would also like the attendee list here in the forum please let me know and i will paste it across when done. Yet again thank you all and much love and heres to a tip top weekend of war gaming!!!
  3. Jay Finnegan

    Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    Fair buddy the dates thing was totally on me and I ammended where i could but alas missed some. That being said I can run an event and i think Vengeance is testament to that as anyone who attended last year will back me up on i am sure... Again sorry for the miscommunication here.
  4. Jay Finnegan

    Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    Vengeance 2017 tickets are ON SALE NOW! An entrants list for Vengeance 2017 will be uploaded this evening in the event page (link below) and I will be monitoring ticket sales as best I can throughout the day. Vengeance will be held on the 13th and 14th May at the Element Games North West Gaming Centre in Stockport. The link to the event page is: https://www.facebook.com/events/685454734947957/ Tickets are available Now by sending £25 to guildballinformer@gmail.com friends and family payment please!! This event is going to be better in every single way and can’t wait to get our great community back together for a weekend of laughs, toy soldiers and fun…Ans I must warn you this will sell out FAST if the interest and last year’s ticket sales are anything to go by!! If we sell all 128 tickets every attendant will get a super secret gift as part of their goodie bags like nothing you have ever seen before!! Lastly if you have bought a ticket or attended last years event please take to social media and share it with the gaming world and let them know this is the event of 2017 to attend!! Much Love GBI Jay
  5. Jay Finnegan

    Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    No exciting stuff yet but all will be revealed soon and all i can say for now is that if we sell this out like last year every attendee will get something unlike anything ytouve ever been given before at a GB event! Big things coming and lessons learned from last years event to make this a gaming weekend to remember! Jay
  6. Jay Finnegan

    Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    wicked hope you pick up a ticket will be a good weekend! I neglect the forum sometimes but will make sure the thread is updates with all the exciting stuff as i share it!
  7. Jay Finnegan

    Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    hi guys sorry on the delay running upto xmas has been nuts!! loving the enthusiasm and hope you all can make it! Yes it is 13th and 14th my bad!! Tickets are available from 10am GMT on the 29th December, £25 to guildballinformer@gmail.com by paypal. Hope this helps guys! Jay
  8. Hey Guys Vengeance is back in 2017 and is going to be on the 13th and 14th May as the newly refurbed NWGC in Stockport! Firstly, thank you for the phenomenal buzz around not just Vengeance but GBI too!! Means a lot and I love you all! Now – down to business! VENGEANCE TICKETS ARE ON SALE 29th January at 10AM! Be prepared J - Initial allocation 64 TICKETS! Tickets will be £25 and available via PayPal to guildballinformer@gmail.com friends and family payment. People paying early will be refunded…. sneaky sneaky!! This will include access to 3 days (that’s right I will be running fun formats on the Friday too!) With lunch provided on the Saturday and Sunday! Same as last year this will initially be selling at 64 tickets and then if you show me like last year that we can smash that without an issue then we will go big time 128 again and show the world how good our Guild Ball community is! I can guarantee you won’t regret attending we learned a lot last year and I’m dying to show you all some of the things planned but it will blow your mind I promise you that, and I don’t say that lightly!! Any questions get in touch guys I honestly can’t wait to show you what we have planned for this year!! Thanks guys! Jay x
  9. Jay Finnegan

    Adepticon 2016 Chicago Open - March 31st to April 3rd

    not cool - note to self never leave forum open on work PC someone pranked me!
  10. Jay Finnegan

    Clocked out & round time called

    hey guys. Oli - I ruled it correct at Grinstead as i checked the OP for clarity at the time. At grinstead player A was on 10VP and activating and player B was on 9VP Upon me calling the round end due to time player A ended his activation and gave the VP to player B - therefore a 10-10 draw.
  11. Jay Finnegan

    Vengeance 2016 - Manchester 14th & 15th May

    Vengeance 2016 has only 16 TICKETS LEFT!!! come on guys the support has been amazing but imagine how epic this will be if we sell out and be the worlds first 128 man event!! Going to be a weekend to remember and with 64 games of Guild Ball going on at once who wouldn't want to be a part of it!! Get in touch and claim your ticket before its too late!!
  12. Jay Finnegan

    Vengeance 2016 - Manchester 14th & 15th May

    Guild Ballers!! After the what seems pointless vote its clear...VENGEANCE IS GOING TO 128 PLAYERS!! Tickets are on sale NOW!!!! Payment made via paypal (friends and family) £25 to guildballinformer@gmail.com! Going bigger means we can of course give you more for the weekend and if we hit 100 players we will add a 2nd team painted by Yggdrasil Painting Studios added to the raffle amongst much more!! Get your tickets fast as the reserves list is bursting and lets show the wargaming world what the Guild Ball community can do! This will definately be a weekend to remember!! Cheers guys Jay, Chris and Jamie
  13. Welcome one and all!! Guild Ball Informer and the GBHL Podcast (Jamie of steamforged news fame!) Would love you all to make it along to Vengeance 2016! The first ever 64 man event in the NWGC in Manchester - Home of guild ball!!! We are going to make this a weekend to remember, we have game creator Richard Loxam playing along with some of his trusted playtesters, WCWW podcast, the battle hammer and a group of the coolest community I have had the pleasure of being a part of!! We have prizes such as a fully painted team of your choice by Yggdrasil painting studios, GBI swag, a golden boot and golden knuckle award, best in faction over the weekend for all 9 teams and a 'Beat the maker' award for anyone who can slay Rich Loxam and his fishies!! See below links to the announcement video with more info and the event facebook group!! https://www.facebook.com/events/546027982241008/ We really hope you guys can make it (its selling out fast!) as meeting the community is the best part of this hobby and in return for you guys coming alone we will put on a weekend to remember!! See you on the fields of glory!!!
  14. Jay Finnegan

    Finding space for Avarisse and greede

    some of you ma know i love avarisse and greede....and not just because its the single coolest model in the range!! Agreed the extra activation thing is insane....throw it into masons and you have 8 a turn thanks to honour/harmony!! the other thing is avarisse now being DEF3 base is great and i think using him in a fashion similar to fangtooth which is run in and stick singled out on as many people he can get, and also gain momentum and knock down if he hits it on his playbook. Also as mentioned above greede is prime candidate for a snap shot. Multiple models being singled out is a dream come true for your brewers and butcher teams (and gutter haha!!) If you play Avarisse aggressively and smart like above hopefully he isn't dead If not and you win the roll off to go first thats prime time to detach and then recieve a snap shot with Greede....then dodge him back within 1" of Avarisse to boost his defense afterwards. Will he die...Maybe but worth the 4VPs and them investing the INF into doing it and you still have 6 players on the pitch. Avarisse and greede are my heroes Give it a try!
  15. Jay Finnegan

    Decimate, gold trim, nmm.

    Nice work!