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  1. I think she didn't have feet at all.
  2. So I stumbled across this while I was showing someone the different models: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/the-union-in-chains-decimate-week-two Was this going to be adressed somewhere? Just thought it was strange since it marks a rather big change from the original renders.
  3. Hi there. Andrew aka @LeadDiceBeers recently mentioned a desire for a tactics article on Harvest markers on Twitter. Now while I don't claim to be a leading authority on the subject, I have played Farmers exclusively since the WTC and been theorycrafting since their rules release. I attended my first tournament with them on Saturday and placed 2nd with a 2-1 record, with my one loss coming against a score heavy Alchemists team that ended up 11-12. With my dubious bragging out of the way, I am going to share some of my thoughts on Harvest Markers and their use in the game. I will concentrate on the models available in the first box plus Tater, due to his availability as a ltd. release. To start things of, one should take a look at the models that deliver the Harvest Markers (Planters) and those who have an actual use for them in game (Reapers). What we (should) know so far... If we anticipate the Farmers to have an even access to Planter and Reaper models (6 a piece), we know the rules of every Planter available: Grange (Captain), Peck (Mascot), Harrow, Jackstraw, Millstone, Ploughman. These models can be divided into 3 categories with 2 representatives a piece: Automactic, Active, Reactive. Automactic Planters (Grange and Millstone) can place 1 Harvest Marker without the need for any other ressources. In their case it is the Trait Planting Season. Grange of course is able to place up to three Harvest Markers with the use of his Legendary Huge Tracts of Lands. Active Planters (Harrow and Jackstraw) have to spend Influence in order to use their Character Plays connected to their placement of Harvest Markers. With correct placement Harrow gets an Automatic element due to Look Busy. Semi-automatic if you will. Jackstraw also offers the only offensive option to place Harvest Markers. More on that later. Reactive Planters (Peck and Ploughman) facilitate the placement made by other models (Fertile Soil) or only place a Harvest Marker under very specific circumstances (Fertilizer). When it comes to Reapers, we again assume that Fallow makes it an even six: Thresher (Captain), Buckwheat (Mascot), Bushel, Fallow, Tater, Windle. These models can also be divided into different categories assuming Fallow follows the trend shown by the others. The categories are: Active and Active/Passive with three (?) representatives per category. Active Reapers (Bushel, presumably Fallow, and Windle) gain a bonus, special ability or both by removing a nearby Harvest Marker from the Pitch (Big Breakfast and Cabbage Punt so far). Active/Passive Reapers (Thresher, Buckwheat and Tater) either have access to a Character Play by removing a nearby Harvest Marker from the Pitch (Don't Fear The..., Carrot & Stick, Cropping) or gain a special ability or a Trait simply by being close to a Harvest Marker (Crow Scarer, Territorial, Fork Off!). That's all very fascinating but where do babies Harvest Markers come from? As mentioned in the beginning, this post will concentrate on box 1 + Tater so let's talk line ups. As a general rule of thumb you should aim for at least three Planters. While Grange gives you one Marker every turn and three in his Legendary, Peck's Planter ability is, as mentioned, situational at best. Thus Harrow, Jackstraw or both should be added which leaves you with three options: #1: Grange, Peck and Harrow, who give you an average of 2 Harvest Markers per turn. This can easily go up to all 5 in Grange's Legendary or with Harrow in Melee. #2: Grange, Peck and Jackstraw, who give you an average of 3 Harvest Markers per turn. Baring a Peck take out, this line up can only go above 3 once, in Grange's Legendary. #3: Grange, Peck, Harrow and Jackstraw, who give you an average of 4 Harvest Markers per turn. As you can guess, with this line up you can easily manage to go up to 5 through a variety of means. No matter the option chosen, you should aim for an average 3 Harvest Markers a turn. Using these line ups leaves you with a maximum of three potential Reapers in your six. With the Union options of Grace or Benediction filling very useful roles for the Farmers, depending on your style of play, on average we are looking at two Reaper spots in your team. The siblings (Bushel and Windle) are both Active Reapers, while Tater's Passive ability is arguably the one that sees the most mileage out of his two. Therefore looking at our different options you generally place more Harvest Markers than you remove from the pitch. And where do I put it? Alex Botts already mentioned this in a Twitter conversation but there is generally no reason to place Harvest Markers in front of your line other than as bait, to set up some Jackstraw teleport shenanigans or the ocassional Crop Dusting take out. In the majority of games I've played so far, I found that my opponent almost never went for the sprint removal of Harvest Markers other than the ones that had been placed very poorly by me. Removal by charge also only happens when the opponent gets a valid angle to get to the target. In games against models with control plays, make sure to place your Reapers in a way that doesn't leave them out of reach of the Harvest Markers that are supposed to feed their respective abilities. Also remember that Harvest Markers are a good way to block repositions. Other than that, just place them where they don't hinder your own movement or sneakily prepare a Jackstraw escape route for ball killing purposes. To reap or not to reap... The last thing to consider is when to reap your Harvest Markers for extra Influence. While this is of course highly situational, my answer would be to always reap at least one. On average your line ups will have 12 Infuence to start with which doesn't look bad on paper but those Farmers are a hungry bunch. On the other hand, I found it to be ideal to start out with a Harvest Marker every turn. Going back to my thought about how many Markers to place in a round, this leaves you with one to reap during a turn, one to reap in between and one to leave for the next round. To be continued... if you guys want to So there you have it. Maybe this sheds some light on the whole issue, maybe this is all super obvious and I wasted a lot of time (yours and mine) for which I am sorry. If it is the former, than I certainly hope that you've enjoyed the read. I would be grateful for any comments and/or constructive criticism to help me decide if I am to continue this thread with the release of the second box and any other further releases. Until then thanks for reading. Cheers Leo
  4. In order to support @Spacebug 's bid for Decimate, I played my Farmers into Alchemists yesterday. My line up consisted of Grange, Peck, Bushel, Harrow, Jackstraw and Grace. I used the Eat Hearty GIC and had Field Dressing, Sic' Em and Wingback for my Plot Cards. My opponent played Smoke, Flask, Calculus, vKatalyst, Mercury, Vitriol. He used the Watch the World Burn Identity and had the Brace for Impact, Man Marking and Super Fan Plot Cards. I got to receive and claimed the ball with Grace and passed it back to Grange. My opponent put his models into position on his left flank, posioned Grace with Calculus and left Mercury in a central position to put Grace through some fiery pain. Smoke did her AOE shenannigans which left Grange and Grace Burning and Poisoned and Harrow Poisoned. I activated Grange who had previously been Tooled Up by Harrow, passed the ball to Harrow and used the Dodge to get closer to Mercury, shook my Conditions , jogged over and started beating on him. For my last activation Bushel sprinted into cover on my left flank, called to Harrow for the I am open pass and passed the ball back to ensure my Momentum advantage. I started with Grange in Round 2 and took out Mercury, which resulted in a 2-0 lead and the following board state. Throughout the rest of the game, I took out vKatalyst with Grange on top of Turn 3 and shot a goal with Bushel at the end of the same turn. I lost Peck though. 8-1 In Turn 4 I clocked myself and took out Mercury again to make it a 10-2 game. However, my very next acitvation resulted in a Jackstraw Tap In goal for the 12-2 win for the Farmers. Finally, the Farmers could continue to distribute their Moonshine through the Brewers' channels without fearing the Alchemists messing with their all natural approach to getting drunk after work or a game.
  5. DasLeo


    So with the majority of spoilers concerning the Blacksmiths nowadays, is there any inkling when we will learn something more about the last remaining Farmer model other than artwork and a name?
  6. DasLeo

    Anvil & Sledge Cards

    Sneaky indeed. Also very interesting as it seems to imply that the Blacksmiths may choose their Captain Model among the Masters available to them (an Apprentice as Captain wouldn't make much sense, at least fluff wise).
  7. DasLeo

    Stop Slacking

    Cool. Thanks for clarifying!
  8. DasLeo

    Stop Slacking

    Much appreciated.
  9. Just to make sure: At the beginning of the game, if I use any Farmer model other than Windle to kick off and end my Advance in his "Stop Slacking" aura, he gets to make his 1" Dodge, correct? Cheers Leo
  10. I would say that it definitely comes down to a lot of practice especially in a tournament setting. Having a strong local meta certainly helps as well. Play games in which you focus on specific aspects of your game. When your opponent is up for it, try to squeeze in situational practice (Kicking off, receiving, 1 Minute activations, specific board states etc.) I also feel that GB take most people a while to truly "click" even, or especially when, you're an experienced wargamer. While the dynamics of the ball mechanic are a huge aspect imho, I have seen a lot of players going through a couple of guilds before finding their personal sweet spot. Hope this helps a bit Cheers Leo
  11. DasLeo

    Football Focused Morticians

    Agree with what has been said by others. I am currently testing Obulus/Scalpel Vileswarm Bonesaw B&M Graves Mist I am still getting used to S3 Bonesaw but I do feel that the more players you have that threat the goal Turn 1, the better. While I agree that Obulus makes for a better ball control team, I am also a fan of picking Scalpel to kick off with. 2, 4 or even 6 point opening moves are a thing.
  12. DasLeo

    oHearne compared to vHearne

    Sorry if I misread that part but you do realize that you can take both in your 9 though, right?! Page 5 of the OPD: Players may select both an original and a Veteran version of a single named model in their 9 model rosters.
  13. DasLeo

    Second wave - mascot +

    Just to clarify, they are pre-assembled multi part figures.
  14. DasLeo

    Welcome to the Farmer Sub-Forum

    Can't wait. Any spoilers on which aspects of the Harvest Marker rules will make it into the release? So far the common theme seems to be a very low Influence input from the Reapers (Bushel 1/4, Windle 0/2, S2 Tater 1/3) so the S2 rule of exchanging Harvest Markers for Inf during the Maintenance Phase would come in really handy.
  15. DasLeo

    The curious case of... Vileswarm?

    No it's not. The example was Scalpel attacking Flask.