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  1. PIckles

    Basing Mist

    Mine snapped at the ankle & did not leave much to pin. I greenstuffed his lower leg to a spare ball I had. It's not elegant but as it mostly in shadow it does not look too bad, not that I have very high standards
  2. PIckles

    Season 3 Creation changes

    Or play another game that you do find fun..... But seriously, hard control is annoying for opponent because it stops them doing what they came to the game to do. There is an asymmetry of "fun" - you still get to do your thing (stop him doing things) & he does not get to do his. The same applies to egregiously high damage or fast aggro (in MtG say) or to a ranged focus in some systems. I do not however thing GB has super hard control, just some control effects which as Mr Hall points out are part & parcel of many games like a bit of range & a bit of unusually high damage. You can still mostly play your own game. Meanwhile on topic, you actually have to take out new Dirge 4 times to make it worse than before in normal circumstances as outside time out violations the 3rd VP is largely useless.
  3. PIckles

    Scalpel Card Released

    Nothing to see here
  4. PIckles

    Scalpel Card Released

    Well given your Tiger produces 5 fuel a turn to your MkIIIs 4 that is not an issue here. Though I have thought of my own counter argument - Obulus does not really get very good value from his influence. He needs 5 just for the threat of mind control plus X & while he is quite a good beater this is from volume of attacks not quality of attacks. You can get more damage or other value from the influence used on other models if you end up not Puppet Mastering. The threat of it to play around is a big deal for opponents though of course. Anyway you can use a virtual 8 influence with Scalpel - I fancy trying her with Casket now to drag people into his box.
  5. PIckles

    Scalpel Card Released

    Which is still less than it would be if you put it some resources into your best unit. I am not saying Scalpel is bad just that this argument is not very compelling. You don't need to spend as much influence on her as she has less impact on the game. It's more relevant if she provides some support functionality that makes the value of the influence of other models more efficient - such as bunching enemies up for Unmasking or Scything blow. It will be fun to find out whether this is the case. She reminds me of Grayle in Hordes - speed 7 & sprint with lacklustre damage. She seems interesting & subtle though just not really out there like Smoke or terrifying like Fillet (Hammer just seems solid). With Oblulus being so good regression to the mean will make anyone else likely to be weaker of only a little.
  6. PIckles

    Scalpel Card Released

    I feel this is like saying my Panzer III is better than my Tiger as it uses less fuel...
  7. Good analysis of Graves as with your other articles. Except the last part which is overly optimistic speculation I doubt I'll get to Chicago any time soon but Iv'e plenty of Megagames to go to here in England - I'm a bit of a veteran of >50 of them.
  8. Rather OT but you can run them yourself! Of course you don't get to play but you might generate enough interest for other people to run them.
  9. PIckles

    Captain Scalpel

    Unless by "balance" you mean "have a meaningful choice of playable captains" edit: super ninjaed
  10. PIckles

    Captain Scalpel

    It's an Omega actually
  11. PIckles

    Playing football vs beating down your opponent

    Then you are not a Fisherman player And you are not a Brewers player. Ie the team will change this outlook. As Mortician I expect to get a goal & a couple of takeouts then more of either, which is a position I like to be in.
  12. PIckles

    Captain Scalpel

    Coming from Malifaux I am always a bit surprised when the models do not match the concept art. This guy & Katalyst look great in concept & less great in model form. OTOH it can work the other way eg Rage
  13. PIckles

    Ball Token Separate Purchase?

    I can send you one if you message your address.
  14. PIckles

    Are Morticians really "Obulus+some guys?"

    So are Morticians just Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast & some other guys? Obviously they have to take the captain & mascot & Silence has great numbers & makes Dirge better, then everybody seems to love Ghast What is the best Morticians team that does not feature those two? Is there one, perhaps for specific match ups?
  15. Obulus, Cosset, Silence are the reason I got them. I think Ghast has a dorky pose, Graves is a bit nondescript and Casket is a tad lumpen, though only the first puts me off at all.