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  1. Steve

    Match Results

    i think it was the last 2 activations that took most of the time, you really made me think by tempting me with marbles. Good game though Siskey. Look forward to a rematch at some point.
  2. Steve

    Britcon - What You Need to Know!

    I may have missed it but a quick look around on the website and emails and i cant see what time we need to be there to register on the Sat morning? cheers
  3. Steve

    Britcon - What You Need to Know!

    i wouldn't hold out much hope, I got my arse handed to me in a tourney today after going 10-2 up. might have to rethink some tactics
  4. Steve

    Lifedrinker vs Tough Hide

    its in the collected clarifications under swift strikes, third from the bottom on the traits section. Took me a while to find it. might be worth updating the tough hide entry to say that it negates damage but does prevent effects that trigger from choosing a result that would cause damage if not for tough hide.
  5. Steve

    Lifedrinker vs Tough Hide

    http://guildball.com/forums/index.php?/topic/828-salvos-swift-strikes-vs-tough-hide/?hl=ruled#entry6723 This relates to salvo's swift strike and Jamie P confirmed that the last statement made by Phil relating to the order in which damage is caused was correct, that order being, damage is caused, effect is triggered, damage is reduced. it would be the same order for life drinker. Gutter cases damage, effect triggers, damage is reduced. Thus life drinker would work. would be more helpful if the original ruling was linked of course but i can't find that one.
  6. So then, this came up in a game recently. When you charge do you have to go towards the target model at every point of your move. I.e. can you charge past the target model but still keep the target in your melee range (and thus still complete the charge). Page 37 of the rules, first sentence of charging section states: "When a model performs a Charge, it rushes towards and enemy and delivers a powerful attack" This implies its towards but it isn't specific and, in hindsight, reads like 'fluff' rather that 'rules'. The 4th paragraph of the charging section states "Charging models may move up to their max-move and, if able, must finish the movement engaging the target enemy model. The active model then makes a single Attack action (without spending any further Influence) against the target of the Charge, this Attack gains [+4] Tac. 5th Paragraph says "If a charging model does not finish its movement engaging the target enemy model then the charge has been unsuccessful and the active model's activation ends immediately" I have to say, due to the first paragraph of the charge section, i thought previously that the charge move had to be towards the target at every point (and therefore you couldn't charge past since you would be moving away at the point you went past the target). However, since models have 360 degrees melee zones and you would still be engaging the target at the end of the move, the direction of travel relative to the target does not make any difference so long as you satisfy the other requirements of the charging section. Therefore i now think that it is legal for you to charge past but it might be useful for confirmation. I hope thats clear. Apologies Chris i think you were correct, not that it made any difference really.
  7. Steve

    Match Results

    Division 1 Players Steve Vs CDHay Score -12 -6 Winner - Steve 6 take outs for fine upstanding butchers, 1 take out and 1 goal for dirty union good game, dead challenging, top guy.
  8. Steve

    Match confirmations

    I'm sure that would be fine
  9. Steve

    Match confirmations

    game on monday night at 8pm uk time Division 1 Fixture 2 cdhay (Union) v Steve (Butchers) Monday 20th 8pm (UK Time)
  10. Steve

    Casual Game Scheduling

    anyone fancying a casual game on Wednesday night from 8pm uk time?
  11. Steve

    Match confirmations

    you guys open to spectators?
  12. Steve

    Puppet master

    erm, i'm i think you are half right. A model can only unsnap the ball during its activation as per the third paragraph of ball handling on pg 39. But a model can snap the ball whenever it lands within 1" of it. Pg 39 states: "a model that starts its activation or moves within [1"] of a free ball may choose to take possession of the ball token; the ball token will immediately snap to that models base.' the 'or' is the key part it goes on to say 'if the ball token lands or is placed within [1"] of a model, that model may choose to take possession of the ball token; the ball token will immediately snap to that models base. " Therefore you do not need to be active (or indeed it be part of a models activation) to snap the ball. So in the situation as outlined above, a puppet mastered model could snap the ball as part of its move.
  13. yes you can: http://guildball.com/forums/index.php?/topic/677-counter-attacking-a-counter-attack/?hl=%2Bcounter+%2Battack
  14. Steve

    Match Results

    Division 1 Steve vs Nobby score 12 - 4 winner -Steve goal scored - 1 Players taken out - 4 Loser - Nobby goal scored - 1 players taken out -0
  15. the target spot has to be on the goal or receiving player. its made clear in the thread linked by yeti above