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  1. CaptainKindling

    Rugby's First Guildball tournament

    I'm upgrading my status from 'solid maybe' to 'probable yes'. Just need payday to roll around so I can sort my ticket! Guess I should probably start working on a goal token...
  2. CaptainKindling

    Go Nuts-1 day tournament @Sanctuary 7th Nov

    Awesome. I won't be able to pay until close to the event, but I'll definitely be there.
  3. CaptainKindling

    The Union: Rage

    That's how they get you I started off with four - two each for my Masons and Fishies, then realised I just needed Blackheart and Coin to have a working team. Decided to get the starter as it was the most financially practical, then I realised I was only Hemlocke, Rage and Fangtooth short of the set! Then Minx was released so I got her... huzzah! Still need Hemlocke though.
  4. CaptainKindling

    The Union: Rage

    Cheers folks Aye, I was thinking of tailoring their colour schemes to match the guilds I'd be using them with most often (so Rage would have been earthy browns/greens for the Engineers). But once I decided to get the whole Union I thought I'd give them a universal colour scheme so they fit together as a team in their own right.
  5. CaptainKindling

    The Union: Rage

    One of the nice things about living around the corner from work is being able to pop home at lunch time for a bit of painting! Almost finished Rage last night, so just came home to finish him off this afternoon. This completes my Engineers lineup for this coming weekend! I found this guy surprisingly quick to paint - probably 4 hours in total - and am happy with the way he turned out. Roll on Minx!
  6. CaptainKindling

    Bloody Cobble Stones-Tournament@Sanctuary, Notts-22nd August

    Awesome See you there!
  7. CaptainKindling

    Engineers Guild: Ratchet & team lineup

  8. CaptainKindling

    Engineers Guild: Ratchet & team lineup

    The Engineers do seem to be the lookalike guild, with the love child of Nicolas Cage and Benedict Cumberbatch being there as well (Salvo).
  9. CaptainKindling

    Bloody Cobble Stones-Tournament@Sanctuary, Notts-22nd August

    Nothing yet. Really hoping it's still on seeing as I've just finished painting the Engineers up especially!
  10. CaptainKindling

    Rugby's First Guildball tournament

    I'm going to have to go down as a solid 'maybe' for this one! Between RAC renewal and a family birthday it's going to be a tight month, but if I can manage it then I've got whole heaps of new toys to try out!
  11. CaptainKindling

    Bloody Cobble Stones-Tournament@Sanctuary, Notts-22nd August

    I'm still attending - I've paid my entry fee so hopefully it's still going to be on! Edit: Just had a look at their website and Bloody Cobblestones isn't listed on their events page. I've just emailed them about it.
  12. Guild Ball's favourite Abe Lincoln lookalike is now ready for the cabinet! Just finished Ratchet - not overly proud of the paint job on this guy, but he definitely falls into the "that'll do" category, and completes my current Engineers Guild lineup. I still need to pick up Colossus when I have the spare money, so at the moment my tournament 8 for these guys is rounded off with Rage, Gutter and Avarisse & Greede
  13. CaptainKindling

    The Union: Avarisse & Greede

    After a few days off from painting I'm back to it, this time with Avarisse & Greede! I really didn't like these guys to start with, but I bought them anyway as I wanted the entire Union, and they've definitely grown on me. I haven't tried using them yet in a game, but seeing as they're compatible with everyone I'm hoping I'll get some good use from them! I was originally going to ignore harness-Greede and just glue the empty harness onto Avarisse, but after some thought I decided to try and use them as they were intended. I put a coating of water-effect resin onto the back of the harnesses and onto the area around Avarisse's chest before varnishing, so I'm hoping that extra little layer will give them a bit more protection against chipping. If the worst comes to the worst, I can just touch up the worn areas and go back to the original plan of permanently attaching the harness.
  14. CaptainKindling

    Does 1" dodge take you out of 1" melee range

    Aye. An alternate point to the 1" dodge is that it's rare to be in base contact with multiple models, so if a model's Crowded Out then they can use the 1" dodge to at least move out of one of the melee ranges and lose the -1 penalty.
  15. And God said "Let there be magnificent facial hair!" and lo, Ballista was born! Engineers captain is now ready for the cabinet, so all four of my demo teams for this weekend's intro day are finished. More or less happy with this guy - like everything, there are a couple of niggles here and there, but no overall catastrophes