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    How to pick a butchers team in S4

    How to pick your butchers team: Step 1: Captain The talk of the town is that Ox is king, but I don't think it's quite as straight forward as that. Firstly I'd think about your preferred playstyle. Ox suits a more careful, conservative playstyle while fillet I find better for more aggressive fling-everything-forward players. Find which one fits your natural playstyle and make them your default pick. After that, think about your match ups and which other guilds cause you the most grief and see if switching captain is going to give you better options. I personally default fillet, but tend to go Ox into high armour teams, not so much for fillet's benefit but for everyone else. Step 2: Mascot Princess. That is all. But seriously, Princess is an excellent battery model (see below) with vicious and loved creature making her tricky to just ignore, and excellent support for Boiler. Truffles on the other hand is an output model, but INF on him (even 1 for the charge) is probably better spent on other models. And if you're still not convinced, have a read of the discussion points on Boar below, as these apply to the pig, too. Step 3: squaddies I tend to think about squaddies as output, support and batteries. Most have a combination of two roles, and having a bit of flexibility in your lineup is useful, but it's also worth thinking about what you want from each role in your team. When picking your squaddies you might also want to consider the opponent: Do they have models with unpredictable movement you're going to want to take out? If so make sure you've got the 2" melee zone models to deal with them. Are they a high armour team? If so think about your models with Anatomical Precision. Is there one big danger model in the opposing team? Do you have the tools to deal with them, whatever it may be, e.g. Can you kill the bear, can you stop Shark from scoring... Step 3a: Output Output models are those that you invest your Inf into to get you VPs. Whether it's shank murdering people at long range, brisket going for goals, roast brawling in the middle of the field or boiler slicing people up with doggy assisted power, you need some models in your team that are going to get you your VPs. This also plays into your captain choice. With Ox, his main role is as support, so you've got more space, with fillet you've only got Inf to fully stack up one other model, so who's it going to be? Boar is top of the tree in terms of raw damage output, but you need to be confident you trigger all his free stuff, otherwise he's just a disappointment. Not only that, but have a look at the terrain on the board. If there's lots of rough ground or obstacles, boar's going to have a hard time getting a charge off. Roast gives you solid output and decent control. A solid reliable pick for either captain Boiler gives solid damage output that goes stratospheric with princess around. Shank gets to spend his Inf anywhere, so really reliable and great against teams that just want to get away from you. Brisket is top of the goalscoring tree. If you've got the mind for goalscoring she's a definite solid choice, but otherwise probably best as a receiving choice only, where the first turn goal and subsequent Inf bonus is a winner. Gutter has a great charge, but her follow up attacks can be a bit meh. But she can do a job as a backup output model that you give 2 Inf to for just the tasty charge. As you're talking about the charge being where you make your money with Gutter, you might also want to consider the terrain with her. With a 30mm base and 8" charge she's not as badly affected as Boar, but it's still worth considering. Step 3b: support With your support models you're looking at spending Inf to maximise other model's output. You're probably not spending a full stack with these models, but there likely to be given some Inf, so you need to factor that into your Inf budget. Captain choices means that Ox probably doesn't need a dedicated support squaddie, but fillet almost definitely does. Meathook is the classic support model in the guild, but unlike other models, that's now about all she does. Still not a terrible choice for fillet. Boiler's axe throw and marked target are excellent at buffing your threat ranges Roast's cheap charge aura is great for anyone, and the supportive aspects of his pushes and KDs should not be underestimated. Vet Ox has the owner and whirling chains which can both be really clutch for fillet. Brisket 2 has field medic, theoretically good into condition teams, Whilst brisket 1 brings dirty knives, a great little 2 Inf play. Tenderiser, too, could be considered a support model in some situations. Whilst primarily as battery (see below) I've taken to using him in Ox teams for the protection he can provide for the captain in teams that have the ability to take Ox out quickly and easily, and it compensates for my (probably) overly aggressive positioning of Ox. When thinking about your support choices is how much Inf they need to do that role, and what you give up from your output to make up for it. For me roast, boiler and vet Ox are solid because they can be picked for their other role (output or battery) and either still have their support effect or use their support effect when they can't be used for output. Step 3c: Batteries By now you should have most of your team sorted. Take time to work out where your Inf is going to be allocated most turns. Think about Ox's legendary turn, about what if your main output model isn't going to be able to spend their Inf? You'll almost certainly find yourself without enough Inf to go around. That's where your batteries come in. These are models that can do a job for you without Inf. They're important to include because otherwise you've got a model that is doing nothing at all for your team. (Whilst we're here, princess is also a battery, and captain Ox can be too, so reduces the need for other models, but with Fillet or if you want to use truffles, they are an essential part of the team). Tenderiser is probably the best battery squaddie we've got. But there's some teams he can be irrelevant against - mainly ranged teams like smoke alchemists. Vet Ox is also a great battery, with lash out and if you set it up right, the owner triggering for free. Meathook probably only wants 1 inf most turns so she can be a lesser battery. There's also also a battery element that brisket 1 brings if she gets a goal early on, which is why I recommend her when receiving. So what does this leave me with? Fillet, Princess; Boiler and Roast as output, vet Ox as support and Tenderiser as the main battery. Most turns fillet gets 6, roast 4 and boiler 3, whilst vet Ox can trigger the owner from a free lash out on a suitable model fillet has left vulnerable. Tenderiser can be swapped in for Brisket 1 when receiving against teams that can't easily stop her first turn goal. If you need more threat range for hunting down models that just want to run away from you, I'd probably look to swap out Roast for Shank. When I start with Ox it's Princess, Shank, Roast as the core. Boiler against teams that want to stay back, Tenderiser if I feel I need to protect Ox. Brisket 1 if I'm receiving, Gutter if kicking. If I'm giving Shank and Roast 4 each, that leaves 5 for the rest of the team. If there's a juicy target that starts the turn engaged by Princess and either also engaged with boiler or without a solid counter attack, then Boiler gets as much as I think he needs to delete them. Brisket and Gutter are great for 2 each to just dirty knives or charge respectively. If the team is holding off, Ox probably doesn't need much Inf as he's unlikely to make combat, so Boiler can get a couple to axe throw, whilst if not Tenderiser provides the 2 Inf so that I can have dome Inf each turn (if you've got a Brisket goal turn 1 you can stack up him, Shank and Roast and have 2 left for Brisket). That's how I look at it, anyway. What's your process for picking a team?
  2. Butcher seem to be one of the more competitive choices in S4, but will they suffer in the March errata? What are we expecting? Personally I think Ox is probably going to have a minor hit - maybe the owner going back to 4", maybe lose some HP to make him a bit more glass cannon-y. After that I think Boiler is probably the only one I think might be too much of an auto-include. Maybe Axe Throw comes down a damage point? Maybe Princess gets worse (loses armour?) instead? However, there's a couple of players i think could do with a bit of a boost - Truffles (furious maybe would give you a reason to bring him) and vet Brisket (Talisman, maybe, so that she can be an alternative battery to Tenderiser; better damage on her playbook - it feels like she should bring better damage than her original, but doesn't) Meathook's a little under par, but probably not enough to need a boost. What are your thoughts?
  3. malladin.ben

    Help : I need to prepare !

    Col 2 vs a 4/1 model is a 50/50 chance, so it's more likely 10 damage a turn. The legendary does for the armour on these guys, though, so 16 under the legendary turn is more likely. That said, there's usually better targets for INF if you're just looking for damage output. I like her just to put a couple on. Its often enough for a cheeky opportunity goal, a dirty knives, or just a couple of half-decent attacks. Ben
  4. malladin.ben

    Errata thoughts?

    Just been having a bit of a discussion on Twitter with @Gauntlet about this. Suggestions: Harrier cost 1 INF or deals 2 DMG Egret gets close control Vet Hearne gets 2 ARM Devana gets some sort of ability to use a harrier to attack at range without DFA advantages, but without removing it.
  5. malladin.ben

    Help : I need to prepare !

    If you're finding yourself in a position without enough Inf to go around Tenderiser is a valid choice. His ability as a battery should not be underestimated. Don't judge brisket on a game where you missed a 4 dice shot - that's a 93.75% chance of missing, so something pretty rare. If she had scored your Inf problems would have been much lesser. She also has value woth 0 inf if you've got the ball as some where safe to hide it.
  6. malladin.ben

    Finally playing Butchers

    Fillet is definitely worth giving a go. I think there's a couple fo match ups that she's better into (Hunters and morticians at least). My fillet team is princess, boiler, vOx, tenderiser and a proxy Roast or meathook in tournaments. As for getting the ball back... shank helps (because he can just get anywhere on the pitch). But really, why bother? If it's proving to difficult just get another couple of takeouts. A lot of people talk about a team being 4-1 or 2-2 but don't tie yourself down so strictly - just look for what's the easiest way of scoring vps and adapt to the flow of the game.
  7. malladin.ben

    Help : I need to prepare !

    I like tenderiser with both captains. With fillet he's just a decent battery, but she really needs that battery. With Ox he's great at protecting Ox - position Ox fully with 4" of tenderiser, who is 4" from the goal and you can reach Ox's aura out to about 5"-6" inside the enemy half. I use vet gutter as a swap in for Brisket if I'm kicking or up against high armour/low Def teams where dirty knives makes less of a difference. I find if I'm kicking it's mostly Shank who gets me goals as I'm stacking him up every turn, whereas brisket struggles to get that opportunity goal when I'm only putting 2 on her. 2 Inf on gutter (or 1 if you've got roast nearby) gets great value return from the charge. I'd say shank is pretty much auto-include in Ox.
  8. malladin.ben

    Help : I need to prepare !

    If you're planning on getting at least 1 goal, then surely oBrisket is an auto include, especially with Ox. Very reliable T on col 1 with TAC 5, decent goal threat and a safe place to put the ball. And that's before you factor in how good the extra INF is AND dirty knives. The one tweak I would suggest, though, is that I don't think Shank is such an auto-include with Fillet. They kind of do the same job in my mind, and after you've given Fillet 6 INF there's not much left to go around Boiler, Shank and Roast, all of which can turn it into serious money. There are some teams where you want that extra speed, but against other fighting teams that aren't going to be running away from you quite so much think he's someone you can drop. That 4/0 DEF with only 14hp can be a liability against these teams. I love vOx. With Fillet it's really easy to leave someone on 1-3hp, then with 0 INF Ox can just walk up to them, finish them off and gain the owner for the rest of the turn. Add to that 2 INF to pay for Whirling Chains can be amazing in some circumstances.
  9. malladin.ben

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    I'm going to use this thread to collate things seen and heard on various social media that people (and myself) have been able to discern about the cooks cards. If you have something to add or adjust, post below and I'll try and add it in. Most of it is best guess, so feel free to discuss if you see a thing differently. The tops of the cards are hardest to discern, kick especially. This is coming from looking at a high res version of the launch event pack here: Wellington MOV 5/8 (?), TAC 5, DEF 4/1, INF 4/? (Looks like another 4 to me, but that would be very unusual), melee 1", 15hp Playbook: () Chef's Special (1, 4"): while within 2" of target friendly model, friendly models gain +1 damage to playbook damage results. Singled Out Pepper (it is indeed called Pepper!) MOV 7/9, TAC 3, DEF 5/0, INF 1/2, Melee 1", 6hp Playbook Where'd They Go Cinnamon MOV 7/9?, TAC 4, DEF 4/0, INF 2/4, Melee 2", 11hp Playbook - - Acrobatic On the Move (1, 4") : when starting an advance within 2" of target friendly model, friendly models gain +2/+2 MOV. Sugar MOV 6/8, TAC 4, DEF 3/1, INF 2/4, Melee 1", 13hp Playbook Fire Blast (although this seems to be playbook triggered now, momentously, too, which is VERY nice, and might have some interesting knock-on implications for alchemists) Spice MOV 6/8, TAC 5, DEF 4/0, INF 2/2* Melee 2", 14hp * Could easily be 1/2 or even 1/3, really difficult to tell. Playbook - () Intensify (!!) Turn up the heat (1/GB): 2" Pulse. Enemy models within this pulse suffer the burning condition. Berserk Roast MOV 4/8, TAC 6, DEF 2/0, INF 1/4 Melee 1", 18hp Playbook - ()()()() Get it While It's Hot (1, 4"): while within 2" of target friendly model, friendly models spend 1 less influence to charge Turn up the heat (see Spice) Resilience Big Belly: When an enemy model damages this model with one or more playbook damage results, after the attack is resoled the enemy model suffers a 1" push directly away from this model. My god this guy is SOOOO good. Overall they seem to have very strong fronts of cards so quite possibly not much more beyond intimidate on the backs, but still looking like a very strong guild.
  10. So from the keynote it seems like the plans are to run the draft again next year, so I thought I might, humbly, make a little suggestion that I think could make it even better... Firstly, though, I think I might just want to explain what I think was the weakness with this year's draft. Listening to GBT podcast, Bill and Phil were largely apathetic about it, and at the start I had similar feelings. It was only when I started to come up with my own ideas for what the rookies might be like as models playing for my guild that I was able to start to pick a rookie to support and get involved, then once I was I really enjoyed the banter and memes and other rivalries with other players in my guild. Hence I think what we need to start with next year is an initial set of rookie-level stats for each player, along with a paper-doll, that way we can start playing with them in our teams and seeing how they might fit in and having a rough idea of basic playstyle for each model. They should be below the level of power of a existing squaddie so that there's room to develop some individual guild flavour on top - Each would probably only have one signature play or trait to provide plenty of space to add to afterwards. Their playbooks could also be largely or entirely non-momentous with additional standard rules for making different results momentous depending on which guild they are playing with. You could also play games of just the rookies themselves like they do in the stories. But anyway, my main idea is that we should have a deliberately underpowered-framework type of model that we can play with and get a rough idea of how the model might work within our teams. Cheerio, Ben
  11. malladin.ben

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    This is exactly the sort of thing I'm thinking of, although possibly a little closer to a finished model in terms of stats -- but just 1 or 2 signature plays or traits and a playbook without momentum is exactly the sort of thing that lets you see how they might play in your team and give you a better idea of what you were bidding for. As for the playbook, you could have rules for each guild e.g. Brewers: KD, > and and damage results above col 2 are momentous, Butchers: Any playbook damage results, etc. Alternatively there could just be a generic "At the start of the game Choose X results to be momentous" rule. Then people could just pick what they wanted, but in the knowledge that if they're playing Fishermen and play their rookie with all momentous damage results its likely they won't be getting that in the final model.
  12. malladin.ben

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I don't think you understand what I mean by "skeleton". The whole point is you DON'T have any guild-specific rules on there. They are just some raw stats, a playbook (probably devoid of momentum and just let people pick X results to be momentous when they play with them, or generic rules for adding momentum to the pb for each guild) and one or two signature plays or traits. The whole point is that it's a rough idea, nothing set in stone, just something to let people put a proxy model on the field and see how they feel in your guild. Even if this doesn't actually give you much more information than we had last year (although I would argue it significantly does), it will help get people involved who aren't natural fluff bunnies.
  13. malladin.ben

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I don't remember that specifically being an issue. I remember her being described as dull. That said, I do like the idea of more story being released before the draft. It did help me get involved when I could see more what the personalities of the different characters were. I suppose a question is, how much would the stats need to change. If you give each model a below-par stat line (like a level 1 or 2 rookie for example) then you're probably mainly looking to add to the base stats to create the finished card. You could even wind things back for flavour reasons. E.g. A 4/8" kick Layne in butchers might drop to 3/6" but gain blood scent (if you cause damage gain +1/+2" kick), for example - adds flavour and forces a more butchers play style onto how you use him. I really think it is not beyond the wit of our fantastic development team to come up with a basic skeleton rules for a model to give us a rough idea as to that players playstyle without tying themself into any other rules than wouldn't be on that model long-term anyway.
  14. malladin.ben

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    But the whole point of my argument is that you can have skeleton rules for a model that are not at full squaddie power, that you can add to or tweak about a bit for the finished product. You could even have rules for tweaking the playbook depending on which guild they were playing for, or just let players pick X results to be momentous. It doesn't matter if they have something a guild "shouldn't" have because they're not set in stone or fixed any more than the union in chains models were - we had stats for those models before hand that weren't the finished product but gave us an idea as to what their playstyle would be. I agree with a lot of the rest if your post, but I did find it harder to get into this one than previous years' community events and know a lot of other people who were just a bit "meh" about it. I'm essentially a fluff bunny - I love the lore of this game and want to get involved in events like this. But if people like me are finding it difficult to get involved, then surely a slight change wouldn't hurt? I don't think anything I have suggested would take away from what you've enjoyed this year, but would add to it for those who found it less engaging this year, or just didn't get involved.
  15. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Roast ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Oh how I love him. Momentous damage and pushes! Churns out a ton of damage! Makes teammates vindictive! Resilient to counter attacks, especially when you activate him top of the round (which is nearly always when you should)! Hillarious big fat bouncing belly that works even when he's knocked down! And I don't care what anyone else says, a BEAUTIFUL model! I am not sure I can play a team that doesn't include him. (Now, which nation does he play for...) Thank you all at SFG! That is all.
  16. After the first turn you give him 4 Inf and go first pretty much whatever. Drop his charge play om someone else within 2" and charge in if needed, or just walk up to someone and hit them 4 times. KD and put down 3 momentous damage push results and position someone where you need them for the rest of the team. Options for going second with him: if you have an easy vox activation to trigger the owner, or if fillet is likely to die if you don't go with her straight away and has a big potential activation if she does. Be careful about players who can take him out, but 1" melee models without a combined damage/push or dodge result will struggle. Also beware models with big top-end playbook damage or easy wraps who might be able to take him out in 2 attacks. Pretty much always counter attack, even if he's lost his resilience as he can easily bounce out most opponents and forcing them to KD isn't bad as he's cutting an attack off of whoever was trying to kill him anyway.
  17. malladin.ben

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    It gives you a little hint, but actually having a rough set of stats and the ability to actually play with the models is surely more engaging...?
  18. malladin.ben

    Blog post on Fillet

    Hi all, In case there's people here who aren't on the FB group. http://theblackorifice.co.uk/page.php?main=181121&side=blog Ben
  19. malladin.ben

    Blog post on Fillet

    I noticed that. Weirdly high number of masons. Although I think I would pick her into morts, but that may just be remembering the nightmare of Ox into S2 Obulus. I did beat Dave Cameron's Scalpel using her, though, at our warm up event before steamcon.
  20. malladin.ben

    Blog post on Fillet

    Maybe. Like I say at the start of the post, I'm not a massive expert in top level play. I saw that most of the top players playing butchers were using Ox pretty much exclusively whilst I thought there was some decent mileage with Fillet in some match ups for us mid-tablers that wasn't being talked about by the top-tablers. There are probably better players than me who can wax lyrical about Ox. @Slothrop for example played them at worlds and just won Second Wind with them, and @Gauntlet has been producing his own excellent blog on each of the teams and I'm fairly sure he's going to put a butchers post out there when cooks drop.
  21. malladin.ben

    Blog post on Fillet

    Unfortunately everybgame I've played since writing the blog has been with Ox so I can't really say much more. Shank isn't a bad option, particularly if you're playing a team that just wants to run away from you all the time, but otherwise is possibly too similar to Fillet herself in role in the team. Not that it's a bad role, but when you've got boiler and Roast who do as much if not more damage and bring sweet support plays and ranged effects it's hard to find a place for him. Cinnamon we have to wait and see. From what we can see she looks like a decent, if hungry, striker if that's what you're after, but with TAC 4 and her 2 damage on the third column her damage output isn't great. When we see things in more detail so that we can see whether she's got that 2" melee zone the model implies and what her kick and Inf stats are, and what's on the back of the card, she might turn out to be something a bit better or worse than just being a half decent striker. We'll just have to wait and see. Her +2/+2 MOV aura on its own I don't think is enough to justify her place in the team. I've not tried roast with fillet, but have given him a go with Ox and he's pretty awesome there. The charge buff is nice but I have found in a lot of circumstances he's just great as a first activation dump of 4 Inf to gain you 4 mom, put out a ton of damage, and manoeuvre an enemy model into a decent position with his pushes. With 6 TAC and intimidate, his damage output is super solid.
  22. malladin.ben

    Ox s4 composition

    I like Tenderiser against other melee teams that are going to want to come in to you. You need to protect Ox against these teams, and tenderiser allows you to keep him protected by the counter charge provided he doesn't have to move to far forward. After that, I like Shank and Boiler, and princess is a given, with the final slot I think there's arguments for each of Boar, Gutter, oBrisket and Roast. Boiler is just good solid damage output, even without Princess, and with the axe throw dealing a ton of damage under Ox's aura and setting up shank a super charge it's a fool who leaves him behind. Shank is great against most teams because he can nearly always spend a 4-stack to great effect, stretches Ox's aura further with his 2" melee, and, with his dodges, can often get the aura on subsequent attacks even if he doesn't get them first time out. Roast probably has the best reliable damage output of anyone (Boar beats him if he can get full use of his INF and Boiler beats them both if you can get Assist) and the pushes are often brilliant, too. Roast is INF hungry, however, so if you're going to stack up him, Boiler and Shank there's only one left for Ox. This means you can play Ox a lot more conservatively, only bringing him in on a full stack on his legendary turn or when another model isn't going to be able to spend any. Boar has huge damage output, and concussion is great against some opponents (looking at you, Windle), but he's very easily controlled. I'm not sure I've found a spot for him in S4 yet. Gutter is great to put 2 (or even 1 INF on if you've got Roast in the team, too) and charge in for one massive burst attack. A full stack with her is less useful as after the charge her follow up attacks can be really disappointing. oBrisket is great if you're receiving as she can get a goal and get you that extra 2 INF for the rest of the game. But she's also decent with Ox because of Dirty Knives. Not only does this give you a great ranged damage game (stack her up and if her and boiler can focus on, and hit with each attack, the same target from inside Ox's aura they're suffering a total of 13 damage if you include conditions), but it's also a really good support play and means that if you just give her 2 INF she's going to do something helpful.
  23. malladin.ben

    Need Help Against Smoke

    It's not a match up I've had much experience of yet in S4, but to theorycraft few a few ideas: 1. She needs to have other models in aggressive positions to be able to us Chemical Breeze. This gives you targets to kill. If she wants to generate mom off her ranged shenanigans she needs to end her turn 4" away from you. That makes her a target, especially if you can hit her with a 2" melee zone to ignore UM. 2. My thinking is Fillet is your best option for this match up. She's your better option against teams that want to spread out and avoid you, and against teams that want you to group up. 3. You have some ranged counter-play, so make use of it. Boiler's axe throw is perfect set up for Fillet. 4. If they use original Katalyst, take models with KDs, and ideally with a 2" melee zone. 5. Most of the time I don't think it's worth clearing conditions, just use mom to heal the wounds instead. Yes it means they have conditions readily available to use to trigger their special abilities, but most of them have ways to put these conditions out on you anyway, so there's little benefit to clearing them in the first place. 6. They play a slow attritional damage game, so cycle players out of the front line and heal them up to reduce the attritional effect. Hope that helps, Ben
  24. malladin.ben

    Let's start taking tactics

    With the last 2 models due to be officially spoiled on Thursday (but are already out there if you're interested), I'm thinking about proxying them this week at the club. So lets start to talk through some ideas on some basics of strategy to try out, things like activation order, INF allocation, team selection and turn 1 strategies when kicking or receiving. Here's my initial thoughts (all theory crafting ahead of any games played): Team Selection I want to play them as a takeout team primarily, so Ikaros and Egret are going to be my first drops. I think Egret is probably (currently at least) the weakest model available to them and synergises least well with the rest of the team - yes a flurry into a harrier is going to be nice, but also tricky to pull off, I suspect. Ikaros, on the other hand is a potentially great counter attacking striker, able to get the ball wherever it goes, but I think I need the other players to make the fighting side of the guild work rather than the ball threat and goal scoring Ikaros provides. That said, I can't see another great kick-off model, so he'll probably make the team when kicking, but it's difficult to know who to drop for him. It probably has to be Hearne, but that makes the INF economy of the team tricky. The other option is Minerva, but that then makes the Harrier economy difficult, so its a problem. INF Economy The reason I like Hearne in the team is largely as a battery - he can provide support to the rest of the team by spending MP rather than INF, which is a great help in getting the most out of the players that are going to be your "output" models: Devana, Rundass and Ikaros. Devana being a 4/5 means there's potentially a bit more INF for the rest of the team than in other super-solo teams like Hammer or Fillet, and indeed you can potentially use her as a secondary output model rather than the primary one if the situation permits. Rundaas is your next best damage output model, IMO. If he can charge into a harrier he has a decent shout of the 2DMG GB result to trigger dirty knives, which will do 5 dmg! With last light he can spend 2 mom to drop the harrier first, or dirty knives to make the 2dmg GB more likely vs a high DEF target. More on that stuff later, for now, he's wanting 4 INF any turn you think he can be relevant (probably any after turn 1). Ikaros is the best goalscoring model in the team. With a harrier at his feet he can take flight 7" then charge another 7", and if there's a harrier on his target he can roll 9 dice on the charge. 15" threat to the ball is huge, with Last Light and a harrier at his feet he can threat 13" to the ball before having to spend any INF. As with Rundaas, if you think there's a goal on, stack him with 4, but you might also get away with 3, or even 2 if Last Light might be a possibility. There's a judgement to be made between Rundaas and Ikaros during the maintenance phase. Which do you want more: a take out from Rundaas or a goal from Ikaros, as you've not got enough INF to fully fund both of them, especially if you take into consideration all the set up you might want to spend on them, too. Mataagi probably only needs 1 after turn 1 as a hotshot attack will almost always allow you to pop down a harrier and earn a momentum (turn 1 he needs 2 so that he can move up and hotshot, or drop it for 2 if he can't make the range count so you've at least got it for Ikaros or as soft control). I think Frelsi probably wants 1 most turns if you're stacking Devana so that he/she (has the eagle's gender been mentioned yet?) can get to where you want her to make Devana's activation more relevant. Hearne is the team's battery, able to take 0 and just jog over to someone and last light them (Devana is probably the best target, but any of the output models could would benefit from it). Minerva is the team's support model. If she can get into combat she can do some useful things, but how likely is she to be there and if she is, is that the right place for her to be? If she can safely get into combat, she can do some good work with a 3 stack, pretty reliably getting a KD and putting out both a harrier and an Eye Spy, but before that, probably just 2 INF for one of the above (which will mostly be a harrier). Harrier Economy Another thing I think is important to think about with the falconers is their harrier economy. Getting these AOEs in play and to be relevant is going to be a real key aspect to playing the guild well, I suspect. Perhaps as we get more skilled we might feel comfortable dropping to 2 Harriers, but at first I think it's probably a decent shout to have all 3 in there. When to play them is also going to be a key factor, too. When kicking, placing an early one at Ikaros' feet is probably a good shout as an early activation, but after that you've got plenty of activations where you need to place them after the opponent has moved their models, so they are going to find it hard to get out of the AOE. Turn 1 - Receiving When receiving I'd probably look to have Mataagi and Rundass placed on the wings for ball retrieval. Whichever needs to go get the ball probably needs a full stack of 4 if they need to sprint, or 3 if not. They need to then kick the ball and drop their harrier somewhere central to keep it relevant and provide a bit of soft control. There may be options for placing it where it's going to make it difficult for the kicking model to pressure the ball without ending up in the harrier, but it's probably better to place it centrally then let Devana move it to make it more relevant. Hearne and Frelsi are probably good early activations to waste a bit of time. Hearne can pass the ball well, so you might want to give him an INF to do so and generate a bit of extra mom. I'm not sure whether I want to give Frelsi 1 for the big 9" push up, of if the 5" jog keeps him/her relevant given there's likely Hack Back to come. Hearne needs to Last Light Devana. After that there's hopefully some targets in play for Devana, so you can think about placing your harriers more effectively and possibly dodging her up with a pass. I think first turn you don't want to get her into melee, but to be able to Death From Above 3 times to set things up nicely and generate some more mom. Thinking about it, unlike other super solo teams, I'm not sure you want to go straight in for the kill with Devana at the top of T2. Your turns are likely always going to be about early set up for late activation reward, so it might be better to spread out the damage at this stage, so that you've go a selection of players in TO range of several members of your team. Turn 1 - Kicking When kicking I think you want to kick with Ikaros and give him for to force some kick off pressure and try and score a T1 goal at some point, even if it means trading the goal for Ikaros. Run him high up the pitch then kick to where it will be hard for them to retrieve it. Give him a full stack of 4 to keep your options as open as possible, then go early with Minerva to place a harrier at his feet. Ideally kick to the side of the pitch where you have Mataagi set up, so that he can likely hotshot the model who comes to get the ball. If Devana is also on this side she can also make use of the harrier to put some damage out from range, too. Also use the turn to get Rundass into a position where he can be relevant next turn. Anyway, that' just my starting thoughts. What other ideas do people have for how to use these guys? Ben
  25. malladin.ben

    S4 Tournament Help

    Roast''s get it while it's hot is an aura, so you're not necessarily giving it to the pig instead of a squaddie or even captain who can make better use of it. If your positioning is "right" your whole team could charge for 1 cheaper inf. That said, they'd all have to start within 2" of whoever you dropped the aura on, so there may be other limitations to that positioning.