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    If you'll excuse the unintentional comedy in this question, but I'm pretty sure I know how Empathy works, but some people don't seem to agree with me so I'm just posting here to double check... If i have a result that includes numeric damage and another result, such as a KD, dodge or push, that is still a playbook damage result and so no momentum would be gained. However if I have a momentous CP on it's own that does damage as part of the play (blood rain, thousand cuts, scything blow, ground pound, dirty knives, etc) that would generate momentum. Can you confirm whether I've got it right or not? Ben
  2. malladin.ben

    Crazy 4 Reaper team idea for Season 4

    Even if your dice crap out you do 2 damage. If your dice are crapping out at less than 1 hit from a TAC 6+ model , everyone had better dice than you. 😜 Agreed. I think it's what they were aiming for in S3 too, just overshot it somewhat. Certainly the early days of the honest land box only felt pretty like that.
  3. malladin.ben

    Crazy 4 Reaper team idea for Season 4

    Well I won. It was very good at getting take outs but less good at protecting the ball - missed Tater I think. In other news, farmers are still a little too reliably solid to spark my interest. Good but nothing explosive and lacking in risk/reward to their play.
  4. Is this a little bit mad..? Thresher, Buckwheat, Jackstraw, Ploughman, Fallow, Windle... Here's the maths: The team brings a total of 9 INF which is pretty low, but with 11 to spend you can be at full capability, with 1 for Jackstraw, 2 for windle, 3 for buckwheat and 5 for thresher. You want an early goal and a harvest marker saved to be at full capacity. As for Harvest markers, You can happily put down 4 each turn (Ploughman puts down one for free and his aura generates a second for free, and Jack can pay 1 to generate 2). Fallow wants 2, but Windle and Thresher want 1 each and Buckwheat might want one, but not always. That means you can feed the three non-mascot reapers with harvest markers on a neutral turn and with a couple saved up during turn 1 you can have that 5th knocking around for when you need it to extend Buckwheat's range. Is there some sort of rules interaction I've missed or might this actually be viable in S4? Probably going to be trying it out tonight. Ben
  5. malladin.ben

    Gutter help

    Re Gutter's damage output: This is a screenshot from a spreadsheet I've been putting together to compare the damage output of different models. This shows that Gutter vs a "typical" 4/1 model has a decent shout of hitting her 3DMG result and an outside chance of a wrap on a spiky roll. This with the sweeping charge (even if you're only catching one model with it) does a decent damage output. The follow up attacks, in contrast, are a bit naff. To compare, Shanks are 1.66, Boiler's (without assist) 2.0, Boar 2.26.
  6. malladin.ben

    Gutter help

    Your influence economy is an important consideration in building your team. With Boar, you're looking at a 12 INF team. Who are you going to be giving it out to each turn? Boar 1? Boiler 3 unless someone is engaged by Princess at the start? Shank 4? Ox ? ... if you want to play Ox aggressively then he's going to want the remaining 4, if not stealing another off boiler or shank, so you probably want someone who can act as a battery. Tenderiser is probably the best battery model we have, and you've already got princess and can't take vOx who are our other two. If you want to play Ox conservatively he probably only wants 2 or 3 INF a turn to throw out butchery and TAT. That gives you another 2 or 3 INF in the team to play around with. If you're going for all-out damage, gutter is actually a pretty good choice, because 2 INF gives her a charge which she can turn into a lot of damage and then not worry about the disappointing follow up attacks. You'll need to make sure she CAN charge each go, but theoretically her role is now as a back up charge-bot. Other models to consider for this role as a low-INF investment impact activation are ogBrisket for Dirty Knives and snapshot threat, and Meathook (tool someone else up and then hit someone to get snared on them). ogBrisket has the added advantage that if you get a goal with her she ups your INF allowance significantly. Ben
  7. malladin.ben

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    There have been conflicting reports on that. I think it wasn't openly stated, but some people spoke to someone after the event and got that out of them. This fully and officially confirms it, which isn't a bad thing. I've been sitting on a bit of knowledge about this under a NDA, but now it's officially out there I guess I can talk about it. What is particularly interesting is that, if @Luthon1234 is correct, it confirms that she is 2" melee. Her card looks like she's 7"/9" movement with acrobatic and the +2"/+2" MOV buff ability which costs 1 INF, so a potentially formidable striker with a 15" threat to the ball, but weirdly without momentous dodges or tackle. If she's already got momentum and the ball, or it's loose somewhere, she can acrobatic [1], get out there [1] and sprint [1] for 13" MOV then shoot presumably 6". If she's not got the ball she can acrobatics or get out there [1] and charge [2] for 11" MOV, 13" to range to the ball carrier. With Intimidation she's got a 47% chance of hitting a wrap on that charge vs 4/1 so that she can tackle and do some mom damage for the momentum, and then she's got one left for the shot. Ben
  8. malladin.ben

    First S4 event breakdown.

    Don't know about S4, but that was a horrible match up for Ox in S3
  9. malladin.ben

    Transfer Window...?

    Well okay, point missed a bit there, Aaron ;-). The idea is it's a fluff thing, giving the opportunity to explore the inner conflicts within a guild. I mean, given the battle between sun father and moon goddess within the hunters, maybe it could even be Theron gets transferred out if Skatha gets the upper hand. TBF I don't really know hunters fluff that well, but there's got to be opportunities for telling an Interesting story, right? And if course as it's guild ball being dead, let alone being transferred to another team, doesn't stop you playing for a team, so you're not actually losing a player. And there's got to be some fun in picking a player from another guild to join your rank, right?
  10. malladin.ben

    Transfer Window...?

    Apart from a few exceptions based around the whole union/church sub plot, one thing that strikes me about Guild Ball is the lack of a transfer market. I don't know if I might be preempting an idea for a future community event, or if it's one that's been considered and ruled out... but let's say if there was a transfer window in Guild Ball, which player from another guild would you like your guild to sign? Who would you like to put up for sale? I appreciate that I'm posting this between seasons, so it's at a point where we don't know who are going to be the auto includes and never-takens of the new season, but to some extent that makes it feel to me like the right time to make the call, so we can make it based entirely on fluff grounds. From a Butchers POV I'd like to see Tenderiser put of for sale. From a gaming POV I just don't like the negative mindset that taking a GK puts you in, but more importantly from a fluff POV I can see the storyline where he gets betrayed by a Fillet who is clinging on to power post-cooks alliance and has to make a choice between losing Meathook or Tenderiser and chooses love in a humanising episode for her. Tenderiser, as this shadowy enforcer type who seems to currently have Fillet's back but is really a tool of the guild to watch them all and keep them all in line would, I think, be first on the rest of the team's hit list for who to get rid of, but the guild would strongly resist. Boar and Shank are other players I could see making the list, but they're likely strong fan favourites, so it'd be difficult for a weak guild leadership to suggest them. From a player I'd like to sign into butchers, I've always thought oChisel (before the changes this week) would make a good Butcher. Sadism, Feel my Pain, etc, all feel like they have a place in a Butchers team. But the fluff for vChisel suggests she's converted to the Honour style of play and so I think I'd be taking her off the list. A player I've always liked the fluff for is Venin. I love the fact that he's just a massive dick to his team mates and just enjoys messing with everyone. Sounds like something that would fit right in with Butchers to me. Plus an ability to manipulate bleed and poison would be pretty cool in a Butchers team, too. So, for Butchers I'd say: Sell: Tenderiser Buy Venin What about you? Ben
  11. malladin.ben

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Yes we do. It's putting 2 and 2 together, but we can see from the cards clearly enough to know that Get it While it's Hot is only on Roast's card, and the blog post says that that play will be available to butchers. Plus also I'm fairly sure it's been specifically mentioned by SFG peeps at an event.
  12. malladin.ben

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    When the Cooks come out Roast looks like he will do this job VERY well. From looking at the cooks release pack image with squinty eyes and zoomed in, He's TAC 6 with intimidation (treats opponents as -1 DEF), he's got good momentous damage across his book with a push with each one and a KD on 2. He's got a playbook triggered character play the sets enemy models on fire within 3" of him and that play that give the team cheap charge that was spoiled with boiler? That's his, too! Add to that the looking at the model he's probably got Resilience, he's going to be a solid pick if you want that sort of role filling. That said, there's some people hate the model, so for them Knuckles might be the model to fill that gap without relying on Cooks, but for me I'm sticking with Champ.
  13. malladin.ben

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Because for a while there was both a lot of support for Layne and a lot of people against taking him with no one else really that fit the bill.
  14. malladin.ben

    Trying my best not to break the NDA

    Man, waiting is hard. The next 12 days are going to go really slowly. Shame were late on, but that probably just means there's going to be loads of surprises and cool stuff. Afterall, alchemists are expected to be getting the biggest changes in S4, and they're the only ones after us.
  15. malladin.ben

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    I know Kami doesn't want to play for us, but why champ? Im not sure Layne could be moulded into a killer of anything but his own brain cells