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  1. malladin.ben

    Newish butchers player.

    I see what you did there 😆 But seriously, Fillet + Boiler is a no-brainer. Swift stance is super good on her too, and I love the look on your opponents face when you spend your late "dead" activations to engage a model with him and princess when you've got first activation next turn.
  2. malladin.ben

    Falconers tournament outing

    This. It actually takes a decent amount of effort to take her down in my experience. 2" melee + early KD and eye spy is an amazing kit, without even mentioning the harrier. A lot of keeping her safe is about target selection, and having devana and Rundaas nearby to threaten the takeout following the set up. That way your opponent has got got one activation to to something before they likely lose that model. If that model's got one on them, it's going to force their hand into activating that model before they were ready. There's more you can do to make that decision awkward, too. If you've got Ikaros sat on a wing with the ball, that's going to give them another priority activation. If you've got a 1" model KD'd and 1"-2" away from minerva they're going to have to spend momentum and move in, meaning the KD on the counter attack becomes useful, so they probably want to stand them up with a come on mate instead, meaning you've got an extra activation to do things with instead. Even if the worst comes to the worst, you're trading a takeout of Minerva who's already spent her INF, for the ability to take out a model who hasn't, which is probably a worthwhile trade off.
  3. malladin.ben

    Harrier clarification

    They don't stack. The advantage of 3 harriers is more area coverage and, potentially, 3 death from above attacks from Devana.
  4. malladin.ben

    Falconers tournament outing

    Interesting. I've not played them into masons yet. I can see the counter charge bubble causing problems, and hammer is just such an easy guaranteed take out against practically any Falconer... But brewer's I didn't have many problems, amd certainly not in regard to getting the bal off them at all. Against the beaty teams I've had good work from using Ikaros as a distraction to pull models away from the scrum and give you the edge. But Grace is now my nemesis! I guess a lot of it comes down to personal playstyles, both of both and your opponents. I often struggle against all-out goalscoring teams, no matter what guild I play.
  5. malladin.ben

    Falconers tournament outing

    That's the opposite of the impression I got from the playtest events. And from looking at the cooks, and navigators for that matter. I think there's been an active effort to move away from the "2-2 is best" philosophy and make all combinations from 3-0 to 0-6 viable. That said, I haven't heard any of them comment specifically, so I may be reading more into things than are there.
  6. malladin.ben

    So close you can taste them in the air...

    I paint the flying stand a matt black, I think it looks better than clear, personally. A word of warning, though: I've converted my Ikaros and tried taking him off the flying stand to do so, snapping it in the process. Not such a big deal for me as it let me put a wire pin through his foot as a new flying stand (and paint it black) but may be an issue if you're trying to remove him from the stand to paint.
  7. malladin.ben

    Playtest Weekends

    Whilst I can't speak for specifics, the access to designers and the open discussion not just around the specific rules, but also on general principles and the direction of changes to the game, left me feeling the game is in good hands and confident it will only get better as time goes on.
  8. malladin.ben

    Falconers tournament outing

    So, another event with Falconers, another 3-1 finish (putting me back on top of the falcobers pile, for a few hours at least before Sven matched my result against a tougher crowd on Sunday and slipped ahead by 30 points). I thought I'd share with you some thoughts on what was a really bad match up - the Order. TBF I think any team going for 3-0 with the ability to spread their players out is difficult, but Grace makes for a particular additional problem as she can remove a harrier. It got me to thinking about how we can handle teams like this, and I'm wondering if the answer is to reverse the play order that I've been using so far and put less reliance on the harriers. Let me explain... My standard approach so far has been to stack up Minerva, Rundaas and Devana, activate Minerva first to KD, eye spy and harrier off someone, then Rundaas goes in and gets out another harrier, dirty knives and does a bit of damage and positioning models with his pushes to hopefully set devana up to finish off 2 models that turn. If I'm under pressure to take out a particular model devana can go straight away, if not Frelsi and Hearne can go to make her set up even more efficient, and you've got 1 INF left over which can give Hearne a sprint to keep him in the game, or mataagi can put down an extra harrier, or Ikaros can receive last light and become a goal threat if you've got the ball, or able to disrupt their ball game if not. Against goalscoring teams you need to be able to score 2 takeouts a turn to keep pace with their likely 1 goal a turn. When teams spread out it makes it much harder Devana to do that on her own. So, the flipped style of play I'm thinking is to go first with Devana. If you use a late activation in the previous turn to make sure Frelsi is in position, you're TAC 7 with a +1 damage buff. That makes it 50/50 you hit your 2dmg result, so will typically get you 12/13 damage against a 4/1 model. Not a particularly amazing output, but with a bit of supporting damage from a previous turn, or her legendary play it clicks over into a reliable takeout. The big advantage here is that you can get the takeout on that crucial model and take a threat off the board. My other line of thinking with this flipped approach is that Rundaas goes before Minerva. He does more of the set up work and Minerva finishes them off with +2 damage from a harrier and easy pickings. The one thing im not sure about is who fits the final slot in this team: Mataagi or Ikaros? Mataagi gives you that extra harrier, which might be particularly useful against Grace, and with DEF 5 and a 2/8 kick is not a bad model to put the ball on and boot it into a corner when needed. With a momentous 2dmg on 2 he can also chip in as extra damage of Minerva or Rundaas are out of the fight. Ikaros gives you a decent ball outlet, the it low T in the guild, and a more reliable chance to score back if you have the opportunity. But he's taking influence away from other players if he's being given enough to be a threat. I like Ikaros into a fighting team as he can be a real distraction, draw dangerous players away from your team, and there's less pressure on him to score until you want to close out the game. But against a goalscoring team I wonder if he's more of a distraction to you than the opponent. Anyway, just some thoughts. Not had chance to try it out yet.
  9. malladin.ben

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    You should, you would have seen how reasonable and restrained I was 🤣. Cooks weren't part of the event, but it looks like I've got furious for everyone at least 😝
  10. malladin.ben

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Roast looks like an auto include with Wellington and Fillet, and probably Ox too if he's got a 4 INF cap. With intimidation the cheap charge aura is a huge deal. You get so much more value out of those 4 extra dice with intimidation. Fillet really wants a KD and push merchant to set things up for her, more than someone who can put out bleed. This is what harry used to do before he lost 2 TAC. Second column on TAC 6 with intimidate is much better than 3rd column on TAC 7, so he gets the crucial KD even more readily than Harry. Momentum and pushes and damage? Yes please! And after he's knocked someone down he's going to hit that 3dmg column pretty reliably, with a couple of crowd outs he gets to his 4dmg column. Top of the round, you've won initiative. Drop off your charge aura on someone who's going to activate late and us near fillet. Declare a charge on your preferred target. If he gets glut mass they will probably do nothing - the KD is inevitable even if they def stance and the counter will do nothing. Find a spot that engages 2 models if you can, one should be whoever you think is going to be your biggest threat in their activation. Knock them both down, push the one that's a threat out of engagement. Now their big threat model can't easily activate next. Unless they're 2" melee they're going to get KDd again if they go in on Roast, if they are they're probably wasting an INF to proc his glut mass so limiting what else they can do with that activation and you can probably throw fillet into the other model and get her game going. I was really hoping for a model like this with 2" melee, but looking at him, and assuming he has glut mass, I'm not sure you can expect the 2" melee, the rest of the card is just so strong. He doesn't have either then I think he's still decent, but you probably can't be as aggressive with him, but he's still solid as a support model, just taking 1 each turn for his aura. Anyway, I may be reading WAAAYYYY more I to this than is there, but this is so much the model I've been asking for since the Harry nerf I'm super excited to get him on the table.
  11. malladin.ben

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    1. You're right, chef's special doesn't work with intensity. 2. She isn't (alas) (from what I've heard, it's Cinnamon) 3. Having been to the playtest event, all I can say is 🤐😈
  12. malladin.ben

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Interesting probability information: if spice is TAC 5 and attacking 4/1 a model Wellington has singled out and roast knocked down, she wraps to intensify 54% of the time. It a bit of set up, but not really magical Christmas land (tm). That means statistically 6 intensifies in 4 attacks. If you hit 1 dmg under chefs special when you don't wrap to 2 that's 16 dmg to your main target and 12 to anyone else in range, especially if Roast has been able to turn up the heat beforehand.
  13. malladin.ben

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Kick stats? Who cares about that? Go find the Fish forum 😜 I believe Roast and Cinnamon are the play-ups
  14. malladin.ben

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    I'm going to use this thread to collate things seen and heard on various social media that people (and myself) have been able to discern about the cooks cards. If you have something to add or adjust, post below and I'll try and add it in. Most of it is best guess, so feel free to discuss if you see a thing differently. The tops of the cards are hardest to discern, kick especially. This is coming from looking at a high res version of the launch event pack here: Wellington MOV 5/8 (?), TAC 5, DEF 4/1, INF 4/? (Looks like another 4 to me, but that would be very unusual), melee 1", 15hp Playbook: () Chef's Special (1, 4"): while within 2" of target friendly model, friendly models gain +1 damage to playbook damage results. Singled Out Pepper (it is indeed called Pepper!) MOV 7/9, TAC 3, DEF 5/0, INF 1/2, Melee 1", 6hp Playbook Where'd They Go Cinnamon MOV 7/9?, TAC 4, DEF 4/0, INF 2/4, Melee 2", 11hp Playbook - - Acrobatic On the Move (1, 4"😞 when starting an advance within 2" of target friendly model, friendly models gain +2/+2 MOV. (SPECULATION: given that playbook tied with acrobatic, I suspect she will have a trait that provides bonus dodges, like swift strikes) Sugar MOV 6/8, TAC 4, DEF 3/1, INF 2/4, Melee 1", 13hp Playbook Fire Blast (although this seems to be playbook triggered now, momentously, too, which is VERY nice, and might have some interesting knock-on implications for alchemists) Spice MOV 6/8, TAC 5, DEF 4/0, INF 2/2* Melee 2", 14hp * Could easily be 1/2 or even 1/3, really difficult to tell. Playbook - () Intensify (!!) Turn up the heat (1/GB): 2" Pulse. Enemy models within this pulse suffer the burning condition. Berserk Roast MOV 4/7, TAC 6, DEF 3/0, INF 1/4 Melee 1", 18hp Playbook - ()()()() Get it While It's Hot (1, 4"): while within 2" of target friendly model, friendly models spend 1 less influence to charge Turn up the heat (see Spice) My god this guy is SOOOO good. You've got to expect glut mass on the back of the card, but if that and intimidate are all there is he's still f#*&ing amazing. Overall they seem to have very strong fronts of cards so quite possibly not much more beyond intimidate on the backs, but still looking like a very strong guild.
  15. malladin.ben

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    Have you seen a high-res version of that image?