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  1. malladin.ben

    Need Help Against Smoke

    It's not a match up I've had much experience of yet in S4, but to theorycraft few a few ideas: 1. She needs to have other models in aggressive positions to be able to us Chemical Breeze. This gives you targets to kill. If she wants to generate mom off her ranged shenanigans she needs to end her turn 4" away from you. That makes her a target, especially if you can hit her with a 2" melee zone to ignore UM. 2. My thinking is Fillet is your best option for this match up. She's your better option against teams that want to spread out and avoid you, and against teams that want you to group up. 3. You have some ranged counter-play, so make use of it. Boiler's axe throw is perfect set up for Fillet. 4. If they use original Katalyst, take models with KDs, and ideally with a 2" melee zone. 5. Most of the time I don't think it's worth clearing conditions, just use mom to heal the wounds instead. Yes it means they have conditions readily available to use to trigger their special abilities, but most of them have ways to put these conditions out on you anyway, so there's little benefit to clearing them in the first place. 6. They play a slow attritional damage game, so cycle players out of the front line and heal them up to reduce the attritional effect. Hope that helps, Ben
  2. malladin.ben

    S4 Tournament Help

    Roast''s get it while it's hot is an aura, so you're not necessarily giving it to the pig instead of a squaddie or even captain who can make better use of it. If your positioning is "right" your whole team could charge for 1 cheaper inf. That said, they'd all have to start within 2" of whoever you dropped the aura on, so there may be other limitations to that positioning.
  3. malladin.ben

    S4 Tournament Help

    I think Meathook still has some mileage in a Fillet team where Tooled Up gives you a one-off Ox's aura that you can put on a model to go marauding with. Vet Brisket on the other hand I think is a trap. Even against rats, I think the damage you're giving up to get the condition removal is a trap and I'd rather be dealing more damage and getting faster takeouts and finishing the game off sooner. But maybe that's just me and my aggressive playstyle. However I come down to making my decision, it's always going to be a difficult one as there's now so many good players in the Butchers team. I don't think any of them is an obvious drop other than Truffles. And that's not that Truffles is bad, just that he's not Princess.
  4. malladin.ben

    Blog post on Fillet

    Hi all, In case there's people here who aren't on the FB group. http://theblackorifice.co.uk/page.php?main=181121&side=blog Ben
  5. malladin.ben

    S4 Tournament Help

    This may be of interest to you: http://theblackorifice.co.uk/page.php?main=181121&side=blog I think that the easy drops are Truffles and the union pick for now. After that (i.e. when Cooks come out) I think it's vet Brisket who is a bit of a trap and so should probably go. Ben
  6. malladin.ben

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I think there can be a enough of a difference between the raw stats and a basic playbook for each model to give you a better idea of how they play, and having them there gives you the chance to actually play games with them. Thats the key, the ability to actually put these rookies on the table and play games with them. Thats what leads to improved engagement in the process. If you were engaged before, fine, I don't think this would take anything away from the process, but I personally found it a lot harder to engage with the process this year than previous years and in the end it was only for (inevitably futile) negative reasons that I ended up getting involved. Something like this would have helped me, and it seems for listening to GBT maybe one or two others as well.
  7. malladin.ben

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I thoroughly disagree with this. Yes there will be differences, but the core of a model - stats, playbook, a signature play or trait or two - can stay the same and then guild flavour (additional plays or traits, stat tweaks, momentum) can be added on top. And it wouldn't even mean that you can't change things fundamentally to add guild flavour - for example let's say you had a model with a 7/9 MOV and where'd they go. Place that model in alchemists and they could be changed to 5/7 MOV with smoke bomb and cloud jumper. It stays close to its original concept of a super mobile model, keeps roughly within the same sort of mobility parameters (some advantages some disadvantages in relation to the original model, overall perhaps slightly more powerful), yet adds a significant amount of guild specific flavour to the model. Further, it allows the design team a large amount of potential early phase playtest data to help them balance the final model. Essentially, the advantage to this idea is that it would allow people to engage with the process at a more interactive level. To allow them to actually try out the models in their teams and come up with their own stories involving these players in the same way to come up with your own stories about your favourite models in your team. What would be the disadvantages?
  8. malladin.ben

    Card Previews

    You're using Meathook in Ox? I'm thinking she's the one who gets cut from my Fillet list when Roast comes out too.
  9. malladin.ben

    Card Previews

    I think gutter benefits a lot from him, but I tend to find that with Gutter the attacks after the charge are pretty humdrum, even under Ox's aura. I think she's a good model to put just enough Inf to charge on, so Roast mears you only have to give her 1 Inf, which is pretty strong. As a result I think Roast makes her viable in Fillet teams, too
  10. malladin.ben

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I think there's some good ideas for alternatives to the draft here, but my point is that IF the draft stays as it was this year (which was hinted at) how could you improve the engagement levels? The idea is that the model is a basic framework only, maybe with one key ability (like Kill Ball on Kami). And even that ability doesn't need to be set in stone. Not only would it hardly restrict design at all, but it would also allow you to get some initial playtesting feedback on whethe that ability is too powerful in a particular guild and tone it down. For example, if a player had goad and when you put that in butchers it makes everyone else's life difficult you could create a similar ability that did fit with butchers to replace it with, maybe something that gave a model penalties if they hit someone other than the "goading" model, or with range P so that it fit more into the butcher's playstyle or limits it's effectiveness in some way. If it's limiting design options it's been done wrong. It's just to give people a better idea of what the model might do, which was so often the criticism of this year's event
  11. So from the keynote it seems like the plans are to run the draft again next year, so I thought I might, humbly, make a little suggestion that I think could make it even better... Firstly, though, I think I might just want to explain what I think was the weakness with this year's draft. Listening to GBT podcast, Bill and Phil were largely apathetic about it, and at the start I had similar feelings. It was only when I started to come up with my own ideas for what the rookies might be like as models playing for my guild that I was able to start to pick a rookie to support and get involved, then once I was I really enjoyed the banter and memes and other rivalries with other players in my guild. Hence I think what we need to start with next year is an initial set of rookie-level stats for each player, along with a paper-doll, that way we can start playing with them in our teams and seeing how they might fit in and having a rough idea of basic playstyle for each model. They should be below the level of power of a existing squaddie so that there's room to develop some individual guild flavour on top - Each would probably only have one signature play or trait to provide plenty of space to add to afterwards. Their playbooks could also be largely or entirely non-momentous with additional standard rules for making different results momentous depending on which guild they are playing with. You could also play games of just the rookies themselves like they do in the stories. But anyway, my main idea is that we should have a deliberately underpowered-framework type of model that we can play with and get a rough idea of how the model might work within our teams. Cheerio, Ben
  12. malladin.ben

    Let's start taking tactics

    I cut the wings off mine and used the wings from a Dark Eldar (or whatever they're called nowadays) Scourge (or whatever they are being called nowadays). It was a very simple conversion and I'm happy with the result - looks a bit more of a gothic-punk angel than the crazy clockpunk flying man he was.
  13. malladin.ben

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    I started off this game playing morticians (Butchers had sold out), so I'm happy with that.
  14. malladin.ben

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    This is the butcher's way. Neither Kami nor Layne can walk this path. There is only Champ in contention.
  15. malladin.ben

    Let's start taking tactics

    I'd need to see some cold hard facts backing that up before I'd accept it. One or two player's anecdotes does not prove a trend. But it does suggest that something previously discounted may be worth consideration. I just need it explaining to me how those seemingly fundamental issues they have with playing the football game are mitigated.