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  1. Ratcatchers Guild

    Not much. Just looking at what we can see so far - Bonesaw, vGraves and Skulk, none of whom are particular damage dealers (especially if you ignore the vileswarm interaction with Graves). The front of Piper's card, especially, suggests goal-scoring jank. I guess Graves sort of supports the take out game, but I'd much rather have players that scored takeouts 2/3 more easily than gain 2/3 more VPs for them. I may be reading too much into it, I merely expressed a bit of disappointment at what has been revealed so far. If they turn out to be different I will happily eat my words (and probably buy them, because they I have a special fondness for ratcatchers from my WFRP days). I should probably shut up about it now. Let's have a look at what some of the other players can do and prove me wrong.
  2. Ratcatchers Guild

    Like I said, each to their own. Personally I think GB has enough depth to be a decent skirmish game without the ball, but that's beside the point. I like having and using the ball, I'm just not a massive fan of single activation goal runs that orovide no opportunity to interact. You might as well be playing a solo game vs AI, IMO. But like i said, each fo their own. I'm not trying to say you're wrong in your opinion, just show that there are others out there that are equally valid. Ball killing strategies only really developed in a big way in S3 in response to shark and Midas. S2 Fillet used to dash all over the place using the ball, but rarely score a goal. Be careful what you wish for. If 3-0 becomes too common you will see more ball killing. At the moment Fish, Alchemists, Engineers, Blacksmiths and Union can happily win 3-0. They may find 2-2 more common, but 3-0 is certainly within their remit. In contrast I'd say butchers, brewer's, farmers and Union can all win 6-0, sold anything there's an imbalance towards scoring goals. That said, I'm happy seeing more footballing teams in the game, provided there's also more takeout teams in the game. I just wont be buying them.
  3. What's your "secret" tech

    Pushes can be really important. It's just a shame that most of the time we have to give up momentum and damage to use them. I miss old new Harry.
  4. Ratcatchers Guild

    Each to their own, I suppose, although there's a lot more to this game than just hitting things without worrying about scoring goals, especially when compared to blood bowl of all things. Me, I find sitting there while an opponent works out another shark goal run that I have literally zero interaction with is a very dull way to play the game, but I guess some people enjoy it. Talking about football as a direction the game could go in worries me. It's a game with several different ways of scoring VPs, the more diversity there is in that, the better the game will be IMO. There should be as much a place in the game for teams that hit things as teams that score goals, and for teams that do other janky things to score VPs (e.g. morticians). There seems to be an opinion that everyone should be aiming for 2-and-2 wins, but to my mind that destroys the diversity of the game. all routes to victory should be equally valid and different factions and team builds should allow you to focus on each strategy - that's a healthy, balanced and diverse game IMO. That said, I think we're pretty much there at the moment and I'm very happy with the game balance overall. I'm finding 6 takeout wins possible again, for example, and still finding it just as difficult to stop Shark scoring 3. I'm not arguing for more hitting in the game than there already is. I expressed a feeling that the ratcatchers may not suit my tastes, but they may suit others, that's fine. What worries me is when people talk about takeout play like it is a bad thing or something that needs to be reduced or removed from the game. Lets try and add to the variety and range of options in the game, not see them whittled away.
  5. Ratcatchers Guild

    We know it's a metal model. That looks like a base topper rather than the whole base to me, so the actual base would be wider. Looks about right for that to me.
  6. What's your "secret" tech

    Butchery is something that has come I to my game a lot more since the Ox buff. Im not sure it counts as secret tech, but I have some hints on how I have managed to trigger it so frequently and how to make best use of it. Not only has Ox's access to butchery come down a column, but (most importantly to my mind) you're not giving up any damage if you take it Firstly, during his legendary turn, the armour debuff can make a big difference as to how often you can hit it. Against DEF 4 it's unlikely, but against DEF 3 with 8 dice you're hitting it 46% of the time, and vs DEF 2/1 it's 60%. Having a player KD'd (or hooked) and crowded before you activate ox for his legendary turn (ideally you set it up the turn before) can allow you to hit it multiple times. Vs even a 3/2 player base you can expect to hit it 3 times in a 5 attack turn. Against someone with lower defensive tech (in this world of 3/0 farmers and 3/1 or 2/2 blacksmiths) you can hit it even more often. Pick the right target and it can be amazing. Even against a 2/3 model, a charge that wraps to 2 (you need the crowd out and kd still) can add they ain't tough to that then you've hit it once aready and then your hitting it on almost every attack. Outside your legendary turn, I find Ox usually has 3 or 4 influence. At this amount you can chaege a risky high def target. Go top of the turn with him so that they an only defensive stance or counter, and they'll probably counter. With just 1 bonus dice this gives you a 50/50 chance of hitting it on the charge vs a 4/1 model (unfortunately this doesn't work vs 5/0), if you do, take it and suffer the counter you've then got 1 or 2 INF left for throwing out another butchery or they ain't tough or tough skin. If you dont, you take the KD and then just hit them a couple more times and you might hit it on a lucky roll, buy you'll put a bit extra damage out at least (you'll probably do 6 or 7 instead of the 4 you'd do from butchery). In these situations butchery works like a soft tucked, forcing your opponent to act now or lose the model next activation. Even shark, butcheried and down 4 hp and inside ox's aura is looking at being taken out by pratically anyone on your team barring the mascot .(That said, a crowded out, KD'd Shark in Ox's aura and down 7hp is probably in a similar position). Use this ability to your advantage and force them to activate someone they were likeky to want to save for later (a stacked up striker who doesn't have the ball, for example). Just throwing a butchery out with dice can be useful, too, especially if you can do it twice. The soft tucked effect becomes even more powerful if you an put it out on two different targets. That way at least one of them will still be around for the take out next activation. This is really good vs a team that's trying to keep their distance from Ox as it extends his threat bubble to 12 or 14". Cheerio, Ben
  7. Ratcatchers Guild

    I hope so. Skulk is a bag of tricks, no doubt. Scourge has me hopeful, but then you might've said similar things about Iron... Maybe I'm just getting grumpy in my old age. At least I've got God Tear to look forward to, lol.
  8. Ratcatchers Guild

    I was quite looking forward to these, but looking at what we can about Piper's card, and the fact that they have Bonesaw and Skulk seems quite footbally makes me think they are going to be very much a footballing team. Not saying that's a bad thing, but it's not something that interests me. I'll reserve judgement until I see the full team, but I'm less excited than I was. Cheerio, Ben
  9. What's your "secret" tech

    We've been a bit quite on the butchery front lately, so I thought I'd come up with a new topic to discuss. Do you have any little tricks or non-"standard" ways of using particular models? They might not be the strongest or best uses of a model, or they they may incredibly situational abilities, but what secret tech have you been using and having fun with. Here's a one of mine: Concussion. If you've been reading my more recent threads I've been banging on about using Boar and Rage in tandem, but I thought I'd draw your attention to a particular favourite play of mine: concussion. Both models have a 4dmg concussion result at the top of their playbooks and this is well worth giving up the momentum for in the right circumstances. Firstly, furious and berserk targets are great targets for a concussion, and most of them give you a helping hand getting to it. Big hitters like vKat, Seenah and Windle (not to mention Boar himself in the mirror) are very easily cancelled with a couple of concussions, and are quite easy to get it off against. It can also be really effective vs strikers, potentially removing a goalscoring opportunity from the round. If you can scoop 2 INF off a 4 INF stacked striker it can potentially mean that they don't have enough left to score. this works well in tandem with kicking the ball wide to put it even further away. Another trick I've found where it's useful is vs Hammer. Hammer needs "friends" nearby he can steal INF off, and concussion against these models can be a potential way of slowing him down. You need to be careful, though, because a Boar or Rage within Hammer's threat is probably a dead Boar or Rage with or without Iron Fist, so make sure you are actually denying him tricks rather than just giving him a juicy target (this is possible with Boar an his 2" melee zone, but harder with Rage). What tricks have you discovered? Ben
  10. GB resolution for –18?

    It's a secret.
  11. GB resolution for –18?

    I don't really have any resolutions as such, as a lot of what I want to depends too much on other people, but here's what I'd like to get done over the next year: 1. Play at least one minor guild. I'm intrigued by the Ratcatchers, but will undoubtedly love whatever the butchers minor guild is more. I'll have to wait and see what comes out. 2. Run a local league. 3. Get to a Potter's Guild event (I keep saying I'll go to one of these but have yet to manage it). I suppose this one is a resolution. 4. Is a secret thing.
  12. UK Masters invites

    The UK Masters Invitational will take place on Sunday the 25th February at Element Games in Stockport. This is a free event for players based in the UK who have proved themselves by topping the Longshanks rankings (entry to the tournament is free but I can't unfortunately cover travel or accommodation expenses). It is a 16 player, 4-round event and a chance to establish the packing order of thwbtip players in the UK. Invites will go to the current Masters champion, the top 14 ranked players and the highest placed player at the Masters Open on Saturday 24th February. This post is to formally invite those 15 players (Some of then it doesn't let me tag, so if anyone can tag them in I'd appreciate it): Patrick Vance (Masters Champion) Stephen Easton (ranked 1st in UK) Henry Kay (2nd) Bryce Johnson (3rd) Fraser McFetridge (4th) JJ Layfield (6th) Conor Rooney (7th) James Long (8th) Aaron Boyhan (9th) Jay Clare (10th) David Cameron (11th) Charles Nurser (12th) Daniel Harwood (13th) Aaron Wilson (14th) Henry Clark (15th) If invitees formally decline the invite I then extend the invites down the rankings list until all 15 places are filled. There are also a few tickets still available for the Open on Saturday (PayPal to malladin dot Ben at googlemail dot com, £15 for just the Saturday, £25 for entry Friday-Sunday, including the Consolation Points tournament of you don't qualify for the invitational)
  13. Next Errata?

    I think the sub text to my comment is that the idea of what needs a nerf is very subjective to individuals and likely to be very different depending on who you ask. I genuinely find shark the hardest (and perhaps more importantly, most dull) captain to play against, but many others think he has been nerfed so badly he's unplayable. Who's to say who is right? (Answer: the design team). By allowing people to voice their concerns, frustrations and problems it allows them to be challenged on their opinions and develop their argument or change their minds. I've had my mind changed on the Ox buff that I was initially quite negative about, and to some extent about Shank (although I still think he could be tweaked a little), but i still think the shark nerf was the wrong nerf and didn't make him any easier to play against, for me (I can go into why, but its not really relevant to the point I'm trying to make here). One thing I believe these discussions can allow but rarely do, is for other more experienced players to help the casual players get around the problems they're having against player X by suggesting ways to deal with them. Unfortunately it seems more likely that the more experienced players will just dismiss the concerns of others and forgo the opportunity to actually help someone out. Yes, I know that often such helpful advice can often just get attacked, and that some people don't want to listen, but for every person spouting off about something and refusing to listen, there's probably a few others suffering the same problem who are willing to listen. I know from my own experience when I had a particular hissy fit after my first S3 tournament back in Feb, there were hundreds of people lining up to tell my I was wrong, but then Pat Vance and Alex Botts actually have me some advice on how to solve the problems I was facing and helped me go 4-1 at the rusty cup. Anyway, this has been a bit of a rambling post, but I am essentially saying that people's ideas of what needs a nerf will be very different. If you disagree (and I say this to everyone, not just Aaron), listen to them and help them rather than dismiss their comments as wrong. Cheerio, and Happy New Year
  14. Next Errata?

    I suspect you're joking, but I actually think he could still do with a nerf. Take tidal surge off the playbook. I'd also swap stagger for hamstring. Didn't have a problem with getting tied up. Or alternatively just give him a 1" melee. The problem with him is that you sit there for half an hour while your opponent measures out this and that and then roll tons of dice all of which you have no interaction with. It's just super boring to play against. A lot of people say butchers players should bring tenderiser against fish, but I just find he adds to the boredom without ever in my experience stopping a goal from happening. /rant over. Apologies. ;-)
  15. Next Errata?

    @EpicChris I wondered when you'd chime in to disagree with me. This may all be just me struggling to cope with my own inadequacies, lol. That said, I do the the union is such a special case. Rage isn't perhaps isn't quite as strong on the individual murder front as fillet or at support as Ox, but his heroic and red fury make him so flexible. He's much harder to shut down than Ox or Fillet, and if you manage it, you just get taken apart by the rest of his team. Hammer is similarly just like a safer fillet with his col 2 KD. But we'll see how things come out in the wash. It's fair to say it been a while since butchers won a big event in the UK.