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  1. Craigus2002

    Festive Balls III - 10 Dec 2017 Bristol (BIG)

    Was a great event, thanks Dave! Potentially more tournaments in Bristol at another venue as well. Watch this space!
  2. Craigus2002

    Blacksmith basics

    I’m lucky in that I have both boxes but think that’s part of the problem. More practice needed, but you’ve restored my faith
  3. Craigus2002

    Blacksmith basics

    Cheers! How do you find goal scoring teams? I played fish for example and shark ran circles around me
  4. Craigus2002

    Blacksmith basics

    Played a tournament with blacksmiths over the weekend and just felt like I was never in control of the activation order or positioning. Any tips? Just felt like I was being pushed around and couldn’t generate any momentum. Should it be masters first to set up then apprentices? Hold back and fire apprentices off to do work? Attacking in pairs? Thoughts?
  5. Craigus2002

    Master Crafted Arsenal as a playable list

    I concur. That box are all about first turn goals. I got two first turn, first activation ones at Steamcon! Add Ferrite instead of Burnish and you could probably get two in one turn!
  6. After a success in game 1, Hammer was back but brought new teammates in Chisel and Vet Harmony. Lineups - 6 standard blacksmiths v Hammer, Marbles, Tower, chisel, Flint & vet harmony. Highlights were... Hammer scoring end of turn one after a 4 inch dodge, charge then Run the Length to go back to exactly the same place he charged from! Sledge hitting 7 damage twice in one activation hammer, vHarmony, Tower and Marbles combining to take out Anvil! Momentous tackle by Chisel on Cinder to set up Flint for a tap in and the 12-2 win!
  7. First in a two game series saw Hammer and his Masons take on Ferrite and her band of Blacksmiths and their apprentices. Line ups were Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Flint and Tower v standard 6 Blacksmiths. Hammer won the roll but chose to kick as needed some practice for Steamcon. Turn 1 saw lots of Blacksmiths pushes and dodges up the field, but ended with Hammer smashing Sledge into the ground and beating him to a bloody mess, despite his Sentinel, Anvil, being nearby. Turn 2 saw Ferrite get the Hammer treatment, knocking her back towards goal and then taking on the 3 dice shot... which he missed!!! Blacksmiths then got back in the game with Hammer and a goal from Iron. 6-6 at top of turn 4. Hammer then deleted Furnace after some great support work from Tower and Mallet. Then pushed forward for the shot on goal... this time with 4 dice... smashes it into the net with a screamer!
  8. Craigus2002

    Big League Templates

    Hi all Finally kicking off Big League campaign just before season 3 hits! In the book there's mention of a spreadsheet to help but I can't find it. Anyone created one or have the original? Also we might only have 6-7 players, any recommendations on slightly altering format? Thanks Craig
  9. I won two games at a tourney on Saturday with shark, 1-4 and 2-2. Takeouts aren't always about taking people down to 0 health...Jac can push 7 inches... Plus Gutter can cut people down...
  10. Craigus2002

    Shark vs Butchers - getting the ball back

    problem was I sacrificed shark stupidly! Was clearly a very experienced gamer so definitely the top end of tactics. At one point I think shark was 2-1 against gutter.... That hurt!
  11. Craigus2002

    Shark vs Butchers - getting the ball back

    Ah never thought of that, thanks! The temptation is to get the ball to shark and score from miles away i guess. Yep all 3 plus gutter for a bit of control and I find she can get through brisket or boiler easily when she gets a chance. Love this! It's an unusual approach I think, one that requires setting up but I can see it working. Gutters chain grab gets -5 knocked off it for Siren too so she can probably be a bit further up than others too without being dragged in.
  12. Keep getting owned by Ox led Butchers at tournaments. My opponents do a great job of a securing the ball, dropping it and then caging around it which restricts me in doing what Shark does best scoring goals. Any tips? Butcher tactics have been use Gutter to pull me in, dirty knives plus butchery plus attacks from everyone else = dead player. Without the ball I find it hard to generate momentum and lose initiative. Repeat side 1... so how do I get the ball back and how do I generate momentum to compete?
  13. Craigus2002

    What to do with Butchers?

    I played butchers last night and ok I lost 12-8 but it was a battle against a hugely experienced player. Key was stretching the butchers out across the pitch and having wingers ready to swoop in. The butchers are brutal but 2" melee gives you a significant advantage to engage but not be engaged. Pulling Ox away from the action with Siren and Jac also helped. His aura was inaffective for most of the game. Which took the damage count down significantly. The temptation is to run into contact to farm momentum but that rarely works! Get the ball, pass, pass, score. Try to think one step ahead about where he is going to kick out to once you score and position another player ready to pick up the ball/tackle and ping the ball away. Oh and don't be afraid to kick the ball into space! You are quicker!
  14. Craigus2002

    Clash of the Guilds 2 28 May 2016 - 32 players! - Bristol

    I plan to come but struggling for funds to commit this week (January lasts forever!). Will be signing up next week if it's still on. Happy with options 2 and 3. 1 doesn't sound like much fun!
  15. Craigus2002

    Union of the Fish

    Loving Gutter. Momentum generating damage output, use her to kite people around the board, 3/6 kick, decent movement, perfect fit for me. Also like Hemlocke against those pesky Brewers and Engineers. Condition removal is key against those teams I've found! Haven't tried Fangtooth but might pick him next time I play the butchers.