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    Damage from being pushed or dodging in an aura

    Advances are a Jog or a Sprint (including as part of a Charge). Dodges and Pushes don't cause the damage, no. Models that fly still suffer damage from the Minefield. Yes, standing still in a minefield does not inflict damage.
  2. TheLieutenant

    S4 Spiderlings

    Nest markers effectively count as models for crowding out purposes. This is separate and distinct from the crowding out penalty from being within Mother's melee zone. All nest markers count as a single model for crowding out purposes (i.e. if you're within 1" of three nest markers, it's still only -1 TAC).
  3. TheLieutenant

    Dark Souls The card game

    Hey there, this means you can have up to 9 cards in your hand. You won't draw any more cards at the end of each of your activations until you have less than 6 cards in your hand though.
  4. TheLieutenant

    Lawyers Guild Authority?

    I am Bryce, so erm, yes.
  5. Hey all! SteamCon UK is only a couple of days away! Whoop whoop! Just wanted to remind everyone (and yeah I posted on Facebook as well) that if you want to play in the LCQ, please get to SteamCon UK as close to 8am on Friday as you can. When you're checked into the event, come through to the tournament room immediately and register for the LCQ at the tournament head desk. We need to keep the event running on time, and we're expected a lot of people to sign up for it, so if you're not registered by 9.50am you won't be able to play! The shop will still be there once you're registered/after the first round so don't worry about missing out. Hopefully see all of you on Friday! Love, A Stressed T.O.
  6. TheLieutenant

    Superior strategy and avarice & greed

    Using Superior Strategy on either Avarisse or Greede provides both models with an additional activation, they activate simultaneously as normal. The target model is allocated the influence.
  7. TheLieutenant

    Season 4 pass and move

    This wording will be updated to make this clear in the next errata, but the answer is no. Models have to make a successful pass to another friendly model in order to make a 4" dodge from Pass & Move.
  8. TheLieutenant

    Defensive stance below 2+

    It would remove 1 dice. All def modifiers are applied at the same time, including Defensive Stance, and net out to what the model's final DEF would be for the attack. Bonus Time is a special instance which works unlike any other modifier.
  9. TheLieutenant

    Is open ground a type of terrain

    Open ground is not terrain.
  10. TheLieutenant


    Any result that includes damage is a playbook damage result and so would not generate momentum.
  11. TheLieutenant

    S4 Spending Momentum card

    For your second question, the current Game Plan cards will still be used when S4 releases. We will release an FAQ for name changes on those cards, Keep Your Chin Up being a good example. Basically we had something of an awkward point when the Game Plans were released since they were too early for S4 wordings (and indeed, when the Game Plans went to print some of the S4 naming wasn't finalised) but were always intended to play in S4 too. This is just a legacy issue with some name changes, and we can't imagine it'll cause too many problems.
  12. TheLieutenant


    Hello all, I hope you've all seen today's rather exciting Blog post describing the Cage Ball rules (if you haven't, it's here: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/cage-ball-alternate-format) This thread is for discussion of the Cage Ball format, theory crafting, and discussion of team compositions. Happy Cage Balling!
  13. TheLieutenant

    Spillage - vCalculus

    No, Spillage happens at the moment Calculus actually makes the Kick action, before any scatters would be resolved.
  14. TheLieutenant

    Spillage - vCalculus

    It happens when the model makes the Kick action, so before any teamwork actions are resolved.
  15. TheLieutenant

    Possibly tweeks in S4

  16. Hi folks, Been getting some requests for a complete, easy list of which models play for which nationalities in the Homelands Cup. Here is the full list of nations and their respective Players. I've also included the list of current unplayable nations at the bottom, cause I know people will be interested. Playable Nations Valentia Captains: Fillet, Midas Mascots: Salt (Please note, Salt was unfortunately not updated in the card reprints. His card still says Eisnoran, this should be Valentian. This will be updated in an errata.) Players: Cosset, Ghast, Brisket, Venin, Chisel, Granite Raedland Captains: Theron, Hammer Mascots: Princess, Vileswarm Players: A&G, Graves, Flint, Mallet, Colossus, Spigot Maldriven Captains: Tapper Mascots: Quaff (See Salt. Quaff's card still says Eisnoran, he is actually Maldriven. This will be updated in an errata.) Players: Hooper, Stave, Friday, Chaska, PintPot Skald Captains: Ox Mascots: Dirge Players: Boar, Brick, Jac, Vitriol, Katalyst Ethraynne Captains: Smoke, Mascots: Scum Players: Calculus, Mercury, Fangtooth, Salvo, Velocity Erskirad Captains: Pin Vice Mascots: Mother Players: Decimate, Gutter, Shank, Meathook, Hoist Eisnor Captains: Shark, Esters Mascots: Fahad Players: Zarola, Seenah, Stoker, Mash, Hemlocke Castellya Captains: Honour, Vet Rage Mascots: Truffles Players: Harmony, Tower, Rage, Egret, Jaecar, Tenderiser Figo Captains: Ballista, Obulus Mascots: Wrecker Players: Greyscales, Angel, Compound, Boiler Non-Playable Nations (currently) Indar Captains: Corsair, Mascots: Naja, Mainspring, Flask, Marbles Players: Ratchet, Silence Numa Captains: 0 Mascots: Tentacles Players: Sakana Sultar Captains: Blackheart, Scalpel Mascots: Coin, Strongbox Players: Snakeskin Piervo Captains: 0 Mascots: 0 Players: Bonesaw, Casket Unknown Captains: 0 Mascots: 0 Players: Siren, Kraken, Minx, Mist, Harry the Hat, Hearne
  17. TheLieutenant

    Game Plan Resolution Order

    Option 2. So say Player A had initiative and played Seize the Initiative, and Player B played Grudge Match. Player A would choose a friendly model and make a 4" Dodge, then Player B would choose a friendly model and make a 4" Dodge. Then Player A would choose an enemy model to suffer Singled Out, then Player B would choose an enemy model to suffer Singled Out.
  18. TheLieutenant

    Falconers Delayed until 3rd Aug

    Steve is really determined to keep his Best Falconer player tag on Longshanks.
  19. TheLieutenant

    Minor Guilds and Game Plan Deck

    This is correct.
  20. TheLieutenant

    Hot Shot charge

    Declaring an Attack and Declaring a Charge are two different things. Hot Shot and Death From Above specify declaring an Attack, not a Charge. So no, to answer your question.
  21. TheLieutenant

    Kat 1 and coming back on

    Hmm, while that's an interesting point, allowing models to be suffering conditions when not on the Pitch may have other ramifications and I'm not opening a can of worms here. We'll look into this for future rules writing, but the ruling stands.