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  1. Hot Shot charge

    Declaring an Attack and Declaring a Charge are two different things. Hot Shot and Death From Above specify declaring an Attack, not a Charge. So no, to answer your question.
  2. Kat 1 and coming back on

    Hmm, while that's an interesting point, allowing models to be suffering conditions when not on the Pitch may have other ramifications and I'm not opening a can of worms here. We'll look into this for future rules writing, but the ruling stands.
  3. Kat 1 and coming back on

    This is correct.
  4. Game Plan Expiry

    Quoting the rules card in the Game Plan downloads file: "End Phase Current Game Plan effects end. Both currently chosen Game Plans are removed from the Pitch and discarded. If a Player no longer has any Game Plans in their hand, they should pick up all their discarded Game Plans to form a new hand." Game Plans affect the entire turn in which they're played. Get Back In There does affect the entire turn, so the model may benefit from the [+2"/+2"] MOV in the Maintenance Phase, during their activation, and during any other Advances the model may make throughout the turn.
  5. Deck misunderstandings

    Yes, this is correct. Discarded cards stay discarded until you visit the bonfire again.
  6. Yes, Hearne can choose the single GB result on the first column of his Playbook even if his target has already been Singled Out. This reapplies Singled Out (which has no effect since effects of the same name can't stack) and generates 1 MP. The momentum is generated for selecting the momentous GB result, not for applying the Character Play.
  7. Grim Caress and Extended Reach

    See initial post above. Ruling has been amended.
  8. Grim Caress and Extended Reach

    The active player can choose to have extended reach end before Grim Caress triggers. This ruling was incorrect and I apologise, this is entirely on me. Grim Caress and the model losing [3"] melee happen simultaneously, but both must be resolved, even if losing the [3"] melee is resolved first.
  9. This question has been answered. Please do not discuss the answer here.
  10. Idea for Thresher Change

    We are. We'd have to be blind not to be.
  11. Correctly answered. Veteran Katalyst does *not* like Tough Hide!
  12. Avarisse taken out with Greede

    Correctly answered.
  13. Windles Rookie Card on Level 5

    This should say 'for the remainder of the turn'. But hey, you try proofing 250ish cards in a pre-SteamCon flurry!
  14. Egret and Flurry rules question

    The pulse originates from the target of the play, so in this case Anvil. All enemy models within the pulse (so within 2" of Anvil) suffer 2 DMG and poison. Friendly models (if there were any within 2" of Anvil) would only suffer 2 DMG, however, because Egret's Venomous Strike rules specifically says 'enemy models' suffer the poison condition.