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  1. Clear, elegant rules with a usually fast flowing and engaging game. Deep tactical level where you can plan and plot to achieve what you want to achieve. Great models, and small model count. Also, I just love Guilds. Personally I blame endless reams of fantasy literature and PC games for that, and a certain Terry Pratchett. I think the world of Guild Ball is thoroughly entertaining - although I think they overplay the grim and dodgy characters angle... some people in the universe must be nice, honest and decent folk!
  2. MythicKhan

    Model distribution needs to change

    The Blacksmiths Guild has announced a deal in conjunction with the Farmers Guild: Buy ONE pitchfork (new or used) get a SECOND and THIRD half price! The Lamplighters Guild would like to remind all customers that they should use torches responsibly during street protests and should under no circumstances attempt to "improve" them with any substance provided by the Alchemists Guild.
  3. MythicKhan

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    Probably true - although a "grey area" Fighters Guild might be possible; especially if they act as a clearing house for the Blacksmiths to sell weapons outside the Guilds (the small fluff we have on the charter appears to only say the Blacksmiths can't sell outside the guilds - not anyone else) Also options: Swordsmiths Silversmiths Armourers Farriers (all mounted please haha) Jewellers Smelters Coinsmiths Locksmiths Fun could be had with all of these I think
  4. MythicKhan

    The Faithful - New Beginnings

    Nice to see more Blacksmiths. I know I just got them... but new things in the future is good to look forward to; especially with a Minor Guild probably far away. Also, these Solthecians intrigue me... getting to be a good range of them in the Union now!
  5. MythicKhan

    Model distribution needs to change

    I sympathise with the concerns expressed here - especially as a new Blacksmiths only player looking at the new upcoming box. Speaking constructively (or attempting to) would the best solution be Steamforged offering mail order only on singles? I imagine most would appreciate the gesture - and it need not be the entire catalogue and also saves on packaging costs (no need for blister art and so on) nor is it a burden on FLGS' shelves. I can also see many preferring that to Ebay and Facebook; where scalping can occur, and worse. Many would be happy to see SFG make a profit on the singles if it meant they were actually available!
  6. MythicKhan

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    I just bought the whole Blacksmiths roster at Salute, so I'm late to the party a bit, but I would like to see where they go with the minor guilds. The new Navigators story mentions the Lawkeepers... now I imagine they would be a good pair for the Blacksmiths. You could maintain the Master and Apprentice by having Sergeants and Constables!