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  1. Bunch of vets need a home. I’m selling them for 16$ each. Vet Sakana Vet Harriet Vet Cinder Vet Chisel Sold Vet Calculus Sold I also have a rat catchers box if anyone wants it. 40$ Ill cover shipping, US buyers only please. PM if interested, thanks.
  2. Found a skulk.Thanks for the offers.
  3. I'm looking for a Skulk. Any out there for trade or sale?
  4. Can anyone that got the Halloween Obulus tell me if his head is a separate piece? Thanks.
  5. jhhodges77

    [W] Lucky

    Where are you in the world? I have an extra if your in the states.
  6. jhhodges77


    Where are you seeing his legendary?
  7. Nope! We recently had a baby and I've gotten a lot of late night painting done in between daddy duty lately.
  8. Thanks for the comments. Testors gloss spray for protecting the paint and then testers dullcote to knock down the shine.
  9. Unpainted but assembled brewers: tapper, Hooper, scum, Friday, spigot, and stave. $45 Kickstarter Ox. Assembled 30$ Alternate Boiler. Assembled 30$ Paypal offers please. PM for details or pics.
  10. jhhodges77

    Guild Ball Painting Service

    Check out Bob Ladd studios on Facebook. Good prices and decent turn around.
  11. Now with a complete hunters team. As always thanks for looking.
  12. Bring out your dead... Morticians and Union to start with. CC welcome. Thanks for looking.
  13. jhhodges77

    Hunter's Scale

    They are big. Look at them next to the teeny tiny masons, except hammer who is on the hunters scale. Honestly I like the bigger scale so it doesn't bother me. I do wish I could get some up sized sculpts of the masons and union models.
  14. jhhodges77

    Tournament of Kings! Marietta Georgia

    Event does not appear to be active on tiebreak. Taking sign ups yet?
  15. jhhodges77

    Vet Graves spoiled

    I think he is a great addition to the team. Knock down and a character play on three hits is awesome. One damage, one momentum, and a character play on two hits is very nice as well. He wont be dishing out major damage by himself but the extra vps from gravedigger alone will make him very worth while. I bet he loses reach though. He will fit in great with a murdermort team.