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  1. venom1983

    Athena Autumn Open

    Hey guys Facebook page is up for the next Athena Open. The Tiebreak is also up 9th September Norwich Norfolk,
  2. venom1983

    Autumn Open at Athena

    Sorry for late notice 17th September at Athena Games is the Autumn open the previous three opens have been a great laugh. https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/guild-ball-autumn-open/feed https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=194207104309499
  3. venom1983

    Norwich Summer Open

    It's going to be bigger and badder and sign ups already available
  4. Hi Darren

    Just wandering, have the results been sent through to Steamforged yet? I have not seen any credits come through.

    Thanks for a great event

    Ben Allen

  5. venom1983

    Norwich Summer Open

    Cheers SATS. Sorry to hear that Rich you had paid athena direct hadn't you?
  6. venom1983

    Norwich Summer Open

    Silver would be awesome I have asked for a paid list as I have put the event forward for sanctioning.
  7. venom1983

    Norwich Summer Open

    As last post was a bit messy. Walk ons are accepted on the day as is payment. Although to be sanctioned by steamforged they will only count the amount of prepaid entries for sanctioning purposes. So if we have 16 people pre paid we will get bronze sanctioning. If another 200 people turn up and pay on the day it will still only be bronze sanctioned, if only 16 people have paid. As with all my events if you turn up you will play! I am on the list as playing but if there is leaves an odd number off players I will drop out so that everyone plays every round.
  8. venom1983

    Norwich Summer Open

    Yh payment on the day is fine. If you pm me names teams and club your from I can update tiebreak
  9. venom1983

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Are you going to get this on play so it auto updates?
  10. venom1983

    Norwich Summer Open

    The Venue can clear 128 comfortably, will the staff/owners are easy going for tournaments so will see how it goes on numbers.
  11. venom1983

    Norwich Summer Open

    Ok guys so I am back on the band wagon again and looking for support. I am running Athena Games Summer Open Guild Ball tournament in Norwich on 18th June 2016 https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/guild-ball-summer-open/feed https://www.facebook.com/events/242709432730963/ This will be ran using the most up to date tourney rules, am holding off at the moment just in case as there is a few changes with Season 2
  12. venom1983

    Athena Games Spring Open 2016

    Tie Break Link I am hoping that I can get longer store opening hours for this so provisionally I am aiming for a finish time of 18:30. Currently sat at 13 players including me but I am happy to drop out so I can focus on just admin and getting lots off action shots.
  13. venom1983

    Athena Games Spring Open 2016

    There is also an event create on tiebreak
  14. venom1983

    Athena Games Spring Open 2016

    Hi S_A_T_S as far as I am aware the 8 INCLUDES the captain/mascot but I will ask, I haven't got the document on me. To confirm captain mascot and 6 players Also I have applied for it to be sanctioned.
  15. venom1983

    Where now

    Ok never played Brewers and just got a captain model, so damn it looks like I am going to have to include another team. What's a must what's nice what's needed.