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  1. Anti Mist tactics

    I haven't had this much difficulty with other strikers, but as mention, it is probably more noticeable in the 8pt games. I may just set up to let him come to me as it's going to happen so I may as well make the most of it and just crowd him out with my players then beat on him after he scores. But yeah, when goalies are here I think I'll be using one when I expect to see mist.
  2. Anti Mist tactics

    This guy is giving me a headache with his ability to score first turn or first activation on the second turn. I don't know if he is just a poor match up for us, or if he has this kind of success against all guilds or if I'm just not seeing something through lack of experience but I cannot seem to stop him. Meathook looks like my best option with her heroic play but if I can't get the initiative second turn then I have basically conceded a goal to him. Also we are currently playing 8pt games with no terrain or plots so I was also wondering if the longer games, a splash of terrain or plots would make life harder for him.
  3. Butchers v Morticians tactics

    Played them today. Mist was in their team and I just couldn't stop him from scoring. Obulous was making him jog into better positions then he just swooped in, like a scalpel, tackled the ball, dodged away and shot. Then they took out poor princess. I had planned to heal him but saved the MP for counter attackes and defensive stance, but boy that was a big mistake as Obulous used his legendry play and stole all my MP and left me flat footed in that respect. Cosset then took down shank (she puts out a lot of damage!) and that was that. First time I have played them but it has left me scratching my head with how to, firstly, counter Mist (as this guy usually has him in his team) and secondly, how to not get picked off by Obulous and Cosset with their luring shenanigans.
  4. Help on gutting those Fishermen!

    Yeah, I see that and I can understand how useful Shank is but at the moment I'm still in the "I wonder how these guys work together". So I'm just using different combinations to see what works in various situations and trying not to get in the mindset of (x) and (y) are auto includes. That being said Im beginning to find games harder when Brisket isn't on the pitch. Whenever she has got the ball, she has almost always converted her efforts into a goal for me. Like in my last game again the Fishermen, I got the ball after he scored, it went nearby Brisket, and she just sprinted between his models and used super shot to get in the winning goal.
  5. Union Demo Starter team

    If you ran with Snakeskin and Hemlock they are both very non direct damage. Snakeskin and Gutter show a bit more variation I feel and that's what Union is, vary varied players each filling.specific rolls. And maybe Hemlock may be a bit too confusing in a demo maybe? I know I found her a bit odd when I played against here in my second ever game.
  6. Union Substitutions

    Used them again the other day. Purely to gain the extra activation from them. First turn it was good but after that it didn't seem to matter. Mainly because I didn't have enough influence to spread, generating only 11 once Greed was on the pitch. However Avarisse with his pushes in his playbook and fairly high tac helped tremendously allowing me to move my target into range of others. And Greed was able to pick up the ball after my opponent scored and pass it to Brisket where she was just in range of a Super shot goal to victory. Wouldn't of had the range if it weren't for Greed. So further analysis and I am finding them to be useful, especially when I can disrupt their positioning and out activate on the first turn.
  7. Help on gutting those Fishermen!

    Well I played the Fishermen last night and, mainly due to his mistake, the ball was way off to one side and shark and Angel were on the other side. So this made life hard for them regarding getting the ball and scoring. It ended 8-4 to the butchers. So yeah, I took the advice you guys gave and it seemed to work. I focused on removing models that were causing me headaches, firstly it was Kraken, throwing out KD like sweets. Then I looked to Siren but she escaped so shark was marked but he slipped away like the fish he is, so all eyes on Angel. But focusing on them 1 by 1 forced him to play defence on them which kinda controlled where they went; which was away from the ball. Admittedly I have a few more games under my belt then my opponent so we will see how things develop. But thank you all the help and advice.
  8. Meat The Butchers

    Well if you was to bring Gutter along with Rage and Boar and put her in nearby she could pull in targets first turn. So if you receive, pull in the kicker of the opponents team, or if you are the kicker, try and kick the ball so it's directly in front of them, then pull them in. Either way, that could potentially allow first turn charges from them both.
  9. Union Substitutions

    It was partly bad play by me as I was facing Alchemist and both Avarisse and Greed got poison from being too close to someone then Katalist hit Avarisse and did a play that hurt all poison models near by. Sorry, I'm a bit vague on the details but not looked into them yet. So yeah, Greed healed so he could go crazy and was planning to heal him again with my next activation but he died. In a nutshell I had no clue what I was doing with them but now I have more of an idea and will try him again.
  10. Meat The Butchers

    My thoughts on Rage are, due to the fact he cannot be affected by friend plays to gain the bonus damage, is to run him with Meathook to give bleed to 1 or possibly 2 models which Meathook could then follow up with her heroic play and/or her scything blow as Rage wouldn't suffer damage from it so they can safely work in close proximity. Taking both Rage and Boar is quite nice as that's 2 models that don't require you to think too much about how much influence to assign but you still get good use out of them. However I'm not overly keen on taking Boar as he just gives up too much momentum as he is easy to hit, so Rage does make a good replacement in that situation as he's def4+.
  11. Butchers v Morticians tactics

    Blast! Missed that small "may" word. Going on that then maybe get as many 2" melee players as you can. Boar, Shank, Decimate and Gutter. It'll be very hard to stay away from all of them and both Decimate and Gutter can still kick pretty well so the options to score a goal is still there.
  12. Union Substitutions

    Well I used Avarisse and Greed tonight. Well, what can I say, they were a little lackluster. I dropped Greed start of turn 2 planning to use Avarisse to Mark target his player with the ball then let the little guy go crazy and get the ball off her then score. However it was harder then I thought to actually tackle with him (partly my fault as I thought it only require 3 hits where it actually require 5). So he did nothing then died. Avarisse, on the other hand, was quite good, having tough hide made him a tough nut to cracking and his character play to mark the target on 1 hit was very handy. Overall I feel there is potential and I will try them again but I think the key is knowing when to drop Greed for maximum gain. I was thinking maybe first turn to out activate the opponent, then hook up turn 2 so to get them in a better position, maybe sprint somewhere so on turn 3 Greed could threaten the goal if you have the ball or backstab someone if you don't. I did use Decimate too and she was great! Very fast, fair kicking ability and a lovely 2" melee. Second wind is handy to help position a key model too like Brisket up one flank.
  13. Union Substitutions

    With any luck, I plan to put Avarisse and Greed on the pitch today. Not sure who I will drop, probably Boar or Boiler depending on what guild I'm facing. I'll post my findings on him.
  14. Butchers v Morticians tactics

    What about jogging or sprinting Princess into his engagement range first therefore forcing him to use Unpredictable movement against something that is actually no threat. Then just charge away with everyone else? Or Gutter can push him into her melee with her character play (I forget what it's called now).
  15. Meat The Butchers

    Really great review doc. It helped me with my first few games. Regarding Meathook, I am finding it increasingly hard to find a reason to put her on the pitch. I played 2 games last night with her and was intending to see how much I could get out of her heroic play. I couldn't get enough conditions out and most of the time there was more important things to do then try and give poison or bleed to models. And to be honest, there is rarely a bunch of enemy models next to or near her to be viable targets for it. Brisket is always a good choice for me. Whether it's dirty knives, being a goal threat or just putting the boot in with Princess near by.