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  1. Bugger, same day as my 40th so i'll have to give this one a miss
  2. Bonescon 2018 Feb 16th -18th - Birmingham UK

    Couple of questions regarding this event: Does the Bonescon £20 weekend ticket cover entry in to any or all of the above GB events? What are the number of signups for the Saturday tournament? I ask as I'm interested in attending but want to make sure there are spots left/the tournament is viable. Apologies if this is covered elsewhere (my search-fu is weak)
  3. V3: Vengeance 2018

    any word on the paypal payment name?
  4. W: Engineers/Hunters

    I've Pm'd you
  5. Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    I've posted on the Facebook page but I've had no reply yet so posting here incase you missed it. I'm unable to make this event as a personal matter clashes with it. Please could you allocate my ticket (Sam Wood) to someone else and issue you me a refund. Many thanks
  6. Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    Ticket bought and room booked. Looking Forward to this one!
  7. Paid up and looking forward to this. I'll see if I can drum up some support for the Guild Ball group in York.
  8. Reference Cards v2

    Amazing work. These are so useful, thanks for putting them up
  9. W: Resin inserts H:Cash

    Hello, I'm desperate for a couple of sets of the resin base inserts included in the Kickstarter. I have based the majority of my models (Fishermen, butchers, masons and a handfull of the union players) and now I want to keep the basing consistent with the morticians team ive recently bought If you can help me out I'd really apperciate someone willing to sell me their bases. Specifically 2x 40mm bases and 10x 30mm ones. Thnks for reading guys.