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  1. Secondbreky

    The Casual Mortician

    This makes the assumption that I ahve a plan 😜
  2. Secondbreky

    The Casual Mortician

    @Mako only uses scilence to troll me. He has come to realise i'm prmanently on tilt against that model
  3. Secondbreky

    Most 'direct' Team

    What do you guys think is the most direct team in Guild Ball? I'm not refering to the easiest to learn, play, counter or is necessaily a 'one trick pony' but wondering what your opinions for a team that that does what it does in the most direct way to win games. As it's not always useful to leave these discussions open ended I'll start the ball rolling. I would suggest it's the Butchers. A team with two captains that tend to gain a lot of VP through raw damage output, Ox who has good damage output himself and can buff the team arround him to similarly high output and Fillet who is more af a precision tool dashing in to delete a model whilst trowing around the bleed condition. I know the team has goal scoring options as well but seem very direct with less 'moving parts than some of the othe guilds. I'll be interested to hear anyone elses opinion.
  4. Secondbreky

    Footballing Alchemists

    Do you guys have any advise for playing a 'pure' footballing line up for the alchemists? I've been playing a lot of games with brawling teams recently and I'm looking for a change of pace? I was thinking of taking Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Mist, Mercury & Crucible and just trying to race to 3 goals. Any advise would be much appreciated.
  5. thanks for the notification @MattyBurns i'll be at a kiddies birthday party all day on the 13th sadly hopefully catch you at the next one.
  6. @MattyBurns any news on future tournaments buddy?
  7. Thanks for a great article @Edek. Plenty of food for thought as I’ve just started playing brewers myself.
  8. Secondbreky

    Veteran Decimate

    Nice! Sge's gonna work well for when brewers want to get the opposition in to a scrum. She can police one side of the pitch threatening a push out potentially forcing the other team where you want them to be(and be a good set up piece or be a back up goal threat in a pinch)
  9. Secondbreky

    The Bush League Brewer

    Goal Completed this evening. As thats all the non-player bits painted I hopefully be able to crack on after the easter break.
  10. Secondbreky

    The Bush League Brewer

    Did a bit more work last night but contiued the procrastination theme by painting up a couple of balls. It may just be me being clumsy but i find the normal metal balls a bit tricky to pick up beacuse of thier small size. To that end I built them up with a couple resin bottles from https://hexy-shop.com/ positioned to make them look like the ball was knocking them over (Vet Spigot target practice prehaps?) Hoping to get the goal built tonight which if i get it finished will at least force me to paint some actual players!
  11. Secondbreky

    The Bush League Brewer

  12. Secondbreky

    The Bush League Brewer

    Thanks for the comments guys. The puddles were given a base paint of GW Mournfang Brown and after the a spray varnish of the whole piece I put a few drops of Vallejo still water effect in each puddle recess. It's the first time I've used it but its really good stuff.
  13. Secondbreky

    The Bush League Brewer

    I'm start this thread to document my current Brewers guild project and to discuss any tactical options as i improve with them (hopefully). I began the project this week with some classic procrastination by painting up the brewer themed elements of the Steamforged terrain pack.
  14. Secondbreky

    W: Alchemists

    hey there. I've got the full alchemist guild including official dice muse on minis tokens and measuring set that i might be willing to part with. PM me if your still interested.
  15. Secondbreky

    First among Exiles

    nice. got bee looking forward to next week hopping decimate will be like gutter, similar to the old play style but with the full flavour of the brewers guild.