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  1. gazkyeo

    50 Shades of Greyscales - Fishermen vs Union

    6 1's out of ten dice on the first turn! Yeah that sounds just like my luck lately
  2. gazkyeo

    Where in the World Are You?

    South East England but soon moving back to Beijing but this time for two years. Going to introduce the game over there although miniature gaming is very very rare there.
  3. gazkyeo

    Season 2.....

    Going back to the start of this thread I would hate to have shark leave/die!
  4. gazkyeo

    Generating Momentum with the Fishes

    I've found in my games that I've had all the momentum I've needed. The team is so efficient that I can't remember too many situations where I've struggled with what I had. Siren really becomes the engine for momentum and as such my favourite player in the team ( narrowly beating Shark).
  5. Picked up some of these myself. Will match them with an order for the official guild plot cards/tokens for a nice set to play with.