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  1. On YouTube now! Help us mould the destiny on our Ashen adventurers as we take on the Dark Souls campaign on YouTube. Note: to avoid filming a grind or the need to farm Souls, we will be using the normal rules for spending Souls on flips and levelling. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Update - so after some serious efforts putting together the start of a step by step, it's clear YouTube has got very busy with playthroughs including the official Steamforged one. What's also clear is that filming slick a how to play for this without simply just playing the game and explaining the rules as you go is tough - which likely ties in with the difficulties some have had with the Rulebook. For me, it all made sense after actually playing through a couple of times rather than immediately from Rulebook. As such and as not to fall further behind the playthrough race on YouTube, I have sidelined the how to play for now and filmed part one of my Dark Souls Campaign which should be edited and published sometime mid-week. I hope you all follow the saga with me! As it's the first episode, we do take some time to explain some of the mechanics as we go. Hopefully it'll be entertaining as much as informative for all ??
  3. Watch the video to find out how you can win a brand new, still in celaphane copy of Dark Souls The Board Game. Good luck!
  4. Hope this helps someone out there!
  5. Thermo

    Painting for beginners

    In case anyone missed it, painting tutorial for Ornstein and Smough!
  6. I've given then game more than five run throughs now and am confident I can put together a decent tutorial on youtube to add to the other Dark Souls:TBG content on Hot Gates Gaming (YouTube). Wife is at the in-laws tonight so when I finish work at 9pm... this filming work can begin! Before I start, any suggestions? What would you like to see? Or see acknowledged? Get involved with any suggestions and tips below! Some of you were super useful when I first asked about potential "pit falls" and will be credited in the video accordingly, as will anyone with useful suggestions!
  7. Would love to see people's pictures if they've painted along to these vids! Please post your WIP pics!
  8. Hope you enjoy! If you want me to edit a shorter, snappier guide, like the video and leave a comment on the youtube vid and if I get 100+ I'll take some time to edit it down into a step by step.
  9. Thermo

    Painting for beginners

    How to paint the Warrior guide now up on youtube, enjoy guys!
  10. Follow up video to this which includes a few more advanced techniques features The Warrior and should be up and edited by these weekend If you want to see him finished, check out hot gates gaming on twitter and Facebook and let me know what you think!
  11. Thermo

    Painting for beginners

    Great work Squirtis! Finished my warrior now and editing up the tutorial video. In the meantime, check out Hot Gates Gaming on Facebook and on twitter for the finished pics (won't let me load them on here )
  12. Thermo

    Painting for beginners

    I've been filming a "How to Paint The Warrior" video for Hot Gates Gaming (youtube) About halfway through filming, but you can see the WIP pics from the video over on www.facebook.com/hotgatesgaming
  13. Thanks guys, really appreciate the positive feedback and glad it's helping people!
  14. Great start matey! You're making me itch to get mine done and film another tutorial. Think the warrior is one of my favourite minis around. Soon cool!