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  1. Starting Union & Alt Deployment

    Thats the strange thing with dice, I know that your dice rolling before that was pretty dire but it was generally on less important/impactfull rolls but the time it spiked was game changing so it sticks in the mind far more. Back to your original post its nice to see Snakeskin being used as she is underutilised. Hemlock was a surprising pick and I think she would have a place in some match ups but I think she could be easily replaced with Grace (who I am a big fan of)
  2. Starting Union & Alt Deployment

    no tactical advice, just commenting to gloat over my win, it doesnt happen often against such a high caliber opponent, so I need to make the most of it while I can The last few minutes were crazy when I think between us we must have burned through about 6 activations in such a short space of time to ensure we could get to the next turn and be able to activate potentially game winning players and not get stuck only able to use the players on the fringe of the game. Was the closest game i have ever had and most probably the most enjoyable.
  3. Best Guilds to do Demo Games with

    if you want to show more of a scripted walkthorugh I like Butchers v Fish as it really highlights the 2 sides of the game, but if I want it to be a bit more interactive I like the Masons v Brewers as it allows people to try their own ideas. Normally depends on if the player/s have any previous wargaming experience. For first games I always set the game up 3v3 midmatch, where the first move or two are obvious to cover the basic themes and then let the players find their own way. Also play to a low score, better to play a few 6 point games than one long game.
  4. Assessing the new plastics

    great write up @Mako. I'm more of a game player than painter (I see myself as a good table top standard painter but i do treasure my 1 best painted die ). I was looking forward to the plastics for ease of gameplay but had apprehension if my basic paint skills would be up to the task of making them look good. Im also normally a really slow painter but in trying to get the Farmers ready for a launch event I managed to get the entire box painted in two evenings and I must say I'm more than happy with the results. I really like the box and it does display them nicely on the shelf. From the early unpainted photos I was very concerned about Bushels face and neck, but as soon as I got some paint on her the details popped out. I dont like the weapon in her right hand though far too bendy. Looking forward to the Blacksmiths now that I have seen the step up in quality from the Kick Off Box
  5. Blacksmiths Aesthetics

    perhaps they make nice armour for the paying customers but use practical armour themselves
  6. First Game, I'm hooked!

    I think there should be a graph of number of games played against the number of guilds owned
  7. Pundit Applications

    @Toqtamish - assuming everything supplied was OK the normal time frame depends on how quickly the store/club you represent respond to our emails. on average I would say it takes a couple of weeks, I have managed to turn a couple around the same day before but also had some drag on for months when we needed further info, stores not responding etc.
  8. Paper Dolls for Practice

    @thundering if you go to the Blacksmiths Guild FaceBook page there are some in the files section.
  9. Blacksmith's Guild cards

    I think it was the Beard Minis youtube video with Jamie Perkins discussing the Blacksmiths where he confirmed they will not have any Union options.
  10. We need to talk about Plot Cards

    I dont have an issue with the plot card mechanic in general, they just need to be balanced accordingly, remember Dont touch the hair! I'm not a fan of changing anything that adds time to the game so not sure drafting cards is the way to go, just work on a nice set of balanced cards that make a difference but dont break the game (easier said than done) The down side is how do you adjust cards, some parts of the community were not happy with the latest errata that they now have to print updated cards, just imagine what would happen if the season 3 plot cards were adjusted and everyone had to get a set printed out.
  11. Important Rankings Announcement

    the one big difference I see with the way it will be now worked out is that it might stop players wanting to experienment with new teams/line ups at events. With the old system once you had 4 good results you could try stuff without it impacting your ranking, if it worked great but if you spooned it didnt really matter. It now looks like all of your results count so it gives a more consitent overall ranking but might encourage a stale meta where people stick with what they know and stop being creative. I can see pros and cons with both ways of calculating, we are just learning how the new system works and what will influence it.
  12. Important Rankings Announcement

    @RedSam, one addition that would be amazing (but i'm sure fairly impractical) is if you could have a registered club that you could then use to filter the rankings, everyone loves a little bit of healthy local competition Failing that a full list of rankings instead of the top 250 (unless i have not found the function in the site yet), so it is easier for us to search ourselves. One question that has already popped up in our club chat while looking at the site is what exactly does "certainty" mean. @malladin.benmany thanks for all of the hard work you have put into your site, the rankings played a major part in our club getting on the road, attending events and joining the wider GB community. I dont think the game would be where it is without the hard work you and your support team put in. @RedSam has some big boots to fill but I'm sure he will be up for the challenge.
  13. @SwogMonglet tell her there is no excuse now, she now has a lmited SFG coin that she can paint some blood on and then put on the card each game to remind her. Playing as the farmers is tough when you have no experience but playing against them must have been worse.
  14. I'll hijack the thread to say a big thanks to all of the participants, Guild Ball has an amazing comunity and it is always a pleasure to TO. There were not that many rules questions and when I had to make "measurement" calls everyone was happy and stood by the decision. I even managed to get a couple of games with the Farmers during my turn on the bye table against some great opponents. A great way to spend a weekend, even if my 9 hour drive on the Friday was 4 hours longer than expected!
  15. Hi from Kent, UK

    Welcome aboard @Viadd, there is a great GB community we have been building in the south. I'm based in Hastings, East Sussex myself. So which kick off team have you enjoyed the most? Its been a few days since you posted so you must by now already be planning your next team whats tacking your fancy?