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  1. Stone.and.Mortar

    Fishermen Lot with KS Shark for Sale

    Hey all! I am selling a lot of Fishermen that includes the following: KS Shark Core Team: Salt, Kraken, Greyscales, Siren, Angel Plus: Jac, Sakana, Corsair (I will ship with the cards I have but please note that due to Errata many of them are no longer accurate) They are all bare metal still and haven't been assembled. I am looking for $100 (obo) including shipping to anywhere in the continental US. (But if someone overseas wants them then we could look at shipping differences and work something out I am sure). Let me know if you're interested! Thanks and have a good one. (I can break them out and take some pics as well if anyone is interested)
  2. Stone.and.Mortar

    Brewers for Sale

    Alchemists sold! That just leaves the Brewers, good time to pick them up given how awesome Pintpot looks!
  3. Hey man, I hate to be THAT GUY, but would you be willing to split your Alchemists and Brewers (if they're still available)?

  4. Stone.and.Mortar

    Brewers for Sale

    Hello all! I am cleaning up a bit and need to move some more of my kickstarter teams. Up for grabs this go around is an alchemist team: SOLD - Midas (KS Edition), Flask, Katalyst, Calculus, Mercury, Vitriol - asking price $80 obo (free standard shipping in the US, outside you will have to pick it up) and a Brewer's team: Tapper (KS Edition), Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Friday, Stave, Mash, Stoker - asking price $100 obo (free standard shipping in the US, outside you will have to pick it up) All mentioned models are still in the bags I received them in unassembled. If you have any questions just shoot me a PM!
  5. Stone.and.Mortar

    H: Resin Minx W: Metal Minx - SOLD

    Hey all! So I really REALLY don't like Resins. They are just way too delicate for the amount of clumsy I wield. That being the case I would love to straight swap someone my Resin Minx for a Metal Minx OR the equivalent funds to purchase off an online retailer. My Minx is off her sprue but otherwise unaltered. Not trying to make anything additional or anything like that, just would love to trade someone. Let me know if you're interested!
  6. Stone.and.Mortar

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Holy hell that Zarola.... I hope you are planning on carrying that theme through the rest of the team in some way shape or form because she looks insane. It never ceases to amaze me how detailed some of you guys can make faces and freehand and such. I realize it all comes down to practice.... but man... boggles the mind. Excellent work here sir, love the work on the alchemists and very much looking forward to your Hunters.
  7. Stone.and.Mortar

    Gary's Trading Corner! H: $$ & Misc , W: Misc

    Messaged you Hmelrose
  8. Stone.and.Mortar

    Gary's Trading Corner! H: $$ & Misc , W: Misc

    Bump: edited to add an Engineers Team to the goods offered.
  9. Stone.and.Mortar

    H: Resin Minx W: Metal Minx

    Oh man! Near miss lol. Hopefully someone else will catch it before too long! Metal or bust! (Quite literally lol Resins just aren't safe in my hands)
  10. Stone.and.Mortar

    H: Resin Minx W: Metal Minx

    Yet another trading post! Don't much care for resins, but as an early adopter I obtained one in the Kickstarter back before there were metal Minx's to be had. That being the case, who wants to make a trade to pick up a resin? (So I can have my metal lol) US Based. Thanks for looking!!
  11. Stone.and.Mortar

    New Hunters Players?

    I must have missed the discussion about Vileswarm, can anybody point me in the right direction?
  12. Stone.and.Mortar

    New Hunters Players?

    So uh... Anybody else watch the Errata vid and get super stoked about "Markers"? Sounds like we could be looking at a trap heavy play style, or something else that requires placing objects that can be moved through. I hope that the markers will utilize larger base sizes, being able to place a 40-50mm area will have a much larger tactical impact versus a 30mm.
  13. Stone.and.Mortar

    Gary's Trading Corner! H: $$ & Misc , W: Misc

    Bump: content edited to reflect a change in goods sought and offered.
  14. Rather than create an entirely new post for this I am just going to tailor this to better suit my purpose. Okay friends, word on the street is that if I can hold off until March I might see some more pitches stateside. If I can find one sooner I might go for it but I am moving it down the priority ladder for the time being. So down to brass tacks: I am looking for the following: Esters Plot Card Set $$$ is the number one thing I am looking for (gotta get ready for Hammer!) I have the following to trade: Engineer's Team (Ballista, Salvo, Velocity, Colossus, Ratchet, Mainspring) FFG's Warhammer Conquest: 3x Cores, the first 3 Warpacks (I think thats what they are called) Some X-Wing (Off hand I think Core, Falcon, Y-Wing, A-Wing, Interceptor, Extra X-Wing, Extra Dice, Promo Tie cards, Promo Shield Tokens, anyone interested in this just let me know and I'll get specifics) Quarriors with the hard to find Demon expansion The Marvel Heroscape set (I think this one is getting rare as well) Probably more to follow as I decide what I am willing to part with, its tough to say goodbye to anything, but I've reached sort of a critical mass on what hobbies I can maintain, so I'd like to turn the ones I am not able to maintain into goodies for the ones that I can! Edit: Ok, so I have updated the "I am Looking For" section. It now includes an Engineers team that I have for sale. Great time to buy in and get into some of those Pin Vice shenanigans! Please PM me if interested and we will working something out.
  15. Stone.and.Mortar

    Erahf's WIP Teams

    Wow... that face on Angel is amazing man, I really like it. I'll have to echo the others, the hyper gritty look of your models works super well. I prefer the Siren model to the Shark, and if the flesh on Angel is anything to judge by she will oust Siren once complete!