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    So this isn't necessarily about Guild Ball but it is happening as a direct result of my going to SteamCon. Nearly 4 years ago I was fortunate enough to meet a really great girl who supports me in everything I do. She is coming with to Chicago but not attending SteamCon, as she is going to be doing a lot of shopping and doesn't care for miniatures. This Sunday night we are going ice skating at Millennium Park after the convention and I'm going to ask her to be my wife. I'm pretty excited and I spend more time here (to my boss's dismay) than I do with most of my friends and I consider a lot of you to be brothers and sisters in our big Guild Ball forum family. Just thought I'd share with everyone. I'll post pictures sometime Monday morning as I am feeling pretty confident. **Added an image, others on my friends' phones. Will put them up when I can. Center ice was a little crowded to do it in front of everyone so I pretended my lace came undoneand when I got down to "tie it" I popped the question. Great grandma's ring. She was as happy as can be. Had great friends willing to just hang out for a bit to get pictures. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Had a great weekend.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Hey guys, first time poster but I was directed here by the GuBS facebook group Here's my two goal posts, one for my fishermen, the second one for the Union:
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    I just thought as Santa revs up the sleigh and 2017 goes off to the hall of the ancients, I would post a cheerful thank you for all the things I love about GB. Firstly, thank you for the Longshanks website @RedSam . Even thought it torpedoed my ranking (lols! ) it's a fantastic site and I'm glad we have an alternative to TieBreak as well as somewhere for armchair coaches to mull over stats. Great work - thanks for the effort. On to App makers. OMG I bloody love apps. While I prefer cards be used in play (so you don't make it obvious or remind someone how close to death a player is), being able to look up cards and theoryball on the train is brilliant. That they even allow rules looks ups and hobby organisation - all for free - is simply amazing. You guys work hard and I know I can't imagine living without them now. Thank you for your free time and hard work. SFG - yep I've not forgotten you. While I might disagree with you over er, certain work, I am ever grateful you have created and continue to support a great game that has introduced me to a world of new friends and like minded coaches. Thanks for the beautiful models and design work. Thank you also for not being too proud to change your game when needed - it shows you really care. My fellow Pundits. Pundits are key to pushing this game out to the local FLGS and clubs and they work bloody hard so everyone gets to play toy soldiers. I am glad we have a group of such dedicated players that are keen to promote a game they love. While we might not always agree with each other over certain er, policies, I know we are all working towards making this a successful game and I can call upon help for my local area if needed. 3rd party support. How would I play this game without widgets?!? You know bizarrely I think my favourite thing about GB is that I haven't used a tape measure in 3 years. It's just so nice to make neat movements (well I try). All the tokens and widgets really help me keep track of this game and while not essential, I love them. Thank you for you faith in this game and I hope we both continue to profit from its success (you with $$$, me with even MORE tokens). Finally my fellow players. What would this game be without such a fantastic group of lovely people. I've met so many of you over the years and I am thankful for it. What is a game without an opponent - and you guys are the best. We love a bit of rough and tumble on the forums/Facebook but we all have our heart in the same place. I'm especially glad to have such a great group of people playing this game - and I look forward to meeting new players we bring in. So, while I might not be as active a player in 2018 (wait until I raise my new minion to conquer the GB world in 2028!) I really hope I can get out and continue to play this brilliant game with you fantastic people. Roll on 2018! Chris
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    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    The Alchemist pairings as I see them are as follows. Worst: Farmers with Grace Grace is essentially the hardest counter to Smoke in the entire game and until they give us a player that can throw both types of AOE it will continue to be this way. She picks up the fire AOE right after the model that placed it activates and then quick foots the most dangerous model on their team. Farmers are the worst due to the constant healing of harrow that can counteract the poison condition. Farmers also have some of the largest HP pools in the game so waiting for them to bleed out to conditions takes the longest. The reason this falls into our worst matchup is that the team is well set up to deal with Katalyst. Counter charge and Millstone's aura means that they can control where Katalyst attacks and end his activation prematurely with well-timed counter-attacks. Furthur controlling Kat is their easy access to knockdowns preventing him from coming into them while on fire. The best thing going for us in this matchup is the fact that they don't control the ball particularly well allowing us to play an all in goals plan. The downside here is our guild is not great at the 3-0 plan. Pretty Bad: Union with Grace This is bad for similar reasons. The main thing here is that without counter charge your Midas list has more control over when and where you get them and they don't control kat that well. However, they do kill him very well. Skill-based: Alchemists, Brewers, Engineers, Hunters Obviously, the Alchemist mirror is a straight 50/50. Brewers, Engineers, and Hunters are here because they have the ability to shoot back at you, have control elements, and/or tough hide. Typically the better player wins these games. Advantaged: Blacksmiths, Farmers without Grace, Fisherman, Morticians, Union without Grace Blacksmiths are a guild all about insane turn 1 pressure and the ability to ride a lead all the way to the finish line. Smoke is very good at denying turn 1 pressure this combined with the fact that apprentices have below average health gives Smoke a leg up here. Morticians also struggle into Smoke due to the fact that they have the lowest health pools in the entire game. The fisherman matchup should largely be about how well you can kill the ball vs shark. If they drop corsair into you hide your entire team behind a wall and throw bombs on them till they die. This works because Lure and Drag cannot move models over an obstruction and Corsair is pretty bad without access to lure and drag. Farmers and Union lean on grace really hard to deny your control and if they leave it at home they have the same issues as everyone else. Heavily advantaged: Butchers, Masons, Ratcatchers The Alchemist's Guild is an absolute nightmare for Butchers. Filet has very few ways to deal with Compound and Ox should never be able to get to you. Masons have a ton of really interesting ways to counter smoke but all of them look better than they actually are and can be played around fairly easily. Smelling salts only works if you have the last activation then the first activation otherwise smoke just puts the conditions back on or Calculus blinds the model coming into your lines. Lucky can be countered by holding the fire AOE until late. The biggest tool they have is the vet harmony aura that absorbs damage. If they use it to prevent a witness me it can invite disaster. You will need to put pressure on her life total. Ratcatchers will suffer from condition control super hard due to the nature of disease. They can play the ball against you but their ability to get it back from you is severely worse than the Fish. Like it or not a competitive Alchemist player's mindset needs to be "I am a Smoke main with a pocket Midas for her bad matchups."
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    As I sit with a very strong cup of coffee and try to sort things out on my work desk my mind wanders...and mostly, these days, it treads on Guild Ball pitches. I am about six months into this hobby...the game...the painting...the terrain making...and it has been a wonderful ride thus far. My win/loss ratio is horrendous. I think I've managed to win about 15 of 50 matches and yet I have only occassionally become frustrated by my lack of victories. Perhaps I measure success differently than many. To this point I have taken great delight in small victories... scoring on a well executed goal run (rare for me), killing Ox with Flint (it happened... I tell you the whole tale over a beer some time)...great close games (lost 12-11 to Morts last night when Harmony missed a goal with me clocked out and I had to give my opponent the winning VP). Eventually I hope that patience and practice will pay off and I can claw my way to mediocrity! That, however was never the point of my entering the Guild Ball rank and file. I'm challenging myself to get out and socialize more than I have in years. Challenging myself to make some new friends... most of which seem to be 20-25 younger than I am... and give me wonderful new perspectives on things. Challenging myself to get better each and every time I square off with an opponent. I am not sure when I might get past the current plateau that I am on and make more progression on my resolution to become a 50/50 player... but I know it will come. I play against much more experienced players for the most part. I play against opponents who are more tuned to this type of thing than I am. This is my first foray into a miniature game...and I just don't naturally think the way they do. It is not a bad thing that I am forced to expand my faculties... it is just as challenging, refreshing, and rewarding as it is occassionally frustrating. The relationships developed and the time spent having fun together playing and discussing Guild Ball are, to me, far more valuable than whether or not I crush my opponent. (No real crushing on my part has been witnessed as of yet... although there was that practice game on Vassal where I just played both teams and kicked the crap out of myself) I know there are many who are a good deal more competitive than I am. I know some who just hate to lose. I know some who seem to want the winning to come easy and give up before they actually put in the time to get better. To each, their own, I suppose. I am sure there are a few out and about that perhaps are struggling a bit like myself. I would encourage everyone to find their own little successes beyond the win column. It make everything just a bit more enjoyable. ....and in conclusion to the rambling.... my thanks... my thanks to those of you who continue to support and inspire those around you. You make a huge difference... and often probably don't even know you are doing it. Cheers all!
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    The survey that came out today asked whether people want the season 1&2 guilds re-released in PVC. I answered yes because personally I've decided I'm not interested in buying any more than the three guilds I already own in metal. Part of this is I'm impressed by the value offered by the plastic boxes, and part of this is because I don't like the move away from blisters to 6 player boxes. The bundling doesn't add any value like the PVC boxes do and it makes roster customisation more expensive as you may end up having to buy some models you don't want to get some you do. This is the same for the PVC boxes yes, but it's less egregious because they're significantly cheaper and give you more than just the player models. What the survey doesn't mention, but that they casually mention in the video is that they don't plan on giving the season 1&2 guilds the same treatment as the Farmers/Blacksmiths. Instead of two 6 player boxes they'd be sold as one 12 player box. Isn't the point of the new £35 boxes that they're a cheaper more accessible route into the game? These aren't just being sold to the existing playerbase. And it's a lot easier to say here this box of farmers gives you a full team you can start playing the game with straight away for £35 than here buy this £70 Fisherman's box. If this 12 man box did come out it would actually make the initial buy in to get a playable fish team more expensive than it is now with the metal models. I really hope SFG reconsiders on this, if they want the plastic re-releases to sell then they should stick with the strategy they're taking with the new guilds. It's a good one and there's no sense abandoning it now.
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    Idea for Thresher Change

    I'm gonna say a couple things I said over the weekend while at SCUS, because obviously this is a super hot topic right now. 1. If the rules for Obulus or Corsair or Ballista or insert-good-captain here were released 6 months ago and one of the best players in the world picked them up and played 50-60 games with them while most other people had only played 2-3 games against them, yeah, that person would probably do pretty well with that captain too. 2. Thresher requires players to modify the way they play against him. Playing the usual way you're used to playing the game will probably net you a lot of losses against him. I believe as players get more experience against him in the next few months, this will start showing. 3. It's much, much too early to nerf anything right now. Obviously, we'd be fools to ignore the high win rate, but we'd also be fools to hastily nerf something in a panic. Please bear in mind that we have to look at the health of the game across the next year, two years, five years, not just the next three months. If there is a problem, taking the time to get the correct fix to the problem is just as important, arguably more important, than fixing it in the first place. A fix that we then have to fix again in three months time is not a fix. 4. None of this is denying there is a problem, or us being blind to anything. When I used to play other games, I'll admit, I was frequently in the 'omg nerf this now' faction, and the fact that I've changed my opinion is basically a result of seeing the inner workings and considering the issue from another point of view. It's actually sort of amusing for me to be sitting here typing this when three-years-ago-me would likely have been howling for blood. But hey, we grow as people, and sometimes the biggest thing you can do is acknowledging that there are other perspectives and that your opinion is just that; an opinion. This is something I genuinely strive to be better at in my personal life a lot. I'm not necessarily saying anyone on this thread is wrong, like, just that there are a wealth of opinions out there. And we read all of them! And finally, hey, guys, I ran events at SCUS. I was there. We see the same tournament data as you, we talk to players about the game probably more than you do. We read these forums, we read social media, and we spend (amazingly!) a hell of a lot of time thinking about GB. It's not like we have some evil master plan here; we want the game to be as well balanced as we can make it. That's good for us just like it's good for you guys. So in summary: we're aware there might be an issue and we're watching very carefully but we're not going to jump the gun on anything. Cheers!
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    An open letter to Obulus

    Ferryman, take heed. There have been rumblings. Dark words whispered in underground vaults regarding our precious Guild and your command over it. It is no secret that the Solthecians seek to ‘purify’ our sport by tearing up age-old contracts sealed in blood between the Union and other Guilds. Regardless of the impact this has on our opponents this puts us in grave jeopardy as we face the loss of a shining star of the game. I of course speak of the one known as Mist. We are not savages. We do not hack and slash like Fillet’s brutes or squabble in the muck with the drunkards. Ours is a more elegant, graceful game. The loss of our contract with the Solthecian will cost us gravely. And may cost you most of all. If your control over the Guild’s dealings are not strong enough to retain the services of one measly player then I fear your grasp on power is not as complete as you might hope. One tiny chink of weakness may be all it takes for your enemies to plot all the more. The sharks will begin to circle. I offer you an alternative. If our Guild fields energising star players, the crowds are happy. If the crowds are happy then the sponsors are happy. If the sponsors are happy then your power remains unchallenged. I urge you, for your own sake, to consider retraining our protegé, the ex-monk Bonesaw. The boy has talent but could be much, much more if allowed to come out from Mist’s shadow. Simply put, needs to be better. His future performance on the field could be all that prevents the masses abandoning the Guild. - a friend
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    Well I got Santa Graves and his 8 reinde...rats finished this week so I guess I can start the ball rolling You'll hopefully note there is a Rudolf rat
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    Folks, I certainly won't stop people from complimenting me, but I promise the disclaimers aren't necessary. As far as I'm concerned, if you are taking a tournament seriously, it's up to you to make what you see as the best decisions, including choosing the guild that will work the best for you specifically and the game generally. In this case I decided that Farmers were both very strong and up my alley in terms of playstyle so it would be stupid for me NOT to play them. I'm proud of how I practiced and how I played and think it's perfectly natural for the winner of a big tournament (especially someone who had to go through a three-day gauntlet) to most likely be playing one of the two or three best guilds. I promise my feelings aren't hurt. Thanks MWWG for the interview!
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    Jamie P

    Idea for Thresher Change

    Hey guys, I just wanted to take a second to say that this is probably one of the most well mannered discussions on 'I think X model is OP' that I've ever seen. So well done and carry on playing nice Secondly, of course we are always watching
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    I finally got round to finishing Brainpan and memory, after a lot of distractions (some important ones, but still...) And because this also slowed the process up, here's the other bases I did. That leaves me with all my morticians bases completed except for vileswarm and skulk, who doesn't fully count
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    Phew!! Made it.. Photography remains a !!@#$*** black art I swear. Constructive criticism always welcome but please be gentle on my ego!
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    Hello again sports fans! Today I'm going to talk about one of my other favorite Mason models, and a source of great contention: Chisel. The main point of contention is: Chisel is bad at what she does. But the real question is: What is Chisel supposed to do? The easy answer is that she's supposed to do damage, because she has Crazy and Painful Rage, two abilities that make it seem like her core role is to get up as high as possible in her playbook for big damage numbers. And yes, like many Masons, Chisel has bigger numbers later in her play book, made stronger with the potential combo of Tooled Up and Painful Rage. But it takes a lot of resources and timing to make Chisel decent at doing damage, so in this light, she's a bad player who just doesn't have the damage output to effort balance that other Masons do. And so, you're right: Chisel is a bad damage dealer (or at the least, is' the same as other Masons at doing higher level damage). But what if Chisel isn't meant to be a damage dealer? What if Crazy and Painful rage are merely tools to help Chisel do her real job, instead of indicators that she's pretending to be Cosette? For me, Chisel is the Mason Ball Retriever. Ball Retrieval: Masons have a strong scoring game, but once you score, how do you get the ball back? The Majority of our players have 1" melee, and those that have 2" melee are rather slow and not an easy to reach Tackle (Brick and Mallet). But then there's Chisel. She has a 2" melee and a momentous Tackle on 2 successes, arguably the best option for getting the ball back in the Guild. She's also SPD 6/8", so she can get to where she needs to go to threaten the ball, or take it away. But lets take a look at our typical strikers and ball holders? They usually have high defense, hang around near Cover, and in the case of Brisket and Flint, have Charmed to boost their defense. They also tend to hide behind the rest of their team, so getting to them can be quite the trick, especially because of crowd outs. This is where Crazy comes in. With it, Chisel becomes TAC 7, and with her Tackle on 2, has a much greater option of being able to ustilize the dodges in her playbook to get to the ball holder, strip the ball from them, and kick it away to an available team mate, or out into the open away from the opposing team. In my experience, if Chisel is near the person with the ball, she can get it. Unpredictable, High Def, Gender based DEF boost, crowd outs...Chisel can get around it all. The only thing she can't ignore is Close Control, but she can trigger it easily enough for her follow up attack, or for a Parting Blow. Survivability: Generally the Masons lean on their ARM stat to take the hits, but Chisel is in the camp of the 1 ARM Masons, and with 13 health, is in danger of being taken out easily, especially if you're using crazy. But if used right, Chisel can be rather hard to remove from the field. Sadism lets her heal each time an enemy model in 4" takes damage, even if a different model on your team is doing the attacking. Assuming you give Chisel 4 influence, she can go Crazy, activate Sadism, hit an opposing player three times (looking for her 2-4 columns of options), allowing her to dodge, generate momentum, and heal. After your attacks, she's healed up her Crazy Damage, possibly put Feel My Pain out, and likely dodged to a better position, as well as having generated 3 momentum. If she had taken damage before, she can still Take A Breather to get her health back up 4pts. Feel My pain also triggers off parting blows, so if you're engaged by models that can only damage you (Fish), you can cake a parting blow from a player, damage them, and heal up from Sadism on her way to chasing the ball. Annoyance: Chisel can be very annoying, from her 2" melee, to her dodges on her playbook, and most importantly, because of Feel My Pain. With FMP in place on a model engaging Chisel, they suffer damage every time they attack Chisel, which heals her if you have Sadism up. No matter what option they choose, Chisel gets healed and they take damage. Say they decide not to attack her, and walk away? Chisel doesn't have a knock down, but she can still do damage on the parting blow, which heals her, and denying someone the charge with her melee range is always a good option. So with set up, Chisel can just be frustration to remove from the field, leaving your opponents choosing a different model to focus on instead of lesser returns against Chisel. BUT WHAT ABOUT PAINFUL RAGE?!? It's a trap! Well, it's not a trap, but what it does is allow Chisel to start her healing shenanigans without having to worry about using Crazy to up her TAC to reasonable levels. If Chisel has taken a fair amount of damage and is below 6, her TAC goes up to 6, which makes hitting the first two columns of her playbook easier to access. This allows her to Tackle, to dodge, and to dodge/damage, allowing her to re-position out of harms way, to heal herself with momentum, or to even trigger Sadism if she wants. Does it also allow her to do more damage? certainly, but I see that as a guard against being engaged by a Tough Hide model when she's low on health, so she can still trigger Sadism and get her self heal up and running. It also allows you a better chance at a counter attack being successful if she's attacked before she activates, and gets damaged to below Painful Rage levels. So, to summarize: Chisel is the Masons answer to "how to get the ball", and can absorb a lot of damage and heal it up with her built in healing tech while she harasses strikers. Pick your targets wisely, don't throw Chisel into a scrum unsupported expecting her to kill everyone, and let Chisel chase the ball like she's built to do. Thanks for reading!
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    Gameplan deck

    Ursus is latin for a bear while Arctos is Greek for a bear. A grizzly bear is Ursus Arctos Horribilis meaning basically a horrible bear bear. But a brown bear is Ursus Arctos Arctos so a bear bear bear. You can't essentially get anymore bear than that. (Also note that Arctic is basically "the place with the bears" and Antarctic is "the place without any bears" - it's a fine way to define regions!)
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    This competition was a much needed excuse to get back into painting. It's my first bigger experiment with green stuff (hated the hair, so had to do something about it)
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    It's been a little while since I was last in and around the forum but I've been keeping myself pretty busy with a rather exciting commission. Ritch from Beard minis contacted me and asked if I wouldn't mind painting up his Blacksmiths for his channel. This is what I've managed to do over the past 5 weeks of painting and converting. The Forged from Steel set were a joy to paint, the cleanup and prep was as awkward as ever with the new plastics but you can certainly see they've made improvements on the first Farmers set. The only conversions I did for this lot was to bore out the furnaces on Cinder and Furnace and then remove that thing attached to Ferrite's knee. The Master Crafted Arsenal set is jam packed with lots of little details and was for the most part a joy to paint. Prep wise I must say was a total pain, Hearth alone sent me a little crazy chasing all manner of mold lines on multiple planes. Conversion wise I decided to cut away those clear poles on Bolt and use the anvil from the scenery piece to make him look like he was hurdling it. With Cast It was a simple turning of the disc in her left hand (apologies for the glare on her discs but seen as it was a skill of hers I glossed them to hell and back). Farris was somewhat a larger conversion but I have to say that the fact they are plastic makes converting a whole lot easier, just remember to pin where you can as glue alone wont be strong enough in my opinion. Finally here's a full team shot. Overall I must say that Steamforged are making some good progress with the plastics and I look forward to seeing just how far they can push it. I can't help but feel they shouldn't glue these multi part plastics together as some of the cleaning is a serious pain in backside but |I understand they want people to play straight from the box. Finally a big thank you to Pete for recommending myself to Ritch in the first place, much appreciated buddy!
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    Morning guys! Just a quick update - at the SteamCon US we had a couple of art briefs with older (and incorrect) names from Doug. The correct names for these players are Minerva (Minnerva), and Mataagi (Falcon). Sorry for the mix-up. If any of you guys had seen my hastily concealed look of confusion last night, I imagine it was quite a picture!
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    Ha small update. She was supposed to be working tonight and while she was at work I was going to drive to my folks' place and drop off our dog and pick up my grandmother's ring. Afterward I was planning to head to her folks' house and get her dad's blessing (really more for him than for me.) I get home for my lunch break and she says "I got the night off so I'll come with to take the dog to your parents' house." I stood there with no back up plan for that. I paused, it got really quiet then it went like this: "No." "No?" "No. You can't come." "What do you mean I can't come?" "Umm... You just can't." "Well why the hell not?" "Because... I... uh... the hot wings last night gave me gas and you won't want to put up with it for an hour and a half." *Her eyes narrow* "You're sleeping on the couch if your stomach is that upset." It was the best I had. Didn't know what to do. Luckily my folks are going to meet me south of town and then I'll just go to her parents' house right after so the timing isn't weird.
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    A Beginner's Guide to: Widgets

    Forum! I made a new video that I hope will become a resource for teaching new players clean play. Special thanks to Botts and Pat for starring in the opening skit. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/
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    Granite's aesthetic design actually helped draw me to the game in the first place. My subsequent disappointment with her performance on the pitch and analysis of her card, however, make me feel like I'm having some kind of dissociative episode whenever I watch people trying to defend her. It's deeply surreal to me. Perhaps the most damning thing is the arguments in her favor. The most common I've seen on this forum is, "Granite's fine/okay/pretty good, I'd just never ever waste a 1 slot out of 10 to even humor the idea of fielding her.". Along those lines, I've heard a member of my local playgroup try to insist, "She's not bad, she's just 'Masons bad'. The other Masons options are just so good, she's crowded out.". Okay, here's a thought experiment, imagine that Granite is totally factionless. What if anyone could field her! Is there any team that would? I'm sure you can maybe think of some magical christmas land combo scenarios, but I promise you, if you playtested it, she'd underperform. EVERY TEAM IS COMPOSED OF OPTIONS BETTER THEN GRANITE. I sympathize with the case Devilsquid has made. I once tried to convince myself of much the same, but here's the thing, his case for her is essentially just as condemning. In the best case scenario described, Granite is a sinkhole of utility. A huge amount of strategy and resources must be committed in the name of bringing her into a position of being merely functional. Ideally, every piece in a coach's team should grant some kind of advantage, but for fun and balance sake, also contain some flaw or drawback the opponent can potentially exploit. The recurring, bone deep, theme of Granite is that she works the opposite way. She's a drawback that her coach can sometimes potentially exploit for some kind of advantage. But why so? She's got a great playbook with good character plays, decent TAC, good kick, lots of health, and (AND!) out of activation movement. Out of activation movement! Well, lets come back to that. To my mind Granite has three core problems, but the third seems to be invisible to most people, so requires some explaining. So, in order from most to least obvious... 1) She Is Literally Hobbled: At some point in Granite's childhood someone broke her ankles and set them incorrectly to insure she'd never run again. She's so slow that if (when) she gets taken out, she's basically just flatly gone from the game. In most games it'll be a glacial age and a lot of wasted sprinting influence before she can waddle back to a position where she'll be relevant again. At Defense 2, she'll be hit with every single enemy character play, meaning that once you do get her in a good position, your opponent most often can and will easily fix that for you. 2) She Is Easy To Ignore: Her 1'' melee zone is unforgiving and unforgivable. I can understand not wanting her to be able to apply a 2'' zone offensively, but not being able to effectively project gang ups/crowd outs, threaten Parting Blows, or reliably counterattack, means she fundamentally cannot fulfill the basic requirements of her archetype. She's meant to be a viable alternative to Brick, but Brick passively generates a 6'' aura of control for no Influence, while Granite projects 3'' of control for 1 influence and lost tempo from activating. Name a guild and I can point you to a model who does a better job of gumming up the pitch more reliably. More often then not it only takes 1 influence totally paralyze her, to punt her helplessly out of position, or 1 momentum to glide past untouched and indifferent. 3) Most of Her Traits Are Secretly Penalties: 'Determination', 'Between a Rock...', and 'Foundation' are not benefits, they're partial refunds. This, I think, is core to what makes Granite's card objectively bad. 'Foundation' does not grant Granite "extra" moment. Its effect is functionally identical to "This model has [MOV 6''/8''] on the first turn of the game". 'Between a Rock...' is only once per turn, meaning Granite it elevated from hobbled all the way to average MOV for a turn if a friendly model takes damage from an enemy action while within 4'' of her. [DEF 2+] [ARM 2] leaves her so vulnerable so often in practice 'Determination' often feels like, "This (DEF 3+) model has [-1] DEF unless crowded out". I'm partially convinced Granite must have been insanely broken in some early iteration of design, leading Steamforged to massively over-correct before rushing to release for some reason. The easiest way to fix Granite (and yes, she badly needs fixing) might be to just remove all her traits but Sturdy and refund all the deficits attached to them. Would anyone draft Granite competitively if she had [MOV 6''/8''] [DEF 3+] [ARM 2] and Sturdy as her only trait? I think it might be worth trying out on the table. It'd essentially make her almost unique as a model, one who's main gimmick is having virtually no gimmicks, just good to decent stats.
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    I think this is actually one of the issues with guild ball, in a weird way. It's very easy to give advice to someone in MTG, for example, because a lot of the game is in deckbuilding, and that's done in downtime. You can give someone your list and ask 'how can I make this better' and get a concrete response of choices to make, replacements and upgrades to consider. In guild ball, almost every 'bad at the game' mistake is something that happens on the pitch, rather than off it. You can give someone an optimal lineup and a 'counter' matchup and they will likely still lose to a player with a reasonable amount more experience than them. This means that coaching people at GB is hard. The only really good way of doing so is to play a lot of games and talk them through things. Giving advice on choices to make in-game is nice, but a lot of the time the common things you need to learn (threat ranges, expected damage outputs, when to engage, how to avoid wasting influence, when the ball is safe and when it isn't) are not very easily learned and they are not questions with hard and fast rules which can be used to answer them. GB is a game which involves a lot of decisions all the time. Significantly more than a card game, at least. Usually in MTG, in a game I might make a few pregame decisions (mulligan choices) and then what land to play, what of my 2-3 options on what to do with mana, and that's about it. Over an 8 turn (so quite long) game I might make 25 or so 'decisions' where I have an opportunity to misplay in total. In deck construction, I have 75 decisions to make, and lots of options in all of them, but deck construction decisions are very easy to get advice and input on. In guild ball, I only have 11 pregame decisions to make (guild choice, roster choice) from a relatively small number of options, but then just the draft (6), kick/receive, positioning in deployment (6), kicker if relevant, how to position kicker, where to place the ball, how to distribute each point of influence, who to activate each activation (6), where to go with each model (6), how to spend each point of influence (12)... I make more decisions in just the first turn of a GB game than I do in an entire game of Magic. The number of opportunities for a new player to mess up in GB are extensive - there are a lot of choices to be made and they are usually not ones that can be easily advised on, because they are made ingame, and depends heavily on what the opponent is doing / the terrain / what team you are against and so on. They also aren't ones where it is easy to statistically analyse the correct answer, either. Nobody has stats for 'games where Shark gets taken out in exchange for a turn one goal, Fish win 54.2% of the time' or whatever. That means that a lot of the time, the right answer to all of these decisions is pretty much based on gut feeling rather than actual numbers.
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    Midas post-nerf? Little buff pls?

    Midas is fine. He is almost as strong as he was before the nerf. You are under valuing the legendary. The fact that it lasts across the turn line is very good. What Midas actually needs is 1-2 players that support him well. The midas nerf was fine what destroyed him as a captain was losing Harry and Vitriol. Decimate helps but she is a far cry from being as strong as Harry was and Vitriol losing her ability to fight is a pretty big deal. If Venin or Mercury gets a buff and they become higher tac pushing, knockdown, fighting models Midas will make a big come back. I would just hate to see a buff for our faction wasted on a good mini when we have other ones that desperately need it.
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    terrible at photos... Oh well.
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    Dude, not everyone got a fiancee at SteamCon. That was just you.